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February 27, 2019 | Author: Ahmad AbdlHaqq Ibn Ambroise | Category: Divine Grace, Mercy, Revelation, Prayer, Muhammad
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THE PRAYER o f  THE OPPRESSED the sword of victory’s lot o v e r e v e r y t y r a n n y a nd p l o t

Imam Mu^ammad b. N¥|ir al-Dar¢Ï 

\ For oppression’s victims everywhere,  Whose only weapon is earnest prayer prayer. Reckon not that God is heedless of the oppressors; rather He defers their punishment  to a day in which eyes roll over and intellects evanesce.

– q u r ’ a n , 14:42 Guard yourselves against oppression oppression and so protect your souls from the cry of the oppressed; for surely no barrier exists between the cry of the oppressed and God— even if that cry should come from an atheist.

– the

prophet mu±ammad s

Supplication is the true weapon of a believer .

– the

prophet mu±ammad s


I seek refuge in God from from Satan, the accursed. accursed. In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Surely, God and His Angels bestow benedictions upon the Prophet. O all you of faith, bless him and salute him with sincere salutation. (33:56)



Dedication To You, God of the Throne, I raise my only plea, To confess to You, my Lord, what others cannot see.

My Lord, by Your Presence, treat and remedy  My heart and the disease, O efface this misery.

I can’t enumerate the blessings You’ve bestowed—  Forbid, my God, my pardon from being withheld.

And if You don’t save me from this living hell, What will become of me? Can anyone foretell?

O God, You are the Real, my port, my only grace—  My heart’s true love above this dark and deadly place.



The Prayer of the Oppressed 1.

O You, whose mercy is a refuge for all those In dire need who flee to You to lose their woes,


O master of reprieve, whose pardon is so near, You answer all in need; they know that You do hear!


We beg for Your relief, redeemer of the weak; You are enough for us, both humbled and so meek.


No strength can ever match Your awesome majesty, No might can ever breach Your just authority.


The kings all bow like us to Your great sovereignty, You choose whom to abase or raise decisively.


Calamities we face are only stopped by You; It’s in Your Hands: they are dissolved within Your view.


For solace in these states, we turn to You alone, Complaining that we cannot make it on our own.


Be merciful with us—You know our frailty. O You whose mercy falls like rain unceasingly,


Please look upon us now in all our misery, Our state as souls oppressed displayed so openly:



10. Our numbers are reduced, our former wealth effaced, Our once exalted rank and high repute abased; 11.

They think us without strength, and deem us without without power, Our numbers in their eyes seem easy to devour.

12. O You whose mighty kingdom never becomes less, We hope to take asylum in divine largesse; 13. Haven of the helpless, upon You we depend; Helper of the hapless, we trust in Your godsend! 14. You are are the one one we we call: call: relieve our heavy loads, Repel our life’s travails, abolish what corrodes! 15. Your protection only, Your providence that’s true, The door is Yours alone that everything comes through. 16. You are the only one whose bounteous door we seek, Most generous of givers, O Lord, You are unique. 17. You bring bring us to the the path should we all go astray  astray  And overlook our slips when we lose our way; 18. All created things You hold in Your embrace, With mercy and with light, the compass of Your grace. 19. Nothing in existence is able to compare With just how base we are in mortality’s affair.



20. O infinite in beauty, whose endless good befalls The creatures You have made, so answer all our calls! 21. You alone alone save save drowning drowning souls, so gracious gracious with our our states, states, Rescuing the doomed, relieving our dire straits: 22. Constriction is increasing, increasing, there is is no cure in sight, sight, So hasten to our needs, respond to set them right! 23. Our hands hands are are raised to You, our palms palms are open wide: We seek sincerely endless grace You do provide. 24. Be gentle gentle with with our souls in all all You have decreed, Bestow on us what pleases You in what we need. 25. Replace our state of hardship with Your gentle ease, And guide us with Your power’s prevailing breeze, 26. And place place our status over over those those who took our lands, Constrain their evil now, and tightly bind their hands; 27. Overcome our foes with Your subduing might, Unravel all their hopes, and force them to take flight; 28. Deter their their evil evil aims, aims, and and dash dash their their unjust unjust plan; plan; Repel them from our gates, and mystify each man. 29. Be swift swift in justice, Lord, in this this our our anxious anxious hour, For they cannot remove an atom of Your power.



