Engineering Work Flow Chart

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Process Plant Engineering Activity Model Safety & Environment Case






Regulatory Requirements Authorisations

Process Definition - Process Stream Properties & Composition - Required Unit Operations - Process Flow Diagrams - Energy Balance Control Philosophy Costs, Benefits & Timings Safety / Regulatory Requirements



Identify Candidate Processes

Identify Safety/ Regulatory Requirements

Provide Input to Feasibility / Financial Case

Design Process

Define End Requirements

Performance requirements Operating Procedures Operating Conditions Alarm / Trip Settings Safety & Environment Case

Produce Functional Specification for Equipment

Produce Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams

Define Unit Operations Produce Energy / Mass Balance

Identify Start Conditions - Define battery Limits - Identify State of Plant to be Modified


Produce Control Requirements Specification

Produce Composition of Process Streams

Identify Control Requirements

Define Relief & Blowdown Philosophy

Identify Trip Requirements

Define Protective System (Including Fire) Philosophy

Produce Control Requirements Specification

Define Control Philosophy

Produce Plant Operating Procedures

Satisfy Safety Requirements

Produce Commissioning Plan

Train Commissioning Personnel

OPERATE PLANT Perform Acceptance Testing

Commission Plant

Perform Trip Tests Perform Cold Commissioning Perform Hot Commissioning

Define Hazardous Areas

Produce Process Flow Diagrams

Plant status Ground Drains Status Safety Case As Built & As Modified Drawings

As-Built Drawings Operating Procedures Acceptance Test Results Handover Certificate

Ensure Safe Plant Operation


Plan & Schedule Plant Operation

Identify Plant Performance Envelope

Update Operating Procedures

Obtain Operating Procedures

Compare Performance to Specification

Finalise Agreement with Regulatory Bodies

Obtain Operating Schematics

Plan Plant Operations

Define Safety and Security Procedures

Schedule Plant Operations

Identify Corrective Actions & Responsibility

Tune Control Systems

Handover Plant for Operation

Perform Plant Handover

Define Operating Modes

Obtain Certificate to Operate

Produce Safety & Environment Case

Preliminary Engineering Design - Equipment Lists - Preliminary Equipment Specifications - Utility Requirements - Preliminary Layout Drawings - Weight & Volume Estimates - Control Systems Architecture - Technical risks Assessment Engineering Philosophies - Design Philosophies - Construction Philosophies - Commissioning Philosophies - Operations Philosophies - Safety Philosophies - Containment Philosophies Availability Requirements Cost & Time Estimates Safety & Regulatory Requirements Codes & Standards

Process Stream Data Process Flow Diagrams Costs, Benefits & Timings


Produce Conceptual Mechanical Engineering Design

Produce Major Equipment Design Philosophy

Produce Major Equipment Design Philosophy

Identify Regulatory Requirements

Produce Preliminary Equipment Specifications

Produce Preliminary Equipment Specifications

Produce Cost & Time Estimates

Produce Cost & Time Estimates

Produce Control System Architecture

Produce Preliminary Weight & Volume Estimates

Produce Preliminary Weight & Volume Estimates

Produce Cost & Time Estimates

Determine Status of Existing Plant

Produce Major Equipment Design Philosophy Produce Preliminary Equipment & Line Specifications

Define Mechanical Commissioning Philosophy

Identify Materials of Construction

Define Electrical Commissioning Philosophy

Define Containment Philosophy Produce Technical Risks Assessment

Produce Conceptual Civil/Structural Engineering Design

Define Preliminary Plant Layouts

Produce Detailed Mechanical Engineering Design

Produce Detailed Electrical Engineering Design

Produce Detailed Control & Instrumentation Engineering Design

Produce Building & Plant Services Design

Produce Detailed Civil / Structural Engineering Design

Review Site Alternatives & Conditions

Produce Site Survey / Soil Investigation

Produce Piping & Mechanical Equipment Design

Review & Detail Plant / Building Electrical Requirements

Review & Detail Instrumentation Plant / Building Requirements

Produce Site Layout Produce 3D Model

Produce Domestic Water, Sewerage & Storm Water Design

Produce Preliminary Layout Drawings

Define Civil / Structural Philosophies

Produce Equipment Handling Systems Design

Produce Earthing Requirements (Static, Lightning, Power)

