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LETTER WRITING: There are many type of letters depending on their use. Some of them are given below. (1). Official letters. (2). Business letters. (3). Personal letters. (4). Recovery letters. (5). Love letters.


(1). HISTORY OF LETTER WRITING:Though it's been eclipsed by new technologies, there is nothing as valuable or revelatory as a good letter. So how will future generations remember this moment in history? For hundreds of years, or at least since pens and paper became commonplace, people who wanted to get in touch with other people separated by distance had only one way to do it: they wrote letters, the only means of long-distance communication, at least until the invention of the telegraph in the 19th century. Beginning with Mr. Morse's innovation, modern communication technologies have slowly but all too surely eroded that necessity, first rendering letter writing one option among many and then merely a quaint habit. But where would Western civilization be without letters? For starters we wouldn't have most of the New Testament—whatever you may think of St. Paul, he was indisputably a tireless letter writer. By the 18th century, letter writing was so commonplace that one of the first prose narratives to be considered a novel, Samuel Richardson's "Pamela," was composed entirely of letters of a daugh ter to her parents, and the epistolary method lent that novel what realism it possessed. More contemporaneously, look to  popular song for an index of just how commonplace letter writing was in our culture as late as a

generation ago ("A Soldier's Last Letter," "Please, Mr. Postman," "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter," "P.S. I Love You"). (Article continued below...) The decline in letter writing constitutes a cultural shift so vast that in the future, historians may divide time not between B.C. and A.D. but between the eras when people wrote letters and when they did not. Historians depend on the written record. Perhaps a better way of saying that is that they are at the mercy of that record. Land transactions, birth and death records, we ather reports, government documents—to the historian, nothing written is trivial, because it all contributes to the picture we have of the past. In the last century or so, as a s historians have turned away from their fixation on the doings of the great and included the lives of average people in their study, the letters those people left behind are invaluable evidence of how life was once lived. We know what our ancestors ate, how they dressed, what they dreamed about love and what they thought about warfare, all from their letters. Without that correspondence, the g uesswork mounts. Gaps in the historical record have always existed. American slaves were largely illiterate, often  by law and sometimes by laws that threatened them with death. The epistolary record belongs to free people, and in most cases that means free white people of property. When we reflect on how dearly we would cherish letters written by people in bo ndage or any people who, who , through some circumstance of history, were voiceless, we begin to grasp the preciousness of the written record  —any written record: laundry lists, ancestral records in family Bibles, love notes—and how  poorly historians of the future will be served by our generation, which generates almost no mail at all. There is e-mail, certainly, and texting, but this is communication that is for the most part here today and deleted tomorrow. And there is the enormous eno rmous trove of information about daily life multiplying  by the hour in the digital record—television, camera phones, spycams, YouTube and chat rooms all capture what seems like every second of every life on the planet. The problem is not that there is not enough information about what we think or how we live. The problem is sifting through that sea of data. The most common complaint of our time is that we are overwhelmed by information, unmediated and unstoppable. Maybe we miss letters at least a little because we miss the world, the blessedly—to our eye at least—uncomplicated world where letters were commonplace by necessity. Surely, though, there is more to our fondness than mere sentimentality. When we read a letter, we develop an image of  the letter writer unavailable to us in any other way. Abraham Lincoln's speeches leave us in awe of the man. His letters make us like him, because we hear a more unburnished voice and more unbuttoned personality. Lincoln the letter writer was less shackled by thoughts of how history would read his words. He loosened the reins on his humor, his anger and his melancholy. He was, in a word, human. Moreover, his correspondence proves that the more one writes—and Lincoln wrote a lot—the more relaxed the writer becomes, the more at ease he or she is in the act of writing and the more able to fully express thought and emotion. Writing a lot of letters will not turn you into Lincoln or Shakespeare, but if you do it enough, you begin to put your essential self on paper whether you mean to or not. No other form of o f communication yet invented seems to encourage or support that revelatory intimacy.


