Egypt's Pyramids.who Were the Engineers That Drew UP the Blue Prints.2009

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Description This is a TORRENT File how to download a torrent: you will need to sign up at to download this file!!! ********************************************************************* Egypt's Pyramids.Who Were the Engineers That Drew UP The Blue Prints.2009 + 1600 Pictures!!!---------------------------------------------> -------------------------------------------------------------------------> Some People wonder why we can t find ancient technology left By Ancient Astronauts ? You would think we would have found some type of plastic or metal or crystal? There are people digging somewhere around the world 24 hours a day! Now let s say you took an MP3 Player, Recharegeable by the sun, back 4000 years. & Dropped these items off on Earth With the ones in power at the time. How many years of Father to son, to wife to child. Stolen, recoverd, burried, du g up could Go on before they became dust or lost? Who controls the treasures of the Past!!! Understand everything that has ever been found has been snatched up and hidden!! ! Out of site out of mind. Or hidden in plain site is how it s done!!! Let s take a good You will see just equipment that we Large stones in a

look at what it takes to cut and move huge blocks of stone!!! how much engineering time and math go into the Blueprints and use currently to cut quarry.

Have you ever wondered where the moon came from? Have you ever contemplated how the asteroid belt Came to be? These are basic things to WONDER about!! We need everyone s help!! Do your part!! When the student is Come help us figure No matter what your Challenge yourself, ience!!

ready, the teacher will present one s self. this mystery OUT!!!! color or belief or age, YOU can be a scientist!! your peers, your teachers. Participate in a revolution in sc

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NOT!! Religious debate!! Your faith is your OWN BUSINESS!! We are here for Research ONLY!! If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------> ---->>> includes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------> TV : (DOCUMENTARYS) & LECTURES AVI FLV WMV MPG -------------------------------------------------------------------------> Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.Part 1.2008.32m info: A critical and skeptical look at fringe theories of ancient Egypt including the Great Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza. Was egyptians created to cover up for a past ancient more advanced civilization, you be the judge to those who dont beleve in extra terrestrials,the gods,those who from heaven to earth came,the annunaki,watever you wanna call them,maybe this will wake you up. thanks to gsxrjunkie ---->>> National.Geographic.The.Scorpion.King.2009.DVD.AC3 info: The Scorpion King: The King before Pharaohs Learn more about the king who likely united ancient Egypt, organized the world s e arliest phonetic writing system, and inspired the creation of the pyramids. Mace heads, a stone mounted on a wooden shaft, were an early weapon of war. They were used like a club to strike enemies on the head. The scorpion mace head was too large to have been used as a weapon, and was clearly reserved for ceremonial purposes. Archaeologists believe they have found the tomb of the Scorpion King a t the ancient burial site of Abydos. He was buried with 700 wine jars, several of which had come from as far away as anc ient Palestine. The Scorpion King may have presided over the birth of phonetic writing earlier t han any other civilization in the world 200 years before the first pharaohs. During the time of the pharaohs, Egypti an beer was a staple. This beer, made from bread, was not like today s light and refreshing beverage but a thick, che wy paste. The Scorpion King earned his name from two symbols shown on the mace head: a sco rpion and a rosette. Along with the narma palette, the scorpion mace head was one of the first objects to provide th e earliest images of Egyptian kings. Hieroglyphic numerals etched inside the Scorpion King s tomb showed writing began in Egypt earlier than previously

