Event Management System Project Report

April 29, 2018 | Author: Shamsuzzaman Shaon | Category: Software, Computer Hardware, Usability, Databases, Digital & Social Media
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Event Management System Project Report Based On Java Swing....


Event Management System


Report on

Event Management System

Prepared by  No Name . 1 Md. Shamsuzzaman 2 3



Course Code: CSC 383 Sec: A

Prepared for 

Mohammad Khalequzzama Khalequzzaman n Senor !e"turer #epartment of $%S&

'nternatonal (n)ersty of $usness *+r"ulture *+r"ulture , -e"hnolo+y -e"hnolo+y IUBAT— 'nternatonal 09th #e"ember 201/


#e"ember 09 201/

Mohammad Khalequzzaman Senor !e"turer #epartment of $%S& '($*-'nternatonal (n)ersty of $usness *+r"ulture , -e"hnolo+y

 &mbanment #r)e Road Se"tor 10 (ttara #haa 1230

Su!"ect: etter o$ transm%tta& Sr e are )ery pleased to submt our report on 4&)ent Mana+ement Systems5. 't 6as a +reat opportunty for us to 6or as a reporter on the top" of &)ent Mana+ement Systems that you ha)e ased us to prepare on 9th  #e"ember 201/. 'n ths report 6e ha)e to elaborate our  no6led+e 6hat 6e learn from our a"adem" "areer , +)e e7peren"e about 4&)ent Mana+ement Systems5. e tred +)es our ma7mum effort on preparn+ ths report. %onsdern+ the le)el of hard 6orn+ nformaton pro"essn+ and analyss 6e bele)e that ths report s a "omplete one. e pro)de our full "on"entraton to prepare ths report. e hope that our study 6ll meet your e7pe"taton as 6ell.

Sn"erely yours


Md. Shamsuzzaman Se" * Pro+ram $%S& 3


't s a +reat pleasure to prepare report paper on ths sub:e"t and +an an e7peren"e on Performan"e *pprasal. ' 6ould le to than and "on)ey our honorable fa"ulty Mo)ammad *)a&e+u,,aman for +)n+approre"aton to hs us an opportunty to prepare ths report. ' 6ould

also le to e7press my sn"ere 6hole hearted support and +udan"e. ' am +rateful to all of them ther help and support made t possble for to mae ths report nto a desred , su""essful endn+.


Student-s Dec&arat%on

-hs s to nform that ths report on 4&)ent Mana+ement Systems5 has only been prepared as a  partal fulfllment of our %S%;3
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