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Alhamdulillah, we are most grateful to Allah S.W.T for the completion of this group report as one of the requirements that need to be accomplished in the course work assessment for the code ENT530. This business plan has been prepared with the cooperation and support of many people which include of teammates, classmates and family. Besides, not to be forgotten to our lecturers who is SIR MUHAMMAD HARRISON AMAT TAMA for his kindness in helping us during the process of completion of this report. He has given us a good service and advice  by providing useful information to us. Without his help, we would not be able to complete this  business plan. There are a lot of challenges that we have to face such as finding the right successful entrepreneur for interviewing. This is because we want to show how D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd managing their business. Besides that the purpose we choose D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd as our topic because we want to get more information about how D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd works by expanding this business and make profit. Through this acknowledgement about D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd, we manage to deeply known how the business can produce or expanded their product. Lastly, to those who had involved and contributed directly or indirectly to this business  plan, we are very grateful to them for the effort and initiative that they have shown in our  project until we successfully completed our business plan. Thank you so much.


The term ‘entrepreneur’ originates from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means “to do something” (Swedberg 2000) or “to undertake” (Kuratko & Hodgetts, 2001). It was first introduced by Richard Cantillon, an Irish banker in Paris, through his essay ‘Essai sur la nature du commerce’ (1755) which was published twenty years after his death (Grebel, Pyka & Hnucsh, 2003). Cantillon advances the arguments that entrepreneurs are economic agents who have the foresight and willingness to take advantage of unrealised profit opportunities through  buying and selling activities (Blaugh, 2000). It is entrepreneur who acts as the middleman to  buy at a low price and sell at a higher price. Entrepreneur is an individual who takes initiative to bundle resources in innovative ways and is willing to bear the risk and/or uncertainty to act. Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new with value by devoting the necessary time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, physic and social risks and uncertainties, and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction. (Robert, 2010). What makes a successful entrepreneur? It certainly helps to have a strong technological skills or expertise in key areas,  but does not specify the characteristics of entrepreneurship. Instead, the main qualities are characteristics such as creativity, the ability to keep going in the face of hardship, and social skills needed to build a great team. If you want to start a business, it is important to learn certain skills that support this quality. It is also important to develop entrepreneurial skills if you are in the role of work in which you are expected to develop the business so that you’re set up for success.  To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have high and maintain perseverance. You also able to draw lessons from rejection, as well as prevent it from damaging their self-esteem. The ability to withstand repeated rejection and disappointment is an essential part of an entrepreneur’s makeup. Successful entrepreneurs are essentially, you must be able to deflect the rejection away from yourself and use it as a spur to fix flaws in your business ideas.

Besides that, the history of entrepreneurship is important in worldwide, even in Malaysia. If you go further back in history, entrepreneurship wasn’t highly valued in Malaysia. They have different values than the Americans do. Once a period of modernization to a point overcame Malaysia they began adopting some forms of American work values and began to accept entrepreneurs. Let’s  see the history of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Entrepreneurship in Malaysia  began as early as the Malacca Sultanate when locals traded with foreign merchants. When the British ruled Malaya, they had changed the social structure to run the government "Divide and Rule". In this way, the Malays worked as an administrator and the agricultural sector, the Chinese working mined and traded, while the Indians worked the plantation sector. As a result, the Chinese are more to the fore in the business compared with the Malays and Indians.

After independence, the New Economic Policy (1971-1990), the National Development Policy (1990-2000) and the Vision 2020. All parties give support and promote the development of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Entrepreneurship in Malaysia refers specifically to indigenous involvement in entrepreneurship before, during and after the New Economic Policy (NEP) was launched. The New Economic Policy was launched to increase Bumiputera participation in entrepreneurship. There are two goals of poverty alleviation NEP to increase income and employment opportunities without regard to race and also the Bumiputera Restructure to correct economic imbalances between the races. Government gives encouragement of entrepreneurship development and provide recognition to entrepreneurship because they can contribute to national development. In 1995, the government created the Ministry of Entrepreneurship as a body that regulates and promotes the development of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Now, the ministry was renamed the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development.

