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DSS-2015 The uniqueness of Shiv Yog Yog Durga Saptashati Sadhna in relation to the traditional recitation of the ancient scripture lies in the Beej mantras, each comparable to a seed capable of fruiting into a tree of a unique  boon such as good health, loving relationships, prosperity, peace and happiness owing to overall completeness in life. hile the mythological tale behind DSS and the traditional worship is !nown to all, the Beej "antras which are the real treasure of the scripture were !nown only to a select few #oly "asters who had loc!ed them to avoid them falling in wrong hands. But the merciful Siddha $uru Baba ji felt that the need for  such a powerful treasure tool capable of nullifying any form of negativity is now more than ever. So, after years of meditation on each verse and each hymn of the scripture, Baba ji unloc!ed and decoded the loc!ed power of Beej "antras and through wide%scale initiation in DSS programmes through his  power of intention &san!alpa' and celestial voice &vaani', spread this supreme instrument of healing heritage to the farthest corners of the world, opening the door to a whole spectrum of possibilities of  tangible and intangible benefits to life on the planet. Some of the benefits which the grace of the "other $oddess showers ( which are being quoted from the locally available edition of Durga Saptashati are) • • • • • • • • •

#ealing of physical diseases. *learing of all hurdles, problems for all round success in life.  +eutraliing of the ill%will between people, turning -pponents into into llies &Shatru "u!ti' "u!ti' Banishing of sorrow and suffering for a life full of happiness and prosperity. "aterialistic joys such as wealth and an e/cellent family. Disintegrates all !inds of negative energy, e/terminating evil spirits and ghosts. lleviates poverty and fills life with abundance. 0aves the way for easy achievement of goals in life. The practitioner is blessed with a sharp yet peaceful mind and he eventually reaches to ascension after death. The house which witnesses periodic practice of the Durga Saptashati always finds itself in the lap of the grace of the Divine $oddess.

~ More About the ShivYog Durga Saptshati ~ 

Sri Durga Saptashati is an ancient scripture of mythology. hile the tales and fables in this scripture, highlight highlighting ing the heroics heroics of "other $oddess Durga, are !nown !nown to all and widely discussed discussed in traditional traditional culture, the real power of the scripture lies in the mystic meditation revolving around the scripture. This secretive meditational process of Durga Saptashati lay encrypted in a spiritual code for ages. 1t was !ept a closely guarded secret to avoid it falling in wrong hands. But, the merciful #ealing "aster vdhoot Baba Shivan Shivanand andji ji too! too! it upon upon himsel himselff in the contem contempor porary ary times times to revive revive this this suprem supremely ely powerf powerful ul but but forgotten spiritual practice. Babaji rec!oned that in the current milieu of conflict, war, rebellion, strife, epidemics, incurable diseases, natural disasters, catastrophes, pain and suffering, man!ind was becoming increasingly disconnected with itself. #e felt that time was ripe to overhaul such a vitiated atmosphere with something something which could not only arrest this slide but universally universally resurrect a congenial congenial environment environment for good health, peace, happiness and an overall harmonious e/istence for all living beings. Thus, Babaji decoded and distillated the 23 *hapters and 455 verses of the Durga Saptashati scripture. hat came through was a very powerful gist of Beej "antras or Seed Syllables. 6ach Beej "antra is a living entity and invo!es the $oddess in some form.

6ach syllable has great sanctity and purifying capacity. There are three units in the meditation, corresponding to the Divine Trinity of $oddesses "aha7ali &7ills the vices', "aha8a!shmi &Bestows infinite material and spiritual wealth' and "ahaSaraswati &imparts great wisdom' and so the devoted  practitioner is blessed with elevation of the soul with every passing chapter of the process. The demons which $oddess Durga overpowers in the various story legends of the Durga Saptashati are actually all bad habits of ego, criticism, sycophancy, greed and the cascade of misdeeds which have occupied our lives because of ignorance. s the practitioner of this meditation follows the procedure, the intimate connection with the $oddess that gets established !ills the negativity within, helping us internalie the real essence of Durga Saptashati which is renunciation of all !inds of devilish tendencies. The defining element of this meditation is that it is !nown to be the giver of great boons. "oreover, with Babaji having moulded such a comple/, long%drawn meditation into a succinct process, it has become tailor%made for the fast paced modern times. The greatest asset of Durga Saptashati sadhna is that it helps us learn the real meaning of renunciation and detachment by guiding us towards the practical aspect of spirituality. So, we realie through this practice that the devils of "ahishasur, "adhu%7aitabh, Shumbh%+ishumbh and 9a!tabeej are not e/ternal entities  but symbolic of bad qualities within us. Saptashati is a facilitator in us becoming aware of the fact that when we !ill the bad tendencies, we are showered with great boons, material wishes and spiritual ascension.

