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“Most postponements are an excuse for a lack of discipline.” Spend at least an hour each day giving your fullest gift so that you’ll live a life without regret. Assume your woman is how she is today forever. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Don’t try to understand it and don’t try to escape it. Find the humor in it. “Man who have lived significant lives are men who never waited: not for money, security, ease, or women.” “Live with an open heart, even if it hurts.” “Live as if your father was dead.” – I know that for myself and so many others, at a deep emotional level our challenge is to do better than our fathers. I did that the day I graduated from college. But it did not make me a “better man.” We cannot live our life constrained by the judgment of our fathers or others—whether dead or alive. If you’re absolutely fearless, would you be earning a living in exactly the same way as you are now? Meditate, contemplate or pray daily so you are present and steeped in the Source. “If you postpone the process of submerging yourself in the Source for the sake of taking care of business first, your life will be spent in the hours and days of business and then it will be gone.” Never change your mind just to please a woman.” “You are open to listening to others, but in the end, you will take the responsibility for making your own decision. There is nobody else to blame. “Your mission is your priority.” “Time you spend with your woman should be time you really want to be with her more than anything else.” Give it all. No holding back. Use everything you’ve got. Invite and enjoy your friends’ criticism. “The father force is the force of loving, challenge and guidance.” “If you don’t know your purpose, discover it, now.” I would say my purpose in life is to: teach, love, learn, play, dance, laugh, explore, give grace, feel good. Be willing to change everything in your life to live a full one. I have gone down this road myself and couldn’t agree more. Not just change for change’s sake. Change for betterment’s sake. And don’t expect the transition to be easy. Point is, the outcome is worth it all. “Don’t use your family as an excuse…you’ll only disservice them in the process.” “For their sake, your sake and your woman’s sake, discover your deepest purpose, commit yourself completely to its process, and find a way to embrace your family as you do so.” “It is not the amount of time but the quality of the interaction that most influences a child’s growth.” When you are with your family, be with them totally. “Don’t get lost in tasks and duties.” – I need to keep working on this one! Watch becoming a “robot of duty.” “Your success doesn’t mean shit to her unless you are free and loving.” Your woman will test you. This will never end. This is the secret. You will never get out of it. Finding a different woman won’t get you out of it. Neither will therapy, money or sexual mastery. “In the feminine reality, words in fact take a second place to emotions and the shifting moods of the relationship.” “The truth of the feminine is whatever she is really feeling in this present moment.”

28. The masculine grows by challenge but the feminine grows by praise. 29. “Praise works. Information doesn’t. Praise motivates. Challenge doesn’t. Try it.” Deida suggests praising five to ten things each day. Looks like I have to kick it up a notch. 30. Somehow all of this reminds me of another truism: Don’t assume that they know you care. I remind myself to tell my wife that she is beautiful, that she is a good person, that I know that she is loving and caring. Often times we can only give people our negative attention, whether at work or at home. 31. “Tolerating her leads to resenting her.” This is a real challenge. I know that in my own marriage I tend to either tolerate unacceptable conduct or bitch about it. I don’t do what Deida suggests and that is to open her moods with skillful loving. As Deida says, both of us will grow more by my giving than by my tolerating. 32. A superior man sees her moods not as a curse but as a challenge and an amusement. This is an area I definitely have to work on. Especially the amusement part. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. 33. “Open her heart again and again and again.” 34. “Don’t analyze your woman.” Or, as my good buddy Dave Morgan said, “Never try to understand them. It’s what makes the world go ‘round.” Or as I say in my own workshops, “If it doesn’t make sense, don’t try to make sense out of it!” 35. Deida advises that the easiest approach is to assume she is not feeling loved. 36. And, oh by the way, “Don’t suggest a woman fix her own emotional problem.” 37. “Love is the feminine priority, not purpose and direction.” I have to honor this in my wife. It is so easy to fall in the trap of wanting others to be like you. 38. “Don’t force the feminine to make decisions.” – Boy, do I fight this one! Deida suggests that we don’t say, “Do whatever you want” or “They are both nice.” Say something decisive like, “I like the red shoes, but what’s most important to me is that you’re happy.” I tried that with my wife the other night in a situation where I was truly indifferent to the choice and I laughed at her improved reaction to it. 39. “As a practice, always help your woman make decisions by giving her your perspective and telling her your choices, while letting her know you love her regardless of the decisions she makes.” 40. “You can’t have a woman who is always logically consistent, reasonable, and who also fills your heart and flesh with energy, instantly and throughout the day…” 41. “The thing your woman is complaining about is rarely the thing she is complaining about.” Again, if it doesn’t make sense, don’t try to make sense out of it! 42. “She doesn’t really want to be number one.” As I often say to my wife, “I’ll be the King and you can be the Queen.” 43. “A man’s highest purpose is his priority, not his intimacy. Your woman knows this, deep inside, she really wants it to be this way.” I have to watch this. I often times want my wife to be as driven and as purposeful as I am. That is not her gift. Her loving and nurturing is her gift. That is what I must honor and constantly remember. No jamming round pegs into square holes. 44. “The feminine responds to the moment of energy, forgetting her man’s history of past behavior.” Track records don’t matter much, being in the present does. 45. “You are always searching for freedom.”