The term “entrepreneurial environment” refers to the combination of factors that play a role in the development of the entrepreneurship. There are three elements that as entrepreneur needs to be followed. First, is culture. Awareness of the importance of entrepreneurs to the local economy, to celebrate the entrepreneurs take, openness to entrepreneurs who often march to the beat of a different drum, acceptance that failure is part of the entrepreneurial process and a willingness to promote and entrepreneur support when the business first (or second) they are not successfully. Second is infrastructure. Going beyond the usual response infrastructure to include traditional and non-traditional leadership, educational institutions such as community colleges and regional universities, cultural and recreational resources, quality schools, social organizations and emphasize the variety of creativity. Lastly, is support element Entrepreneurship. Some specific programs and initiatives designed to provide a range of support to entrepreneurs of all kinds when and how they need it, including service providers such as Hall and Small Business Development Centres, the network organization and opportunities, financing programs, business incubation services, mentor and counselling, and youth entrepreneurship education in and outside school. (Fogel, 2001)

What is cosmetic product? According to the FDA a cosmetic is “articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human  body…for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance” [FD&C Act, sec. 201(i)]. Cosmetics are defined as materials or supplies to be used on the exterior of the human body such as skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth and oral cavity for cleaning purposes,  perfume, facial skin, body odor, protect or keep in good condition. In Malaysia, cosmetic  products is controlled under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984, ASEAN Cosmetic Directives (ACD) and Guideline for Control of Cosmetic Products in Malaysia to ensure the quality and cosmetic products are safe for consumers. (ctpa, 2009)

A woman without paint is like food without salt."- Roman philosopher, Plautus. Civilizations have used forms of cosmetics, though not always recognizable to cosmetics users today for centuries in religious rituals, to enhance beauty, and to promote good health. Cosmetic usage throughout history can be indicative of a civilization's practical concerns, such as protection from the sun; class system; or of its conventions of beauty. The timeline below represents a brief history of cosmetics usage, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians in 10,000 BCE up through the beginning of the 20th Century.

Starting in 2008, the control of cosmetic products has changed from the System Registry System NOTIFICATION. Through a notification system, the company must make a notification to the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) prior to cosmetic products that can be imported, manufactured or marketed in Malaysia. Cosmetic products that have been notified to be provided Notification Number (NOT) as evidence that a cosmetic product has  been notified with the package. All information and formulation of cosmetic products that have been notified by the company will be reviewed by the BPFK to ensure that cosmetic products are free of banned substances and is used within the permissible limits and comply with legal requirements that have been set. BPFK parties will also conduct Quality Control Program in Cosmetic Products Market notified to ensure that cosmetic products on the market are of good quality and safe for consumers. The Regulation relates only to cosmetic products and not to medicinal products, medical devices or biocidal products. A substance or mixture intended to be ingested, inhaled, injected or implanted into the human body is not a cosmetic product.



Dato 'Aliff Kamarzaman Shukri, who was born on April 3, 1987 in Felda Kechau, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. He was moved and educated at the National School Jejaka, Selangor later enrolling at Telok Gadong Klang High School. After that he was studying at Kelantan. After graduating from school, he continued his studies in integrated school at Shah Alam until form 5 and continuing education to Taylor College. “Terlajak Laris” the famous tagline for D’Herbs. Aliff Syukri the director and founder of D’Herbs Healthy Sdn Bhd prove that age is not a factor for people not to strive their way to success. He is the son of Puan Rozita Ibrahim founder of Sendayu Tinggi Holding Sdn. Bhd. Who ever thought D’Herbs  that used to be found in supermarket are being laud in Malaysia citizen. Being a successful businessman at the young age is not a simple as it look. Moreover, the field that he took are majority conquer by women. From the hardship that he been through when he was a kid has motivate him to keep striving in changing his life for a better future without giving up. (Successfull People in Malaysia, 2016)


