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AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO RISK FREE BETTING or ‘How I made £632.50 in one weekend’


INTRODUCTION There was a time when generating additional income outside of a work environment was nearly impossible. However, in the advent of the internet, it is now possible for anyone to boost their earnings with no need for any technical knowledge or prior experience. The method I am about to show you is a risk free way of profiting from differences in prices given by different players in the same market. Unbelievably, despite being so simple, the method is not illegal in the UK or USA (in fact, I’m yet to find a country where this method IS illegal). By the end of this book, you too will have the skills you need to start cashing in on this amazing opportunity! Other methods and systems you will find on the internet require you to learn how to produce websites or repackage ebooks, or spend hours fruitlessly working on affiliate schemes. This method is unique because all the hard work has been done for you by large bookmaking websites- you can start immediately, and don’t need to wait for anyone else to sign up or buy something from you. You can literally start earning the moment you finish reading this book! As is probably evident to you by now, I don’t plan on wasting any of your time learning a method that won’t deliver a good return on your investment in this book. The system of betting this book describes makes it almost impossible to lose your initial investment, and generally yields a 3-7% return every time! This may sound small, but if you were investing £100, that would be around £5 per transaction. Even better is that the only limit to how many arbitrage bets you can place is how much time you have! Placing 10 or 15 arbitrage bets per day is well within possibility, and you can see how even over a single week you could start improving your lifestyle- saving more, and quickly reaching your financial goals. But if you’re not in it for the medium term gains, this book can still more than pay for itself because the system makes it possible to instantly ‘cash out’ the free bet offers that online bookmakers advertise. This system allows you to meet their terms and conditions and ‘gamble’ the free money in a risk free way which means you will always win! Instead of signing up for a free £30 (which is based on you also depositing £30 of your own) and then losing what you deposited yourself, this system will show you a way to win back your deposit and also withdraw the £30 free bet, leaving you £30 up overalla huge return when you consider there was never any risk! This book even includes a list of bookmakers who have free bet offers- there are hundreds of pounds to be made from just a few hours work!

The only risk is human error, and I will show you methods to reduce and remove this tiny risk. As an easy example, using the money you earned from the free bets as an investment means that you won’t even be investing your own money- there’s nothing to lose! The system is simple. Although it can involve some basic maths it doesn’t have to, and if you follow the step by step process which I will explain, you will quickly learn how to use these methods to start creating extra revenue streams from arbitrage gambling. You will learn everything you need right here! The book even contains a list of bookmaker offers to get you started! As you are aware, online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Arbitrage betting is simply a method that allows you use the bookmakers’ own rules against them to make as much money as you wish. By the time you’ve finished reading this book you’ll know everything you need to essentially start printing your own money! The next section of this book will explain exactly how the system works and how you can go about setting up arbitrage opportunities yourself. I will then explain how you can easily automate the search process to radically boost your earning potential. I’ll give you the names of the online bookmakers who offer free bet deals which you can utilise. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to understand the system. I’ll give you a list of mistakes people often make, and tell you how to avoid them. Arbitrage betting is not illegal but, for obvious reasons, online bookmakers don’t like it- persist for more than a few months and some will try to impose betting limits. This will in no way impact your ability to ‘cash out’ the free bets in the first weekend or even in the long term if you’re a casual investor. Start making serious money over a long period of time and you’ll come up against limits. Even with these obstacles, I’ve been happily boosting my income for some time now, and in a later chapter I will show you exactly how I do it! You too will be able to make use of arbitrage opportunities for as long as you like, with no fear of betting limits! In my opinion, there is no better business opportunity available today. There is virtually no risk, and the profits can be staggering. All that’s left to do is sit back and learn the system before working your way towards an easy, and surprisingly profitable hobby.