recognized. ---->>> 2012 Un-Chained.2008.32m info: An introduction into the 2012 Phenomenon for beginners. ---->>> BBC.Egypt & Karnak.A Hidden History.1996.TV.46m info: Reveals the history behind the temple at Karnak in Egypt which took 2,000 years to build and was the greatest religious shrine of the ancient world. ---->>> Beyond 2012. Game Over Or Next Level.Geoff Stray.2007.1h14m info: Geoff Stray - Beyond 2012 - Game Over Over Next Level - 1:14:04 - Jan 23, 2007 and - Content Produced by --- BEYOND 2012: GAME OVER OR NEXT LEV EL? with Geoff Stray. Geoff Stray has been studying the meaning of the year 2012 since the early 1980 s. From his home i n England, he has collected and compared a wide range of visions, prophecies, ideas and theories about that date . This material was first brought together in a booklet, then on his web site, and most recently in a book, Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy, due for publication next year. In this lecture, Geoff brings together his quarter-centur y of research into the fascinating possibilities that the road to 2012 reveals. For more information visit www.diag ---->>> Did Aliens Build the Pyramids.2008.TV.43m info: Did Aliens Build the Pyramids? Journey deep into the ancient world of Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, Balbek in Lebanon and the giant heads of Easter Island. Was extraterrestrial technology handed down to primitive man thousands o f years ago to build these massive structures? ---->>> Digging.For.The.Truth.s01e01.Who.Built.Egypts.Pyramids.2008.DVD info: The great Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have inspired awe and wonder and, quite like ly, fierce speculation from the moment they were built. In fact, even the date of their construction has become a topic of debate. Explorer, survival expert, and host Josh Bernstein takes a hard look at the competing theories as to who re ally built the pyramids--and when. Archaeologists say it was the ancient Egyptians, others argue for an even older civilization. Filmed in HDTV, this fresh

and engaging series digs for the truth and goes to extremes to do it! Josh exami nes the evidence, explores secret chambers in the heart of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, visits the first pyramid ev er built, and tries his hand at ancient stone-quarrying techniques. It's a hard-won perspective, but, with the discovery of a mysterious flooded chamber deep beneath the Sphinx, Josh learns what appears to be the final truth. ---->>> Dr Gene Scott Great Pyramid Teaching Collection info: S-1059 The Pyramid How? When? Why? Who? 1982.wmv 87,037KB 27:15mins 320x240 29fp s S-1235 Pyramid - 2144 BC or 2142 BC - 1983.wmv 179,205KB 56:06mins 320x240 29fps S-1318 The Great Pyramid Prophetic Plan 1983 partial.wmv 127,397KB 39:53min 320x 240 29fps S-1511 Pyramid Basic Facts & Judah & Tamar 1984.wmv 146,133KB 1:27:56hrs 320x240 29fps S-1576 Pyramid Classic Overview of Basic Facts 1984.wmv 95,881KB 40:36mins 320x2 40 29fps S-2730 Reader's Digest Look at The Great Pyramid 1988.wmv 221,273KB 1:09:17hrs 3 20x240 29fps S-2744 The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge 1988.wmv 202,253KB 1:03:20hrs 320x240 29 fps S-3209 The Pyramids at Giza and The Boat Beneath 1990.wmv 261,934KB 1:22:02hrs 3 20x240 29fps S-4210 The Great Pyramid 1994.wmv 221,416KB 1:09:29hrs 320x240 29fps S-4235 The Great Pyramid Inner Passages 1995.wmv 193,827KB 1:00:42hrs 320x240 29 fps S-4457 Review of Fingerprints of The Gods Great Pyramid 1996.wmv 144,429KB 45:1 3mins 320x240 29fps ---->>> Evidence for the Global Flood.The Grand Canyon.Paul Garner.2008.1h20m info: Evidence for the Global Flood - The Grand Canyon - 1:20:21 - Mar 13, 2008 Seraph Media Paul Garner a Fellow of the Geological Society examines the Grand Canyon to show rock layers were formed very rapidly!An antire nautalis population dead together. Clearly this is a MASS KILL EVENT, not grdradual sedementary deposits! ---->>> Gnosis.The Secrets of Solomons Temple Revealed.Philip Gardiner.2007.DVD info: Philip Gardiner is a best selling UK author who has been researching the world o

