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This is a complete assignment done by me on e-ticketing cinema. the cinema choosen as an example is GSC....



What is a system? A system is simply a group of activities and elements, which have been arranged to achieve a certain objective. An information system is a combination of hardware, software and telecommunication systems, which can support business operations to increase productivity, and help managers make decisions.

The online E-Ticketing System (ETS) is a web-based system that is automatically updated from data in the database. E-ticketing system is considered as a complex system because it is connected between the counter server, e-ticketing system and database. For an instant, when a customer buys a ticket through online transaction, the information will be saved in the database and sent to the counter server immediately to avoid selling another ticket which has the same seating.

For the e-ticketing project, it is separated into three parts which is time management, cost management and quality management. These three are interacted with one another, for example a company wants to reduce the number of employees, however doing so might affect the quality of the project and eventually brings to working overtime.

E-ticketing System's specific objectives is to make the system user friendly, to be easily accessible, and to provide movie information and slots also to provide a seating schema for selection. It also provide a payment process simulation and print a ticket. The Cinema E-ticketing system will therefore encompass the efficiency of a self-service system. The ticket printing functionality will give more convenience to the user.

The cinema that I have choosen as an example of this cinema e-ticketing system is Golden Screen Cinema,also known as GSC.GSC is a subsidiary of PPB group. PPB group is appearing on market the stock exchange of Malaysia. It is a group with benefit in environment engineering, waste management, entertainment property, food industries and utilities.GSC has a total of 191 screens in 23 locations nationwide, which include Klang Valley, Penang, Sungai Petani, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bharu, Kuantan and Kota Kinabalu.GSC operates Malaysia‟s first-ever boutique cinema with only Gold Class and Premiere Class halls and also introduce digital 3-D films and digital 2-D films. 1

This company also launched a customized co-branded credit card in 2009. Besides that, GSC launch a mobile application which is GSC Mobile App especially for iPhone & Android phone that enables movie-goers to purchase tickets via m2u mobile, PayPal account or “RHB Now” (Android only) on their smart phones. Customers can enjoy “ticketless” option by scanning the 2D barcode on the screen of their smart phones at the selected cinema checkpoints.

In the year of 2000, Golden Screen Cinema had created their official website which is www.gsc.com.my. In 2007, Golden Screen Cinema and Maybank collaborated together to offer eticketing system which allows customers to purchase tickets through internet and also to offer Maybank2u‟s users to make transaction directly from their debit card without using credit card.



Flow chart of cinema E-ticketing System


COMPONENTS OF THE INFORMATION SYSTEM  HARDWARE The parts of a computer that you can see and you can handle; the exterior components of the computer. Respect to graphics, processing power and

Work station

the ability to carry out several tasks at the same time in the cinema e-ticketing system Central Processing Unit (CPU)

stores and processes data of the Cinema ETicketing.

used to type users names, addresses, ID


number,password and other details into the computer to select items on a monitor, or to load up


programs they need to use. Magnetic Stripe Reader

to read the information coded in magnetic stripes, e.g. credit or debit cards.

Hard Disk Drive

use removable hard drives for storing confidential information on customers or customers paying information.

PC /Tablet PC

allow it be operated by an individual for accessing GSC official webpage for online booking Allow users to access GSC webpage and


for e-payment


Customer/Users 4

The customers can buy ticket online and cancel the seats at a suitable time (2 days before the show to 1hour before the show. To enhance the refund function, all the customers have to register and become a member before purchasing tickets. Customers who cancelled their tickets will not be given money back, instead the amount of money will be recorded in the customer account for further use. To make the system more user-friendly, the customer need not enter lots of data. And a step by step guideline should be given to the customer to complete the buy process. 

Staff One of the main purposes of the system is to reduce the number of staff in the ticket box. Most of the jobs are done by the system automatically. Staff‟s job is to only needs to insert new film data and deal with statistical information. So,before the staff performs any operation, he/she must login to the system first. Staff can use the system to insert, modify and delete data (e.g. add new movie, change movie description, modify time table) which will update the system web pages (web pages are dynamic pages, changing according to the data in the database). Also, staff can check the statistics information of booking from the system.

