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Employee relation and the communication between the hierarchy of management....


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Introduction One

1.1: The context of


the employees ………environment 1.2. Affected


employees relations ……………changes 1.3: Real life


example ………….employee relation issues



2.1. Procedure that followed ………………different conflict situation 2.2. The key features …………..UK conflict


2.3 : The effectiveness of the procedure in the conflict situation





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Employee Relation Introduction: Employee relation with the employer is one of the most burning issues of 21st century. The relationship between employer and the employees has been evolved in numbers of way. Many more legislation has been also come to act to be build up this relationship and make it more better. Between this two relationship the trade union has comes forth and play a significant role. There are certain impact of the trade union on employee relation and its make the whole thing exaggerated in different time. The conflict between the trade union and the employees is much more similar situation in different countries. There are two parts of this report where the first part highlighted the scenario of the employee relation in a changing environment. A case study has been considered to discuss the employee relation in the changing environment. A set of guideline has been demonstrated to understand the employee relation in the changing environment.

Part One :1.1. In a changing environment the context of employee relation : To discuss the employee relationship in a changing environment there are some theoretical approach has to be discussed to overview the whole scenario at a glance. The unitary and the pluralistic frame of reference has explained here in terms of employee relationship. According to Fox (1965) Unitary and the Pluralistic frame of reference concept classify the managers into two groups. The unitary and the pluralistic frame of reference has discussed here in terms of employee relations.1 Unitary Frame of Reference : A mind set of assumption, attitude, values and practices regarding to organizational attachment and management does refers by Unitary frame of Reference. This perspective moderately support the view that to achieve the success, every employee or member of staffs of an organization should share the same goals, objectives, and harmonized values regardless of their roles or


Farnham,D. 2000. Employee Relations in Context. 2nd ed. p.36. British library.



position. It does measure success by the actual achievement of set objectives and successfully implement the mission statement. Pluralistic frame of reference: In pluralistic frame of reference there are different sub groups who are powerful enough being loyal wit their own set of objectives and leadership style. In pluralistic form of reference it is

more likely to less towards

enforcing and controlling rather it emphasize on co-ordination and influencing. In such approach the trade union stands as a legal representative and conflict situation are dealt by collective bargaining. This

perspective motivate the evolution and

positive change of the systems. Task 1.2 : The change of trade union and its impact on employee relation : The trade union has always impact on the employee and the employer relationship. In recent decade due to the industrial and infrastructural change the act of the influence of the trade union is change also. The change of employee relation in terms of the change of trade union change has describe here : 1. The change of trade union one or another massively effects the employee relation. When the trade union change the membership declined massively as the employee can’t relay on the trade union. Moreover in recent decade the public sectors drastically reform into the private sectors where the trade union lost its application among its members and whatever the employee want to deal with the company they have to deal with their own efforts. 2. The contractual terms and condition execute a legal frame of action for the both parties. So for any justification of the employees or employer deeds there are legal authority which has to take initiative. 3. Employees are more decisive about their work and even with their employers as the bargaining power of the trade union has fallen. 4. The trade union influence has decreased massively which has impact on the pension scheme change in UK as well. 5. The private sector become more decentralized as the large occupational group usually determined the benefits and the wages of employees where union 4

influence is no longer functional. All of the initiative of the occupational group are retain by the statutory act and they are legally accountable to the authority. Task One. 1.3 : The role of main players in terms of employee relation issues in real life : The real life example is more practical rather than theoretical. An example has been illustrated of the vital role of the main players of the employee relation issues as an employee of Tesco : Tesco is one of the leading retail giant in UK. It has distinctive section of management which deal with different matters of the employee relation issues. It has thousands of store across the UK which are regulated from the head quarters. There is human resource team which is deal with the human related issues. . There is a employee relation manager and a human resource manager work diligently to resolve any issues. The work of these manager is distinctive. To concentrate on the issues relating the employees the employee relation manager work with. For the direct advice and the services of the employees the employee relation manager work when the human resource manager deal with the legal frame of the employees. The employee relation manager works regionally and to retain the company policy and resolve the staffs problem of the store he works with the assistance of the local branch managers. The employee relation manager has to cover 2000 to 92,000 stores across the UK when Human resource managers are working with the legal course of action and take care that there is no violation will take place inside the company or to deal with the staff management. Task two : 2.1 : To deal with a conflict situation the procedure that followed by an organization : The poor management and the lacks of the proper policy maintain is the vital reason for a conflict situation in an organization. The dispute will be nipped in the bud if the process and the procedure maintained properly. The procedure that has to maintained by a company at the conflict situation has discussed here : 

In case of conflict superseding rapidly.

To deal with dispute straight forward.

Maintain the official process.

Team relationship and behavior monitoring.

Established a role model.


The above process are usual way to deal with a conflict situation. These process has some pros and cons. This process suggest the first initiative to intervene rapidly in a conflict situation but sometimes it works against the stream. In the conflict situation employees are more likely to be manipulated from anything. So in that time if company impose some role all on a sudden than it will exaggerate the situation. Rather to investigate the situation and find out the source of dispute and remove it may can improvise something to reduce the dispute. Something the mal function of the systems is responsible for the dispute so that even the employee is removed in this case it can’t resolve the issues rather it may can stop for a while but it will raise again in near future . In review of such scenario has revealed that procedure can work more functionally in a conflict situation. Task 2.2 : UK recent conflict situation and the key features of employee relation : In recent UK conflict situation the employee relation with the employer has described here :  The practice of the own work experience refers as individually and the relationship with the employers and the employees seems as collectively which is propertied in the conflict situation.  The union comes forth as a legal representative on behalf of employees so that the voice of union demonstrate the voice of the employees.  The issue of the conflict was to established equity. Employees are more thrive for fairness at the work and proper vindication rather than the pay rise or other benefits.  Social identity and the psychological fulfillment was the key factors of the employee was the vital factors at the time of UK conflict situation .  Power and control on one another which work as the catalysis of the conflict.  The reason of the conflict relation between the employer and the employees was power and control over management. Actually each group work for their own interest and agenda in the conflict situation. Task Two.2.3 : The role of the procedure in the conflict situation : In an imminent investigation of the conflict situation point at some basic reason of conflict which embedded on the social identity and the group behavior. To regulate the whole situation the necessity of the basic role and procedure is knows no bound. There are


some procedure corporate by the company which even not far enough to regulate the situation as the employee and the employer relation was completely contradictory. The contradictory situation of that conflict time was more likely defined as follows :  Employees and the employers substantiate attribute each other attitude from their own interest and opinion.  When the view of opposition is fairly grasp.  Both party are negatively stereotype the opposition. The effectiveness of the procedure or to work out a better resolution for such situation has been illustrated here which are three step to work out. i.

Negotiation : The negotiation process is more likely the best way to figure out a better solution. The negotiation refers as a face to face discussion about the issues and come to a mutual point to end up the dead lock situation. Negotiation sometime turns out as threat of legal action or force to resolve the issues as it will not execute any prolific result.


Mediation : In the mediation initiative there are third party try to negotiate for the both parties. This is when the both party in a rival situation and negotiation is failed. As a way of neutral communication the mediation work.


Arbitration : In this phase the dispute goes to third party who retain power to originate and implement a settlement which can ties the both party in a mutual ground.

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Word count: Introduction : 215. Part One: 760. Part Two : 661 In total : 1636.


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