46. “The dark masculine energy of the warrior, one who could face death and kill when necessary is an essential part of you.” Women want this in their men. This is discussed in the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. Most women don’t want some “new age” metrosexual guy. They want a man. 47. “Your woman knows your weakness better than anyone.” And how to push your buttons better than anyone. 48. “Life itself is the feminine….whenever you are feeling isolated and weary, feel the present moment as if it were a woman.” What a great image. I tried it the other morning at the beach. First time I gave the beach a gender. 49. “A woman’s true radiance reveals a degree to which she is open, trusting, connected, and loving.” Isn’t it the radiance we want? 50. “Allow older women their magic.” 51. “Learn to discipline your habits of building up and releasing mental and sexual tension.” Napoleon Hill talked about this whole concept in Think and Grow Rich. About the nature of transforming sexual energy. 52. “Can you invade her body and her heart with so much love and humor that she laughs, relaxes and brightens in spite of herself?” What a challenging line! 53. “It only takes a moment of praise and deep appreciation to re-evoke a woman’s radiance.” So try it. 54. “Give her what you want from her.” Or as the Buddha would say, “What comes to you comes from you. 55. “Ejaculation should be converted or consciously chosen.” – Deida makes the point that without discipline, the release of our sexual energy is depleting rather than invigorating. There’s a reason why boxers don’t get to have sex before bouts. Boxers, track athletes, and others requiring bursts of energy will typically store up their sexual energy and use it to create a kinetic explosion. In the same way, we’re encouraged to hold on to that sexual energy throughout our day in our lives and only give it up intentionally and in a manner which is empowering. Of course, this sounds like extra work. But then again, so is going to the gym or eating right, constant learning and everything else that tends to improve our life. Deida actually goes through a physical technique to help men learn how to redirect their sexual release. This includes being very well aware of your breath and being in control of your pelvic muscles. I’ll leave it to you to read the details. 56. “Feel your partner more than you feel yourself.” It’s always been my experience that the best sex comes when I lose myself in my partner. 57. “Because the man’s priority is his mission, he will always gravitate to a woman whom he feels will most support his mission.” – Fortunately this how I feel about my wife. I didn’t always feel this way about the women in my life and it made a big difference. 58. “The desire for intimate loving is essential to your woman’s life as the mission towards freedom—financial, psychological, and spiritual—is to yours.” 59. “It is natural not be as “into” the relationship as your woman.” 60. “Your woman could be a corporate executive and you could be a house husband. That’s fine, as long as you’re living your highest purpose and her life is devoted to love.” 61. “Your masculine gift is to know where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.” 62. “A superior man will not settle for the less than the fullest incarnation of love of which he and his woman are capable of.” No room for ordinary relations here.

63. “You are entirely responsible for cutting through your own laziness, addictions and unclarity. There’s nothing to wait for and nobody to blame.” – Amen. As I learned a long time ago in Money and You, “play above the line” and take responsibility. 64. “Take away anything that dulls your edge. No newspapers or magazines. No TV. No candies, cookies or sweets. No sex. No cuddling. No reading of anything at all while you eat or sit on the toilet. Reduce working time to a necessary minimum. No movies. No conversation that isn’t about truth, love, or the divine.” – Perhaps this hit me as much as anything in this book. We can get so caught up in our dayto-day duties, roles and responsibilities that we can literally disappear. Because I am aware of this, I’ve read a few books on simplicity so that I can keep my life simpler. Deida just reminded me that I can do better still. While he doesn’t suggest that we do this on a never-ending basis we should at least experiment with it for a while until we’re clear about who the heck we really are. Has part of you disappeared too? What can you strip away to find yourself again? 65. Spend time at least once a week with a group of men. As he states, “Cut through the bullshit and talk with each other straight.” I realize that despite the fact I do so many workshops for so many men, I don’t have a mastermind group of my own where I can cut through the bullshit and talk straight. I will work on creating such a group. • • • • • • • •

Live a no-bullshit life. Strip it all away. Be a man. Give the gift. Be present. Be One. Restore the sexual energy. Breathe.