Letters remain hugely important in our everyday lives. People still feel the need to have something confirmed in writing and a letter can add the all important personal touch. But there are pitfalls to letter writing. Below are our top tips for getting your letter right. One of the most difficult things about letter writing is knowing how to adapt your writing for formal or informal situations. Some situations (such as applying for a job, communicating with an important client, requesting action from a boss, etc) are likely to be more formal than emailing a colleague. There are many different factors that affect formality, such as sentence length, use of pronouns and passives, and even choice of punctuation. But vocabulary choice is perhaps the biggest style marker. Generally speaking, longer words and Latin origin verbs are formal, while phrasal verbs and idioms are informal. There are also many formal – informal style equivalents that you can use in your writing. Here is a selection of common informal / formal equivalents. (Informal writing / formal writing) a bit / a little a lot / a great deal about / approximately about / concerning ask about / enquire ask for / request  big / major   bigger / greater   but / however   buy / purchase choose / select earlier / previous find / locate get / obtain (or acquire) get smaller / decrease help / assist keep / retain let / permit

make sure / ensure many / numerous need / require  promise / assure send back / return so / consequently thing / matter (or issue) unhappy / dissatisfied want / wish

(3). PURPOSE:Before you begin writing a letter ask yourself: • • • •

Why am I writing this letter – what has led up to it? What do I hope to get out of it (my maximum aims)? What do you expect to get out of it (my realistic aims)? What is the best way to achieve this? What information do I need to provide? For example, dates of previous letters, dates you saw advertisement, dates of appointments, addresses of shops and people, names of people involved, reference or account numbers. What arguments do I need to use?

Basically, we write letters for different purposes which contain different messages.some of the types of letters are given below. (1). Business letter (2). Resignation letter (3). Cover letter (4). Complaint letter (5). Thankyou letter (6). Apology letter (7). Appeal letter (8). Invitation letter

(9). Formal letter (10). Informal letter

(4). Brief context:- 

1. The first paragraph

The first paragraph of the letter should introduce the subject matter and either state or imply your purpose in writing. 2. The body of the letter 

The body of the letter should consist of one or more paragraphs. It should develop clearly and logically the argument and facts of the case. If there is more than one paragraph, each paragraph should focus on a separate aspect of the subject matter and there should be clear links between paragraphs. 3. The final paragraph

The final paragraph should leave the reader in no doubt about your attitude towards the subject of the letter. It may, for example, spell out what you would like to see happen. It should be positive and unambiguous. 4. Achieve the right tone

Although the reader of your letter may be unknown to you, it is important to achieve a suitable tone in your writing and not to be too casual or too formal. So, as far as possible: • • •

• • •

Avoid Jargon whenever possible. Use shorter sentences rather than longer ones. Avoid using the passive. For example write, ‘We sent you that letter by mistake’, rather than the more pompous, ‘Our letter was sent in error’. Don’t let your feelings get the better of you. Don’t try to be too clever. Be clear and to the point, but don’t be too blunt.

5. Adopt a clear layout

Adopt a letter layout that is clear and consistent. For example, if you put a comma after the person’s name in the greeting, include one after Yours faithfully/Yours sincerely; either indent the paragraphs or leave a space between them, without indentation. 6. Sincerely or Faithfully?

If you are writing to someone whose name and title you do not know, use the greeting Dear Sir or Madam , and the ending Yours faithfully , signing yourself with your initials and surname. If you are writing to a named person, address them as Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms , and end Yours sincerely , followed by your first name and surname. If you have met them or spoken to them by phone, or otherwise feel that you have some acquaintance with them, address them by their first name and sign yourself Yours  sincerely , using your first name. For the sake of understanding,here are some sample letter. (a) BUISNESS LETTER:- 

3519 Front Street Mount Celebres, CA 65286 October 5, 2004 Ms. Betty Johnson Accounts Payable The Cooking Store 765 Berliner Plaza Industrial Point, CA 68534 Dear Ms Johnson: It has come to my attention that your company, co mpany, The Cooking Store has been late with paying their invoices for the past three months.

