ELS3 Test Yourself 2

September 23, 2017 | Author: Iqbal Ahmad | Category: Mail, Shoe, Business
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TEST YOURSELF 2 1-50. sorularda cümlede bırakılan boşluğu uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 1-

You ....... the meeting this week if you are too busy. There is going to be another one next week and you ....... to that one. A) might not attend/would go C) can't attend/have gone E) didn't attend/used to go


You look as if you are having trouble with your homework. ....... you like me to help you with it? A) Could D) Would


B) Did E) Shall

C) May

B) am able to leave D) must have left

B) must, have tried D) would try



B) should be talking D) has to talk

B) shouldn't have gone D) don't have to go

C) to surf

A) can't buy B) needn't have bought C) didn't use to buy D) haven't bought E) couldn't have bought

A) have to cover C) could be covering E) used to cover

B) must have covered D) might cover

A) was able to become C) had become E) used to become

B) may have become D) could have become

A) must have been driving C) had been driving E) have been driving

B) should be driving D) ought to have been driving

17- I'd rather you ....... out tonight because, according to the news, there could be trouble downtown. A) haven't gone D) won't go

B) not to go E) not going

C) didn't go

18- A friend of mine told me that I ....... India in the summer, because that is the monsoon season, when it is both too hot and too wet. A) didn't use to visit C) haven't visited E) shouldn't visit

B) needn't visit D) might not visit

19- Hawaii is such an expensive place to live and the wages are so low that you ....... very hard just to get by.

Wilber ....... smoking and eating meat after his heart attack, but he didn't and now he has had a second one. A) should have stopped C) was able to stop E) used to stop

B) to be surfing E) be surfing

C) didn't play

Hurray! We ....... to school today because it is snowing so hard. A) haven't been going C) must not have gone E) may not have gone


B) not playing E) haven't played

A) I am surfing D) have surfed

16- You ....... more carefully. Now the insurance company won't pay you anything because the accident was your fault.

The former president never ....... to the press, but this one is much more accessible. A) could have talked C) must have talked E) used to talk


B) may go D) would go

Would you mind ....... your music so loudly? I'm trying to study. A) not play D) not to play

12- I'd really rather ....... in Hawaii at the moment than stuck behind this desk all day.

15- I ....... a stockbroker if I had wanted to, but I thought life as a bass guitarist in a heavy metal band would be far more interesting.

5- You ....... to bed early the night before an exam. A good night's sleep will do you more good than studying all night and then falling asleep in the exam. A) will have gone C) ought to go E) would rather go

B) might not leave D) shouldn't have left

14- In Iran and Saudi Arabia, all women ....... their heads outside of the house, but in most Muslim countries it is optional.

I've heard that Mr Benner is the toughest teacher for this course. You ....... to get another teacher, or you can't get a good mark. A) had better try C) have tried E) might have tried

A) can't have left C) must not have left E) haven't been leaving

13- You ....... your plane ticket so far in advance because flights to Birmingham are never full.

I thought that I had my keys with me, but I can't find them in my coat. I ....... them in my other coat. A) am supposed to leave C) would rather have left E) could leave


B) needn't attend/can go D) won't have attended/go

11- I know you have a lot of work to do, but it is your own fault; you ....... everything until the last minute.

B) must have stopped D) will have stopped

10- According to the weather report, it ...... tomorrow, and if it does, we ...... the hike I've been looking forward to. A) ought to rain/cancelled B) must rain/were able to cancel C) may rain /will have to cancel D) would be raining/had to cancel E) has been raining/must cancel

A) are able to work C) have worked E) used to work

B) have to work D) must have worked

20- We had better hurry if we want to get back to the hotel before the curfew. No one ....... out after dark, except for the patrol forces, you know. A) could have been C) has been E) should have been

B) is supposed to be D) has to be

21- Mike couldn't attend university because he ....... his family when his father died. A) had to support C) could be supporting E) will have supported