Vision: Create a world where we are free to love each other and achieve anything we desire. Purpose: Support people to discover, package and present their greatest gift to give to the world

As a disclaimer: these aren't my notes. They do, however, contain massive value. This is real talk and will bring you to a whole nother level of greatness if applied correctly. Here are detailed notes I took during one of David Deida’s seminars. For those who don’t know David Deida he is the author of the book The Way of the Superior Man. These notes are “money” for anyone wanting to become an actual man and not just a fake like many. Enjoy. Notes (Started with a yoga style warm up) - Any desire is a form of insecurity - If you’re looking to achieve something then you are insecure - Relax into what you’ve always been. Then offer your true self as a gift. - Your body is a resume to a woman - Relaxed depth of being is most attractive to a woman - First three times at anything you fail badly, though you might get lucky, then it’s less stressful after. - You point to your heart to define you - It’s in the moment, as you relax in that. That’s what everyone feels. - You always attract someone as wounded as you’re putting out - If you’re trying to achieve something, you are insecure, and you’ll attract someone as insecure. - If you’re faking it, people will expect you to keep faking it. - No one cares about you, except you, and you shouldn’t. - Where your attention is is how people experience themselves. - If you’re attentive on yourself, you’ll attract selfish women - Mick Jagger is about the music, and giving it, not about him, not about his body, not about his aches, not about his age . . . - Everyone wants a good show (happiness, love, etc.) - Find out what you want, that when you die you’ll die complete. i. What do you want to do before you die? - Look at your friends and girlfriends, and that’s you - You want a girl to see God through you - You want the girl to worship you - The 3rd step, stage of intimacy The 3 Stages 1st stage – Dick suckers (do something wrong and she doesn’t suck your dick) 2nd stage – Fair (i.e. if you want me to suck your dick, you have to eat my pussy – business relationship) 3rd stage – Neither mutual relationship; not fair. IT’S I WANT TO OPEN SOMEONE TO GOD TONIGHT. (GOD being divinity) And in return I accept nothing but pain. You should feel like Jesus on the cross. When you walk into the club you know you’ll experience pain eventually. It’s mutual, true worship. We all worship women. Gift - “Graduation Day” i. Difference is between the girl before meeting you and the girl after meeting you. - The part of you totally trustable is what you give to women during sex - Note: Giving GOD without expectation (she won’t give you the kudos’ you deserve) - Women are built to show you where you’re holding your fear. - If you need her approval you are already attracting those low level moments - Find out why you want to be with women. - Play around -> Finding the right girl(s)

- Good sex is open and intense that if you ever see the woman again you just breathe . . . Masculine - Be the awareness that is undiminished by the moments.i. 2 parts to a moment 1. You’re aware of this moment. You can see a chair; you’re not the chair. You are tired, but you’re not the tired. (Witness – I am here, not changing.) 2. Everything else – everything else except the witness (To be free of the pleasure and pain, during pleasure and pain) - Your value as a MAN is your capacity to remain present no matter what happens. - The capacity to remain present no matter if there is pleasure/pain - Everything else that changes is the feminine - Being here is the masculine - That unflinching makes a man a man - Fear doesn’t collapse them, them who are valuable in society - Not fidget, collapse . . . that’s your value as a man. - Feminine is move-ability and feminine value is ability to move - We want a woman who gives you everything; LIFE. - Masculine is that which does not move. - Masculine = you - Feminine = Everything else in the universe My gift - The sacrifice of myself for others - When you’re fucking a girl what would you prefer in terms of value. A girl who is rigid and still, or a girl who is all over the place in pleasure? - Guys drink to numb - Women drink to express themselves - Every fidget de-masculinizes you - How much of your day do you want to here of her day, life, friends, etc? - 3rd stage is making a relationship into an art form. - In general, what kills a relationship is talking Bomb Dropping Example - A good warrior feels the bombs before they drop (i.e. fishing, you have to be sensitive to all the moments to catch the most fish. With picking up women, you have to be sensitive to any situation) - Practice increased awareness by feeling the person on your left, on your right, people behind you. (i.e. Basketball players can pass to anyone on the court of their field sensitivity) - David Deida said if he was a woman he wouldn’t date anyone in this room - Any unconscious movement is bad - All fidgets and movements make you unattractive More Attractive - Feel the space around you - Sense your breathing - To find out how much you trust someone think of the following. You have a huge business deal of all your life savings, would you trust that man? Ask YOURSELF - Do you trust yourself with someone’s life savings? Women Are So Sensitive - Keep feet straight - Humour means presence i. Think of a good joke, and a gun on your side ready to shoot anyone who gets in your way. - You can learn to be the most trustable person in the world, but you have to be real. - Women want to feel that your body is reflecting the real