f the esoteric for over 15 years. His critically acclaimed books include: "Proof, Does God Exist?", "The Shining Ones" , "The Serpent Grail" and "Secrets of the Serpent, In Search of the Sacred Past". With his new DVD, "Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed," Gardiner proposes that not only didn't Sol omon's Temple exist as we know it, but in fact had a much deeper significance. Gnosis, the Secret of Solomon's Temp le Revealed- Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, reputed to be the source of the most esoteric knowledge in human hist ory-has fascinated scholars, seekers and dreamers for centuries. For generations, scholars and researchers have tried in vain to discover the fabled Temple of Solomon, only to be confronted by one problem after another. From the Queen of S heba and the arcane secrets of the Christian Gnostics to the Muslim Sufi and Hindu Avatars, Gnosis weaves a tale th at is both profound and precise. Gardiner declares that the truth of Solomon's Temple has been known all along wi thin the realm of esoteric understanding. Only one question remains: Is the world ready for the truth? Find the true secret of the Knights Templar and the mysteries of the ancients. Find the truth for yourself in Gnosis. This i s the story that has been kept from the ears of mankind for too long. You cannot truly live until you have Gnosis. * Rev eals the real secrets brought back by the infamous Knight's Templar * The truth at the heart of ancient Freemasonry * The truth behind the real Grail and the Da Vinci Code * Who were Solomon and Sheba? * The secret of Solomon's Temple * T he ancient and sacred nature of our quantum existence Gnosis, the Secret of Solomon's Temple DVD, 57 minutes, RYE 10 01 ---->>> RED ICE RADIO shows 2008 & 2009 info: Jan Irvin - The Holy Mushroom.mp3 RICR-Adrian Gilbert - The Orion Mystery & The Invisible College.mp3 RICR-Daniel Tatman - Palladian Genesis.mp3 RICR-Daniel Tatman - Palladian Genesis - Part Two.mp3 RICR-David Hatcher Childress - The Crystal Skulls.mp3 RICR-Edmund Marriage - Global Catastrophe, Restart of Civilization & The Anu-Nag i (The Shining Ones).mp3 RICR-Geoff Stray - Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Ecstasy.mp3 RICR-Hugh Montgomery - The God-Kings.Babylon, Ulvungar & Oden.mp3 RICR-Hugh Newman - Earth Grids, Earth Energy, Megaliths & Sacred Sites.mp3 RICR-Marcus Allen - Nexus Magazine, Technology in Ancient Egypt & The Moon Landi ng.mp3 RIR-Cort Lindahl - Geomantic Information Systems.mp3 RIR-Cort Lindahl - Geomantic Information Systems part 2.mp3 RIR-Dan Winter - Fractal Geometry & The Golden Mean.mp3 RIR-Gary Biltcliffe - The Legacy of the Etruscans & The Mysterious Pelasgi.mp3 RIR-Neil Kramer - The End of the Fourth Age.mp3 ---->>> TTC.Queen of the Sciences.A History of Mathematics (Audio + Guidebook).2008 info: Queen of the Sciences: A History of Mathematics Course No. 1434 (24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)

Taught by David M. Bressoud Macalester College Ph.D., Temple University In the 17th century, the great scientist and mathematician Galileo Galilei note d that the book of nature "cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the ch aracters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circle s, and other geometric figures, without which it is not humanly possible to understand a single word of it." For at least 4,000 years of recorded history, humans have engaged in the study o f mathematics. Our progress in this field is a gripping narrative, a never-ending search for hidden patterns in numb ers, a philosopher's quest for the ultimate meaning of mathematical relationships, a chronicle of amazing progress in practical fields like engineering and economics, a tale of astonishing scientific discoveries, a fantastic voyage into realms of abstract beauty, and a series of fascinating personal profiles of individuals such as: * Archimedes, the greatest of all Greek mathematicians, who met his death in 212 B.C. at the hands of a Roman soldier while he was engrossed in a problem * Evariste Galois, whose stormy life in 19th-century radical French politics was cut short by a duel at age 20 but not before he laid the foundations for a new branch of modern algebra calle d Galois theory * Srinivasa Ramanujan, an impoverished college dropout in India who sent his extraordinary equations to the famous English mathematician G. H. Hardy in 1913 and was subsequently recognized as a g enius An inquiring mind is all you need to embark on this supreme intellectual adventu re in The Queen of the Sciences: A History of Mathematics, which contains 24 illuminating lectures taught by awardwinning Professor of Mathematics David M. Bressoud. The "Queen of the Sciences" The history of mathematics concerns one of the most magnificent, surprising, and powerful of all human achievements. In the early 19th century, the noted German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss call ed mathematics the "queen of the sciences" because it was so successful at uncovering the nature of physical real ity. Gauss's observation is even more accurate in today's age of quantum physics, string theory, chaos theory, in formation technology, and other mathematics-intensive disciplines that have transformed the way we understand an d deal with the world. The Queen of the Sciences takes you from ancient Mesopotamia where the Pythagorean theorem was already in use more than 1,000 years before the Greek thinker Pythagoras traditionally proved it to th e Human Genome Project, which uses sophisticated mathematical techniques to decipher the 3 billion letters of the human genetic code.