B) must have supported D) has been supporting

22- Petroleum deposits can occur almost anywhere they ....... under deserts, under fertile land, or even under the sea. A) ought to be D) were

B) may be C) must be E) should have been

23- Using the latest and most expensive technology, including nuclear batteries, space scientists ....... to the furthest reaches of our solar system now. A) were probing C) used to probe E) must have probed

B) may have probed D) are able to probe

24- Now remember, when you are in the race, you ....... to run too fast in the first few laps because you will need plenty of energy for the final sprint. A) haven't tried C) mustn't try E) didn't use to try

B) shouldn't have tried D) might not try

25- There are some sounds that are out of the range of the human ear but which dogs ....... . A) ought to hear B) have heard C) can hear D) have to hear E) used to hear 26- My sister ......... a German teacher because her German was fluent, but she decided to become an accountant instead. A) has become C) will become E) must have become

B) had to become D) could have become

27- You ....... me at work. The boss was really angry because he had warned me before about personal calls. A) must not have phoned C) didn't phone E) can't have phoned

B) shouldn't have phoned D) didn't use to phone

B) had spoken D) has been speaking

29- While there seem to be plenty of unexploited petroleum reserves, some experts worry that there ......... enough to carry us through the next century. A) may not be D) don't have to be

B) haven't been C) didn't use to be E) had better not be

30- Today no one can imagine what a battle at sea was like in the days of sail. It ....... both an impressive and a frightening sight. A) might be D) has been

A) must not have done C) didn't need to do E) ought not to do

B) could be C) ought to be E) must have been

B) needn't have done D) couldn't have done

32- A: I hear a noise coining from the kitchen. B: My greedy brother ....... for something to eat. A) must be looking C) used to look E) has looked

B) should have looked D) ought to be looking

33- A: Did you know that classes were cancelled yesterday because the heating in the building failed? B: No, but I ...... anyway because I was in bed all day with flu. A) didn't use to attend C) must not have attended E) couldn't have attended

B) won't be attending D) haven't attended

34- I know I ....... for a job, but there are so few jobs for a person of my abilities that it is discouraging. A) had been looking C) must have looked E) used to look

B) ought to look D) was able to look

35- I ....... the same computer program when I worked at a bank, so it ....... easy for me to adjust to this new job. A) should be using/could be C) need to use/would be E) might have used/can be

B) used to use/should be D) must have used/must be

36- He ......... as carefully as he claimed he was. Why did he bump into the lamp post then? A) doesn't have to drive C) won't have been drivig E) can't have been driving

B) isn't supposed to drive D) shouldn't have driven

37- Would you mind if I ....... early this afternoon? I have a dentist appointment at 4:30. A) to leave D) lefl

28- Sally ....... Italian like a native, but since she moved to Indiana, she has forgotten most of it. A) used to speak C) was supposed to speak E) must have spoken

31- When we went to Japan, we ....... anything for ourselves because our Japanese hosts took care of everything.

B) had left E) have left

C) leaving

38- I'm so glad that I ........ to the meeting place on time yesterday despite the heavy traffic, or the boss would have been really annoyed. A) was able to get C) used to get E) had to get

B) have got D) should have got

39- Sean ....... married three months ago and since then he ....... out drinking with his old friends. A) had got/ought not to go B) used to get/couldn't have gone C) gof/hasn't been able to go D) has got/shouldn't be going E) was getting/didn't have to go 40- These days, he ....... to stop smoking and playing cards as well because his wife is so strict with him, so his life will have changed completely soon. A) used lo try B) is t tying C) tried D) had to try E) could have tried

41- It is hardly surprising that sometimes he gets depressed and wonders if he really ....... married. A) could have got C) used to get E) ought to have got

B) must have got D) had better get

42- Though Sally ....... how to swim, when she met a young man who was a professional diver, she learned quickly. A) hasn't known C) can't know E) didn't know

B) might not know D) wouldn't know

43- Our father never earned much money, but he ....... something nice for us whenever he ....... . A) should buy/did C) would buy/could E) would rather buy/has

