Eugenio vs People

March 25, 2019 | Author: istefifay | Category: Entrapment, Burden Of Proof (Law), Arrest, Conspiracy (Criminal), Evidence (Law)
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Custodial Investigation Constitutional Law 2...


LOLITA EUGENIO v. PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES G.R. NO. 168163, 26 March 2008, First Diisi!", #$!r!"a, %.&  Th' irr'()*ariti's irr'()*ariti's att'"+i"( E)('"i!s arr'st arr'st a"+ c)st!+ia* i"'sti(ati!", ass)-i"( th' +i+ ta/' *ac', +! "!t !r/ t! ")**i h'r c!"icti!" as th' S)r'-' $!)rt is "'ith'r th' r!'r !r)-, "!r this a'a* th' c!rr'ct r'-'+, t! rais' this iss)'. A" irr irr'()* '()*ar arit it  att' att'"+ "+i" i"( ( th' th' arr arr'st 'st ! a" acc) acc)s' s'+, +, +'r +'ri ii" i"( ( th' th' tria tria** c!)r c!)rtt !   )ris+icti!"  )ris+icti!" !'r h'r 'rs!", sh!)*+ 4' rais'+ i" a -!ti!" t! 5)ash at a" ti-' 4'!r' '"t'ri"( h'r *'a. P'titi!"'rs ai*)r' t! ti-'* rais' this !4'cti!" a-!)"t'+ t! a ai'r ! s)ch irr'()*arit a"+ r's)*t'+ i" h'r c!"c!-ita"t s)4-issi!" t! th' tria* c!)rts )ris+icti!" !'r h'r 'rs!". P'titi!"'r L!*ita E)('"i! is a c!--issi!"'+ a('"t ! r's!"+'"t A*r'+! Ma"(a*i i" his ch'c/ ch'c/ r'+i r'+isc sc!)" !)"ti" ti"( ( a"+ *'"+i" *'"+i"( ( 4)si" 4)si"'ss 'ss.. E)('" E)('"i! i! 'rs)a 'rs)a+'+ +'+ Ma"(a* Ma"(a*ii t! '7t'"+ *!a"s t! ari!)s i"+ii+)a*s. T! arc'*s ! *a"+, c!'r'+ 4 T$T N!. 11602 a"+ T$T N!. 92:8:, 'r' !;'r'+ as s'c)riti's !r th' *!a"s. Ma"(a*i th'r'at'r '7t'"+'+ *!a"s ith a c!"+iti!" that th' 4!rr!'rs sha** '7'c)t' D''+ ! Sa*'.  Th' *!a"s *as'+ a"+ r'-ai"'+ r'-ai"'+ )"ai+. Ma"(a*i i"5)ir'+ i"5)ir'+ r!r!- th' R'(ist'r R'(ist'r ! D''+s th' stat)s ! T$T N!s. 11602 a"+ 92:8:. H' !)"+ !)t that T$T N!. 11602 ha+ 4''" ca"c'**'+ i" 199: hi*' T$T N!. 92:8: is "!t r'(ist'r'+ ith th' R'(ist'r !  D''+s. Ma"(a*i s!)(ht th' h'* ! th' Nati!"a* c'. Th' r!s'c)ti!" +i+ "!t r'4)t this. I" s)-, ' h!*+ that th' *!'r c!)rts r)*i"(s ar' 4as'+ !" a -isar'h'"si!" !  acts )stii"( r''rsa* !" r'i'. I"+''+, h'", as h'r', th' circ)-sta"c's s)rr!)"+i"( th' a**'('+ c!--issi!" ! cri-'s ar' caa4*' ! t! i"'r'"c's, !"' a!ri"( th' i""!c'"c' ! th' acc)s'+ a"+ th' !th'r h'r ()i*t, th' i"'r'"c' !r h'r i""!c'"c' -)st r'ai*, c!"sist'"t ith th' $!"stit)ti!"a* r's)-ti!" ! h'r i""!c'"c'.

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