General Public The system web pages can be viewed by all people to check the films details.

 DATA The data included in this cinema E-ticketing system is Username,ID Number,TAC Code for security,Pesonal details of users, new movie, movie description, time table for the movies,number of seats booked/available.

 SOFTWARE Software is the general name for programs that can be run on computer hardware. There are two main categories of software: operating system software and applications software. MS access

database application used for taking details such as personal information,


booking details of GSC Web browser

Allow users to access GSC website to look information example: Latest movie, Trailer,and section for online booking


running instance of an application capable of accepting requests from the client and giving responses accordingly.Ex for online cinema booking whether the seat they booked are available or not, if not it will give response,send input)

 PROCEDURE Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) offers online e-Payment Ticketing System for those who join as a GSC member. With this e-Payment ticketing system, you can now easily purchase movie tickets conveniently in-front of your home notebook and pay online with just a few clicks and steps. It‟s will be very useful in order to avoid you from get stuck in a very long queue at the GSC Cinema counter. Follow these steps to start using e-Payment Ticketing system to buy movie ticket online especially for Malaysian :

1) For you to access e-Payment, you have to register as GSC member first. To sign up as a new member, click on „Join‟ button below. It‟s free to join.Fill in necessary information.Once your registration is successful, you will receive an email confirmation instruction for you to click on to verify your membership account. *If you already a member, but in case you forgotten your member ID and/or password, just click the arrow next to your username for a drop down selection and select "Profile Update".*


2) Log-in to your email, then click on the link to confirm your registration.


3) Once verified your membership, you can start to purchase tickets by clicking on “Login” button with username and password.

4) After login, go to „TICKETING & SHOWTIMES‟ and click on “E-PAYMENT”.

5) In e-Payment, to start your purchase, you can either choose to select “Movie” tab or “Cinema” tab.


6) “Cinema” Selection. Select the cinema where you want to watch your movie. Next, pick the preferred date of screening, movie and show times.


7) Pick your preferred seats from the screen. Click “Next” to continue.

8) Select the ticket type and number of tickets required.


9) Select your payment mode.

10) METHOD 1 : Payment via CIMB Clicks, maybank2u, PayPal, PB eBank and RHB Now. Double check your transaction details before clicking on “Confirm” button to continue. *Note: Different payment mode will have different logo.

Payment via PayPal. Login to PayPal account with your email address and password.


Payment via Cimb Clicks.

METHOD 2 : Payment via Credit Card. Double check your transaction details before fill in credit card information.


Click on “Confirm” button to continue.


11) For credit card payment mode. You will receive OTP or MSOS code from the bank to complete your transaction. *Note: Different banks will have different layout. You will need to register your phone number with your issuing bank for online transaction in order to receive OTP or MSOS code.

For m2u payment mode. You will need a TAC Code to complete your transaction. Press on „Request a TAC number” to receive a TAC number. Once you have received the TAC number from your mobile set, key in the number in the TAC column and confirm the transaction. * Note: You will also receive TAC if you pay with CIMB Clicks, PB eBank & RHB Now.


12) Your transaction will then be displayed on the „Transaction Response Status‟ page with confirmation ID.

13) In GCS website, you can check your transaction confirmation ID under „History‟. You can also click on „Print Tickets‟ to print “SelfPrint” ticket or select to resend email confirmation if you did not receive email. Enjoy your movie !


BENEFITS OF USING THIS SYSTEM This benefits were aimed and helped Golden Screen Cinema achieve and responsive in meeting the demands of their customers .

