ERICSSON 3G Commissioning Steps With Snaps

September 18, 2017 | Author: Rohit Singh Tomar | Category: Computer File, Information Technology Management, Utility Software, Computing, Technology
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ERICSSON RBS [3922(ID) & 3967(OD)] {3G} Commissioning steps First of all, Software named as WS_FTP and folder UP to be saved in c:\ drive for convenient.

Phase-I Instruction: - Cable should be logged in test port on CBU card of BTS (Node B), and cable used in these steps is USB to DB9 (male) & DB9(female) to RJ45(male) for laptop connectivity. Ø Start

All programs



hyper terminal

type RBS (select com port)

Select com port on which your cable device is installed

Click on it then click on OK

1 2

Now click on Restore Defaults and then click OK after that a window will appear and when the port is connected the sign ‘$’ will be appear on the window]

When it doesn’t stop at ‘$’ sign and it continues displaying information then to stop it give ‘reload’ command. There are two modes of operation i.e. 1) Basic and 2) Backup. To bring the Backup mode from Basic mode [After running WS_FTP software] 1) $ reload--

[BTS Backup mode will come and BTS starts sound.]

Note: - There is storage memory in BTS and also it has partitioned in two logical drive, and the name is given as c2 & D drive. You can check the volume used through the vols command. And for further process proceed to next steps.

2) $ vols

3) $ formathd /c2

4) : y 5) $ formathd /d

6) : y

[ it will show the storage details like below now you have to format both drive c2 &D]

[After giving this command it will ask for continuing ‘y/n’]

[C2 drive will be formatted after this command] [Again like above it will ask for conformation yes or no]

[D drive will be formatted after this command]

7) $ vols

[this command for drive volume if it shows 0%, it means drive is formatted]

8) $ ifconfig

[to check whether there is IP or not]

Most of the time node B IP is configured by default, but if it is not configured in case then for setting the IP of node B there is command , But sometimes it doesn’t take command and it give error then in this case give the command ‘reload’(only, no --) and then again give the same command for setting the IP, after giving the command if on terminal window shows only dollar sign then it means IP for node B is configured. [If command doesn’t run the again give command $ reload


Now you can verify via ‘ifconfig’ command whether your IP has been set or not. For setting new IP for node B is as below,

9) $ ifconfig le0 netmask

Error in IP configuration

10) $ ifconfig

Command for IP configuration [To check whether set IP is being shown or not]

Phase -II Instruction: - Cable should be logged in Ethernet port on CBU card of BTS (Node B) Now set the IP address of Laptop as {IP address-, Subnet mask-} Then run the software [WS_FTP95]

Double click on this icon

After running the software in session properties it will ask for user ID and password for login then give the details as User ID: - rbs

Password: - rbs [After connection establishment a sound will occur, it is software property]

Note: - Your software window looking like below, in this the right window is showing the contents of BTS storage and left is for computer storage. If it is not showing like below then you can select the path location by clicking up arrow showing in this window for both side. The basic thing is that you have to copy the contents of folder c2 & d from laptop to BTS for that you have to adjust the path location of BTS and computer same like below for convenient.

Click on this arrow for path adjustment

Now select both side c2 and d and click on arrow for file transfer, remember right side is for BTS and left is for laptop so choose arrow as in which direction you have to copy the folder contents.

Select both side these two folders


1 2 3

Click on this arrow for starting file transfer

After clicking on the yes in option popped data will start transferring …………………… then wait for some moment until transferring completed. And the sign of completion of transfer is a sound will occur and a message will come like “closing data connection”, it implies that initial CV has been done.

Phase-III Start Run cmd 1) cd c:\ 2) cd UP 3) cd cxp901161* 4) cd sw_install 5) dir 6) cd cxp* 7) dir 8) sw_load.bat rbs rbs

[save the UP folder in C drive for convenient] [ To enter into the c:\ drive] [To enter into the UP folder] [To enter into the CXP9011610_R12F%5 folder] [To enter into the sw_install folder] [To show the subfolders inside sw_install folder] [To enter into the cxp* folder] [To show the subfolders] [where first rbs is user name and second one is password]

Note: - Left side window shows all 8 commands given above and in last 8th command after hitting on enter loading will be started from UP folder to BTS and it will take time. At the end last path will be shown on the command prompt as shown in right command window it implies loading is done.

