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this is a drama script for a business meeting roleplay and making business deals.........


Scene 1 Syifa : (with telephone) Hello Dony : (pick up the phone) Hello, IMAJIN Ideas. Can I help you? Syifa : I’m Syifa. I heard from my colleague that you can give consultation about design. Dony : Of course. Our company works in design and creative industry. We provide from consultation to making advertisements for TV commercials. Syifa : That sounds great. Would you provide consultation for a company logo? We need a good logo for our travel agency. Dony : Surely. We have made some logos for some company, and they’re very satisfied with us. Syifa : Then, I would like to arrange an appointment to discuss about it. Would tomorrow suit you? Dony : Unfortunately, I have some appointments already scheduled for tomorrow. How about Thursday, would you be available on Thursday? Syifa : Sure. Thursday sounds great. Would you be able to come to our office at Bojongsoang Street no.19? Dony : Bojongsoang Street no.19, okay. I’ll come to your office at 9.00, is that fine with you? Syifa : I’m sorry but would you come at 10.00? I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Dony : It’s fine. Bojongsoang Street no.19 at 10.00. May I hang up? Syifa : Of course, thank you. Dony : You’re welcome. Scene 2 Dony : (enter the room) Good morning. Milla : Good morning. Dony : I’m looking for Ms.Syifa. Milla : You’re from IMAJIN Ideas? Dony : Yeah. I’m Dony Salman. Milla : (allow Dony to sit) Nice to meet you. I’m Milla Hanifah, I’m the owner of this travel agency. Ms.Syifa is my co-owner. She will be a bit late. Dony : (sit down) It’s okay. So according to Ms. Syifa, your company needs a logo? Milla : That’s right. We are still a start-up company, while we have been operating for one year, we still don’t have a logo for our company. Dony : So from the sign on the office, this company name is PT Senja Travel. Milla : That’s right. Our company name is registered officially as PT Senja Travel. We’ve been founded on 2013, about one year ago. Dony : It’s just my recommendation but what if your company public name is made a bit different from your registered one? Milla : What do you mean? Syifa : (enter the room) Good morning. Sorry I’m late. Milla : That’s okay. Ms. Syifa, let me introduce you to Mr. Dony. He is from IMAJIN Ideas, the one you called two days ago. Syifa : Nice to meet you Mr. Dony. I’m Lutfi Syifa, the co-owner of PT Senja Travel. Dony : Nice to meet you. Milla : So Ms. Syifa, Mr. Dony recommended to us about changing our company public name. Syifa : What do you mean?

Dony : Well, I think that if you change your public name with something more modern and catchy it will make better opinion in public. Like PT Indofood Sukses Makmur which public name is Indofood. Syifa : That’s a great idea. Milla : Yeah. I think PT Senja Travel is a bit old fashioned. Dony : So, do you have some suggestions? Syifa : What do you think about Senja Tour? Milla : Not much different, I think. Dony : Yeah, we need something refreshing, easy to remember of course. Milla : Then, Sunset Travel, what do you think about it? Dony : Hmmm….. Not bad…. Sunset Vacation, what do you think? Milla : Sunset Vacation…. It sounds great. I think it’s easy to remember too. Syifa : Yeah, It has a good feel. Then Sunset Vacation it is. Dony : (write in the paper) Beside, Sunset Vacation basically means about the same with Senja Travel. Milla : That’s right. Syifa : Good suggestion Ms. Milla. Dony : Okay then. Milla : That’s great a idea Mr. Dony. Now I don’t doubt it that you are the real deal. Syifa : That’s not polite Ms. Milla. Dony : That’s okay, I mean this is our first meeting. Now that the name is decided. What about the logo? What do you want with the logo? Syifa : We don’t have any idea actually, that’s why we called you. Milla : Yeah. Dony : Okay then, what color do you want in the logo? Milla : Orange? Syifa : I think orange will be good, it will represent our name since Senja and orange will go well together. Dony : Orange then. Any picture or art design do you want? Like flowers or sun? Something like that? Syifa : What do you think Ms. Milla? Milla : I don’t know. Dony : So, what kind of transportation is the most popular in this travel agency? Milla : Airplanes. Syifa : We usually offer some tour package to other countries. Dony : What do you think if we add airplane art in the logo then? Milla : That’s okay, I think. Syifa : Yeah. Dony : What do you think about slogan and jingle? I think they will be good addition for the logo. Milla : Slogan and jingle? Do you make them too? Syifa : I think it’s a good idea Ms. Milla. Milla : Really? Okay then. Mr. Dony will you also make slogan and jingle for our company. Dony : Absolutely. Can you tell me your company vision and mission? It will help us to make them. Milla : Our company vision is to be one of the biggest and well known travel agency in Bandung. Syifa : Our mission is to be a healthy company, in finance, human resources, and employee and customer relationship.

