Essence of Varaha Purana

July 26, 2018 | Author: hariharv | Category: Shiva, Vishnu, Devi
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Varaha Purana, One of the Maha Puranas is summarized in this document by Mr. V.D.N. Rao...



By assuming the incarnation of Varaha, Lord Vishnu salvaged Earth (Bhu Devi) from  being sunk into the under-world of !asatala" by the fierceful demon #iranyakasi$u% &he 'reat Boar lifted u$ Earth by #is damshtra" (aws) even as the demon was annihilated% Bhu Devi was stu$ified in bewilderment but after recovering from the shock, she was emboldened to $ose a volley of ueries to Varaha Deva as to how the entire *niverse got dissolved, how the $rocess of +reation was revived after each al$a, how Dharma" (Virtue) and dharma" (Vice) were balanced and in which kind of e.treme situations that Lord Vishnu would incarnate in various forms% Lord Varaha outlined Bhu Devi"s difficult ueries in a brief manner/ The Origin of Creation

&he 0u$ernatural 1ower is indeed singular and eternal% 2nce this fundamental fact is recognised, e.$lanations on the above ueries would not be far to seek% t the commencement of +reation, the 0u$reme Energy created 1ancha Bhuthas" (&he 3ive Elements) of ir, 0ky, 3ire, 4ater and Earth5 hamkara"(Ego or the 0ense of 0elf or 1ersonality)5 the 6aha &atva ( &he 'reat Element)5 7ature5 the +ollective and 8ndividual +onsciousness reflected in the &ri-'unas" or &hree s$ects or ualities of Behaviour vi9% 0atva" ( 1ure as coloured white), !a:as" ( 1assion as coloured red) and &amas" (8gnorance as coloured dark) in varying $ermutations and combinations5 the tman" or shetra:na" (0oul) and 1rakriti" or 6aya (8llusion)5 the&anmatras" or the subtle forms of 6atter as $roduced by the interaction of the &hree 'unas5 the 1anch a- 8ndriyas" (0ense 2rgans) which are created by &anmatras vi9% Eyes, Ears, 7ose, &ongue and 0kin5 the e.tensions of the 3ive 0ense 2rgans or the nanendriyas"( +ognitive) as $erceived in the forms of Vision, 0ound, 0mell, &aste and &ouch as also the further e.tensions vi9% the armendriyas"or the ctive E.$ressions of 0$eaking, 'ras$ing, 6oving, Eliminating and !e$roducing% (&ogether, the nanendriyas constitute the Entrance Doors of the 0ense 2rgans and the armendriyas constitute the Doors)% Before the conce$tion of the basic canons of +reation as described above, the 0u$reme 3orce manifested as Lord 7arayan-7ara" meaning water and ayan"denoting abode- who in turn created Earth% &ogether, 7arayan and Earth $roduced an Egg and from the navel of the Lord, who was lying in yogic slee$, s$routed a lotus5 on the to$ of the lotus stem a$$eared Lord Brahma who was asked to commence +reation% Lord Brahma could not succeed and out of anger and frustration a$$eared Lord !udra who too entered water to  $erform $enance% Brahma e.ecuted severe $enace too and eventually attained the $owe rs of +reation% #e created 1ra:a$athi from the left toe of his right foot and also created the latter"s consort from the right toe of his left foot% &he co$u lative action of 1ra:a$ati and his consort had thus $aved the way of 0rishti" in a formal manner% 0wayambhu 6anu who was born from the 1ra:a$athis had thus launched the creation in a regular manner% 4hile +reation was initiated at the end of each al$a, there were more of such ste$s in the 1rocess% 3or instance, there were five kinds of vidyas" (3alse nowledge)


 $roduced by Lord 7arayana vi9% &amas" (Darkness), 6oha" (ttachment), 6aha 6oha" (E.treme attachment), &asmira" (ealousy) and ndha &asmira" (nger)% &hereafter, there was the 6ukhya 0arga" or the $rinci$al creation of immovable ob:ects like mountains and trees% lso, there was &hiryaksrota" related to animals (uadru$ed)5 the creation was called 0atvik 0arga"or o f Deities with Virtuous nature5 the 0eventh creation was called rvaaksrota 0arga" related to human beings5 the Eighth creation vi9% nugraha 0arga" $ertaining to 0ages and hermits and finally the ninth creation was of aumara 0arga" related to Eternal dolescents like 0anaka, 0anandana, 0anatana, and 0anat umara5 then emerged the &en 6anasa 1utras vi9%6arichi, ngira, tri, 1ulah, ratu, 1ulasya, 1racheta, Bhrigu, 7arad and Vasishtha% But, the foremost creation of Lord !udra was as rtha 7areeswara"5 collectively there were Eleven !udras, vi9% 6aha Deva, 0hiva, 6aha !udra, 0hankara, 7eelalohita, Esana !udra, Vi:aya !udra, Bheema !udra, Deva Deva, Bhavodbhava and dityatmika 0ri !udra5 their corres$onding consorts are Dhee Devi, Dhriti Devi, *shna or !asala Devi, *ma Devi, 7eeyut Devi, 0ar$i Devi, Ela Devi, mbika Devi, 8ravati Devi, 0udha Devi and Deeksha Devi% Exemplary Devotion of Priyavrata A!hva!ira Va!" an# Rai$hya %P"n#ari&a&!ha an# 'a#a#hara (antra! in)l"#e#*

8n the conte.t of balancing the forces of Dharma and dharma, instances of e.em$lary devotion dis$layed by 8llustrious ings and 0ages through the ages were cited by Bhagavan Varaha to 1rithvi% +ing Priyavrata  son of 0wayambhu 6anu, relinuished his ingdom to his sons and 0age 7arada visited his hermitage once%&he 0age narrated his own interesting e.$eriences% 8n one case, he $assed by a lake in 0wethadvi$a and found a highly attractive and lonely damsel when he felt infatuated and lusty% 0oon he discovered that she was Devi 0avitri #erself- the embodiment of Virtue- and felt an un$ardonable sense of shame for his sin% 3rom #er body emerged three male figures, vi9% the three Vedas of !ik,
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