Along the way, you meet a remarkable range of individuals whose love of numbers, patterns, and shapes created the grand edifice that is mathematics. These include astrologers, lawyers, a poet, a cult leader, a tax assessor, the author of the most popular textbook ever written, a high school teacher, a blind grandfath er, an artist, and several prodigies who died too young. You find the problems and ideas that preoccupied them can be stated with the utm ost simplicity: * Is there a method for finding all the prime numbers below a given number? (Eratosthenes, c. 200 B.C.) * The equation xn + yn = zn has no whole-number solutions where n is greater than 2. (Pierre de Fermat, 1637) * What would it mean if space is non-Euclidean; that is, if it is not flat a s described by Euclid? (János Bolyai, 1832) The second of these propositions, called Fermat's last theorem, is one of the mo st famous in mathematics. It was followed by this postscript in the book where Fermat jotted it down: "I have a t ruly marvelous demonstration, which this margin is too narrow to contain." Since Fermat never wrote out his proof, h is statement served as a tantalizing challenge to succeeding generations of mathematicians. The difficult road to a proof of Fermat's last theorem is a theme that surfaces throughout the last half of this course. Among other intriguing facts, you learn that Circle Limit III, a mathematically inspired woodcut by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher, relates directly to the technique that eventually showed the way to a solution by mathematician Andrew Wiles in 1994. See Mathematics in Context Professor Bressoud begins the course by defining mathematics as the study of the abstraction of patterns. Mathematics arises from patterns observed in the world, usually patterns expressed in terms of number and spatial relationships. Furthermore, it is a human endeavor found in every culture extending back as far as records go. The Queen of the Sciences focuses on the European tradition that grew out of ear ly mathematics in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. The first eight lectures examine these foundations and the contribut ions of India, China, and the Islamic world, which played important roles in the development of European mathematical achievements. For example: * The earliest recorded use of zero as a placeholder was found in a Hindu te mple in Cambodia constructed in A.D. 683. Zero had been used a few decades earlier by the Indian astronomer Brahmagup ta not as a placeholder but as a number that could be manipulated. * An approximation for pi of 355/113 was developed in the 5th century by the Chinese astronomer Zu Chongzhi. Correct to seven decimal places, this approximation would remain the most accurate estim ate for more than 1,000 years.

* The first treatise on al-jabr (restoring) and al-muqabala (comparing) the pr ocess of solving an algebraic equation was written in A.D. 825 by the Islamic mathematician Abu Jafar al-Kwarizm i. Al-jabr eventually would become the word "algebra" and al-Kwarizmi would become the word "algorithm." The next eight lectures show how Western Europe, beginning in the late Middle Ag es, gathered existing mathematical ideas and refined them into new and powerful tools. The heart of this section is five lectures on the 17th century, when the separate threads of geometry, algebra, and trigonometry began to meld into a coh esive whole, one whose fruits included the creation of calculus by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Calculus is another recurring theme throughout this course, making its first app earance in the method of exhaustion developed by the ancient Greeks. In the early 17th century, John Napier initiate d the idea of logarithms, which added to the examples from which the general rules of calculus emerged. You discover how, in his ceaseless toying with his new invention, Napier chanced on a base that is the equivalent to the modern base of the natural logarithm used in calculus: the famous number now known as e (2.71828 ... ). After studying the 18th-century contributions of Leonhard Euler possibly the great est mathematician who ever lived you look at how art has influenced geometry and all of mathematics. You inve stigate mosaics from the Alhambra, prints by M. C. Escher and Albrecht Dürer, and other intriguing shapes a nd forms. In the final eight lectures, you explore selected mathematical developments of t he past 200 years, including: * Joseph Fourier's solution in the early 1800s to the problem of modeling he at flow, which led to a powerful technique called Fourier analysis for making sense of a wide range of complex ph ysical phenomena * Bernhard Riemann's new system of geometry in the mid-1800s, which provided a framework for the revolutionary conception of space developed by Albert Einstein in his general theory of relati vity * Grigori Perelman's recent, startling solution to the Poincaré conjecture pro posed by Henri Poincaré in 1904, which earned Perelman the prestigious Fields Medal (which the reclusive Russian mathematician declined) Learn with an Experienced Teacher Experienced in teaching mathematics to students of all levels, Professor Bressou d was a Peace Corps volunteer in the West Indies before earning his Ph.D., where he taught mathematics and science to intermediate students. In addition, he has written numerous articles on mathematics education and related issues, inclu ding four textbooks that draw heavily on the history of mathematics. His depth of knowledge and passion for teaching mathematics which earned him the M athematical Association of America's Allegheny Mountain Section Distinguished Teaching Award make your journe