Milla : Also provide the best and high quality service sto our customer. And last, to accommodate what the customer needs and what the customer wants. Dony : Okay, thank you. It will help us a lot. Now, I think I have enough data to start designing your company logo, jingle, and slogan. Milla : Thank you for coming here Mr.Dony. Syifa : I’m looking forward to see you again Mr.Dony. Dony : You’re welcome. We will do our best to do this project. See you later. z Scene 3 Aldo : (sitting with laptop on table) Fino, I heard that Boss have a meeting today. Fino : (sitting with laptop on table) That’s right. He had a phone call two days ago. Aldo : I hope Boss get us an interesting job this time. Our last project is very awful to me. Fino : Well, we did it like what the client wanted. It’s not our fault if they didn’t want our input. Aldo : But it could be a lot better. Fino : That’s true. It had an interesting idea and lot of potential. Aldo : Sadly, the client was a know-it-all. He didn’t consider any of our suggestion. Fino : Well it was a great money though. Aldo : Yes it is. But we were like a sort of some cheap studio, with that cheesy commercial. Fino : Hopefully Boss will get us a better project this time. Aldo : Yeah I don’t really care about the money. It’s not like I work at this place for the money. Fino : That’s true while the money is good, it’s our passion to work here. Aldo : Great words my friend. Nothing beats doing hobby as working. Fino : Definitely. Dony : (enter the room) Hey guys. Fino : Hello Boss. How did the meeting go today? Aldo : I bet it went great right? Dony : (sit down, take out laptop from bag) That’s right. We get a new project today. Aldo : Is it interesting? Fino : So what is the project? Dony : We will make a logo, slogan, and jingle for a travel agency. And you know what? Aldo : What? It’s another boring job? Dony : We are free to do anything with this project. Fino : Really, Boss? Dony : Of course. They are still a start-up company. So we won’t get a lot of money this time. Aldo : It doesn’t matter. Finally I have a free reign to do what I want. Fino : Best job ever. Dony : So Aldo, you do the logo. Fino, you do the slogan. I will help Aldo and create the jingle later. Fino : Okay Boss, leave it to me. Aldo : Of course Boss. Fino : So what’s the theme for this project? Dony : Their company name is PT Senja Travel. Aldo : That’s not a good name Boss. Dony : That’s why we decided to have public popular name, Sunset Vacation. Fino : Sounds a lot better. Aldo : (working with laptop) Could be worse. Do they want anything specific with the logo?

Dony : Just orange color and some airplane art. Aldo : Easy enough. Fino : (working with laptop) What about the slogan? Any suggestions. Dony : (hand the paper) This is the company vision and mission. Fino : (take the paper) I think it will help me. Aldo : (show his laptop to Dony) What do you think about this Boss? Dony : (see Aldo’s laptop) Not bad, but you can do better. Aldo : Of course, it’s just my sketch for the design. Fino : What do you think about “exclusive travel, one person enough to take off”? Aldo : Hey that’s a rip off from Cipaganti slogan. Fino : That’s just a joke. Aldo : (show his laptop to Dony) Boss, what do you think if we use this font? Dony : (see Aldo’s laptop) That’s good. Fino : What about “nothing beats traveling with us”? Aldo : That’s not bad. Dony : But we need something more. Fino : Okay. Aldo : What do you suggest about the airplane art? Dony : I’m designing it now. Aldo : I’ll do other part then. Fino : What about this “unforgettable memories with us”? Dony : I like that. Aldo : Yeah. Dony : Well I think we do enough work today. Aldo : Wait, what about this boss? Dony : Now that’s definitely your usual brilliance. Aldo : Well no one beats me in this skill. Let’s have dinner. Dony : I’ll come with you. Aldo : Do you want something Fino? Fino : Buy me some snacks, and cold drink too. Aldo : Okay. (Dony and Aldo left the room) (Telephone ring) Fino : (take the phone) Hello, IMAJIN Ideas? Can I help you? Syifa : It’s Syifa from PT Senja Travel. Fino : Oh Ms. Syifa, Mr. Dony and others have left the office for dinner. Can I help you? Syifa : I want to ask about the progress? Fino : Don’t worry, it’s still in progress but we haven’t met any obstacles. Syifa : That’s good to hear. Fino : We are the best. Syifa : Of course. Actually I would like to arrange an appointment to present your design to us. Fino : Well, I think Mr. Dony will be available on Monday. Would Monday suit you? Syifa : Monday sounds fine. Shall we say around 13.00 after lunchtime at our office? Fino : It sounds good. Though I will inform it to Mr. Dony first and I will call you later about the confirmation. Syifa : Okay then. Thank you. Fino : You’re welcome. Scene IV