Before he starts his business, he had go through a hard experience in his life. As a  beginner, he try to had a personal loan from bank as the business`s capital. He send the  proposal to the bank although he didn`t get the loan. He try very hard to make the bank give him loan to start the business. But after many times he try, the proposal still not approve by the  bank. He start the business by open the stall at night market. At there, he try to make money by  promote his product to anyone. He also have good communication skill that can make people to buy his product. By use the slogan `Terlajak Laris` D'Herbs has become a brand that has gained a place in the hearts of consumers either in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, and also aim to become one of the famous cosmetic brand in Malaysia and neighboring countries, and it`s goal until the whole world. Now, we can see that there are many promotion in newspaper, television, and internet about this product.

The year 2012 was the peak year for D'Herbs products in which they have under Labels Private Limited company and have developed the business by moving to 4-storey building  belonging to the company in a more strategic and comfortable .With this move, the company was able to convince all stock lists and distributors to sell and market the product D 'herbs with more widespread and thriving. D'Herbs has also opened a company called Aliff Herbs Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd where the company is dedicated to the manufacture of health and beauty products. They also open to other companies who are interested to produce products under the company's facilities and  provide service from the beginning until the end of production of a product including the  production and design products according to customer satisfaction.


D’ Herbs Healthy Marketing was established in September 2010 where it only operate in level 2 lot store with only one workers by selling four main product which is foundation, sliming product, women’s’ health drink and lips treatment lipstick. D’Herbs now have become a brand that manage to capture the hearts of consumers in Malaysia, Singapura and Brunei. Now Dato’  Aliff Syukri own his factory Herbs Sdn Bhd, which are for producing health product and beauty that gives other company to produce their  product under his name. Today he had reach more than 6, 000 dealer . After two years been operating, now D’Herbs continue producing more than 30 types of cosmetic product and health care. D’Herbs Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd have been choosen to accept an award of ‘Putra Brand Awards 2015 Bronze”. It’s an award that was given the product the recognition by the public. (Successfull People in Malaysia, 2016). Seeing the potential of cosmetic industry that had big potential, Dato’  Aliff Syukri assured that his products are increasingly recognized by customer from around the country due to the requests he received that keep increasing day by day.


Until now, D'Herbs products cover Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. In fact, a growing number of distributors to more than 6,000 peoples. The cosmetics industry as the industry has vast potential, he sure the product is increasingly accepted by consumers from across the country following a request received increasing from day to day. After over two years of operation, D'Herbs now make further strides when it has  been producing more than 30 kinds of cosmetics and health products.Starting with a product that Virgin Juice, today D'Herbs increasingly recognized by the diversity of products including Tablet BWhite, Herbal Aloe Gel Gamat, Scrub Soap Phoenix, set the fragrance and more. He also set his mind to produce 500 kinds of products in the future to give more choice to consumers.



Reliability is the quality of honesty, fair dealing and reliability in terms of doing what one has promised to do are essential traits of an entrepreneur. Customers reasonably expect  businesses to be reliable, responsible and dependable. Lack of integrity has permeated our culture. It can be seen in politics, sports, business and entertainment. Integrity is the highest level of professionalism and behavior. It’s doing what you know is right, even if no one is looking; it’s standing up for what you believe in and having the courage to speak up, even if your opinion is unpopular. Remarkably again about D’Herbs product is 100 percent ingredients derived from herbs and also low compared to other health products in the market. Product D 'Herbs can be found for as low as RM15 concentration of people in each location, including night markets, farmers' markets, pharmacies, herbal shops, and sales centers D' Herbs itself. In fact, his  products are produced in its own factory which Aliff Herbs Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. Dato’ Aliff are very strict to make a healthy and always make sure each of his products are good quality and meets customers satisfaction. Because of that, it is very affordable and reliable to  buy.


