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Table Top "Fantasy Football" game related racing rules (also know as "BB"), by Neilpferd (2012)...


Starting the Game

The Walls

Knocked Out/ Dead and Injured/ Wrecks

Each player throws a D6, the highest roll chooses their start position first (see over) then the next highest and so on, resolving ties with a further roll. The player with start position 1 takes first turn, then when he/she is finished the player with start position 2 and so on; retaining this order of play until the race is complete (obviously wrecked DR do not have a turn). No blocks can be made during each players first turn.

If a DR is pushed against a wall then roll a block die. If an ’Attacker Down’ (Skull) result is rolled the DR is knocked down as if by an opponent with the Mighty Blow skill. Ignore all other results. The Wall ‘Stands Firm’ so DR remain in the squares they were in before the block .

A Knocked Out DR is not removed but remains on the pitch/ track and can be blocked or fouled following the rules for Prone/ Stunned DR. At the start of the controlling players turn roll a D6 and on a 4+ the DR recovers to the Prone position. If unsuccessful then next turn add +1 to the roll for each turn previously attempting to recover since being knocked out.

Movement Each DR can move up to it’s MV in it’s turn. Movement must be forwards, either straight ahead or diagonal. Facing can be changed 90° for free however the next movement must be declared in to one of the 3 front arc squares on the new facing. Alternatively a 180° turn may be made at the cost of 1 movement point. This is important for resolving ‘blocks’ as described later. In addition a DR may GFI as follows: instead of being restricted to 2 GFI's a DR can ‘Open the Throttle’, each turn the first roll is successful on a 2+, the next 3+, then 4+ and so on. The DR player may choose not to GFI at all or to stop at any point or just keep going until it falls over (how many consecutive 6's can you roll after all!). DR must move forward or diagonally forward until having crossed the start line and may never go back across the start line, having crossed the line the driver is committed to race! A DR may not cross the inner wall diagonally, it may be big and tough but the wall is bigger and tougher and gets in the way! A DR never needs to Dodge as there are no TZs in DR Racing.

Unless using the rules for drivers, Dead and Injured DR are out of the race, the DR itself always remains on the track as a wreck. A wreck makes the square it is in impassable until the end of the race. Wrecks may not be blocked, fouled or chain pushed and count as walls when resolving pushes.

Blocking If a DR wishes to move, or is moved, in to a square containing another DR (chainpush) the moving DR ‘blocks’ the other DR even if that DR is already Prone, Stunned or KO simulating the impact of these mighty machines smashing in to each other. Compare the ST values, where ST is equal roll one Block Die and apply the result as per Blood Bowl. Where one DR has a higher ST roll 2 Block Dice and the player whose DR has the higher ST chooses which die to apply. Note the DR have AV9, not AV10, as they have been stripped and tuned for racing. Where one DR blocks another from the Rear arc or a standing DR blocks a prone one, the blocking DR gains +1ST for resolving the block. This is because the roller is by far the toughest part of the machine. A DR may only block once per move; (effectively each turn the DR carries out a Blitz! as in Blood Bowl); however, the results can lead to multiple collisions.

Dirty Player, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm

Stand Firm Because all DR have a similarly large Mass, in DRR the Stand Firm and Juggernaut skills are less effective. When being blocked by another DR a player may attempt to apply his Stand Firm skill by making an AG roll adding +1 if the block does not come from the rear arc (the driver heroically counter steering against the incoming DR!). If successful both DR remain in their original squares, the moving DR still counts the block as being a point of MV if it is their turn. The same technique is used when resolving chain pushes. If the blocked DR does not ‘Stand Firm’ the blocking DR chooses which of the eligible squares the blocked DR is pushed in to as per BB rules with the exception that the push does not need to be to an empty square.