THE SYSTEM We’ve all read about ‘professional’ gamblers who seem to make a fortune from the bookies, funding extravagant lifestyles and living in huge houses whilst the rest of use lose time and time again- how do they do it? Many claim to gamble based on the previous form of a team or player. Surely, a player who is consistently a high performer will, on balance, return a profit on repeated gambling? In reality, though this may increase your chances of winning over time you will still lose everything. The odds are stacked too high against you! Skill alone does not determine the outcome of a sporting event. Just look at how well Uruguay did in the 2010 World Cup to see how chance plays a huge factor in even sports matches which seem ‘certain’. Because chance plays such an important part in sport results, it is impossible to make significant money based on form in the long run. Our system doesn’t rely on form or skill. In fact, it doesn’t matter who’s playing, or what sport! Whether Brazil are playing Zimbabwe, or Argentina are playing Spain, the only condition is that the event cannot have more than three outcomes (win, lose, draw)! Once you know how the system works you’ll wonder how anyone ever loses money on sports gambling! You’ll be a master of online odds, and learn what you need to beat the bookies time after time! It’s hardly worth mentioning those who claim to make money from the bookies by ‘having a feeling’ or pure luck. These recreational gamblers are playing a mugs’ game- the odds are stacked in favour of the bookies specifically to ensure that over even a very small number of bets the house will win- how else can they afford to offer free bets to entice new customers? Instead, we will use a method called arbitrage betting, ensuring a profit for us no matter who wins. We do this by betting both for an against the same outcome. For example, if Nadal and Federer are against each other in a match, we would place a bet on both Nadal and Federer to win. Before we place our bets, we simply compare odds between several bookmakers and ensure that the winnings from either outcome are high enough to cover the value of our total stake, plus a profit.

After all, different bookmakers often have differing opinions over which outcome is more likely. In fact, these discrepancies don’t even have to be very large for us to start making some serious money. Sound simple? It is! In the next section, we will see the system in action, and give you the foundation you need to start working out arbitrage opportunities of your own. AN EXAMPLE ARBITRAGE BET For ease of calculation, arbitrage odds are usually written in European form, as a decimal rather than a fraction. To convert between the two is very easy; simply divide top by bottom and add one: EUROPEAN ODDS = (TOP/BOTTOM) + 1 So 2/1 becomes two divided by one (which is just two) plus one, making the European odds for 2/1 ‘3’. In simple terms, European odds just express ‘what you end up with’. 2/1 means that for every one pound bet you win a further two, the European ‘3’ means that if you win, you’ll have three times as much as you started with (as, if you bet one pound, you would have two pounds in winnings plus your original pound). With this in mind, let’s describe a fictional arbitrage bet. Imagine Federer plays Nadal at tennis. ‘Milliam Hill’ believe Nadal to be the favourite, and offer: Federer to win 2.50 (6/4) – Nadal to win – 1.50 (1/2) ‘Getfair’, one of Milliam Hill’s rivals, also believes Nadal will win- but thinks that Federer has a better chance than otherwise advertised, so offer: Federer to win 2.00 (Evens) – Nadal to Win 1.8 (4/5) These odds are different enough that we can place an arbitrage bet and be sure of a win no matter which player is the victor. To calculate how much we would need to bet to win a certain amount using European odds, just use the following:

DESIRED AMOUNT/EUROPEAN ODDS = REQUIRED STAKE. So, to win £100 on the match if Federer wins from Milliam Hill needs… 100/2.50 = £40 required stake. But to win £100 from Getfair if Nadal wins only needs… 100/1.8 = £55.56 (rounding up the reoccurring 5) This means we can win a guaranteed a one hundred pound win if we strategically bet just (£40+£55.56)=£95.96, making a profit of £4.44 no matter who wins! If the maths seemed complicated, don’t worry! It’s really very simple, and in the next section I’ll be showing you a 5 step process for finding and checking an arbitrage opportunity. Even if this is still too time consuming, later in the book I’ll show you some services which can do the maths for you, automating the whole system and radically boosting your earning potential. Imagine finding ten or fifteen of these opportunities per session- bets where you are literally unable to lose. The chances to earn are plentiful, and how much you make depends only on how much time you have to put into it. With just a few hours per night you could easily find yourself making thousands of pounds per year. In fact, even if you only chose to place one such bet per day you would make £1825 per year! With 10, 11 or more on a daily basis, how much you chose to earn is virtually limitless! What I’ve just shown you is the foundation of the system. It’s called arbitrage betting, though it’s sometimes also refered to as ‘arping’, ‘arbing’, ‘miraclebetting’ or ‘superbetting’. From now on I will use these names interchangeably. If you understood the maths of the system then you will already recognise the huge earning potential from arbitrage betting, and are almost ready to start boosting your income! If not, do not be alarmed! There are ways to automate the searching process which I will show you later in the book. These systems make arping so easy that literally anyone can do it! In the next chapter, I will explain how find an arbitrage opportunity with a 5 step system. You’ll then be ready to make unlimited earnings from online bookies! After this, I’ll show you how I used the knowledge you’ve learned to make a cool £632.50 in one weekend from the bookmakers, and teach you how you can do the same!