B) had to buy/does D) must have bought/can

44- Where have you been? You ....... here at 2 o'clock, and it's almost 3. A) must have been C) were able to be E) have been

B) were supposed to be D) are going to be

45- I told my flatmate to buy some bread, but he ....... because there isn't any here. A) must have forgotten C) could forget E) was able to forget

B) ought to be forgetting D) should have forgotten

46- Sue has only been in Egypt for a year and she already speaks Arabic fluently. She ....... it that quickly. I'm sure she had started studying it before she left England. A) shouldn't have learned C) can't have learned E) isn't supposed to learn

B) won't have learned D) didn't use to learn

47- Do you think Jeff ........ to join us on our hike? Does he like this sort of activity? A) would rather C) lias been able E) would like

B) was able D) had belter

48- Sam is such a good swimmer that he ....... the Olympic record for the 100 metre race, but unfortunately, he didn't compete because of a pulled shoulder muscle. A) is going to break C) could have broken E) had to break

B) must have broken D) is supposed to break

49- I wonder what the problem was in the restaurant last night. Three members of staff .......... tables, but there was only one. I must speak to the restaurant manager. A) could be clearing C) should have been clearing E) were clearing

B) ought to be dealing D) must have been clearing

50- Hey, watch where you are going! You ....... me! A) could have killed C) have killed E) used to kill

B) should have killed D) will have killed

51-65. sorularda,verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz 51- Would you mind if I borrowed your car to take my sick friend to the hospital? A) Do you think I should drive my friend to the hospital? He seems very ill. B) Would you give us a lift in your car to the hospital as my friend is very ill? C) Did you bring your car, because I need to take my sick friend to the hospital? D) Will you give me your permission to take my sick friend to the hospital in your car? E) Do you think I should borrow a car and take my sick friend to the hospital? 52- In spite of the many news reports, I am not sure he understands the gravity of what has happened. A) The news reports have emphasized how serious the situation is, but he does not care at all. B) Had it not been for the news reports, he would not have realised how serious the situation actually is. C) Although what has occurred has been in the news a lot, I doubt that he is aware of its seriousness. D) I feel sure that he would understand the seriousness of the situation if the news reports were more complete. E) No matter how well the news reports put it across, he is incapable of understanding how serious this is. 53- Private parcel delivery services provide a faster and more secure alternative to postal services around the world, but they are relatively expensive. A) International postal services are facing stiff competition from private parcel delivery services, so they have lowered their prices in response. B) Although postal services around the world are cheaper, parcels have a better chance of arriving more quickly and securely through private parcel delivery services. C) While it is more expensive to use local postal services, privatised parcel delivery services are faster and more secure. D) Private parcel delivery services, with their faster, more economical and more efficient delivery, are driving postal services out of business all over the world. E) You can use a normal postal service for your parcels, or alternatively, if you are willing to take a chance and wait a little longer, you can use a private parcel delivery service. 54- He must have changed his phone number because I can't get hold of him. A) He could have changed his phone number after I last got in touch with him. B) He had to change his phone number because I couldn't get through to his old one. C) It is possible that hell change his phone number, but I won't know for sure until I talk to him. D) He should have changed his phone number because no one could get in touch with him. E) I am unable to get in contact with him, so it is highly likely that he has a new phone number.