Winning the Game There are two ways to win DRR either be first to complete 2 laps or be the last DR not a wreck. If you want to run a campaign then First place is rewarded with 5 SPP, second with 3SPP and third with 1 SPP. DR also gain 2 SPP for each other DR they wreck through blocks either in their turn or as part of a chain push (but not fouls).

Fouling As in BB Prone or Stunned DR may be fouled instead of taking a block action. If a double is rolled on either the armour or injury rule, however, the DR is not ejected from the race (DRR fans love their carnage!) instead the driver has become so engrossed in his attempt to crush the opposition he misses his next turn. Optional Rules - Drivers Although the machines are the real celebrities, they do need to be driven. When using the optional rules for drivers if a DR is wrecked roll a D6: on a 2+ the driver springs free and is placed in an empty square adjacent to the wreck. If a 1 is rolled or no empty square is available the driver is considered trapped and is out of the race. Drivers move after all DR have had their turn and in the order that they became pedestrians/ road kill. They keep any RR they had remaining for use. Drivers may attempt to wrest control of an opponents DR if they can move in to the same square. To do this they must first pass an AG roll subtracting 1 from the roll if trying to get on from the 3 squares in front of the DR. Adding one if the DR is driverless but moving. A driverless but stationary DR can be brought under control automatically but no further movement is possible until the drivers next turn (revert to original DR sequence). If the Driver is successful he may make a block on the opposing driver with the following results: Attacker is pushed off the DR.

The Arena DRR takes place on a standard BB pitch modified as follows: the pitch is walled along all the touchlines and the centre of the pitch is also walled off providing a circuit 4 squares wide for the racing to take place in. The start finish line is the LOS and grid slots are staggered as above. With more than 6 DR taking part, continue the pattern and with less reduce the available slots accordingly. Rerolls Each DR starts the race with 2 Rerolls. RR can be used with block dice (including when blocking as part of a chain push) or when making an AG roll. DR also gain a RR as soon they cross the line to start their second lap. Skills Applied as in BB (Bold skills only available on a double): Pro, Jump Up, Side Step, Thick Skull, Sneaky Git, Sprint, Sure Feet, Block, Dauntless, Dirty Player, Fend, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Frenzy, Applied with modification: Stand Firm (as described in these rules) Tackle (of limited use no TZ in DR Racing) Dodge (only in regards to the defender stumbles results on block dice) Stat increases may be taken following the rules as detailed in the LRB. No other skills may be taken.

Driver(s) without the block skill are pushed off the DR. If both are Struggle continues, in pushed off, the DR will continue the DR next turn it in a straight line until colliding moves its MV straight with either a wall, another DR ahead . At the end of the move, or a wreck whereupon it will and having resolved any other stop. collisions, if the DR is still upright the controlling Driver Defending player is blocks the challenger. A further pushed off the DR. push result and the struggle moves in to the challenging Defender is pushed off drivers turn and so on until 1 or the DR unless they have both drivers are pushed off. the Dodge skill. A player pushed off a DR, or failing to get on one, is placed prone in an empty adjacent square and must make armour/injury rolls as if struck by a player with the mighty blow skill. If no empty square is available the driver will bounce to a random square, continuing to bounce off things until he comes to an empty square, adding one to the armour roll for each bounce. If the DR being contested is prone or stunned the challenging Driver doesn’t need to make an AG roll and gains an extra Block die for his first roll. On foot a driver is horribly vulnerable and will be blocked by any moving DR entering the same square. This block does not count as the DR’s block for that turn i.e you can run over as many pedestrians per turn as you like but may only make one block against another DR per turn. A prone pedestrian is automatically hit and must make armour/injury rolls as if struck by a player with the mighty blow skill. Pedestrians hit by DR in this way are placed in an adjacent square alongside or behind the blocking DR. A desperate driver may attempt to blitz a DR following normal blocking rolls instead of climbing on it. A DR’s Juggernaut and Stand Firm skills work as per BB when blocking or being blocked by a Driver. MV







8 Thick Skull


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