y through the story of mathematics all the more riveting and exciting. Mathematics has exhibited an inexhaustible power to illuminate aspects of the un iverse that have been cloaked in mystery. In charting the storied history of its evolution, The Queen of the Scie nces not only illustrates how these mysteries were revealed but exposes, with a wealth of insight, the enormous effo rts that went into deciphering our natural world. ---->>> Chuck Missler - Ezekiel (2008) Audio With slides info: Now on CD-ROM: The Prophet Ezekiel by Chuck Missler RESOURCES Ezekiel The Magog Invasion ARTICLES Ezekiel Ezekiel's 430 Days With the new CD-ROM release this month of our commentary on the Book of Ezekiel it seems like an appropriate time to profile this most fascinating prophet of the Old Testament. In fact, with the current geopolitical horizon, you can't really understand the caldron of the Middle East unless you understand the remarkable prophecies in this book. Ezekiel was among the captives with King Jehoiachin in the second of three depor tations under King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He mentions Daniel three times, who had been in Babylon nine years bef ore Ezekiel arrived. Ezekiel ministered, as did Jeremiah, to a nation experiencing judgment for their sins. (If God spared not Israel, His Chosen, when they sinned, why not America?) In his captivity he lived at the River Chebar, which was the great ship canal br anching off from the Euphrates above Babylon and turning through Nippur to the Tigris. This was the primary settleme nt location of the Jewish captives. Ezekiel was born in approximately 627 B.C. and lived in a time of moral decline, distress and uprooting. His messages were not well received at first, but did ultimately result in the nation being p urged of idolatrous practices. He was married and owned his home. His wife died during his ministry, and he was forbi dden to mourn her. We also learn that God intended his life to be a series of signs to Israel; ther efore, he does all kinds of strange things. (This was before Christian television.) He shuts himself up in his home. He binds himself. He is struck dumb. In a fo

rmal ritual, he was to lie on his right and his left sides for a total of 430 days. He ate bread that was prepared in a n unclean manner. He shaved his head and beard, which was considered a shame in his particular calling. Throughout the book, his main theme was the sovereignty and glory of God. This is good for us, because we can get so focused on God's grace that we tend to forget there is also a governing role of God, and that His glory requires justice. Ezekiel was very direct. He carefully vindicated God's justice throughout the b ook, although he deals more in symbol and allegory that any other Old Testament prophet. He is probably the greatest mystic of the Old Testament. He was well suited for the calling God gave him, which included a remarkable vision of God's Throne in Chapter 1. This dramatic vision of God never left him. It is not just introduced in the first chapter, it is referenced all the way through. The Prophet of the Regathering The famed vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones in Chapters 36 and 37 is not onl y the subject of the well-known Spiritual chorus, it is unquestionably the monumental Biblical fulfillment of th e 20th century. Beginning in the last half of the 19th century, the regathering that climaxed in the establishment of the State of Israel is one of the most irrefutable evidences that we are on threshold of God' s climax for the nations mentioned throughout the Bible - and remarkably detailed in the writings of Ezekiel. (There is even a possible chronological hint hidden in Chapter 4 which would see m to identify the re-establishment of the nation of Israel on May 14, 1948, and the regaining of the city of Jerusalem on June 6, 1967.) The Millennium Temple The final chapters, 40-48, climax with a remarkably detailed description of the Millennial Temple to be rebuilt. Ezekiel was uniquely qualified for this role due to his priestly background. He was the son of Buzi, who was also a priest. It is interesting that even thou gh he never served as a priest, he apparently so influenced later worship that today he is called by some, "The Fat her of Judaism." From Numbers 4:3 we know that Kohathites had to be 30 years old before they coul d begin service as priests. When Ezekiel became 30, however, he was deported, in approximately the eightieth year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. The Temple which Ezekiel describes has never yet been built. Most scholars rega rd it as the details for the Temple which will be established during the Millennium on Planet Earth.

