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November 20, 2017 | Author: Ralph Carlo Evidente | Category: Air Pollution, Exhaust Gas, Combustion, N Ox, Smog
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ENV20 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 2nd Term 2016-2017 Part I. Write the meaning of the following acronyms: (10 pts) 1. PO- Permit to Operate 2. EMB- Environmental Management Bureau 3. ODS- Ozone Depleting Substances 4. EGF- Environmental Guarantee Fund 5. AQF- Air Quality Management Fund

6. NAAQGV- National Ambient Air Quality Guideline Values 7. POPs- Persistent Organic Pollutants 8. GWP- Global Water Partnership 9. AAQGV- Ambient Air Quality Guidelines Values 10. TLV- Threshold Limit Value

Part II. Answer the questions below: (10 pts each) AIR 1.

What are criteria pollutants? Give the criteria pollutants enumerated in R.A. 8749. Complete table below: Criteria Pollutants

Major Source

Acceptable TLV

(1) SOx

Fossil-fuel and lowgrade fuel (coal) combustion, nonferrous metal smelting, H2S, mercaptans

2 ppm

Acid rain, SO2 – human health problem, reduced visibility, damage to plants/animals, smog, haze, aesthetic damage, corrosion of materials

(2) NOx

Burning of fuel, power generation plants, industrial furnaces, transportations, waste disposal systems

3-5 ppm

∙Photochemical smoginjurious to plants/animals and human health ∙Increased nitrogen loading upsets the chemical balance of nutrients in water bodies ∙Eutrophication w/c leads to O2 depletion

(3) CO

Incomplete combustion of any organic fuel (transportation)

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