In order to encourage our customers to pay for their invoices before the due date, we have implemented a discount model where we'll give you 2% off your invoice if you pay p ay us within 10 days of receiving the invoice. I hope that everything is going well we ll for you and your company. You are one of our biggest customers, and we appreciate your business. If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555. Sincerely, Signature Bob Powers Accounts Receivable

(b). RESIGNATION LETTER:483 Spring Road Ft. Berliner, VA 58265 October 21, 2004 Mr. Jack Wilkins Head of Inventory Control Widgets Unlimited, Inc. 16 Ferris Blvd. Clinton, VA 58763 Dear Mr. Jenkins: I am formally notifying you that I'll be tendering my resignation from Widgets Unlimited, Inc. My last day will be on November 12, 2004 I never imagined that I would have to leave Widgets Unlimited, but due du e to the relocation of my wife's work to New York, I have made the decision with my wife to move up to New York as a family. If there is anything that I can do to make this transition easier for the company, let me know and I'd be more than willing to help out. I have truly enjoyed my work here and an d I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to work w ork here at Widgets Unlimited.

Sincerely, Signature Scott Nelson Inventory Specialist

(c). COVER LETTER:527 West Ave. Elmswood, CT 23865 October 28, 2004 Mr. Michael Black  Directory of Human Resources Global Answers 6542 Sioux Falls, NY Dear Mr. Black: It is with great interest that I am applying for the po sition of chief accountant. When I read the  job description in your ad on the New York Times on August 12th, I felt that it was an ideal match with my career aspirations. I have always wanted to work for a Fortune 500 company c ompany such as Global Answers. I believe that I am the ideal candidate for the position due to my extensive experience as an auditor for KPMG. At my current position at KPMG, I perform all of the same tasks that are described in your ad for the chief accountant position. In addition to that I have a reputation for   being a hard worker who makes sure the job is done right the first time. My reports are always completed well ahead of the deadline. Feel free to contact me and setup an interview at your earliest convenience. You can reach me by way of e-mail at [email protected] or by way of phone at (555) 555-5555. I look forward to discussing with you my future with Global Answers. Thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Signature

Ken Jacobs

(d). INVITATION LETTER:Lockwood Middle School 307 Main Street Lockwood, NJ 51686 December 17, 2008 Mrs. Jody Coling President Lockwood Health Association 23 Main Street Lockwood, NJ Dear Mrs. Coling: My name is Susan Harris and I am writing on behalf of the students at Lockwood Middle School. We would like to invite you to attend a special event being held at our school in a week's time. A significant amount of the students at the school have been working on a project which relates to the unemployment problem within the youth demographic of Lockwood. You are invited to attend a presentation that will be held within the media room of the school scho ol where a variety of   proposals that will demonstrate the ability of the community to develop employment opportunities for the youth within the community. At the presentation, there will be several students receiving awards which will recognize them within the community from the Mayor. Refreshments will also be available at the presentation. As one of the prominent figures in the community, we would be honored by your attendance. Please reply by Monday the 26th of February to confirm your attendance to the function. We look forward to seeing you there, Sincerely, Signature Ms. Susan Harris


Dear Susan,

506 Country Lane  North Baysville, CA 53286 July 16, 2007

It feels like such a long time since the last time I saw you. I know it's only been several weeks since I saw you. So far my summer has been great! I spend my all my weekends at the beach. I am getting a nice tan and you can no longer say I am paler than you. I have been playing lots of volleyball, surfing and building a nice collection of sea shells. Just this past weekend I took second place in a sandcastle building contest! On the weekdays I work. I drive an ice cream truck around and sell ice cream to the kids. It is so cool. It is a combination of the two things I love most, ice cream and kids. The pay isn't too great but I love the job so much. I hope the summer's been going well for you too. There's only a month and an d a half left in summer vacation and after that it's back to school. Would you like to meet up some time to  before school starts?

P.S. John Austin says hi.

Your friend, Signature


It is a method of communication that can be used by one to send the messages to one's dear ones. There is a complete procedure that has to be followed after the letter is posted in order to reach the destination. The importance of letters is now reducing because of the emails as this is more efficient and quick method of communication then the letters. But there are certain situations when the use of letters is preferred to the emails and the method of the letter is chosen mostly by the companies for official purposes. To write a letter is easier than the emails because there

is no need of any specific device while writing a letter and everyone can use this facility very easily. Same is the case with the receiver because no specific device is required to access the letter as everyone has a home. Another biggest advantage of the letters is that the recipient of the letter can maintain the physical record of all of his mails. One does need to take pain of switching on the computer in order to read the mails or the letters of the beloved ones. One very important form of letters are love letters. They are the most ancient way of showing love for someone.