 Save cost and time Customer also no need to waste the petroleum money to go to the cinema . This is also helping customer to save their time because they do not need to travel to the cinema counter to queue up and aisles for the parking place to buy a ticket.Thus, it is very convenient for the custome as we can browse and purchase ticket from everywhere and whenever they want to watch the latest movie. The design and colours do not change as we proceed to next webpage through hyperlink and the list of links is stated at the same location as well. Therefore, users will not be confused to browse the webpage and take extra time to search again the link that wanted to browse.  Save and secure GSC‟s website enables consumers to sign up as a member of GSC. Furthermore, it enables users to make the ticket reservation which only permitted for GSC members. GSC members can also make E-payment through GSC‟s website by using credit card.Tac code provided for those who are using online payment. In order for the consumer transaction to be deemed 16

successful, the consumer should receive an option to print their confirmation page from GSC at the end of the E-Payment Ticketing transaction process. No permanent record of any personal information is retained when consumer use the E - Payment Ticketing facility. When consumer performs any E-Payment Ticketing transaction from GSC‟s website, their computer automatically accesses a small piece of code on GSC server (a 'server-side cookie') which enables the web pages to be displayed correctly. This cookie is not saved on user‟s computer and is only used for the duration of the session to keep private or sensitive information such like credit card numbers from being exposed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes. The GSC website also consists of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is a protocol that ensures privacy or confidentiality.

 Ease of navigation Users are easier to find the movies through the search engine provided in the website and do not need to click to another page to find the movie search engine. The movie check up consists of the selection of cinemas, movies and date and basically is able to check the correct information of the movie that users desired and wanted, therefore the function of movie search engine is quite efficient.Users can access this website easily.  Great rewards are given,prices to win,contests,discounts GSC recently launches a mobile application which is GSC Mobile App especially for iPhone & Android phone that enables movie-goers to purchase tickets via m2u mobile.With the technology of 2D barcode, customers can enjoy “ticketless” option by scanning the 2D barcode on the screen of their smart phones at the selected cinema checkpoints. By accessing Facebook or Twitter, customers can search and know the latest information of the events of GSC Cinemas.The reputation of GSC has increased due to the most famous social network in the world such as Facebook and Twitter. For an example, Hong Leong Bank cardholders can enjoy up to 10% discount on normal tickets purchase when you use your GSC-Hong Leong Credit Card at all GSC Outlets. You can also Enjoy up to 15% discounts when you dine in GSC's 17

Food & Beverage outlets with your GSC- Hong Leong Credit Card.(for more: http://www.gsc.com.my/gsceonbankcard/Benefit.aspx)

 Provide supportive information on decision making Before purchasing online ticket, GSC‟s website provides the link for users to watch the movie trailer at its own movie official website and users are able to watch the trailers in full screen view. GSC‟s website provides FAQ which function as user complete guideline for e-payment. The movie check up consists of the selection of cinemas, movies and date and basically is able to check the correct information of the movie that users desired and wanted. GSC‟s website provide directly all the relevant information in the hyperlink and it does not required users to take extra step to obtain their information.

 Less labours needed By using this system company of GSC do not need more labour to go with thissystem. They only need IT Specialist to edit, update and accumulate the home pageand the database information.

RECOMMANDATION Buffering occurs frequently. The processing payment page always buffer and the customer have to wait some time and this is only wasting their time and it automatically gives a bad impression on GSC efficiency. Therefore, I would like to recommend that GSC have to improve their website especially epayment part in their website so that the procedures will process faster and quick. Thus, during the transaction it will always prompt out this‟ error 201‟ and ask to try again. I had try this for so many times purchasing using Visa Card but i still facing the same problem. This is because they implemented a new secure key system for Visa Card users but the problem is they implement before its


fully tested and its being deployed. Even,IPhone users are having some problems with buying online GSC tickets.Each time when an Iphone user want to proceed to next step, it says that safari 4 is currently not supported to view the page.So,I would like to suggest that GSC company should implement after trying with all WEB browsers and also smart phones.

CONCLUSION Nowadays, all ticketing happens through a network of computer-based reservation system.Golden Screen Cinema booking ticket or E-ticketing systems reduced our burden through online booking and it also saves our time when booked in online. The system is also the most secure system to book a flight ticket. This online service helps people to book anytime and anywhere they want it. Plus, it also keeps all the personal information as a confidential. Most of the business man and woman always prefer the E-ticketing system which make their works easy and encourage using the system regularly. Rather then, I just click on and book movie tickets in GSC homepage, this research has made me better understanding with their e-ticketing flow system and the components of the cinema E-Ticketing Sytem.


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