Benefits of DSS The Durga Saptashati sadhna is the perfect e/ample of how the power of sound and vibration, when  blended with the emotion of devotion can prove to be mighty beneficial, turning the chant of syllables into a meditation in motion. 9egular conduct of this purifying practice raises the vibrations of the region where it is done, thus its e/ponents tal! of its great capability of restoring peaceful and normal order across the world if done in every noo! and corner collectively. Saptashati syllables grant infinite boons of a diverse variety on the devoted practitioner. The benefits, though uncountable are summaried below. 2. Balances the mbient 6nergy with immense 0ositive 9adiance. :. *reates a 0rotective Shield &7avach' around the practitioner which helps at every juncture. 3. Triggers 0ersonality and *haracter development. ;. *leanses the mind of doubts, worries and ambiguity. . 1nspires the individual on the 0ath of ?irtuousness. 4. 1mparts the rare combination of purity of thought, prosperity and wisdom. @. 9aises the vibrations of the practitioner and automatically his family. A. The massive #ealing uotient lends a very soothing effect on the body, mind and soul. 25. #elps an individual realie the awareness of a #igher 9eality which is very protective and of help in every situation. 22. 9eleases stress, bringing about peace, tranquility and happiness at all times. 2:. 0romotes good #ealth, =ocus and *oncentration. 23. 9evives "aterial =ortunes, alleviates poverty and fills life with abundance. 2;. 9emoves obstacles in every wal! of life. 2. -pens new venues of -pportunities C 0ersonal and 0rofessional. 24. +eutralies the ill%will between people, turning -pponents into llies &Shatru "u!ti'. [email protected] Being a celebration and Triumph of =eminine ?irtue, it highlights the importance of respecting the source of creation C woman, addressing a !ey issue of the current times.

2A. Bestows any and every boon of the practitioner as he reaches a stage of deep purification and activates his materialiation power. :5. #elps a see!er get answers to a plethora of philosophical queries with the rise in consciousness level. Such an evolution mellows the individual from inside and causes him to be a better being with every consequent session. :2. Disintegrates all !inds of negative energy, e/terminating evil spirits and ghosts. -ver and above these, it is said about the Durga Saptashati meditational chants, that they possess the  power to engender a [email protected] degree turnaround even for the one who finds himself totally down and out in every sphere of life or for the person who is on the verge of total brea!down. The infinite benefits of  Durga Saptashati sadhna are instantaneous and the positive vibes fill the individual with an appreciable amount of creative energy.

Organize DSS Blessed are you for being guided to organie a Durga Saptshati event. 1f you wish to be part of this huge movement of transmitting the grace of the Divine "other by being an organier yourself, here is what you need to do) 2. =ill up your SY1D form at sadha!shiv"og!#o$, completing the entry in all the spaces for a fully registered Shiv Yog profile. :. rite to us &dssshivyog.com' mentioning your SY1D. 3. You would then be receiving a reply along with the necessary forms to be filled up. ;. =ill up the forms and send it bac! to us and you will be contacted for ta!ing the process forward. 9emember, your SY1D profile should be complete in all respects for shram to go through your details. Than! you. +amah ShivayE

DSS Deesha The Sacred Dee!sha of Durga Saptshati can be received by attending a Durga Saptshati event and  participating in the whole event fully. This sacred dee!sha is bestowed upon an earnest see!er through the medium of audio and visual. The sacred intention of the $uru and the power of #is sacred words is transfered through the medium of sound, which is going to be the prime content that is going to be rendered through audio%visual mediums at every Durga Saptshati events that are authoried and organied through the ashram. ll you have to do is to dedicate your time and focus on attending the event and recieve the sacred dee!sha which is now being made more available throughout the globe. hen going to a dee!sha, the most basic essential prerequisite is the desire to receive the dee!sha with utmost faith, sincerity, openness and surrender to the Divine "other. The grace is limitless and in abundance C the more empty the vessel, the more you receive. +amah Shivay.

DSS Boo 

The Shiv Yog Durga Saptashati &DSS' boo! is an easy to understand summary of  the Shiv Yog DSS programme which a practitioner uses to perform his daily meditation after learning the sadhna from Baba ji in a DSS initiation shivir. The boo! intially has an introduction on Baba ji and his tryst with the worship and meditation on the $oddess. Then comes the overview of the DSS sadhna. hat is it and who all practiced it, to what effect and other useful information. The main content of the boo!  however are the Beej mantras, divided into three units and a total of 23 chapters. The Beej "antras are celestial sounds which have the power of the complete scripture condensed into divine syllables, reciting which one reaps tremendous benefits as elaborated in the benefits section. The boo! also has odes to the $uru, to the $oddess and to the Supreme $od. The boo! must be !ept with utmost reverence ata sacred spot, preferably wrapped in a red cloth and must never be !ept on the floor.