Between the regathering of the nation in Chapters 36 and 37, and the Millennium Temple described in Chapters 40-48, there is a climactic event that intervenes. The Intervening Event: Gog and Magog The invasion of Gog and Magog, described in Chapters 38 and 39, are among the mo st famous prophetic passages in the Bible. For a variety of reasons, the identity of "Magog" as the people of Russi a seems well established. One reason to study the Book of Ezekiel is that, from current updates by leading intelligence sources, the decision to invade the Middle East seems to have been already made in the Kremlin, and it is now only a matter of timing. Almost all the details described by Ezekiel are currently being set in place for this climactic event, which we feel is post-Rapture! --->>> Folder of CLIPS STONE CUTTING Methods: Aussie Quarry Blast.flv Granite quarry block moving.flv Granite Quarry.flv Mankato Kasota Stone Quarry.flv Marble Block Extraction with Hitachi Excavator and Kawasaki.flv QUARRY STONE CUTTING MACHINE.flv Quarrying Big Stone Blocks.flv Stone quarrying machines at work.flv Stratti Saws..... Hard Rock Cutting..Case CX 330.flv The Ending is great!!!.flv The Tomb of Osiris..flv What Not to Do with Equipment.flv -------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOOKS: PDF DOCX -------------------------------------------------------------------------> Britannica Illustrated Science Library 2009 Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt.Sir. William.docx Bible Prophecy.Failure or Fulfillment.Tim Callahan.232pages.pdf Prehistoric Egypt.Very Detailed Measurements.2005.152pages.docx Prehistoric Machined Artifacts.Christopher Dunn.2006.docx Rock properties & their importance to stoneworking carving & lapidary ancient Eg yptians .docx The Top-50 Megaliths.The largest cut-stones of all time).txt The-Evidence-for-Ancient-Atomic-Warfare-Part-2.pdf -------------------------------------------------------------------------> AUDIO: Drum & Bass / Jungle / Hiphop Lab Sessions LIVE - w-Fusion (aim- ucrecordings).mp3 THE NO SHOW w- WILL GUISE feat. mix from DAVE KAIZEN (BIOTIC) (aim- thenoshowjp

n). D1WA & RUMBLETON - B13A Show - LIVE from Toronto, Canada.mp3 What the Bleep - Selection of a Soldier - LIVE from Bowling Green, OH USA.mp3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------> SEED YE SALTY DOGS SEED!! DONT HIT N RUN YE DARN PIRATES AND SAY THANKS IF YA LIKE IT! Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X Runnin-RED..Forward......WE flex for Planet X Mindscape-Planet X Drum&Bass (SONG) Come listen: -------------------------------------------------------------------------> These are for Planet X, Precession & Pole/Magnetic Reversal research ONLY! NOT!! Religious debate!! Your faith is your OWN BUSINESS!! We are here for Research ONLY!! If you have an open mind, you will GO far!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------> Much Thanks to all the People Who took the tedious time and patience to create a ll this INFO/Pics & Research Material!!

Much thanks to the original people who UP'd these!!! You who help Us on Our jour neys!! We WANT to: Gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized field s from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & c ivilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others. Events shape our lives, even distant and dark ones. From the time I was a wee li ttle one, I have stopped my fear of dark places. I pick up my torch and journey alone through darkened corridors leading down into bottomless caverns of events past. I stumble upon the remnants of an intricate puzzle, which I bring back wit h me, and in the quiet of my dreams, are assembled before me. The turning of the stars bring a time when my secrets can give you immortality. but when that time has passed, those fleeting minutes gone, the secret is worthl ess. until once again the stars unlock its power.

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