55- As a student, I used to think that all my teachers wanted me to fail. A) In spite of being a good student, I did badly because of the attitude of my teachers. B) I was such a bad student that I got used to thinking that all my teachers wanted me to fall. C) Though it sometimes seemed that all my teachers wanted me to fail, I knew that it was not true. D) When I was a student, I held the belief that none of my teachers wanted to see me succeed. E) During my time as a student I was confident of passing despite the attitude of my teachers. 56- In order to be able to hand your essay in tomorrow, you had better stop making notes now and start typing. A) Why don't you type your essay directly, without taking notes, if you are to hand it in tomorrow? B) If you had wanted to finish your essay in time to hand in, you should have finished your note-taking yesterday. C) I guess you stopped taking notes and started typing your essay in order to be able to get it ready for tomorrow. D) It is time to stop note-taking and start typing; otherwise, you won't be able to give your essay in tomorrow. E) You don't need to stop writing notes and start typing yet as you can explain tomorrow why you haven't finished it. 57- It was not necessary for me to study as hard as I actually did for the exam because it was easier than I expected. A) I must not have studied as hard as I thought I did because the exam did not seem easy. B) Having hardly studied for the exam. I was hoping that it would be easier than they usually were. C) I didn't use to study very hard for my exams because I usually found them so easy. D) Because I knew the exam was going to be easy, I studied very little for it. E) The exam was not as difficult as I had anticipated, so I needn't have studied so hard for it. 58- This can't be the house I grew up in because I don't recognise anything. A) I should have come here to find my home before it changed so much and there were still familiar things. B) It is not possible that this is the house where I spent my childhood as nothing is familiar to me. C) As this is the house where I was raised, I am surprised that I recognise so little. D) I am unable to tell if this is my childhood home or not because so much is unfamiliar. E) I can tell that this used to be my home when I was a child, even though everything is so different now. 59- It was only after he had lived in Egypt for five years that he was able to read the newspapers without much difficulty. A) Although he had lived in Egypt for five years, he was still unable to decipher the articles in the newspapers. B) While he could read the newspapers after five years in Egypt, he was still having great difficulty understanding them. C) In spite of only having lived in Egypt for five years, he was able to read the main headings of the newspapers. D) He had lived in Egypt for five years before he could understand the newspapers without finding it very difficult. E) His ability to read the newspapers was impressive for someone who had only lived in Egypt for five years.

60- Going into a house with your shoes on may be acceptable in the West, but it isn't in most of the East. A) Though Westerners usually enter a house with their shoes on, they are careful not to do so if they are in the East. B) You should remember when visiting the East that customs like not wearing footwear inside a home are very important. C) The Western custom of going into a house wearing shoes is unacceptable in the majority of Eastern societies. D) You should not wear shoes inside a house in some countries no matter how normal it might seem in your own country. E) Though no one can explain why it is inappropriate to wear shoes inside a house in the East, Westerners should remember not to do it. 61- Let's take a taxi instead of walking home even though it is expensive. A) I wouldn't mind spending the extra money and going home by taxi although it is a nice walk. B) Rather than spending the money on a taxi, why don't wewalk home instead? C) If we had enough money we wouldn't have to walk home instead, we could take a taxi. D) In spile of the expense, I would rather we look a taxi home than walked. E) Should we lake a taxi despite the expense, or should we walk home? 62- It is possible that this will be your last opportunity if you do not do well on the report. A) I think it is better if you don't get another chance to do a report after the last one. B) You will only get another chance if you have done your best on this report . C) As soon as you are better, you will get another chance to do a good report. D) You must have done a good report as you know that you will never get another chance, if you haven't. E) You had better do a good job on the report, or you may never get another chance. 63- You can't have written this paper yourself because the English is perfect. A) You did not write the paper in perfect English because you are not able to. B) The English in this paper is so good lhat I know you must have worked hard on it. C) It is not possible for this paper to be your own work because you are unable to write such flawless English. D) You must not have worked very hard on this paper, or the English would have been perfect. E) No one would have thought that you were capable of writing such good English. 64- It must have been a terrific feeling when you heard about your lottery win. A) I'm sure you felt great upon learning that you were the winner of the lottery. B) I can imagine how you fell when you learned that you had almost won the lottery. C) I guess your first feeling was fear when you heard about winning the lottery. D) You should have felt better about all the money you won from the lottery. E) You ought to have chosen different numbers if you wanted to win the lottery.

