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May 1, 2018 | Author: Faidhi Razak | Category: Entrepreneurship, Employment, Expert, Sales, Marketing
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1.1 Background Of The Study

All UiTM students who further their study at bachelor level need to take Principles of Entrepreneurship course or ENT530 to give guideline and expose students to the business orientation. In this course, students will conducting case study to any business or company.this In case study, students are required to interview any company or business to get two or problem that faced by the company or busines. After that students should analyse the problem and find solution for any problem that have. The benefit of this case study is students will be more intelligence in conducting business. Next benefit is students will be exposed on how company operating their business. Thus, this case study is the good medium to teach students on how solve problems. The case study was conducting to Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business, which is this business provide service oriented. Our group want to get information on problem that faced by this business.

1.2 Problem Statement

Every business certainly will not be able to avoid from problem. as well as with this business as longwhere, as the business operates for 6 years from 2011 until now, there are some problems faced by this business. First problem that faced by this business is marketing problem which is this business have a lack in planning proper marketing. Next problem that faced by this conmpany is managementthat problem is this business are poor in managing the business.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The main reason why this case study be conduted is to investigate the key of successful entrepreneur successed in their business and how the entrepreneur operates their business which is how the entrepreneur for Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business can face and solve the problem. This study also want to know the best way in solving problem as the owner have better achievement.


Nine Over Ten Dot Biz is a printing and advertising company which started operation since 24 June 2011 at Lot FF 21, Level 1, Angsana Seremban Mall, Jalan Kuala Pilah, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The company is focussing on "More Focused, Cost Efficient, Barakah" takes the opportunity to become entrepreneurs to widen business ties and foster entrepreneurship spirit among society. Now, the company is gaining further steps as it promises the best services and services to its customers through its strategic, systematic and rewarding concepts. They also hold this word in advance of their company which is “In fact, 9/10 of livelihoods come from business sources”. Regarding the focus is more focused on mutual engagement with Muslim entrepreneurs towards improving Islamic economy and business management. In addition, it can also strengthen the unity of the Muslim brotherhood that has been established. As an example "Whoever wants to extend his age and multiply his sustenance, let him connect the brotherhood". Then, the cost efficient mostly explained on the company's management and service promises more cost-effective deals besides the quality of a more secure product. The demand will be realized in forming a more sophisticated and systematic trading deal. Nine Over Ten Dot Biz also will give the best and wiser ideal choice for their customers. The last one is “Barakah” shows that business results and income derived comes from God. The effort to gain profit and the business results must be obtained through a lawful and blessed way. All the negative elements and sources of livelihoods are not a step towards improving the productivity and quality of the company. The wealth does not bring meaning without blessings and with the blessings, little property / sustenance will be felt as much and sufficient. Otherwise, without the blessings will be felt narrow and difficult even with many properties.

4.2 Organizational Structures







4.3 Products/Services

This company have provided many types of services. For example, in term of rebranding or packaging, design and printing, corporate folder, apparel, publishing and also premium gift. In term of rebranding or packaging, Nine Over Ten Dot Biz have logo design, packaging design, and website. It means this company have ability in designing the logo and the rest. So, the customers can show or give their own logo if want to have printing service by this company. They also can label it and packaging, plus they also used shop and kiosk concept as to maintain their stability of the company.

The other service is design and printing. This company also can design and print any types of services such as banner, bunting, signboards, signages, billboards, boards/L.E.D, backdrops, flyers, invitation cards, ID cards, brochures, envelopes, letter heads, business cards, calendars and rubber stamps. This can be classified as promotional materials as to attract customers’ attention to have their services.

Next, they have provided an apparel such as corporate robes and muslimah shirts, F1 corporate shirts, Collar T shirts, round neck T shirts, sports shirts and children's shirts. Among customers who have used their services are Ramly Burger, MRT, Wellzone, Sri Seremban School, MARA Seremban College, Tunku Jaafar Science School and KKLW. It shows that this company can provide many types of services in order to fulfil customers’ satisfaction. It is easy since they can provide the best service with a reasonable price to all of their customers.

Another service is publishing. Nine Over Ten Dot Biz have provide service in term of publishing. For example, program book, annual report, abstracts, bulletin boards, school yearbooks, annual magazines and journals. Some of the customers that have been used their services are MAINS, SUK Selangor, SUK Negeri Politeknik Melaka, Kolej Komuniti and so on.

Sembilan, Masjid Wilayah, UPNM,

4.4 Business, Marketing, Operational strategy

Nine Over Ten Dot Biz has extensive experience in advertising and printing. It is dedicated in producing the best creative and best quality for their customers. This company also offers advertising services from design, printing, packaging design and more. Company philosophy is to provide the best service for their customers by offering reasonable and attractive prices. So, through the advertisement customers will know that this company can provide many services and give the best service to all of their customers. Next, they have their own way on how to attract customers in order to use their service. For instance, they will advertise it in online and offline ways. In online they can post through their page or BlogSpot while offline they can give some flyers to the public. They will post any new service that they are going to have by giving the best price as compared to the other printing shop, so the customers will know and get their services. Plus, they also doing the closing sales as to promote their company printing services to their clients such as bring their prospect to the office. So, through that their clients will attract to that and promote to the public. The last one is how they doing their operational system. Nine Over Ten Dot Biz used an effective strategy as to maintain their quality of the services such as in term of printing. They will make sure that the printing system will run smoothly and have the best product ever. For example, for the t-shirt printing, the manager of the company will make sure that the words printing on that shirt will not easy to get rid of. They will striving to produce a good service at reasonable prices as to maintain their quality. So, the customers’ satisfaction will be fulfilled and save their budget by having Nine Over Ten Dot Biz services.