(a). LOVE LETTERS:-  Now almost everybody has become too busy so there is no time for anyone to put their words in thoughts. Writing love letters is no longer interesting to people. Lot of new technology has replaced the beauty of writing love letter. Sending email, messages, SMS has become the trend now. But when you express your love, the best way is to write a letter to your beloved one. And when you start writing your  thoughts there are no limitations to convey what we think. When you are in a relationship writing them a love letters will sure let your loved one know how they mean to you.

Writing love letters have been one of the earliest and oldest ways to express a person love for him. It is the best way to make your loved one feel how important he or she is to you. You can pour your heart out whether it is few words or a lengthy one. And it is a

romantic way to convey your thoughts in words. Not only that, love letters can be treasured and can be a remembrance after a long time. After your marriage once you get settled in your life you may take those letters which will bring back those sweet memories to you. Telling someone you like them will sure make them feel happy and gives them more confidence in their relationship. Writing a love letter will strengthen your relationship and add spice to your love. So if you are not used to write love letters do not worry, writing one is simple once you start writing you will not stop. Just sit and let thoughts over out of your mind. Writing a love letter will make your loved one to think about you and will make them understand the importance you give them.

(b). BUISNESS LETTERS:-  These were some of the informal examples of letters but now turning our  attention to formal letters also. Business letters are one of the most important formal letters.

Every business requires communication which extends the exch ange of information, products and partnerships. Proper communication is the means of a good business. In fact communication only brings good clients, customers and reputation to the business. What kind of words are used in presentations, business letters, business reports and in all business documentation is very important with the fact that it reflects the business community and business etiquette. Writing business letters perfectly is an art a rt in its own priority. A professional business letter shall definitely bring good and positive response for the business whereas an uncommon letter may not yield expected results and at times, buisnesses lose customers. Therefore, writing of letters in  business language is very important which would impress customers and investors. For instance if a customer placed an order for 10 nos of laptops, the company should accept and address the letter as “we thank you for your order and we confirm the despatch of 10 nos of  laptops” which means thanking the client is very important as the customer would be very  pleased to read such lines in business letters. In case of payment request writing letters, the content of the letter should be quite explanatory indicating the need for payment. Use of harsh or  rude language would cause further harm and damages the relation between company and clients. Therefore, while writing payment request letters, content should be b rief and to the point, such as “we bring your kind attention attention to the payment pending from your end” because we can never  assess the reason why payment has been held up whether unnoticeably or due to lack of funds, therefore, the letter must be polite and professional. Similarly, business communication through emails also should be very clear and communcative encouraging customers to contact company for p urchasing various products. Communication through emails should be professional and friendly to enable the customers to understand about the business and products.

These were some of the textual importances of letter writing. But now we move onto the area where the real world application of letter writing applies. As this fact is known by everybody that kings and emperors, Messengers and Prophets, leaders and

revolutionists used to deliver their messages by letters as there were no other renowned means of communication. We are going to show you some of the historical letters by some of the historical people of the world.




(4). ALLAMA IQBAL’S LETTERS TO QUAID-E-AZAM:-  (1). 23rd May, 1936

Dear Mr. Jinnah, Thank you so much for your letter which I received a moment ago. I am glad to see that your  work is progressing. I do hope that the Punjab parties-specially the Ahrar and the Ittihad Millatwill eventually, after some bickering, join you. A very en thusiastic and active member of the Ittihad told me so a few days ago. ago . About M. Zafar Ali Khan the Ittihad people do not themselves feel sure. However there is plenty of time yet, and we shall soon see how the electorate generally feels about the Ittihad sending their men to the Assembly.

