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Mark Levitz is a strategic, proactive lean manufacturing expert with 20 years of extensive experience redefining operati...




(714) 337-1188  [email protected]

Garden Grove, CA 92845

Strategic, proactive lean manufacturing expert with 20 years of extensive experience redefining operations in order to achieve profitability and compliance goals. A persuasive communicator and leader that understands how to motivate employees and departments to collaborate towards the success of the entire organization. Areas of Expertise include:  Strategic Planning  Budget Management  Team Collaboration

 Lean Process Management  Kaizen  Continuous Improvement

 Warehouse Operations  Logistics  Inventory Management

E XPERIENCE & N OTABLE C ONTRIBUTIONS AMAZON  Central & Southern California  2014 - Present FACILITIES MANAGER Directs multiple facilities operations including the creation of business plans, managing vendor contracts, mentoring employees and streamlining internal processes. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Improved employee productivity by 37 percent by implementing the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and launching a preventative maintenance program and inventory control system.  Achieved a stellar safety record with zero accidents occurring due to in-depth technical and safety training.  Improved department financial health by partnering with the finance team to develop and track budgets.  Provided strategic counsel regarding the creation and completion of multi-million dollar business plans.  Led various leadership teams to support Kaizen events.  Oversaw the successful execution of internally and externally sponsored projects including Robostow Robotic Arm, KIVA Robotic Drives, Autonomously Guided Vehicles (AGV), Box on Demand (BOD), PIT Chargers, as well as numerous Material Handling Equipment (MHE) additions and re-configurations. NORATEL NORTH AMERICA  Carson, CA  2013 - 2014 OPERATIONS MANAGER Drove the increases in production efficiencies of custom built transformers, inductors, and medical power supplies. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Developed strategies to improve manufacturing output by 33 percent.  Improved business profitability by reducing operating costs by 28 percent. AV CONCEPTS INC.  San Diego, CA  2007 - 2013 OPERATIONS MANAGER Oversaw all manufacturing operations for a high-end consumer electronics business. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Transformed internal performance by creating measurable project objectives that needed to align with annual budget parameters and overall business goals.  Demonstrated excellence using Lean manufacturing best practices to elevate production efficiency while reducing waste and downtime.  Quickly grew the company from a six employee “Mom & Pop Shop” to over 40 employees. KAL KAN FOODS INC. Los Angeles, CA  1989 - 2007 MANUFACTURING MANAGER (2002 – 2007) Served as a senior leader responsible for revamping internal production, maintenance and QA team performance for over 300 employees. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Cultivated an environment committed to continuous improvement and exceeding operational goals in productivity, cost, safety and quality.  Protected the company’s strong compliance record by ensuring all employees adhered to FDA and OSHA regulations.  Maintained annual profitability by establishing and managing a production budget.

MAINTENANCE MANAGER (1998 – 2002) Led a team of 40 mechanics and electricians tasked with ensuring 100 percent equipment uptime for 24/7 manufacturing operations. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Increased employee productivity by 35 percent by launching a new preventative maintenance program.  Optimized processes in collaboration with the subcontractors and internal departments.  Restructured the stockroom resulting in significantly improved inventory management. SHIFT MANAGER (1995 – 1998) Managed a seamless, smooth operating manufacturing production shift that had a strong compliance, quality, and safety record. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Continuously enhanced internal relationships and processes in order to strengthen manufacturing output.  Quickly identified and mitigated any operational and scheduling issues by maintaining an open dialogue across departments.  Elevated employee performance by creating and leading training programs. MANUFACTURING ENGINEER (1995 – 1998) Designed innovative manufacturing methods by leveraging cutting-edge knowledge of product design, materials, processes, equipment capabilities and quality control standards. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Became a trusted advisor to senior management regarding the most effective ways to improve production and employee standards.  Decreased meat plant downtime by 56 percent.

E DUCATION & T RAINING B.S. in Business Administration UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX B.S. in Automated Manufacturing Technology ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Lean Manufacturing Certification Project Management Certification

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