Datuk Aliff Syukri is very a foresight person in performing his jobs as entrepreneur. He  promotes D’herbs product by using his signature high pitched voice and fancy advertising campaigns as a way to attract people’s attention. Regardless of perception from people, he knows that viral marketing is one of the best ways to ensure his health and beauty products do well in the market. Datuk Aliff Syukri willing to take high risk by hiring a celebrity brand ambassador to promote his product on the television. He knows that hiring a celebrity is very costly. But Datuk Aliff Syukri has decided that in order to be known, there has to be a gimmick to attract attention from the market. He also never runs out of ideas to create new product to ensure his survival as entrepreneur. There are many types of health and beauty product being introduced by Datuk Aliff Syukri to meet customer demand. He has issued a total of 60 types of products specifically for men, women, and children. (Entrepreneur, 2015)


He has his own style in order to promote his product. In 2013, 28-year-old Dato’ Aliff  burst into the local media scene with appearances in television talk shows, newspaper and magazine articles, and widely-shared online videos. He was often seen in his sequined suits, with bullet-train speech patterns and alongside his famous “terlajak laris” tagline which made him a household name among middle-income Malaysians (Entrepreneur, 2015). His versatility clearly seen when he as the founder itself has become a brand ambassador for his own product. His “terlajak laris” tagline has become a gimmick that is able to capture the attention of the market. His signature high-pitched voice and fancy advertising campaigns often set the public’s tongue wagging either for better or for worse. Regardless of how you feel about it, he knows that viral marketing is one of the best ways to ensure his health and beauty products do well in the market. His advertisements were virally shared across social media as many people were curious about who he is and what he was trying to sell”.


On early on 2000, Malaysian passion towards beauty product is increase drastically. But still, they prefer to have imported beauty product rather than local product. And this, of course is more expensive because of the tax and so on. Not all people could afford this expensive product. Aware of this situation, Dato’ Aliff Syukri started to produced and economical beauty and healthy product that are price friendly for the customer. His price range is affordable where all people can enjoy the benefit of the product with lower price. And what more important is, customer didn’t have to worried about the halal status of the product  because every product his company made are certified with halal sign.


Time is gold is so true. In this fast revolving pace, everything needs to be done quickly. A second late will cost you loss. Never underestimate the power of time management. For Dato’ Aliff Syukri, since he is a young boy, he couldn’t stay doing nothing. And start from there, he learn about business. He knows he didn’t have higher education qualifies so he used is skill to set up a business. On his vision, if he didn’t start early, he couldn’ t compete with his other friends. And now his work paid off. What he is dreaming of have become true. His advice, “if you have passion on something, don’t procrastinate, you will only loss your chance to become nobody to somebody”.


Dato Aliff give his speech on entrepreneurship during the Online Networking Entrepreneurs Carnival 2015 held at Plaza Merdeka on November 13. This is a carnival that gives a lot of inspiration to the younger generation especially those who embarks in the world of entrepreneurship as it enable them to open their eyes to see the opportunities ahead of them and become successful in their businesses. In his speech, becoming an entrepreneur should not  just be for chasing glamour or showing off, but needs to be able to improve your standard of living with proper goals in life. No matter what business you’re in, never insult your own  business. Do business as long as you can and don’t be afraid of some healthy competition and always take that as your challenge. “Don’t give up quickly, never say never and someday, you too will be successful and become a millionaire.” (Syukri,2015)


There are many factors in entrepreneurial environment that may affect your business. It is common for managers to evaluate each of these factors carefully. The goal is always to take  better decisions for the betterment of the company. Some common factor is political, economic, social and technology (known as PEST analysis). 3.11 Political

