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February 21, 2018 | Author: Arnau Biel Saperas | Category: Truck, Land Transport, Industries, Road Transport, Safety
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Dump Truck transportation Job safety analysis...


Job  Task:      


Title  of  Person  Who  Does  Job:            

Organization:   KENT  MATERIALS  L.L.C.  

Location:       REQUIRED  PPE:   EMERGENCY  CONTACTS:   HARD  HAT,  SAFETY  GLASSES,  REFLECTIVE  VEST,   BRUCE  BRASHIER:  (225)  603-­‐7856   LONG   SLEEVE   SHIRT,   GLOVES,   LONG   PANTS,   ROOSEVELT  CANTE:  (225)  717-­‐2728   STEEL  TOE  BOOTS,  REFLECTIVE  SEAT  BELT  COVER   TYLER  SMITH  (225)  240-­‐0699   PROPERLY  CHARGED  FIRE  EXTINGUISHER.   JAMIE  WHALEY  (225)  413-­‐2492   SEQUENCE  OF  BASIC  JOB  STEPS   1.    Daily  inspection  of  dump  truck.   2.    Arrive  at  site  of  material  or  aggregate  loading.  

POTENTIAL  HAZARDS     Leaking  fluids,  mechanical  faults,  faulty  tires,   electrical  and  lighting  faults.   Unsafe  driving  by  others  or  truck  driver.  

3.    Load  materials  or  aggregates.  

Un-­‐secured  dump  gate.   Improper   loading   may   cause   loss   of   control   of  truck  due  to  instability.  

4.    Transport  materials  to  site.  

Truck   handling   characteristics   will   change   with  load  in  dump  bed.   Materials  or  aggregate  falling  onto  roadway.  

5.    Unload  materials  at  site.  

Contact   with   power   lines,   trees   and   other   obstructions.     Contact   with   machinery   and   pedestrian   workers.     Operating   truck   in   reverse   may   create   blind   spots   for   driver   visibility.      

Date:     Supervisor:  

Department:   TRUCKING  


  Analysis  Performed  By:    

Reviewed  By:   JAMIE  WHALEY   SAFETY  MANAGER   REQUIRED  SAFETY  CERTIFICATIONS:   BASIC  ORIENTATION  PLUS   SASOL  SITE  ORIENTATION   FLUOR  FOR  SASOL  ORIENTATION   ROAD  TEST  DRIVER  CERTIFICATION   DRUG  SCREEN   RECOMMENDED  ACTION  OR  PROCEDURE   Perform  thorough  pre-­‐trip  inspection.       Repair  any  problems  before  journey.   Follow   safe   driving   habits   and   be   alert   for   others.   Be  certain  dump  gate  is  properly  secured  or   latched  prior  to  loading.   Load   materials   properly   by   placing   loads   towards  the  middle  of  dump  bed.   Follow   safe   driving   habits   and   be   alert   for   others.     Do   not   tailgate   others.     Know   that         truck  will  require  longer  stopping  distances.   Turns   must   be   taken   at   slower   speeds.     Properly  covering  load  with  tarp  will  prevent   materials   or   aggregate   from   falling   onto   roadway.    Do  not  un  tarp  bed  until  entry  of   dump  site.   Visually   inspect   unload   site   upon   entry   to   site.     Be   aware   of   flaggers   and   moving   machinery.     Only   dump   when   truck   is   in   a   stable  position.  

6.    Leave  site  when  task  is  completed.  

Hazards  remain  the  same  before,  during  and   after   task   completion.     Traveling   with   bed   up  can  cause  overhead  hazards.     7.     Be   observant   of   unsafe   site   conditions,   or   Unsafe   work   conditions   or   practices   of   practices  of  site  employees.   others  may  cause  injury  to  you  or  others.                                       DRIVER  NAME/TRUCK  ID  #   1._________________________________     2._________________________________     3._________________________________     4._________________________________     5._________________________________     6._________________________________     7._________________________________  


Always  use  safe  working  and  driving  habits.   Lower   bed   after   load   is   dumped   and   before   traveling  forward.   Immediately   report   any   unsafe   site   conditions  or  actions  of  others  to  site  safety   personnel  or  your  supervisor.    











DATE:______________________________   8._________________________________     9._________________________________     10.________________________________     11.________________________________     12.________________________________     13.________________________________     14.________________________________    

  15.________________________________     16.________________________________     17.________________________________     18.________________________________     19.________________________________     20.________________________________     SUPERVISOR________________________    

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