Produce Clean Earthing Requirements

Coordinate Interfaces Between Design Areas

Produce Environmental Control Systems Design

Identify Materials of Construction

Produce Detailed Mechanical Equipment Specifications

Produce Communication System Design

Produce Measurement Instrumentation Specification

Produce Site Construction & Installation Methodology

Produce Lighting & Small Power Design

Produce Electrical Cable Runs Design

Produce Actuator Specifications Produce Control Systems Specifications

Define Test & PreCommissioning Requirements

Produce Power Distribution Systems Design

Produce Studies for Cranage & Handling Microstation

Produce Preliminary Weight & Volume Estimates Define Control & Instrumentation Commissioning Philosophy

Produce Preliminary Building or Module Layout Drawings Produce Cost & Time Estimates Produce Preliminary Weight & Volume Estimates

Define Mechanical Equipment Spares Requirements Produce Mechanical Maintenance Procedures

Define Construction Philosophy

Produce Electrical Environment Control Requirements Define Electrical Equipment Spares Requirements

Define Building / Structural Commissioning Philosophy

Define Signal Transmission Pathways Produce Environment Control Requirements for Instrumentation

Produce Detailed Safety Engineering Assessment

Produce Construction Plans

Establish Construction Services

Produce Contract Plan Produce Construction Plan

Produce Room / Module Specifications

Erect Plant

Perform Civil/Structural Construction

Perform Conformance Checks

Erect Major Plant Items

Produce As-Built Specifications & Drawings

Construct Piping

Produce Civil Construction Drawings

Install Electrical & Instrumentation Systems

Design Containment Systems


Identify Unfinished Work

Complete Special Finishes, Thermal Insulation & Painting

Equipment & Materials Catalogues - Equipment & Materials Specifications - Equipment & Material Availability & Prices - Spares Lists Delivery dates Vendor Drawings Certification Equipment procedures - Installation Procedures - Commissioning Procedures - Operating Procedures - Maintenance Procedures Invoices

Maintain List of Preferred Suppliers Maintain Relationship with Suppliers

Equipment & Materials Requirements & Specifications Required on Site Dates Inspection Results Shipping Details Payment Details

Issue Enquiries

Handover to Process Commissioning

Ensure Safe Working Conditions

Finalise Regulatory Approvals

Inspection Requirements Work Permit Requests Notification of Work Completion

State of Equipment Value of Equipment Equipment Records

Define Maintenance Approach

Clean Plant for Testing and Commissioning

Obtain Plant Availability Requirements

Prepare Equipment for Commissioning

Obtain Equipment Records

Perform PreCommissioning Tests

Obtain Plant & Equipment Drawings

Perform Baseline Inspection

Obtain & Develop Maintenance Procedures

Plan Actual Maintenance or Inspection

Respond to Maintenance Request Identify Routine Maintenance Requirement Identify Inspection Requirements

DEMOLISH PLANT AND RESTORE SITE Prepare for Maintenance or Inspection

Maintain or Inspect Equipment

Obtain Equipment Records Obtain Plant & Equipment Drawings Obtain Maintenance Procedures Obtain Resources

Obtain Equipment Records

Obtain Work Permits

Obtain Plant & Equipment Drawings

Obtain Inspection Reports

Obtain & Develop Spares Strategy

Obtain Maintenance Procedures

Produce Painting & Surface Finish Specifications

Obtain Hazardous Materials Data

Obtain Plant Availability Requirements

Produce Weight Schedules

Train Maintenance & Inspection Staff

Design Foundation Structures

Evaluate Bids

Compile Bidders List

Condition Bids

Produce Enquiry Documents

Select Supplier

Compile Conditions of Contract

Mothball Plant

Determine Inspection Requirements

Accept Engineering Work

Prepare Site for Work Perform Maintenance or Inspection Record Resources Consumed Update Equipment Records