What are the political factors that are likely to affect the business? In political issues, it related about the extent of government intervention in the economy. This is all about and what degree of government intervention in the economy. There are many factors that determine the extent of government intervention and organization of each company must be able to respond to the current and future legislation able to adjust marketing policy accordingly. The political factor is related to pressure and opportunities brought about by the political institutions and to what degree government policies affecting business. Example issues that related to the political environment are government policies, Government term and change, Trading policies, Funding, grants and initiatives, Lobbying and pressure groups, Wars, terrorism and conflicts, Elections and political trends, Internal political issues, Inter-country relationships, Local commissioning processes and many more. As for example in political relating to the issue of politics Kedah Football Association (KFA), the founder of the “Terlajak Laris” who is Dato’ Aliff Syukri has put 49 conditions for the sponsorship of RM30 million and the conditions often varies inconsistently and this complicate decision making by KFA. Out of the 49 terms involved, at least five terms were seen as too difficult to be fulfilled by KFA. Elaborating further, Aliff stressed, KFA is not  professional, cannot make decisions and plays politics. He did not know the reason for KFA rejecting his sponsorship, whereas this matter can be informed in a proper manner and not by humiliating him. As per agreed, he wanted to sponsor the Kedah football squad for RM30 million in three years and rm10 million annually for development to improve the quality of football and want to produce great young players but when his condition did not be fulfilled by KFA he even did not want to sponsor at least RM5million at all. I have been humiliated with accusations that I want to monopolize all the billboards in the state, whereas D'Herb was only  planning to promote KFA and Kedah players," said Datuk Aliff Shukri Kamarzaman, denying accusations level against him in connection with D’Herbs’ sponsorship of Kedah Football Association (KFA). (ABDULLLAH, 2016)

3.12 Economic

How about the effect on business by economic factors? In this economic factor, look how the performance of a direct economic impact of long-term to a business. Economic factors have a huge impact on how organizations do business and how profitable they are. These factors are determinants of an economy's performance directly affects the company and has been echoed long-term effects. Economic factors such as inflation, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, economic growth patterns and etc. It also accounts (foreign direct investment) FDI depends on certain specific industries that are undergoing analysis. In economic environment consist of taxation, inflation, interest, economy trends, seasonality issues, industry growth, import/export ratios, international trade and international exchange rates. As for example in economic that can generate our country economy condition, one of the successful entrepreneur who is Dato’ Aliff Syukri, the founder of beauty and healthy company give fully motivation to achieve anything is nothing possible with a hard work and good determination in life. His product already goes around Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. From that situation, it can generate our country economy. His dream to own his dream car Rolls Royce became a reality. He always saw in western movies how successful people always have one of these so he makes his dream became as a reality. (Syukri, 2016)

3.13 Social

For social factors also known as socio-cultural factors. It’s involve the belief and attitudes of population that affect the demand of company’s products and business operates. . There are examined social environment market, and measure determinants such as cultural trends, demographics, population analysis, etc. An example of this trend can be purchased for the western countries like the United States where there is high demand during the Holiday season. Under this factor, it includes demographics, media views of the industry, work ethic,  brand, company, technology image, lifestyle trends, cultural Taboos, consumer attitudes and opinions, consumer buying patterns, ethical issues and advertising and publicity. For example, as one of the successful entrepreneur Dato’ Aliff Syukri should not have to argue with the actor of Rita Rudani whose insulted him in the social media which said him “PONDAN”.

Rita Rudaini should careful of her words that can misconduct other feeling. In social media, Rita Rudaini stated that Dato’ Aliff Syukri as “PONDAN” which is insult him to her followers. That is why Dato’ Alliff Syukri being angry because he has been insulted in Rita Rudaini social media. Even Dato’ Aliff is one of the successful entrepreneur but his also having a feeling that must to be care. (Syukri, 2016). From this argument, it will give impact relating to his product because he is on e of the role model towards other people.

3.14 Technological

These factors are associated with technological innovation which could affect the operation of industry and market favorable or unfavorable. This refers to the automation, research and development and the realization of its technology to market. Technological factors affect marketing and the management thereof in three distinct ways which are new ways of  producing goods and services, new ways of distributing goods and services and new ways of communicating with target markets. These factors consists of  emerging technologies, maturity of









communications and competitor technology development. As for example in technology relating to the founder of “Terlajak Laris” who is Dato’ Aliff Syukri he interested to be an actor of a hero film directed by Professor Datuk A. Razak Mohaideen titled “Badang Superb”. It is  part of commercial to increase he’s product so that when he becomes an actor his product will  be recognized by people and will increase his production of business. According to Dato’ Aliff, he has been training for starring in the past two weeks and cannot wait to start shooting. Moreover he got a lot of acting offers but before this he did not have time and the character offered inconsistent with his character. (Kosmo, 2016)