65- You had better wait for the rain to stop before you leave, or you might catch a cold. A) It is so cold and rainy that it would be a good idea for us not to leave just now. B) It's likely that you'll catch cold in this rain, so you shouldn't leave until it stops. C) You will certainly get cold and wet if you go out into this rain. D) Do you really think it is a good idea to risk catching a chill in this rain? E) It is too cold to go out and it might rain, so I think you should wait before you leave. 66-70. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz. 66- I was relieved to learn that I didn't have to decide immediately, and that they could wait until the end of the week. A) Hafta sonuna kadar bekleyebileceklerini söyledikleri için hemen karar vermek zorunda değildim. B) Hafta sonuna kadar bekleyebilecekleri için hemen karar vermek zorunda olmamak beni çok rahatlattı. C) Karar vermek için hafta sonuna kadar vaktim vardı çünkü bir süre bekleyebileceklerini duymuştum. D) Hemen karar vermek zorunda olmadığımı, hafta sonuna kadar bekleyebileceklerini öğrenince rahatladım. E) Hafta sonuna kadar bekleyeceklerini öğrendiğimde, hemen karar vermek zorunda olmadığım için rahatladım. 67- Because it is both unknown and inevitable, death has always been a source of wonder and fear. A) İnsanlar, kaçınılmaz, olduğunu bildikleri ölüme karşı her zaman merakla karışık korku duymuşlardır. B) Her zaman bir korku kaynağı olan ölüm, hem bilinmeyen hem de kaçınılmaz olduğu için hep merak edilmiştir. C) Hem bilinmeyen hem de kaçınılmaz olduğu için ölüm her zaman bir merak ve korku kaynağı olmuştur. D) Ölümün her zaman bir merak ve korku kaynağı olmasının nedeni hem bilinmemesi hem de kaçınılmaz olmasıdır. E) Bilinmeyen bir şey olduğu için insanların merak ettiği ama aynı zamanda korktuğu ölüm kaçınılmaz bir olaydır. 68- By the end of the first nine months, most babies will be able to sit without support and balance well enough to play as they sit. A) Dokuzuncu ayın sonunda bebekler, destek olmaksızın denge sağlayabilir ve oturarak oyun oynayabilirler. B) İlk dokuz ayın sonunda bebek desteksiz oturabiliyorsa, oturarak oyun oynamasını sağlayacak dengeyi de kurabilir. C) Dokuzuncu ayın sonunda, oturarak oyun oynayabilecek kadar denge sağlayabilen çoğu bebek desteksiz oturabilir. D) Bebeklerin çoğu ancak dokuzuncu aydan sonra desteksiz oturmayı ve otururken oyun oynayacak kadar denge sağlamayı becerir. E) İlk dokuz ayın sonunda çoğu bebek, desteksiz oturabilir ve otururken oyun oynayacak kadar denge sağlayabilir. 69- Pregnant women should avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages since these substances may harm the baby. A) Hamile kadınlar sigara ve alkollü içeceklerden kaçınmalıdırlar çünkü bu maddeler bebeğe zarar verebilir. B) Mademki sigara ve alkolllü içecekler bebeğe zarar verebiliyor, hamile kadınlar bu maddelerden uzak durmalıdır. C) Hamile kadınların sigara ve alkollü içeceklerden kaçınmasının nedeni bu maddelerin bebeğe zarar verme olasılığıdır. D) Sigara ve alkollü içecekler bebeğe zarar verebileceğinden hamile kadınlar için bu maddeler sakıncalıdır. E) Hamile kadınların kaçınması gereken sigara ve alkollü içecekler, ileride bebeğe zarar verebilir.