Hoping you are well and looking forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely, (Sd.) Mohammad Iqbal Lahore

(2). 20th March 1937

My dear Mr. Jinnah I suppose you have read Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s address to the All-India National Convention and that you fully realise the policy under-lying it in so far as Indian Muslims are concerned. I  believe you are also aware that the new constitution has at least bought a unique opportunity Indian Muslims for self-organisation in view of the future political developments both in India and Muslim Asia. While we re ready to co-operate with other Progressive Parties in the country, we must not ignore the fact that the whole future of Islam as a moral and political force in Asia rests very largely on a complete organisation of Indian Muslims. I therefore suggest that an effective reply should be given to the All-India National Convention. You should immediately hold an All-India Muslim Convention in Delhi to wh ich you should invite members of the new Provincial Assemblies as well as other prominent Muslim leaders. To this convention you must restate as clearly and as strongly as possible the political objective of the Indian Muslims as a distinct political unit in the country. It is absolutely necessary to tell the world both inside and outside India that the economic problem is not the only problem in the country. From the Muslim  point of view the cultural problem is of much greater consequence to most Indian Muslims. At any rate it is not less important than the economic eco nomic problem. If you could hold this Convention, it would test the credentials of those Muslim Legislators who have formed parties contrary to the aims and aspirations of Indian Muslims. It would farther make it clear to the Hindus that no  political device, however subtle can make the Indian Muslim lose sight of his cultural enilty. I am coming to Delhi in a few days time and hope to have a talk with you on this important matter. I shall be staying in the Afghan Consulate. If you could spare a few moments w e should meet there. Please drop a line in reply to this letter a early as possible. Yours sincerely, (Sd.) Mohammad Iqbal Bar-at-Law  p. s. Please excuse me. I have got this letter written by a friend as my eyesight is getting bad.


LITERATURE REVIEW  So far we have discussed about introduction to letter writing, a brief history of letter writing and different changes in letter writing skills with time, letters written for different purposes and most importantly letters written by some of the most prominent and historical personalities of this world. Letters are a slow way of communication but one of the most reliable and descriptive communicatory system. A person who wants to order a deal for his company, if orders on telephone or other sources, it is possible that he may forget something important but letters reduce the probability of this problem as a person writing the letter will avail his total time and thoughts in his letter. Although emails are an alternative for letters but many organizations still rely upon letters for their orders and deals. May be it’s a convention or something like that. Nowadays people use greeting cards specially for expressing their feelings if there is no important message to attach with. In fact greeting cards are also modified versions of letters which people have started using to save their time. It is a fact that postal services all around the world are very close to their decline but still there are many nostalgic people who not only remember those days when postman used to come every week and people used to wait for him all the week eagerly that he will come and bring letters of their loved ones with him but they also want a revival of those days which is practically not possible. “yes, those were the days, the days which I want back, the days which this generation lacks” says an old man walking with his stick along the road.

METHODOLOGY OR PROCEDURE PROCEDURE:  :  A letter is a message written by a person to convey a message to another. Letters represent mutual friendship and a type of humanly communication, especially on a regular letter exchange between two people.

Types of Letters:  One type is the Letter of Inquiry. It is a general term used for different kinds of business letters. For instance, applicants send this kind of letter along with their curriculum vitae to employers of the companies where they would like to work. On the other hand, companies send this type of letter in their business partners whenever they need the necessary necessa ry information about the products or raw materials that they have to order. This letter is usually written short and direct to the point. It only contains a short introduction with a phone number, address, and e-mail address of the sender. It also contains a simple and short introduction. A Poison Pen Letter is a note that generally contains anything unpleasant, malicious,

abusive accusations or statements about a third party or the recipient. This is typically sent anonymously. anonymously. These are written with the intention to offend the recipient. It can be

traced back to the days of Beethoven. He would constantly write poison pen letters to express is anger and as a release of his temper. Durin Du ring g the adv adven entt an and d po popu pular larity ity of e-m e-mail ails, s, poi poiso son n pen let letter ters s hav have e no now w be been en considered as rare and probably an obsolete form of writing. This is also synonymous with hate mails or hate letters. A Business Letter is formally written and used among two parties having business

relations. This can also be writing as a form of correspondence between organizations and their clients, customers as well as external parties. The style of a business letter depe de pend nds s on th the e rel relati ations onshi hip p of th the e co conce ncerne rned d pa parti rties. es. It en enfo force rces s a str strict icter er an and d respectful tone and language. A Personal Letter is the most common type, and also the most prevalent. These are

written communication exchanges between friends, family members or any two people with close ties. It uses a more informal tone. It can be written just to say hello, to woo an important person, or express other personal matters. Welcome Welco me Letter states the feeling of happiness and gratitude to the recipient for

becoming a member of an institution or group. The employer writes a welcome letter to a newly hired employee. A student may receive a welcome letter from a college that he passed. Store owners may also send letters to their customers welcoming them to try their latest products and promos. A Letter of Appreciation is a written expression of gratitude. It contains notes of

appreciation for the kind deed of the recipient. An Apology Letter is a sorry letter, often with a supporting explanation. Verbal apologis

are usually more difficult that people resort to letters instead. Such letters are a good way to reach out and extend to the other party.