30. O Lord, Lord, by by holding holding on to Your most gracious gracious rope, We bind it to our faith, and knot it to our hope. 31. So stand stand for us today, today, don’t don’t counter counter what what we try, Forsake us not, O Lord, the blinking of an eye. 32. We’re powerless to stop this onslaught of their their force, force, Or strategize to benefit our country’s course. 33. We seek seek no good except except what flows from from Your wide door And yearn for grace that comes from Your Y our unending more. 34. All thoughts within our hearts will find serenity  Through God who fashions all by only saying: “Be!” 35. O Lord, Lord, by by You alone, we will will achieve achieve our our end, end, By You, through You, Your means to You—our Y ou—our only friend. 36. Sustainer of us all, O towering support, Our Lord who grants us all defense within His fort, 37. Secure our hearts within Your glorious defense, In restless journeys far or in our residence; 38. Protect our our herds, herds, preserve our crops, increase our gains, And give and bless our commerce with approving rains; 39. Fill our land with good prosperity, Release our citizens from dire poverty;



40. Establish righteous rule while granting noble station, With high respect and dignity in every nation; 41. Hide its natural strength in guarded secret trust, And veil its protection in a graceful, gracious mist. 42. By the sacred sounds of |ad and q¥f , and holy n‰n, A thousand veils enfolding to protect our land from ruin, 43. By the rank of all the light from from this Your Noble Face And sacred estimation of Your vast dominion’s space, 44. By the elevated rank of “There is no god but God” And Your beloved chosen one who lived in purity, awed, 45. By the rank of every prophet, who ever ever called called on You, By the rank of every saint, who ever sought from You, 46. By the rank of humanity’s humanity’s blessèd Pole and Pillars too, All solitary saints and inspired words 1 from You, 47. By the the rank rank of those those select select and pious overseers, Chosen spiritual substitutes for those departing here, 48. By the rank of faithful faithful devotees devotees who who live live in dignity, Who praise their God in gratitude for His decree, 49. By the rank of everyone everyone You raise to noble heights, Among those You conceal or those You Y ou bring to light, 1  Al-jaras (or here, for the meter, al-jars) is the totality of divine expression that comes  with unrelenting force. It is the divine reverberation of God’s words penetrating the consciousness of the Prophet  s. The Prophet  s describes the most powerful form of  revelation he experienced as the reverberation of a bell ( jaras), and God knows best.



50. By the rank of every sign in Your Book’s revelation And the greatest name concealed in veiled occultation, 51. Lord, we stand before You now, now, bereft without You, lost, Without design or strategy, by every tempest tossed; 52. We call call on You with prayers of those those who are infused infused With knowledge that their Lord is One who won’t refuse; 53. Accept this prayer, O Lord: Lord: with with nothing nothing but but Your grace, Remove all just deserts and show us mercy’s face; 54. Reveal to us Your gifts, gifts, bestow on us Your favor With kindness that befits a gentle, clement savior; 55. Envelop us, O Lord, within Your mercy’s sea, And rain on us Your grace that falls abundantly; 56. From all our our words words and and deeds, deeds, choose choose those those that remain The highest and the best, so heaven is our gain; 57. O Plenitude, Plenitude, fill our our lives lives and and hearts hearts with pure devotion, devotion, In perfect harmony with Your Prophet’s generous ocean, 58. And bring bring to focus all all our aims into into a single goal: Complete and blissful knowledge of You within our soul! 59. Let us always act, Lord, Lord, in in accord accord with A^mad’s way, Directing all our hopes to a joyful Judgment Day;



60. Always lead us, Lord, Lord, to what is right right and and true, true, The path real martyrs take and those who gaze on You; 61. Raise our children children up as brave and pious scholars Who base their days on Your sweet light as true exemplars; 62. And unify unify the the hearts hearts of family and of friends, Facilitate for us in making our amends; 63. O Lord, bestow a clear decisive victory  On all who aid this way and restore its dignity; 64. Possessor of great great might, might, aid him and and those those who serve, And fill their hearts with aspirations they deserve; 65. Aid us us in the light light of this Mu^ammad’s Mu^ammad’s way, And make its glorious end as bright as its first day; 66. Protect it through the works of its faithful and true scholars And elevate its lights to its rightful radiant colors; 67. Pardon and forgive forgive us, and and keep keep us safe from ill, ill, And all submitted ones who seek to know Your will; 68. Bestow Your Your lordly lordly solace solace on on the perfect Chosen Chosen One, One, Your plenitudinous grace upon his dazzling sun; 69. Bestow on him a peace that befits befits his holy stature In accordance with the pure nobility of his nature,



70. And on his noble noble family family down the the ages, ages, everyone, everyone, Companions, followers, every daughter, every son. 71. Praise belongs to God alone, with a praise praise so direct  All praising seekers find their goal among the elect.





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