FINDING ARBITRAGE OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN MINUTES No matter what anybody tells you, finding arbitrage betting opportunities is neither difficult nor time consuming. This evening (of writing) was the 2010 World Cup Final, and to show how easy it is, I decided to see if it was possible to find an arb in the fifteen minute break at half time! Unsurprisingly, I found one- and it had a really great margin! Here’s how to manually find an arbitrage investment opportunity, step by step. 1. Pick two bookies It doesn’t matter who you choose- you’re looking for discrepancies and it’s just a case of finding the right combination of bookies to provide an arp chance. I’m just going to call the bookies I chose A and B. 2. Convert odds into the European format. If you’re unsure as to how to do this, just check the previous chapter, where I explain the simple maths behind this. I got bookie A with: Spain – 1.57 Holland – 2.5 … and bookie B at: Spain – 2.42 Holland – 5.2 The different in odds is huge for Holland between both bookies, which means our margin will be huge! My theory is that because bookie B is a gambling exchange where users bet against each other, the odds are more susceptible to media influence (people laying bets aren’t professional bookmakers). In this case, the first half had been lacklustre for Holland, and the psychic octopus had predicted a Spanish win, which might explain why the Dutch team were so undervalued at the time. 3. Work out the stake required to win £100. Again, the previous chapter told you the formula. Work out the required stake for each team with each bookmaker, by dividing £100 by the team’s odds, like so:

A: Spain – 1.57 – so £63.70 needed to win £100. Holland – 2.5 – so a need £40 needed. B: Spain – 2.42 – so £41.32 Holland – 5.2 – needing just £19.23. 4. Add up opposing bets to see if arbitrage will work. In this case, there’s a great margin because B undervalue Holland so much! Placing Spain as winner with either bookie generates a profit, as we win £100 either way, but bet either (63.70+19.23) = £82.98, or (40+41.32) = 81.32, earning either £17.07 or £18.68 respectively. 5. Compare margins to decide which way to bet. We’re now just choosing how much to win! There’s no risk, as no matter who wins the world cup we make a profit. In this case it’s better to bet on Holland with A and Spain with B, as this generates the £18.68, which is the better profit of the two. It really is that easy! I’ve explained the system in some depth here, but I managed to follow all five steps within 10 minutes at half time, returning to the match in time for some more analysis (and an advert) before watching the rest of the game knowing I couldn’t lose. As you’ve seen, a two outcome bet is very easy to arp (I was betting on winner of the tournament rather than match, as this has the fewest outcomes- the teams can’t draw). Hopefully you’re starting to get a handle on arbitrage betting by now, and are starting to see how with some basic calculator work you too can start placing bets that you can’t lose! Now it’s time for the exciting bit! The system is not only a great way of generating a steady income stream over the course of a few months or yearsit can also generate you a huge amount of money in a very short space of time at first! This is how I made £632.50 in a single weekend! Using the information in the next chapter, you can cash in too! ‘CASHING OUT’, OR ‘HOW I MADE £632.50 IN 2 DAYS’

This chapter will explain exactly how I made £632.50 in just one weekend. Once you’ve finished this chapter you’ll be ready to instantly start doing the same, and start repaying debts, saving for holidays, or securing your children’s future immediately. By the end of this chapter you will understand exactly how I did it, and how you can do the same. To entice new gamblers, many online bookmakers offer ‘free’ bets to new users. Generally the ‘free’ money is just given by matching your bet. Betfair for example (at the time of writing) give a £25 ‘free’ bet if your first bet of up to £25 loses. Stan James – a little known online bookmaker has the same offer. To the average gambler it’s impossible to simply withdraw this money, but with our insider knowledge of the arbitrage world we can easily just start signing up and withdrawing this money as soon as we like. Imagine our previous example; ‘Milliam Hill’ offer: Federer to win 2.50 (6/4) – Nadal to win – 1.50 (1/2) ‘Getfair’ offer: Federer to win 2.00 (Evens) – Nadal to Win 1.8 (4/5) Now, we’ve already learned that the difference in odds here is large enough to make the game worth arping, and also talked about how the £4.44 guaranteed profit is proof that we could quickly start making thousands of pounds per year. But how could we use this information to start cashing out the free bet offers? It’s simple really- imagine that Milliam Hill and Getfair both have ‘£25 free bet’ offers, where your first loss up to £25 is instantly refunded. In this case, no matter who wins, we make our guaranteed £4.44 AS WELL AS £25 refunded from our losing bet. This means our total earnings on this arp is actually a guaranteed (25+4.44) = £29.44! Not bad for a few minutes ‘work’. At the end of this book I have included a list of tens of bookmakers who offer free bets to new customers. Some of them are as much as £200! If you do nothing else, spend a few minutes following through just one of these offers and you will make a great return on your investment in this book. If instead you dedicate a weekend to finding arps using only free bet offers you can easily make a few thousand pounds in a matter of days! ACCELERATING THE SEARCH, OR ‘ARPS WITHOUT MATHS’