business s reminder of outstand outstanding ing credits due, or overdue credits Collection Letter is a busines that must be paid immediately. It is a written reminder of your obligation to settle necessary payments. Invoice Letter is a written request for the invoice number of a sales transaction. Letter of Invi Invitation tation is a formal written request for the presence of the recipient on an

occasion. It may be informal gatherings like a birthday or Christmas party. It can also be a business invitation to a meeting. The important details of the t he occasion are included in the letter like the name of host, date, time and venue.

A Marketing Letter sells products to customers. These are usually mass-produced and

distributed to many. This is a good way to disseminate information about new products being sold. Letter of Rejection states that a certain requested has been denied. A supporting

explana exp lanation tion usu usually ally foll follows ows.. As an exa example mple,, a univ universi ersity ty send sends s reje rejectio ction n lett letters ers to students who failed their entrance exams. The student will not be allowed to enroll in their school.

LAYOUT OF A LETTER:   To write a good letter you must plan the layout. You should divide the letter into five or six sections: your address, the date, the address of the person you are writing to (if it is a business letter), the opening greeting (Dear...), the main text (you should decide beforehand the order of what you are going to say), the complimentary close (for example, Best Wishes) and your signature. Where Where possib possible le you should should type type a busin business ess letter. letter. Howeve Howeverr you should should write a personal letter, as long as your writing is neat and easy to read. Untidy scribble immediately creates a bad impression. impression.

Choosing blocked or indented styles simply offers a varied layout. Blocked text is where every line starts at the left-hand margin. Indented text is where the first line of every paragraph is inset. Each is correct but you should not mix the two.

1.Letter head comes at first. This is a sheet of paper with a printed heading. This is a

sheet of paper with a printed heading carrying carrying a useful data. The standard size of letter head is 8.5-11 inches. As an example:

2.Date should be written in full, normally in order of day, month , year as

15 November 2010 The commas are not necessary. 3.References are a way of identifying a letter. They vary from a simple to complex.

As WFP/OP, WAD/09 and so on 4.Inside address shows the name of the person to whom the letter is being sent. It can

be in block format as - The Manager

-Fax Merchantdising -68 street -YABA LAGOS Or in indented form as -The Manager - Fax Merchantdising -68 street - YABA LAGOS

5.Salutation are the opening words of greeting in a letter. The most common forms are

-Dear Sir; -Dear Madam 6.Subject 6.Subj ect headi heading ng is used to give prominence to the subject matter and should be

underlined as -Dear Sir, -Mr H J Steward,

7.Body of the letter is obviouslythe most important section of letter, which describes

the reason of writing the letter. And it can be written either in the indented or block format. 8.Complimentary Close is the point to remember here is the ending and its must be

with salutation. -Yours faithfully, -Yours sincerely, -Yours Obedient, 9.Signature 9.Sig nature And Conclu Conclusion sion sh show ows s th that at yo your ur le lett tter er is fi fini nish shed ed an and d th this is is th the e

necessary part of letter writing.

FORMAT OF LETTERS:  1.Semiblocke 1.Semi blocked d style, th the e da date teliline ne st star arts ts at th the e mi midd ddle le of th the e pa page ge as do does es th the e

complementary close. Here is an example:  Your Name  Your Address  Your City, State, Zip Code

 Your Phone Number  Your Email Date

Name  Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

First Paragraph: Why You Are Writing. Remember to include the name of a mutual contact, if you have one. Be clear and concise regarding your request.

Middle Paragraphs: What You Have to Offer. Convince the readers that they should grant the interview or appointment you requested in the first paragraph. Make connections between your abilities and their needs or your need for information informatio n and their ability to provide it. Remember, you are interpreting your resume. Try to support each statement you make with a piece of evidence. Use several shorter paragraphs paragraphs rather than one large block of text.