%"ot Se %"ot %agao FGyot se jyot jagaoH. hat a beautiful spiritual significance this phrase holds in the life of every sincere see!er. -nce you receive enlightenment from a Siddha $uru, you offer your reciprocation by relaying this flame of wisdom to others, so that li!e you, others too can transform their lives in the most brilliant of  ways after receiving the divine grace from the Supreme Source. The rivers of worship and rituals all have their common point of ending C in the ocean of divine peace and inner joy. 1magine you being the driver of t his peace and joy. You have this honour now C of organiing and spreading the flame of enlightenment to the universe li!e never before through Durga Saptashati sadhna in !eeping with the divine motto of Baba ji, of ensuring a DSS centre in every neighbourhood of the country to banish crime, disease and suffering completely.

About Baba&i's Sa#red (or  vdhoot Baba Shivanand ji is a renowned Self%9ealied "aster belonging to the vdhoot lineage of  #imalayan Siddhas. Baba ji had the good fortune of receiving direct spiritual initiation in Sha!ti Sadhna, the meditation on the Supreme $oddess at a tender age of eight through spiritual initiation by an immensely radiant #imalayan Saint [email protected] Swami Gagannath ji. The angelic #imalayan Saint was himself  an ardent practitioner of the series of meditations centred around the goddess, !nown as Sha!ti Sadhna. The incident of rejuvenation of a nearly%dead person through healing by the #imalayan Yogi, left a  profound impact on Baba ji. The initiation into Sha!ti Sadhna proved to be a landmar! event in Baba jiHs life. 1t lit the spar! of  spiritual dedication in Baba ji, to the e/tent that he used to sit for hours together in deep contemplation on

the $oddess, at times losing trac! of time in the deep state of meditative trance. Slowly but surely, Baba  jiHs sense of perception grew subtler and he e/perienced himself in a completely new and unique way. Then came the phase where Baba ji embar!ed on the special pilgrimage to all the sacred ones of the $oddess, !nown as the FSha!tipeethH. 0utting in hours of meditation at every spot, Baba ji finally attained Self%realiation or wa!ening at the holy shrine of T#6 $oddess +aina Devi who blessed her pious son. 0roceeding in his divine journey, Baba ji, through his contemplation on the $oddess, gradually placated all her Ten forms !nown as the 25 "aha ?idyas. n ardent see!er as also a persevering practitioner of  Sha!ti sadhna, he raised his consciousness to become 6nlightened $uru #is #oliness vdhoot Baba Shivanand ji. The wa!ened "aster, by meditating on the $oddess, was finally blessed with infinite healing powers, boons and cosmic energy. 1t was a matter of time that those around him discovered the miraculous healing powers which he had come to possess when their chronic diseases, decade old feuds and poverty perished through his healing and the grace of the Divine "other. #aving benefited to an indescribable e/tent from Sha!ti sadhna, Baba ji resolved to spread this wisdom to man!ind so every human could also e/perience a happy and holistic life. nd Durga Saptashati Beejmantratma! sadhna was the best divine tool to achieve this. This spiritual practice comprised of  certain celestial sounds called Beej "antras which were derived out of persistent meditation by the mystic saints of the #imalayas who wrote them on leaves and hid them for !eeping them from falling in wrong hands. These Beej "antras were taught only to a select few of the worthiest disciples. Slowly this legacy of passing on of the wisdom of Beej "antras faded. 1n search of the script leaves of these sacred syllables and the process of their activation, Baba ji travelled miles from the #imalayan caves in the +orth to the sacred spots in the South of 1ndia. fter a #erculean effort and divine grace, Baba ji got hold of the leaves. But it too! years of deep meditation to unloc! the coded Beej "antras. ith 455 hymns and 23 chapters, Durga Saptashati is the most powerful meditation in the spiritual  practices dedicated to the goddess. The power of Durga Saptashati is subtly present in its Beej "antras or  divine syllables just as curd in the mil!. The power of the divine syllables can be churned out only with the grace of the $uru, which is also required to tolerate the shower of high energy on the practitioner.  The Beej "antras of Durga Saptashati are chanted aloud and emit strong vibrations which ma!e for a  powerful healing energy field around a person, soothing his body, mind and soul as als o the sophisticated energy centres in the subtle bodies. The accumulated psychic impressions and pent up emotions which are released upon the loud chanting result in absolute peace, inner happiness and send an energetic vibe all through the body. The list of benefits imparted by Durga Saptashati is long and are enlisted in the twelfth chapter of the Saptashati boo!s locally available in the mar!et. #owever, the Durga Saptashati Beej "antratma! sadhna goes a level higher in that it is constituted by activated seeds of divine syllables C the Beej "antras which instantaneously invo!e the power of the $oddesses and relieve every !ind of suffering. 1t is Baba jiHs earnest and heartfelt desire that this powerful and immensely beneficial spiritual practice of  Sha!ti Sadhna reaches every home. 1n the earlier times, this nectar of divine wisdom was far fetched for  most. Baba ji himself received this grace after so decades of effort. But it is the good fortune of the modern society that Baba ji is ma!ing it available universally in the greatest welfare of man!ind. nd whatHs more special is that the wisdom of Durga Saptashati is being imparted by the supreme devotee and the most ardent practitioner of the meditation C Baba ji himself through his celestial voice and power of  intention.

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