So there you have it- you now know the essentials of how to start making money instantly from online gambling without any risk. I’ve shown you a short term strategy for quickly ‘cashing in’ on free bet offers, and I’ve also given you a medium term solution which can generate as much or as little revenue as you wish. Finding arbitrage opportunities is as simple as picking a sports event and then comparing the odds between two bookmakers. Perhaps though you aren’t comfortable with the maths, or you want a way to accelerate the search process, massively boosting the amount of income you can generate from the system. For you, I have good news. ‘Arbitrage scanners’ are websites which quickly check a huge number of bookmakers’ live odds and present you with the highest paying arps, telling you instantly where to place your money to make the biggest possible return. The services have the potential to massively reduce the time you spend arping, and potentially increase your earnings. If you’re like me, you may find you actually quite enjoy the thrill of searching for arps manually, and not feel the need to use these services. But even people who prefer manual searching are sometimes limited by time or just need the extra cash, and could therefore benefit from these websites. The advantages are clear- faster searches with higher returns. The drawback of course is that many such sites require you to pay a membership subscription to use the services. Be careful to avoid the scam sites who don’t deliver the goods if you choose to use these websites! In order to give you the strongest information, I have included a number of links to arp scanning websites at the end of the book which you are free to look at and use if you feel it would be beneficial. I have ranked them in the order of best value for money (in my opinion based on features/reliability to cost of membership). Though these sites cost money to use, the potential returns from arping are staggering, and making back your investment should be easy! To avoid risking your own money, try finding some arps yourself to start off with using free bet offers- the risk free profit you will make is more than enough to pay for a few months membership to one of these arping websites if you decided you need it. You’re paying with someone else’s money- there’s really no risk! You’re now armed with truly privileged information about the online betting industry. With what you’ve learned so far, you are ready to take on the online bookies and win every time. You know how to make a huge gain, but

also have the skills to start raking in long term income too. The next chapter will give you some tips about how to use the knowledge as well as possible, and how to avoid common mistakes that I made when I was starting out.

HINTS AND TIPS – COMMON MISTAKES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM You’re now in the unique position of being able to essentially print as much money as you like- to boost your income or even to stop working and dedicate your time to arping professionally. What this book has taught you could mean you never need to worry about the cost of life’s little luxuries again! Naturally, this kind of power is not popular with bookmakers. To be absolutely clear, arbitrage betting is NOT ILLEGAL at the time of writing. Despite this, the bookies have methods to try and curb your success to deter everyone from getting hold of this information. In this chapter, I will explain some common pitfalls to watch out for, and how you can avoid them to make as much money as you like without worrying about being shut down! As arbitrage betting is not illegal or even directly against the rules of many bookies, the main risks are simply those of human error. Here’s the ‘watch list’ of ways to have a long and happy arping career!