Phase-IV Again to bring back the basic mode from the backup mode go to hyper terminal from start menu and also change the port from Ethernet to Test port. And type command in the hyper terminal window as follows, $ reload [BTS sound will lee off] ** Login server ready** [this message will be shown].

Phase-V Note: - For this part first of all JRE (Java) folder to be installed on your computer, Then connect into Ethernet port 1) Go to internet explorer and type in address bar Element Manager

Type here then press enter

[click on run& connect]

After hitting on enter the following window will come and it starts loading the element manager.

Then element manager will be open like this

2) Equipment 1A2 1B2 1A1

for RU cards for FU cards CBU/Tx/Rx

Show these Cards.

Right click on properties

Select equipment here

1 2 3

LDN (last one to be selected from the option)

Right click on 1A1 to select properties here


+ to be clicked to have

Now this will show Backplane serial No. [Note it down or take screen short for record, It is important for licensing]

Note: - CV to be created after each and every function Swmanagement


config version


[Name: - after_P5]

Right click

Select software from here

1 2

add list


set startable


Right click here

1 2




ü Now it’s time to run the scripts To run the scripts (3 scripts is there i.e. external hw/OAM/IUB, before running this save it in one folder as test node for your convenient) Select this script RNC


05 EN Site

ü Steps for running scripts-----For external hw 1) Config

site equipment

next Browse [script path to be given] Next……next…..> finish (


1 2

4 5

3 6

7 Notice this its showing 11(11) and in above snaps it is showing 1(12) means you have go through 12 steps for this process Just you have to hit next until it completed successfully


For OAM 2) Config

OAM access do as above. It will show 3 PCM ok [current link setting…………… shown]

Note: - After this the IP address will be changed and also according to that u have to change your laptop IP address. Remember one thing the IP address should be one ahead of that BTS IP. ***Go to internet explorer and type the newly created IP in address bar like, IP (newly created)/em/index.html [em will be made automatically]

1 2


4 5 Click on next until it’s got completed successfully in between this it will show a new IP note it down for next time login.

6 7

For IUB Note: - First two paragraphs of IUB to be cut from the original one and to be saved as .txt extension Now config

run command file

browse [script path to be given which is saved as .txt file] Halt on errors verbose logging Start





4 5 When configuration successfully done then close i.e. click on 7




ATM Layer


ATM port -1-1-ima1 VplTpID = vp1 (right click ATM Traffic Descriptor ID


properties )



( U3P13200M8800 to be selected from the list )





Right click on it

1 2


4 6 5



9 Select this one from list


Select ATM from here for checking whether our three E1 status is enable it 1 means Site successfully integrated




Operation status

Ø Then at last as usual again CV to be created as like before and the name of CV should be as (after_all_scipts).

BP_FTP Application (Bullet Proof_ File Transfer Protocol) Licensing First of all BP_FTP application to be installed then get started with the following steps Go to internet explorer and type in address bar IP (Node B IP newly created)/em/index.html You have to create user account first in this application,

BPFT (s/w appl.) Right click in User accounts and add account name rbs and set login and password both as rbs for convenience and home IP set as -=All IP Homes=Then go to Access Rights and give the path and then select All/None (Delete should be un ticked) Then click Ok

after that go online using button

Then go to element manager and then follow the steps below, Configuration License


update keyfile Username Password

rbs rbs

IP address (newly created node B IP should be given) License file (** License file name to be copied and pasted as .xml extension) upgrade license key file

Phase VI Up gradation into P6 BPFT

in access rights give directories then

All/None (Delete should be un ticked)


Then again go to element manager application and follow the instruction as below Software

Upgrade package (right click)


User label %9 folder name xml file name to be copied Software folder to be selected which has to be run in P6

File user label FTP server address it should be given Node B IP User name rbs Password rbs dot and forward slash should be given before file name

./ name to be pasted as .xml extension Hard upgrade (If it stops)

Create package Install Full install

Upgrade node Upgrade exending

Verify package

** After this step Node B will upgrade into P6** **Wherever the file name is asked in these steps, the software used to upgrade in P6 folder in that an xml file containing same file name should be used. And also where it asked to use .xml extension there should be file name pasted and after that give .xml as extension.

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