Final Paragraph: How You Will Follow Up. Remember, it is your responsibility responsibility to follow-up; this relates to your job search. State that you will do so and provide the professionall courtesy of indicating when (one week's time is typical). You may want professiona to reduce the time between sending out your resume and follow up if you fax or email it.


 Your Signature

 Your Typed Name

2.Blocked Style paragraghs are not indented and is same as the semi blocked format.  Your Name  Your Address  Your City, State, Zip Code  Your Phone Number  Your Email Date

Name  Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

First Paragraph:

Middle Paragraphs: Final Paragraph:


 Your Signature

 Your Typed Name

3.Fully-Blocked style, all the message is flush with left margin.  Your Name  Your Address  Your City, State, Zip Code  Your Phone Number  Your Email Date

Name  Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

First Paragraph:

Middle Paragraphs: Final Paragraph: Sincerely,

 Your Signature

 Your Typed Name

CRITICAL ANALYSIS:  1.Consider goodwill in your communication:

Good will is a friendly feeling, or a feeling of confidence. “people relaxation” is another name for good will. Without this your message is eventually perish. Always try to write the words which soothe the others heart. -Don’t waste words : The wasted words are those that clutter your message without adding anything. -clutter words and phrases

-avoid repetition 2.Keep the language lively and simple:

Always use easy and simple words easily understandable by the receiver 3.Personalize your letter:

Personalize your letter, by using I oriented sentences which will show the emphasis of your subject. 4.Emphasize the positive:

A positive letter will always be encouraging -stress what u can do—not what u cant. -stay away from negative words and phrases -do more than you have to -time your letters for best results 5.Use the correct letter Form Use the correct form of letter from the above dicussed.


The personal letter will strengthen the workplace values of quality work, timeliness, honesty, and openess, to acknowledge ethics as an internal compass. Quality businesses expect accuracy, attendance, and constant work from the employee. This letter will be a copy or affirmation of these values. This letter will be open to the worker's family, friends, and to the public, to maintain as gates with which he must carry himself respectfully to contribute to work or pay for reparations. Tme schedules for pay back or reparations can be written in a separate letter. The payment schedule can be set up through the owner and a malefactor or thief. This can be established through the time frame and monetary constraints of the owners. If both parties agree to be handled by a nonprofit lawyer or arbritration.


It is a method of communication that can be used by one to send the messages to one's dear ones. There is a complete procedure that has to be followed after the letter is posted in order to reach the destination. The importance of letters is now reduc red ucing ing because because of the emails emails as th this is is mo more re eff effici icient ent and qu quick ick met method hod of  communication then the letters. But there are certain situations when the use of  letters is preferred to the emails and the method of the letter is chosen mostly by the com compan panies ies for off offici icial al pur purpos poses. es. To wr write ite a let letter ter is eas easier ier tha than n th the e ema emails ils because there is no need of any specific device while writing a letter and everyone can use this facility very easily. Same is the case with the receiver because no specific device is required to access the letter as everyone has a home. Another biggest advantage of the letters is that the recipient of the letter can maintain the physical record of all of his mails. One does need to take pain of switching on the computer in order to read the mails or the letters of the beloved ones.

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SUMMARY  The world has changed. This is modern period. This is the age of  emails, mobile phones, telephones and much more new technology. Communication has not been a problem no more. Now people can exchange their thoughts and communicate with each other very easily and in a very much less span of time. But one thing, we should never forget, a very popular saying, “OLD IS GOLD”. Although this world has become very advanced but still needs something which can complete communication system. That’s where step in ‘LETTERS’.letter writing is a very old infact the first scripture of communication. Since man has started speaking different languages, writing has been an important part of speaking. In the back ages governments used to send delegations to other states and countries to deliver their important messages. People have been using different contexts and ways for letter writing. Although, the way can be any but the purpose remains the same.  The reason for using different ways depends on different purposes of letter writing. Some people use it for official purposes, some for personal purposes. So people in different ages a ges have devised different ways of letter writing. There are many type of letters depending on their use. Some of them are given below.

(1). Official letters. (2). Business letters. (3). Personal letters. (4). Recovery letters. (5). Love letters. These are the main types of letters and there are their sub letters also. Which we have explained in our report

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