4.5 Financial Achievement

Through our interview, this company have achieved some awards in doing their business. One of the awards is they joined the business of Tabung Haji collaboration with Faiz Travels. It was happened last year which is 2016 and they got RM60000 from that. Nine Over Ten also have receive demand to produce 10000 umrah bags. It is one of the best sales that get by Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business.


6.1 Findings

Marketing Problem

According to Dr. Philip Kotler, marketing be defined as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential. It pinpoints which segments the company is capable of serving best and it designs and promotes the appropriate products and services.” While, according to Merriam Webster online dictionary, marketing is a process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. From the definition above, marketing is important field in all organizations, companies or businesses. It is because marketing have strong relationship with selling of products or services. If business fail to manage their marketing, the tendency of the business to fail is high. Marketing also have a fucntion to attract customer. Customer will attracted to product or services provided by the business if the marketing is good and appropriate that axceeding customer want.

For Nine Over Ten Dot Biz, the owner, Pn Roziah have a problem in marketing their online method business. She already create facebook page and blogspot to promote and markert their service through online method. This is because everytime she posted their services in online medium, she not getting any response and feedback from customer. From that problem, Pn Roziah difficult to know the interest of customer. She also face the difficulty to gain review of her business which is she want to know the improvement that she need to do and any recommendation. Thus, this marketing problem give impact to Nine Over Ten Dot Biz busness.

Management Problem

According to Peter Drucker, management is a multipurpose organ that manage a business and manages Managers and manages workers and work. Whereby, according to Merriam Webster online dictionary management is the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business). It is means that management have relation with employment which is employer, employee and work. Every companies or business should have management. otherwise, the company may be exposed to various problems. Every companies’ owner or manager need to be wise in ensuring their management is always good. However, However, each company or business will have a management problem if it does not practice proper management. For example, Employees see bad behavior and poor performance going unnoticed or unchallenged, employees feel ignored and/or unappreciated, incompetent employee, demotivated worker and others. This problem can cause the company itself to fail in the business and subsequently lead to bankruptcy. However this problem can be resolve through proper solution.

For Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business, the owner, Pn Rodiah have a problem in getting a better management. She have goal which is she be able to fully manage the business without having management problem. However, Pn, Rodiah have to face the problem regarding management. The problem that faced by Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business is hiring worker problem. This is because, she is looking for a worker that has more knowledge and expertise in financial position. She took a long time to get an employee with expertise in the field. She need employee that expert in that field because she want make sure that her business can avoid wastage and also can utilize resources. For example, the business can get lower price and quality resources and spend properly on company money usage. Thus, hiring woker problem giving the bad impact to Nine Over Ten Dot Biz Business

6.2 Discussions

Management problem

The problem that faced by Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business which is problem in hiring worker that expertise in financial field giving bad impact to Nine Over Ten business in term of financial. However, Pn Rodiah as owner of the business take initiative to eradicate the problem through her method. There are two method to solve problem in hiring financial position worker.

First and foremost, the method to solve the problem is through aquisition practical students from any university or college. According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, practical means actively engaged in some course of action or occupation. Then, practical student means an integrative hands-on learning experience in a supervised setting aimed at the professional preparation and training of a student. The advantages of this method is the owner or manager easily to manage and give tasks to them as they are study at a particular courses that related to financial field. This is means that manager does not take a long time to handle them. Next advantage is the owner can reduce cost to pay for employee. This is because, when employer hire practical student to their company, the employer are just give them allowances that are not too expensieve as compared hire worker which is the employer need to pay them salary that cost must be follow the standard that be stated in Industrial Relation Act. The disadvatage of hire practical students is it is a rushed process. Every employer wants to have his or her new trainee or practical student on the job as soon as possible so that you can ensure the resources is utilized to the fullest. There is a higher probability of rushing through the process of training, creating lot of doubts and confusion right from the day one which is can affect the outcome in future.

Next, second method that be used by the owner of Nine Over Ten Dot Biz business is publishing job vacancy. It can be done by employer which is informing the vacancy through medium of publication such as banners, newspaper, internet and so on. The manager will include information like salary, requirement and so on. The advantage of publishing job vacancy is immediacy. most posts and replies appear in real time. It can help you either increase your efforts to attract more candidates, a different set of candidates. The disadvantage of publishing job vacancy is expense. It is depending on the platform owner use, owner may have to pay a lot of fee or other costs to post your vacancy. For example, hiring designer to design the banner, must pay to local government if posted in public places and other.


For management problem, the owner of Nine Over Ten business that is Pn Roziah prefer to use method of hiring practical student from any university and colloge. It is because, practical student that have knowledge in finance field will easily handling the task that related to finance that given by manager as they learned the courses during their study. From that, manager does not have to worry about handling and teaching them as they already learned in university or college. In case of Nine over Ten business, the owner, Puan Roziah highly recommend herself to use this method because she want to minimize the cost of paying salary. She also want someone that have learn and expert in finance field for her business to avoid from wrongly doing tasks regarding financial part as it is very important for business to function their finance properly. It want to make sure that the business will not be exposed to loss. Thus, this method is considered as wise and best method to solve the management problem in term of hiring staff.


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