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July 21, 2016 | Author: Rahman Pratama | Category: Types, School Work
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Conversation, Dialog, about english test...


Final English Test

So, last week Mr. Rahman announced that today will be a final test for English. The final test will be a speaking test and each student should tell in front of the class about their favorite gadget. Mr. Rahman

: So, as I promised last week, today we’re gonna have an English test, and everyone should tell about their fav gadget in front of the class. Ok, let’s begin the test. Who will be the first? The first one will get an extra point 


: I’ll be the first, Sir.

Mr. R

: Aaah, good. Now Nisa, please tell us about your fav gadget.


: Yes sir, Okay…. (Nisa tells about her fav gadget.)

Mr. R

: Well done Nisa, thank you very much about your story. So, Nisa has finished her test, who will be the next? Arinda, would you?


: Mmm, no problem sir…

Mr. R

: OK Arinda, please, tell us your gadget.

(Arinda tells her gadget in front of the class.) Mr. R

: Wow! Good job Arinda, not only tell about your tablet, you compared it with Nisa’s too. Good! And then, for the last, it’s your time Fadli. Okay, come on here.


: Mmmm, Sir, I’m sorry. I haven’t prepared anything for today.

Mr. R

: What? Why Fadli? Don’t you know that today will be a test? A final test?


: Mmm, yeah, that’s the problem Sir, I don’t know that the test will be held today I thought it’ll be held on next week. But when you change the schedule last week, I couldn’t attend your class because I was sick.

Mr. R

: Well I think you should ask to your friend next time Fadli. This test is important, okay? So, for the replacement, you should make a min 1000 words essay and should be in my desk by tomorrow morning. Okay?


: Yes sir, I’ll do that.

Mr. R

: Yeah, you should. Or you’ll get an E for English. Okay, because everyone have tell their story, it means this class is over. See you next week, and have a good day. Good morning.

All Student

: Good morning Sir. Thank you.

(And then they lived happily ever after )

Group 5 : Annisa Mughniati Arinda Amyus Fadli Anugrah

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