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LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED Safety Month Celebration January-2012

Total Marks: 50

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EHS Quiz I.

Read each question carefully and choose the most correct answer (Each will

Carry one mark) Click the correct answer in the circle. On completion of Quiz

print as pdf file and forward to the Office/Project EHS Quiz Coordinator. 1. OHSAS Stands for a. Occupational Health and Safety Service b. Occupational Health and Safety Analysis Statement c. Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series d. Occupational Health and Safety Sector 2. Guidelines for implementing the OHSAS 18001 was mentioned in _______________ a. OHSAS 18005 b. OHSAS 18004 c. OHSAS 18003 d. OHSAS 18002 3. Action to eliminate the cause of detected undesirable situation is called as _________ a. Predictive action b. Preventive action c. Corrective action d. Routine action 4. HIRADC Stands for a. Hazard Improvement Revision Document Control b. How Improvement Requirement Assessed Document Control c. Hazard Evidenced Revised Assessment Derived Control d. Hazard Identification Risk Assessment Determining Control 5. OH&S Policy requirement described in section ___________of OHSAS 18001 a. 4.1 b. 4.2 c. 4.3 d. 4.4

6. In ISO 14001 Section 4.6 deals with ______________ a. Planning b. Audit c. Management Review d. Implementation & Control 7. ______________ means source, situation or act with a potential for harm in terms of human injury or ill Health or combination of all these a. Event b. Incident c. Hazard d. Accident 8. Combination of the likelihood of the occurrence of a hazard event or exposures and the severity of the injury or illness that can be caused by event or exposure is known as ____ a. Probability b. Sustainability c. Risk d. Near miss II.

Match the following: Select the Correct answer (a, b, c, d,e) from the drop down menu.

ISO Standard

Current Version

9. ISO 9001


a) 2004

10. ISO 14001


b) 2007

11. ISO 26000


C) 2008

12. ISO 31000

[a] [a]

d) 2009

13. OHSAS 18001

e) 2010

14. Following the initial inspection, how often scaffold should be inspected? a. Everyday b. At least every 7 days, after significant alterations or adverse weather conditions c. At least every 14 days d. There is no set period between inspections

15. Step Ladders shall be extended at least _________above the stepping off point a. 150 mm b. 500 mm c. 1000 mm d. None of the above 16. As per OSHA standard uniformly distributed load for medium duty Tube and coupler independent scaffolding shall be ___________ Kg/m2. a. 175 b. 190 c. 200 d. 244 17. Hoist Shall be inspected by competent person once in a ______ months and when it undergoes major alteration or change a. 6 b. 9 c. 12 d. 24 18. Mode of Heat transfer is _______ a. Conduction b. Convection c. Radiation d. All of the above 19. Oxygen Level requirement in confined space work is a. At least 18.5% and less than 25.5% b. At least 17.5% and less than 21.5% c. At least 19.5% and less than 21 % d. None of the above 20. Class D Type involves _____________fire a. Liquid b. Gas c. Metal d. Solid

21. Fire Extinguisher shall be sited in such a way that it is not necessary to travel more than _____ meters from the site of the fire to reach the extinguisher s a. 15 m b. 25 m c. 21 m d. 28 m 22. Composition of fire Triangle ___________ a. Oxygen, Combustible materials & Heat b. Combustible materials, Heat & Water c. Oxygen, Combustible material & CO2 d. None of the above 23. Suitable Fire extinguisher for liquid fire is _________ a. Carbon Di oxide Type b. Foam Type c. Water Type d. None of the above 24. For CO2 fire extinguisher refilling is required if the weight of extinguisher is ________less. a. 5% b. 20% c. 15% d. 10% 25. What is the min. safe working distance for machineries working near a HV line potential of 400kV. a. 1.5 m b. 3.0 m c. 4.0 m d. 5.5 m

26. Please select the correct statement about the electric shock a. Exposed Voltage is lower - Higher the severity of Shock b. Exposed Voltage is higher - Lower the Severity of shock c. Both a and b d. None of the above


Match the following: Select the Correct answer (a, b, c) from the drop down menu.

Body Area


27. Dry Skin 28. Wet Skin 29. Internal body Hand foot - ear to ear

[a] [a] [a]

a) 1000 to 5000 Ohm b) 400 to 600 Ohm C) 100000 to 600000 Ohm

30. Effect of Electric current 50 Hz, 50 mA in >3 sec on Human body a. Let go border line of Painful shock b. Muscle Control affect c. Breathing difficulties commencement d. Severe Shock and possible death 31. __________ combines the functions of over current protection and residual detection a. ELCB b. MCB c. RCCB d. RCBO 32. Safety shoes shall be provided with hard toe capable enough to withstand _______ a. 100 Joules b. 110 Joules c. 120 Joules d. 140 Joules 33. Minimum size of the primary earth conductor shall be _______ mm2 a. 55 b. 75 c. 95 d. 105

34. SCBA means


a. Self Control breathing apparatus b. Self Contained Breathing apparatus c. Self Container Boiler apparatus d. None of the above


In MSDS of Chemicals Top square in red colour gives information about ____ a. Flammability b. Health Hazard c. Reactivity d. PPE’s


Symbol Indicates a. Pneumatic Tools b. Double insulated Power Tools c. Water proof Power tools d. Flame proof Power tools

37. Match the following: Select the Correct answer (a, b, c, d) from the drop down menu Safety Sign Colour

Meaning of Objective




a) Caution or Danger




b) Safe Condition




C) Stop or Prohibition




d) Mandatory Action

38. World highest per capita paper consuming country is ____________ a. Qatar b. Saudi Arabia c. Oman d. UAE 39. Global warming causes are _________

a. Carbon di oxide emission from fossil fuel burning b. Methane Emission from animals and agriculture c. Deforestation and usage of chemical fertilizers on crop land d. All of the above

40. _________ is International Year of sustainable Energy for all a. 2010 b. 2011 c. 2012 d. 2013 41. The Compounds which easily broke ozone molecule are a. Chlorine b. Bromine c. Both a & b d. None of the above IV.

Match the following: Select the Correct answer (a, b, c, d, e) from the drop down menu. Event


42. World Environment day


a) Mar 22nd

43. World day of Water

b) May 31st

44. World Malaria day

[a] [a]

C) June 5th

45. World No Tobacco day


d) Nov 14th

46. World Diabetes day


e) April 25th

47. Which one of the following is bio degradable a. Leather Belt b. Iron Nails c. Silver Foil d. Plastic Mugs 48. Which one of the following is non-bio degradable a. Animal Bone b. Nylon c. Wool d. Tea leaves

49. Human body Exposure to excessive heat has the potential of ___________ a. Heat Exhaustion b. Heat Cramp c. Heat Stroke d. All of the above 50. Match the following: Select the correct answer (a,b,c,d) ___________ Country

Summer Mid-Day Break (Respective Country Local Timing)


Saudi Arabia


a) 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm (From Jul 1st to Aug 31st)




b) 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm (From Jul 1st to Aug 31st)



c) 12.30 pm

to 3.00 pm (From Jun 15th to Sep 15th)



[a] [a]

d) 11.30 am

to 3.00 pm (From Jun 15th to Aug 31st)

EHS Slogan (Please write)

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