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May 28, 2018 | Author: hemanth kumar p | Category: Data Warehouse, Databases, Oracle Database, Sql, Information Science
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hi this etl testing sample resume...


HEMANTH KUMAR P Test Engineer [email protected]   918884612937

Email: Mobile:

!UMMAR": • • •

• • • • • •

• •

Having 3.6 years of experience in Software Testing Having experience on ETL!"H Testing # $an%a& Testing 'oo( )now&e(ge on !ata ware*o%se ware*o%se concepts &i)e Star sc*e+a, snowa)e sc*e+a, fact ta/&e, (i+ension ta/&e etc., Han(s on experience in writing S0L 0%eries Having co+p&ete !efect Life yc&e )now&e(ge of !ata ware*o%sing. ware*o%sing.  *ave *an(s on experience in  eport testing Han(s on experience on 0%a&ity enter. Experience on #racle $atabase Extensive&y %se( "or)ow +anager, "or)ow +onitor in %n&ormatica ET' tool 'oo( expos%re to UN%(. 5n exceptiona& perfor+er perfor+er wit* t*e a/i&ity to wor) in tea+s as we&& as exce&&ent co++%nication, ana&ytica&, re&ations*ip +anage+ent an( pro/&e+-so&ving s)i&&s.

!K%''!: Testing

!"HETL testing

ET' Tools

nfor+atica nfor+atica 8.6.1


rac&e 11g

Test Management * #ther Tools

0%a&ity centre 1. # T5! 9.7.2



#perating !+stem

"in(ows, :,

E)U,AT%#N )ETA%'!: 

$Tec* in o+p%ter Science an( Engineering fro+ ;T 5anantap%ra+ niversity.

PR#-E!!%#NA' E(PER%EN,E: 

"or)ing as Test Engineer for  ipro in anga&ore fro+ ;an%ary 21 to ti&& (ate.

Pro/ect01 ,lient En2ironment Role

: ODS – Operational Data Store (Feb’14 to till date) : UK’s largest Bank : rac&e 11g, nfor+atica : Software Test Engineer

)escription:  The Actuarial ODS is a centralized data store, created and maintained to meet all functional needs for the Actuarial department. This will provide consistent, reliable, and accessible data for analysis and reporting purposes. It will be used to populate data feeds to the aluation system, !"perience Studies process, and the #ro$ect %alley initiative and will field ad hoc &ueries.

Responsibilities: • • •

• •

• • • • •

• •

nvo&ve( in f%nctiona& st%(y of t*e app&ication. %nning t*e ;o/s"or)ow for ETL process. act ta/&es. ?erifying t*e (ata in target (ata/ase after ETL process.
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