As the founder of the youngest cosmetic products in Malaysia starting from 25 years old, Dato Aliff Shukri never run out of ideas to further develop the business which has been in Malaysia for three years. The results of his hard work, today the product D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd become the brand that created the phenomenon in the herbal health industry and cosmetics in the country by using the slogan “TERLAJAK LARIS”. Dato’ Aliff Syukri also always be different and energetic to make his business more successful in future because he is always want to try something new in order to expand his business. D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd which has he’s own factory, which namely Aliff Herbs Manufacturing in Kuala Selangor. D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd has a total of 6,000 stockists nationwide and 60 types of  products specifically for men, women and children. (Syukri, 2015). One of the popular  products that have been widely sales and popular is super dense hair dyes. It is available in  black and brown, hair dye privileges is that it is specifically blended for Muslim men and women who are concerned with purity and cleanliness. The main ingredient, namely henna (mountain rose herbs) which mixed materials other is hibiscus petals, marigold flowers, chamomile tea and rosemary leaves. People do not have to worry because there are no chemicals in them that can affect health. The most important of these products can be halal and  prayer. Another product which is along among the best-selling product D'Healthy Herbs Sdn Bhd is a health juice drink herbal Gamolex Gold. (Syukri, 2015). According to Dato’ Aliff Syukri, Gold Gamolex health juice beverages are sold at RM88.80. (Syukri, 2015)


healthy juice can help treat diseases such as type 1001 heart failure, diabetes, cholesterol, joint  pain, knee pain, osteoporosis, stroke, asthma, gout, prostate and sexual dysfunction. One of the famous actress which use this healthy juice is Seniwati Mariani who is the veteran actress.

Recalling from his bad experience of horror that befell him not long ago Aliff Shukri said the accident that caused his face almost completely destroyed and a broken nose. It is starting point to create a health juice drink Gamolex Gold. (Syukri, 2015). He ask a scientist to do research and produce an effective product to help heal wounds and disease and then the healthy juice Gamolex Gold was born from his bad experience from accident to heal his faced  by using the sea cucumber that have so many benefit in it. Gold Gamolex contains a sea cucumber, Pomegranate, Bird's Nest Herbal Remedy as well as 30 mixtures of herbs which able to treat Illness and their effects can already be seen on taking a bottle or use of one or months. There are many reasons why people should choose and trusted D'Herbs because it is registered with SSM which is D’Herbs Global Marketing (002 212 293-A). Secondly, it is 100% natural product, no need to buy the product ARTIFICIAL. Thirdly, the official website of D'Herbs Holdings Sdn Bhd. Fourthly, free courier delivery charges and fuel. Next, there are a lot of vehicle parking area the shops that operate from 10 am - 8 pm for the purpose of managing the delivery of the product quickly. Fifthly, fast delivery time which provides efficient helpline inquiries regarding products purchased. Sixthly, money back guarantee or  product if received in damaged condition. Deherbs Global Marketing also experienced by manager online who is willing to be contacted from 10am to 5pm. As for now, as for entrepreneur Deherbs Global Marketing networking which is the cofounder of this millionaire entrepreneur by Dato’ Aliff Syukri Kamaruzaman already meet his market demand from all over the world and become him the youngest entrepreneur in Malaysia. He knows his ability to make his business successful. That is why it is important to know that entrepreneur have social networking. Thus, Deherbs Global Marketing helps them other new entrepreneur which is new stokist and agent to make a new move in business in order to attract more customer and promoting their product or business. This is to ensure that their business can be expanded wide. It is a platform for entrepreneurs to know each other and develop networking and to market their products also to find suppliers. As we can see Dato’ Aliff Syukri has doing the right decision by applying the agent in his business. This company can serve as an example to other companies because of their conducive environment and can generate profit to Malaysia because this company also belongs to the group of countries that have to pay tax which known as GST.