1. Protect yourself against human error by using a ‘winnings cushion’. As it’s mathematically impossible to lose money on a successful arp, there is no risk in arbitrage betting except for your own human errors. So long as you check and double check your odds you shouldn’t fall foul to this problem. To be extra safe, why not begin your arping career ‘cashing out’ as many free bets as you can find, and then keeping back enough profit to use as your arping base? I kept back £100 to invest, which meant I was never staking real money. Even when I did make an error a few months down the line, I’d already made enough money to more than cover my small loss and make a profit overall! When you’re starting out, mistakes will be made, but by keeping back some bonus money you can easily cover these losses and

start making bigger bucks as you continue to succeed, ultimately earning as much as you need. 2. Check betting limits BEFORE you place ANY bets. As we can’t lose, it could become tempting to start betting thousands of pounds per go to maximise profit. CHECK before you place any bets with your chosen bookies to see if they operate maximum bet/payout policies. If they do, don’t place any money! Some bookmakers try to limit arping by placing betting limits on ‘high risk’ players like us who win a lot. If you aren’t informed of this and lose, it should be relatively easy to complain your way to a refund, but it’s better to be safe and check your account every time, before you bet. 3. Beware palpable errors. Just as we are capable of making errors in our calculations, bookmakers too sometimes accidentally offer the wrong odds. The terms and conditions of many bookie websites allow them to cancel your winnings in this case, which has the potential to leave us out of pocket. Don’t be worried though! This has only happened to me once, and I got back my original stake by phoning the website to complain. Although not illegal, it’s best not to admit to being anything other than a ‘recreational gambler’ on the phone. After all, this isn’t our main occupation… This kind of error is very rare, and if you’re cashing out free bet offers, won’t offer you a problem. 4. Beware of exchange’s commission rates Some bookmakers, like betfair, are an exchange site where players gamble against each other, instead of against the bookmaker itself. These sites make money by charging a commission on winning bets. For betfair, this is 5% at the time of writing. When our arps are between 3-7% profit, it’s worth checking commission rates to ensure we are still turning a profit overall (so for betfair we need a 6%+ yield to be up). Just check T&Cs to avoid this practice- bookies are required to tell you in advance if there’s a fee for winning. Again, the 5% will in no way impact your ability to win big on free bet offers and cash in on a few thousand pounds in your first weekend arping to get you started.


This chapter is only for the very curious, or those who truly want to turn arping into a serious source of income. By now you have more than enough information to cash in an easy pot of free bets and to start earning an expandable income alone. As it’s not illegal, and arps never involve betting both for an against something with the same bookie, a bookie can only ever suspect you of arping, which is what could (in very extreme cases) lead to limits on the amount you can bet. Do not be put off- these limits aren’t put in place until you have arped for years and earned thousands of pounds- you have ample opportunity flying solo to make big money without ever having to worry about bet limits. In this chapter I will explain to you how I avoided detection for years and never encountered a bet limit on my account. The secret was partnership. I explained the methods I was using to a colleague, who bought a copy of this book and began to use it to make some money. He made a few thousand pounds in the first weekend using the free bet system and came to me to express his thanks. We agreed that by working together we could arp freely without detection. Here’s how our system works. We each have an amount we regularly invest (we generally use £100 increments to make the maths easy). Setting up an arp, we simply bet in our own names on each outcome separately, and split the profit at the end. To make this easier to understand, I will go back to our favourite example: the Nadal vs. Federer game yields a £4.44 profit if I invest £96~. Of course then, investing double this yields £8.88. Imagine then that we pool our money, and I place the required stake on Nadal, and you on Federer. We then win a guaranteed £8.88, and split it evenly, netting £4.44 each. To the bookmakers, I just place a lot of bets, winning some and losing others. My friend also places a lot of bets, winning some and losing others. Using this system we have never been queried, and neither of us have ever been subject to bet limits. Of course, this seems like a hassle. Avoiding detection like this is something you only need to consider if you want to turn semi professional, but we enjoy our Sunday afternoon sessions (picked because that’s when the most sport is shown). It’s a good sense of comradery, and having two people searching

manually at the same time means we find twice as many arbs and don’t reduce individual profit on each arb at all. It’s a perfect system. FREE BETS, AND HOW TO CLAIM THEM This chapter lists a huge number of free bets which are available at the time of writing (July 2010). I update this list monthly to make sure the free bets we’re using are always up to date. I count £845 in free money right here! As you know, we’ll lose half our bets and claim a huge £422.50 in free money! I made it to £632.50 from these free bets (including profit from the arps themselves), and you can too. In fact, with some careful searching and the knowledge you’ve learned from this book you should set yourself a target of beating what I made! If you’d like to stay up to date with the monthly free bet offers, owners of this book are eligible to sign up for my FREE monthly mailing list keeping you up to date. I promise I’ll never pass on your details, and will only email you on the first of the month with the offers. To join, just send a blank email with the word ‘MAILING’ as the subject to [email protected] Remember, it’s always worth checking the sites listed carefully to ensure the offer is still on before you bet. Some require you to make deposits in a certain denomination or to signup through the ‘offers’ page etc. It’s easy stuff, but worth checking! Without further ado, here are the July offers (in no particular order): 1. Betfair - £25 http://www.betfair.com 2. Paddy Power - £10 http://www.paddypower.com/bet 3. StanJames - £25 http://www.stanjames.com/ 4. William Hill - £25 http://www.williamhill.com/ 5. Centrebet - £20 http://www.centrebet.com/