Define Demolition Plan Demolition & & Restoration Restoration Requirement

Define Demolition Requirements

Produce Demolition Procedures

Define Restoration Requirements

Produce Resource Estimates

Perform Safety & Environment Study

Produce Demolition & Restoration Plan

Prepare for Plant Demolition

Demolish & Secure Plant

Obtain Equipment Records Obtain Plant & Equipment Drawings Obtain Maintenance Procedures Obtain Resources

Dispose of Site

Restore Site

Prepare Site

Survey Site Contamination

Archive Records

Dispose of Plant

Remove / Treat Contaminated Material

Finalise Regulatory Approval

Box up & Secure Plant to Remain

Dispose of Contaminated Material

Remove Plant

Restore Environment

Obtain Work Permits Obtain Inspection Reports

Identify Resource Requirements Schedule Maintenance & Inspection

Materials & Equipment Requirements & Specifications Required On Site Dates

Equipment & Materials Catalogues - Equipment & Materials Specifications - Equipment & Material Availability & Prices - Spares Lists Delivery dates Vendor Drawings Certification Equipment procedures - Installation Procedures - Commissioning Procedures - Operating Procedures - Maintenance Procedures Inspection Results Shipping Details

Disposal Records Restoration Records Handover Records Final Regulatory Approvals

Copyright Notice

Maintain Suppliers List

Clean Plant

Archive Plant Records

Dispose of Inventory



Provide Temporary Services

Approve Work Permits

Shutdown & Clean Out Plant

Define Preventative, Breakdown, Shutdown Maintenance Strategy

Design Process Effluent Drainage Systems

Equipment & Materials Catalogues - Equipment & Materials Specifications - Equipment & Material Availability & Prices - Spares Lists Delivery dates Vendor Drawings Certification Equipment procedures - Installation Procedures - Commissioning Procedures - Operating Procedures - Maintenance Procedures

Equipment & Materials Requirements & Specifications Required on Site Dates

Define Final Status

Provide Decommissioning Equipment

MAINTAIN EQUIPMENT Produce As Built Surveys

Clean & Mothball Plant

Isolate Services

Plant Status Plant Records Inspection Requirements Regulatory Approvals

Produce Bill of Quantities

Produce Electrical Maintenance Procedures

Perform Preparatory Works

Request Engineering Work

Optimise Plant Performance

As-Built Drawings As-Built Equipment Specifications Spares Lists Installation Procedures Maintenance Procedures Inspection results Unfinished Work Details

Produce Site Survey / Soil Investigation

Produce Fire Protection Systems Design

Start-up Plant

Produce Decommissioning & Restoration Plan

Identify Current Status

As-Built Drawings Equipment Commissioning Procedures Equipment Operating Procedures Inspection & Testing Records Handover Certificate


Produce Detailed Layout & Construction Design

Identify Requirement for Engineering Work

Monitor Plant Performance

Engineering Work Requests Working Conditions Requirements Engineering Work Permits Acceptance of Engineering Work

Detailed Engineering Design - Detailed Equipment Specifications - Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams - 2D Schematics - 3D Model - Construction Drawings Equipment Procedures - Installation Procedures - Commissioning Procedures - Operating Procedures - Maintenance Procedures Vendor Drawings Spares Lists

PRODUCE DETAILED ENGINEERING DESIGN Produce Conceptual Safety Engineering Design

Define Safety Philosophies

Identify Materials of Construction

Obtain Codes & Standards

Produce Conceptual Control & Instrumentation Engineering Design Identify Materials of Construction