In order to start a new business, there are alwa ys certain things that need to be improved in order to maximize the success rate in the marketplace. Recommendation is a way to make an improvement for business. There are four types of issues that can be used in order to make an improvement for business industry. It includes politic issue, social issue, technological issue, and economy issue. Politic issue

It is regarding the sponsorship of Kedah Football Association (KFA). The purpose of D’herb sponsorship is to upgrade KFA to a greater height and at the same time plans to build a zoo, a theme park and a herbal garden for the development of economic and tourism sectors in Kedah. D’herbs been humiliated with accusations that D’herb want to monopolise all the  billboards in the state whereas D’herbs was only planning to promote KFA and Kedah players. The matter has also admitted by KFA vice-president, Datuk Badrul Hisham Hashim, revealed to the media that ibaddition to the demand for land, there are several other conditions that cause the sponsorship deal with D’herbs had to be rejected. The founder of D’herbs cosmetic said that KFA is not profesional, cannot make decisions and plays politics. Because of this issue, D’herbs should know how to overcome this problem. This issue may cause a bad reputation to D’herbs industry because some people may think that D’herbs was the one with problem that causes KFA to reject this sponsorship. D’herbs should know how to handle this problem in order to fix their reputation. (ABDULLAH,2016) Social issue

The issue of misunderstanding between the founder of D’herbs cosmectic, Datuk Aliff Syukri and the Malaysian actress, Rita Rudaini. Apparently, Rita Rudaini claimed that an unknown individual who is known to have bad name Dato Aliff in media social. But Dato Aliff is not very pleased when his name is mentioned with the fights.(Syukri, 2016) D’herb should know how to handle this kind of situation. They should accept all the negative comments from the media social and try not to overreacted. Since the product is a very well known, it is likely that they would face such problems. Other industry also might face the same problems too. So it depends on them on how to overcome this kind of problems.

Technology issue

In technology relating to founder of ‘Terlajak Laris’, Dato’ Aliff Syukri, who was interested to be an actor of a hero film directed by Professor Datuk A. Razak Mohaideen titled ‘Badang Superb’. Since the product is very well known to local country, D’herbs industry should encourage other entrepreneur especially Malay entrepreneur to get involved to this industry film. It is part of commercial to increase his product so that when he becomes an actor his product will be recognized by people and will increase his production of business. According to Dato’ Aliff, he has been training for starring in the past two weeks and cannot wait to start shooting. Moreover, he got a lot of acting offers but before this he did not have time and the character offered inconsistent with his character. (Kosmo,2016).  In Malaysia, the entrepreneurship development is growing steadily. There are two kinds of way to start the  business either traditionally or modern way. The traditionally entrepreneurs typically start their own business in small capital, low value added and it takes time to set up the business. In modern day today, the technology was developed in advance such as the internet and information communication technologies (ICTs) are very common to the public. The independent variables of the determinants are education, prior knowledge, experience, government regulations and incentives, social network, availability of resources and opportunity identification.

Economy issue

The successful entrepreneur, Dato’ Aliff Syukri, the founder of beauty and healthy company give fully motivation and a good example to other entrepreneurs to achieve anything and nothing is possible with a hard work and good determination in life. Because of his hard work and determination, his product already goes around Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Loas and Thailand. He became a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia and at the same time he contributes to our country economy. Other entrepreneur should make Dato’ Aliff Syukri as an example because all of his dream became a reality. His dream to own his dream car Rolls Royce became a reality. He always saw in western movies how successful people always have one of these so he makes his dream became as a reality. (Syukri, 2016)  From that situation, other entrepreneur’s dream can become a reality if they work hard and become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

As a conclusion, continuous improvement provides a process in which everybody can  play a part in moving the business forward. Thus, working in teams and hard work plays an important role in order to make an improvement and enables employees to share their ideas and expertise. In meeting these needs, it has also opened up other business opportunities for other entrepreneur as well. Other entrepreneur can use D’herbs industry as an example to make a  business successfully.


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