Drive Test Procedure

August 12, 2017 | Author: Tariq Khan | Category: Usb, Telecommunications, Technology, Computing, Computer Engineering
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Drive Test Procedure

1. Before we go to site we will take some necessary steps. First we will collect complete information of the site. For example site ID, site Coordinates site location name, and then mark the site coordinates in map info in order to get easily access to site. 2. Before to Start Drive Test we should connect the Equipment The following Equipments are needed for Drive Test  Two TEMS handset(complete with charger, data cable) and usb hub  Dongle  Laptop(installed TEMS Investigation  GPS  Inverter and terminal  ATEN(serial to usb)

How to Connect the Equipment for Drive Test Here is a Step by Step procedure of Drive Test  Open the TEMS Software as shown in the image

 Open work sheet Map and arrange size of Window map  Arrange the work space for Drive test  Load map from geoset manger(major roads,other road,boundary,railway,streets etc)

 Arrange Gsm Current channel,Gsm radio parameter for both MS1 and MS2 and Gsm serving+neighbour  Click presentation-Gsm-current channel  Click Presentation-Gsm -radio parameter  Click presentation-Gsm serving+neighbour

 Connect TEMS mobile when we connect select phone mode on mobile screen for both MS1 and MS2  Connect dongle  Connect GPS  Press F2 to connect all equipment

 Load cell file Click configuration-General-cell file –check use cell file definition and then browse the cell file -ok

We should necessary to Test the Equipment before go to site  We should try to go to site before the deadline from operator it means when the fue come of any site we should needed to make preparation for site from that time.  We will be Sure to have Complete Equipment for Drive Test before go to site  When reach to site first we will check the following parameter  Antenna Tilt  Azimuth  Tower height  Antenna height

 Intra Site Handover Test we will start intra handover Test clock wise and anti clock wise i-e from sector 1 to 2 to 3 and 3 to 2 to order to check whether the handover occur between Sector or not .this test will be a long call test. long call test means any zong number if we perform Zong Drive Test.  During this test try to avoid forced handover.  Stand in the main loop of first sector.  Start Recording(F6) and save the log file.

   Click ctrl& config-command sequence-voice/video-dialphone number and select MS1 in our case  Click Run command

 Note all the three sector BCCH ARFCN  Now stand in the main loop of first sector and start DT.carefully look at the BCCH of the sector along with Rx level,Rxqual,SQI.when reach to main loop of sector 2 and intra site handover does not occur then perform target handover to sector two  Click cntrl&config-MS1 air interface and right click –equipment properties

 Select Gsm dedicated-Function-Target handover-filter-all channel then select the second sector BCCH ARFCN from the source Channel and add it then apply-ok

Same is the procedure from sector 2 to 3 and 3 to 2 to 1. CQT TEST Target and Lock on procedure In order to do CQT test we will lock and target the BCCH of Expansion Sector  Target procedure is the same as discussed above  To lock the BCCH ARFCN of the Expansion site select Equipment properties-gsm idle mode-function-lock on-filter-all channelselect the particular BBCH  Start Recording as discussed above

Then take three calls of 15 second in order to check the TRX in the following sector whether working properly or not.

Drive Test of Expansion Sector and inter handover test Start recording Dial call  Then start the Expansion sector Drive Test we take Drive in the main loop and other possible route if available During this test we will focus on the Rx level of the neighbor sites. Take drive of more near roads for handover if can case inter site does occur then target to the Nearest site with good Rx level .make sure not to target in the start take care of this

thing specially. then will target that sector for Out handover.also perform in handover also. 3. Concentration on log file recording.When we complete the test should stay on the site for few minute to check the log file whether Test done properly. 4. Develop Team work Spirit 5. Experience and quick driver will be a plus point

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