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The Nanotechnology

Introduction: Nanotechnology









"nanotechnology" "nanotechnology" is used extensively to define the sciences and techniques that are applied at a nanoscale level, it is an extremely small measure that allows to work and to manipulate the molecular structures and their atoms.  t present, progress has !een growing considera!ly, considera!ly, which can !e !oth !eneficial and detrimental, it is enough that each one acquires his position on the su!ect.

#evelopment: $hat is nanotechnology% nanotechnology% Nanotechn Nanotechnology ology is the study, study, design, design, creation, creation, synthesis synthesis,, manipulatio manipulation n and application of materials, apparatus and functional systems through the control of  matter and the exploitation of phenomena and properties of matter at nano scale. In short, it would lead us to the possi!ility of making materials and machines from the rearrangement of atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology is a field of applied applied sciences dedicated dedicated to the control and manipulati manipulation on of matter  matter  on a scal scale e smal smalle lerr than than a micr microm omet eter er,, that that is, is, at the the leve levell of atom atoms s and and molecules &nano materials'.

(enefits of nanotechnology. There There are many many !enef !enefits its of nanot nanotech echno nolog logy y for humani humanity ty,, I think think the most most important is in terms of medicine, without detracting from other areas, then I)ll talk a!out each one:

*edici *edicine: ne: Infect Infectiou ious s diseas diseases es cause cause pro!le pro!lems ms in many many parts parts of the world. world. +imple products like pipes, filters and mosquito nets could reduce this pro!lem. *olecular nanotechnology could manufacture cheap and advanced equipment

Profesional Ensayo

for medical research, making the availa!ility of more advanced medicines much greater.









nanotechnology, computers would !e extremely cheap.

-esources: *any sites still lack electrical power. (ut efficient and inexpensive construction of lightweight and strong structures, electrical equipment and energy storage devices would allow the use of solar thermal energy as a primary and a!undant source of energy. $ater scarcity is a serious and growing pro!lem. *ost water consumption is used in production and agriculture systems, something that the manufacturing of products through molecular  manufacturing could transform.

nvironment: nvironmental waste is a serious pro!lem all over the world. New technological products would allow people to live with a much lower  environmental impact. *any areas of the world can not quickly assem!le a manufacturing infrastructure at the level of more developed countries. *olecular  fa!rication can !e selfcontained and clean: a single !ox or a single suitcase could contain everything necessary to carry out the industrial revolution at the village level.

#espite the many !enefits of this technology, we must not forget the risks involved, I consider that the main risk is the development of new weapons that could lead to a panic in the humanity or even the end of it, with the development of each science is always important to know a!out all risks since this way you can avoid things that can !e catastrophic, the risks in these areas are: +ocial and political: Important changes in the structure of society and the political system. The production of weapons and devices of espionage could have a cost much lower than the present !eing also the smallest, powerful and numerous products. n attempt !y management to control these and other risks could lead to the adoption of overly rigid regulations that would create a demand for a !lack market that would !e as dangerous as unstoppa!le

Profesional Ensayo

!ecause it would !e very easy to trade with small products and very dangerous as the nano factories.

conomics: /owcost production and duplication of designs could lead to maor  changes in the economy, it is considered a risk since the economic structure as we know it could change due to the cheapness of materials and even production, the !ig technological industries would !e 0ossi!ly the main source of income of each country, so those who do not have many resources would !e without possi!ilities.

nvironmental: 1verexploitation of cheap products could cause significant damage to the environment, and over time, the shortage of materials would result from overproduction.

2onclusion: The development of nanotechnology is inevita!le3 however, I !elieve that great care must !e taken with it, rules should !e esta!lished on its use to avoid consequences, regulate access to it and focus on the !enefits that it !rings with it. +hould prohi!it their use for the development of weapons and should focus more on the production of articles that harm less the environment and the development of medicinal technologies, as health is a maor pro!lem worldwide3  nd with the help of nanotechnology we would have a !etter quality of life.

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