70- Accidents and suicides are the leading causes of deaths among youths and frequently are the result of alcohol and drug use. A) Çoğunlukla alkol ve uyuşturucu kullanımının sonucu meydana gelen kaza ve intiharlar, gençler arasında en yaygın ölüm nedenleridir. B) Kaza ve intihar, gençler arasında önde gelen ölüm nedenleridir ve çoğunlukla da alkol ve uyuşturucu kullanımının sonucudur. C) Kaza ve intihar, gençler arasında alkol ve uyuşturucu bağımlılığı sonucu meydana gelen ve çoğunlukla ölümle sonuçlanan olaylardır. D) Çoğunlukla gençler arasında başlıca ölüm nedeni olan kaza ve intihar olayları, alkol ve uyuşturucu kullanımının yaygınlaşmasının sonuçlarıdır. E) Gençler arasında kaza ve intihar sonucu ölüm olaylarının çok yaygın olmasının başlıca nedeni alkol ve uyuşturucu bağımlılığıdır. 71-75. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz. 71- Kızkardeşinin düğünü için aldığı elbise son moda olabilir ama ona hiç yakışmamış. A) The fashionable dress she has bought to wear to her sister's wedding doesn't suit her at all. B) I don't think the dress she bought for her sister's wedding suits her at all, but at least it is the latest fashion. C) The dress she bought for her sister's wedding may be the latest fashion, but it didn't suit her at all. D) Not only does the dress she bought for her sister's wedding suit her, but it is also highly fashionable. E) Her sister's wedding dress was the latest fashion, but I didn't think it really suited her. 72- Babamı, daha büyük bir eve taşınmamız konusunda ikna etmek için çok fazla uğraşmam gerekmedi; çünkü o da bir süredir aynı şeyi düşünüyormuş. A) Persuading my father about moving to a larger home was easy as he had also been thinking it might be a good idea. B) I realised that I needn't have tried so hard to persuade my father to move into a bigger house as he had had the same idea some time ago. C) I had been trying to persuade my father for some time to move to a larger house when he finally agreed to this idea. D) I didn't need to try hard to persuade my father about moving to a bigger house as he'd been thinking about the same thing for some time. E) My father had been considering moving to a bigger house for some time anyway, so he didn't need much persuasion from me. 73- Eskiden insanlar modern çağın pek çok nimetlerinden yoksundular; ama bence günümüz insanından çok daha mutluydular. A) I believe that people in the past, even though they didn't have the benefits of modern times, were in general happier than today's people. B) In the past, people lived without many modern comforts, but, in my opinion, they were even happier than most people today are. C) The modern age has brought people many benefits, yet, my opinion is that, we are not happier than people in the past were. D) Even though people in the past lacked many benefits of modern society, I believe that they were just as happy as today's people are. E) In the past, people used to lack many benefits of the modern age, but, in my opinion, they were a lot happier than today's people.

74- Kitabı okumuş olamazsın; çünkü kitabın ne hakkında olduğu konusunda bile hiçbir fikrin yok. A) You could have read the book just in order to understand what it is about. B) If you had read the book, you would have some idea what it is about. C) You don't even know what the book is about, so it is clear that you haven't read it. D) You can't have read the book as you don't even have an idea what it is about. E) You clearly haven't read the book properly; otherwise, you would have some idea what it is about. 75- Kompozisyon yazarken konudan uzaklaşmamaya özellikle dikkat etmelisiniz. A) When you write a composition, you must remember to keep to the main point. B) It is very important not to wander from the point when yon write a composition. C) You must pay special attention not to wander from the point when you write a composition. D) It is best to focus on one main point in written compositions. E) Special attention should be made not to stray from the point in written compositions. TEST YOURSELF 2 l.B 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.B 7.E 8.D 9.A 10.C ll.D 12.E 13.B 14.A 15.D 16.D 17.C 18.E 19.B 20.B 21.A 22.B 23.D 24.C 25.C 26.D 27.B 28.A 29.A 30.E 31.C 32.A 33.E 34.B 35.B 36.E 37.D 38.A 39.C 40.B 41.E 42.E 43.C 44.B 45.A 46.C 47.E 48.C 49.C 50.A 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.E 55.D 56.D 57.E 58.B 59.D 60.C 61.D 62.E 63.C 64.A 65.B 66.D 67.C 68.E 69.A 70.B 71.C 72.D 73.E 74.D 75.C

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