Aldo & Dony : Good afternoon. Milla : Good afternoon. Welcome Mr. Dony and…. Aldo : Aldo, Reynaldo Pakpahan. Milla : I’m Milla Hanifah. Welcome to our office Mr. Aldo. And nice to see you again Mr. Dony. Aldo : Nice to meet you. Dony : Nice to see you too. Where is Ms. Syifa? Milla : She has some work to do, she will join us later. Dony : Okay then, can we start now? Milla : Of course. Aldo : I’ll prepare the laptop. (prepare the laptop) Syifa : Sorry I’m late. Milla : That’s fine. Please sit, Mr. Dony and Mr. Aldo will start their presentation. Aldo : It’s ready Boss. Dony : Okay, perhaps we should begin. Aldo : First, for those of you who don’t know me already, I’m Reynaldo Pakpahan, I’m responsible for art design at IMAJIN Ideas. Dony : This project is consisted from three parts. Logo, slogan and jingle. The logo will be explained by the designer itself, Mr. Aldo. If you have any questions in the middle you’d like to ask, we’ll be happy to answer them. Aldo : This is Sunset Vacation’s logo. I made it with dominant orange color, like your request. Milla : It’s very good, I like the font. Aldo : Thank you. The colors represent the name of the company. Milla : I can see that. Aldo : Then there is the airplane art, I made it not stand out because it looks a lot better with the name of the company as the most focal point in this logo. Milla : Hmm…. I think you’re right. Aldo : Then the design is completed with the company name in the center. Milla : I really love it. Syifa : Me too. Aldo : Thank you. The rest will be explained by Mr. Dony. Dony : Thank you Mr. Aldo. Next, the slogan. We choose this phrase as the slogan, “unforgettable memories with us”. Milla : Why you choose that Mr. Dony? Syifa : I think it’s a good slogan. Dony : Our team choose that based on your company profile. The mission especially. Milla : The point related to customer I guess? Dony : That’s right. You provide only the best for your customer, that’s why we think this is the most suitable slogan. Syifa : I agree with you. Milla : That’s a really good slogan. Dony : Lastly, the jingle. (play the jingle) Syifa : Not bad actually. Though I think it’s short. Dony : Well, I made this simple and short. Syifa : Okay then. Dony : We also have recommendation about publicity. Milla : Publicity? Dony : Yeah the right place and time to advertise your company. Syifa : So, what is your recommendation?

Dony : If you decide to make TV commercials then the best time will be in the evening when people have go home from work. Milla : Time? Then what about the place? Aldo : The best places are hotels, tourism places, railway stations, and airport. Syifa : I understand why you recommend that places. Dony : So, what do you think? Syifa : I think it’s very good in overall. Milla : Yeah, I really like the logo. It’s really suit us, I think. Syifa : I like the slogan. Milla : I think we will take the logo. Syifa : Since I have a say in this, I say we also take the slogan. Dony : Okay then, the logo and the slogan. We’ve prepared the paper, and the cost for both of them is in this contract. (give contract to Milla) Milla : (take contract, read it) So from what I’ve read we will get the copyright to this design and the cost must be paid not later than Thursday. Syifa : (take a look at the contract) I think it’s a good deal. We really need both of them, and it’s not expensive. Milla : A deal then Mr. Dony. (signed the contract) Dony : Thank you. Aldo : Thank you. Milla : It’s us who should say thank you. Dony : That’s fine. So I think we should end this meeting, since Mr. Aldo and I have some appointments to attend. Syifa : See you later. We will call you again if we need help. Aldo : See you. If you ever need video for TV commercial don’t hesitate to call us again. Milla : Of course. See you later. Dony : See you.

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