Review Process Design

Define Engineering Design Strategy

Produce Conceptual Electrical Engineering Design

Detailed Process Design - Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams - Functional Specifications - Control Specification - Alarm / Trip Settings - Utility Systems Requirements - Design Philosophies Availability Requirements Safety Systems Specification Operating Procedures Codes & Standards

Configure Plant

Account for Plant Performance

Maintain Safety Case Train Operating Personnel

Define Commissioning Requirements

Request and Approve Work on Plant

Operation of Plant

Commit Purchase

Produce Purchase Orders Confirm Final Conditions of Contract

Expedite Manufacture

Expedite Progress Authorise Stage Payments Respond to Technical Queries


Inspect Equipment, Materials & Services Respond to Concession Requests

Release for Shipment From Supplier

Ship Goods From Supplier

Issue Release Note

Pack Goods

Close Out Purchase Order

Make Shipping Arrangements

Authorise Final Payments

Ship Goods

Control & Issue Equipment & Materials

Produce material Stock & Strategy Unload Goods Store Goods Control & Monitor Stock Issue & Transport Goods to Required Location

coloured wall chart (this document) and a Microsoft VISUAL BASIC program. Copies may be obtained from the STEP Consortium at:

The copyright of the contents of this document is assigned to the Process Industries STEP consortium and its successors. However the contents may be freely distributed or copied, in full or part, provided due acknowledgement is made.

The following organizations provided the information that was used to generate the model and reviewed the model at various stages of its production. AMEC Engineering Ltd AKZO Engineering bv British Nuclear Fuels plc Shell International Harrow Associates ICI Engineering Ltd Nuclear Electric plc SINTEF

QMS, Beech House, 1 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey GU17 8DX, United Kingdom Contact: WR Mesley Telephone: 01252 878482 (Outside UK: +44 1252 878482) Facsimile: 01252 877386 (Outside UK: +44 1252 877386)


Lloyd's Register of Shipping Ingevision Framatome d'Information National Institute of Standards & Technology Process Industries STEP Consortium (PISTEP) Eutech Engineering Solutions Ltd John Brown Engineers & Construction Ltd The British Petroleum Company plc University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Introduction This model and its associated documentation has been produced as an aid to those involved in the production of Application Protocols for the Process Industries in the STEP (ISO 10303) standard. It provides an overview of the main activities and data flows associated with the life cycle of process plant. It is emphasised that the aim of the model is not completeness but communication to those go require to understand the main interaction between the major phases of engineering activities in the process plant life cycle. With this aim only the major data flows are shown and minor data flows and feeds back to earlier phases of the life cycle have been ignored. The activities are depicted as serial streams for the process and engineering activities. However, the activities may be ignored, combined or performed concurrently dependent upon the requirements of the task to be undertaken. This model will be made available in five forms, a paper document (A4), an electronic version of this document in Microsoft Word for Windows' version 3.0 or 6.0, a Microsoft Powerpoint file suitable for version 3.0 or 4.0, a

Purpose To identify the activities which create and use engineering data that we wish to share and exchange in the Process Industries. Something that engineers in the Process Industries will readily understand and identify with. Viewpoint A Plant Operators view based upon the Facility and Equipment life cycle. Context Statement This activity model provides a simplified view of the Process Plant Life Cycle activities and indicates areas of interest and data flows that may be modelled in a more formal manner. As such, this model should prove useful in planning and developing Application Protocols to meet the needs of the Process Industries within the ISO 10303 (STEP) environment. Exclusions and Inclusions The model excludes: 1. Design and manufacture of standard parts. e.g. Pumps, valves etc. 2. Development, Marketing and Transportation (other than pipelines) of manufactured product. 3. General Management activities. 4. The management of human resources and the supply of computing services. 5. Minor data flows.e.g. Minor Feedback's etc. The model includes 1. Engineering Management activities. 2. Authorisations and Permissions both internal and external.e.g. License to Operate.

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