6. Boyle Sport - £40 http://www.boylesports.com/ 7. VC Bet - £50 http://www.victorchandler.com/ 8. Totesport - £25 http://www.totesport.com/portal 9. Eurosportbet - £25 https://www.eurosportbet.co.uk 10. Titan Bet - £25 http://www.titanbet.com 11. Betfred - £50 http://www.betfred.com/ 12. Bet365 - £200(!) http://www.bet365.com 13. Betclic - £20 http://en.betclic.com 14. Betway - £25 http://betway.com/ 15. Betinternet - £25 http://www.betinternet.com 16. Eurobet - £10 http://www.eurobet.com/ 17. StanJames - £25 http://www.stanjames.com/ 18. Bwin - £30 https://www.bwin.com/ 19. Gamebookers - £25 https://www.gamebookers.com/

20. Jetbull - £150(!) https://www.jetbull.com/ 21. Coral - £10 http://www.coral.co.uk/ 22. Skybet - £10 http://www.skybet.com/betting 23. 888Sport - £20 http://www.888sport.com/bet 24. Ladbrokes - £10 http://sports.ladbrokes.com/en-gb/ 25. Sportingbet - £25 http://www.sportingbet.com/ 26. Unibet - £20 https://www.unibet.com/ 27. Youwin - £25 http://www.youwin.com/en/ 28. Jaxx - £25 https://www.jaxx.com 29. Canbet - £25 http://www.canbet.com/ 30. Bodog - £125 http://www.bodog.co.uk/

With these 30 free bets under your belt you will be hundreds of pounds up on your initial position (and much happier!) And it doesn’t have to stop there! I cashed out these free bets within a single weekend, and you can do the same. From there, you could continue to use these bookmakers to rake in the long-term profit with the other techniques you’ve just learned! This list of bookmakers tells you where to arp, but for those of you who are uncomfortable with the maths, in the next section I will show you some websites that can speed up the process for you.

FINDING A DECENT ARP SEARCH ENGINE Finding a decent arbitrage search engine is difficult. The best ones cost money, and the free engines are often scams. I’ve scoured the net for the best ones for you, and have come up with http://www.arbets.com/?aff=343 and www.arbspy.com as the best pair. Arbets is the best arbitrage search tool available. As soon as I started using it I doubled my profits, and the subscription fee paid for itself within a single weekend (of straight arping rather than free bet sniping). The site found 48,950 opportunities in the last three months, an average of 537 per day! Imagine making just £5 on each chance! Check it out for yourself- the website shows their recent paid opportunities, and margins tend to be high- between 7-20%! It’s well worth a look if only for a single month- I haven’t regretted the money for a moment. Have a look for yourself over at http://www.arbets.com/?aff=343 If you’d rather play it safe, the free website www.arbspy.com could be worth looking at. The opportunities are far less frequent than the paid alternative, and margins tend to be slimmer, but at least it’s free! A membership with Arbets renders Arbspy irrelevant, but if you’d rather not stump up the cash it’s worth a punt. WRAPPING UP You are now in a very special position. You are, relatively speaking, almost alone in understanding the potential revenue that can be made from arbitrage sports betting. You understand that there’s no risk other than human error. You are able instantly, right now, to start cashing in free bets, scooping thousands of pounds in immediate profit. You know how to extend this to the medium term for solid profits, and how to avoid detection in the very long term by working with a friend. You have everything you need to beat the bookmakers! I hope you’ll agree that the information in this book is extremely valuable! Arping can be a fun business opportunity with surprisingly fruitful returnsall that’s left to say is get out there and get on with it! You won’t realise how valuable this information is until you see the first cheque come into your account!

Good luck, and go beat a bookie! Tom Reeve.

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