- There is not better or worse men, there is better acting and worse acting men - You get as much self-involved when you believe there are worse or better men. - After your body goes you will know who you are - You are always aware of the present, but how much are you expressing? - Feel that you are dancing in your body, but you can kill the next person who gets in your way. - It’s all a matter of being aware of the present moment. - When you become more aware of your body you can express your glow. - Laughter of human existence = slight smile - Practice to real your glow. - Guys awareness of presence changes, that’s why girls say, “I want this guy.” Then the next moment says, “I want this other guy.” That’s why girls don’t know what guy they want. - Feel like your feet are rooted and feel that root - ROOT YOURSELF SO YOU’RE A WHOLE BEING - For 5-10 Minutes a day stand in front of a mirror, big erect dick and feel like everyone/you is going to die in the next ten minutes and sing and you can kill the person who walks in the door - Twitches are feedback. No twitches if you’re ON - Twitches are feedback that you are losing it - We’d all go insane if we didn’t live in self deception - Our mortality is so frail that we deceive ourselves so we don’t go insane. - Loosening up your ass makes you less of a tight ass. - Why not just lay in our excrement and die? If you just eat and masturbate, what is it about eating and masturbation that are so great? - Relationships are important for you to live out your fantasies - Your purpose is to live out your fantasy everyday of your life - We want to experience power every day - 1st stage man i. I want to dominate this woman so I can feel good about myself - 3rd stage man i. express your fantasy and use it as a portal - You only ignore who you are when you say “If only . . .” - Sex and violence is on television cause they don’t live it out - Yogic way to use masturbatory fantasy - Only when you are living on your edge will you feel alive - If you get emotional by movie types, then you have to do that (i.e. fighting movie; then box or do martial arts) - Masturbatory Fantasy i. Submissive woman 1. cause were not well fucked - The cure is to trace fantasy to the root - We fuck each other with our gifts. If you hold in your gift they become demonic, and thus a fantasy - Multiple women i. Infinitely attractive, there fore consciousness is infinitely attraction (i.e. just walk into a bar/club and be conscious of your whole body, as well as everyone around you. Walk into a club and feel the whole room. If someone says, “Hi.”, look at them with depth but be aware of everyone else) - Breathe = Lots of women - Depth = Monogamy - 3rd stage – worship you but will cut your head off if you bullshit - A woman’s role is to prevent you from your purpose - Every moment is an excuse to give your gift or not. - Fuck society, I have to give this gift. - Girls don’t have interest in his books. His books mean a lot, and it’ll hurt, he may weep, but he doesn’t need mommy. There is a part of him so desperate for her to acknowledge what he does. He knows this

and goes back to writing another book. - If she’s a good woman she won’t support you. - If you need support for your gift then it won’t be as artful. - They will support you in the extreme moments - As soon as you REALLY REALLY don’t need her support will you actually get it, and you’ll get it without it going to your ego. - If you do something big in the world, the world will try to resist you. The measure of your capacity is your ability to bash it down. - The world is a big woman - A woman is a concentrated version of the world. - Take any great human being and you’ll see that they have been beaten down. When you win this game you die, you smile as you exit. - Women help the process, especially with one woman. And she’s giving you what the world will give you, but in concentrated form. i. It may take the world ten years to shit on you, but a woman will do that more often, and you will learn to get up and move on. - What she wants to feel is, “I know what I want to do, join me?”, NOT “I don’t know what to do, will you help me?” - Wealthy men and extremely beautiful woman have an extreme disadvantage of being real. - Men friends are important to keep you in line. - No one cares about your past, they care about being real. - How to learn not to give a shit? i. It’s like eating food, your body shits out stuff not needed, but keeps the nutrients. ii. EAT THE WORLD, if you do it fully you will take it all in and then you’ll discover what you need to do before you die. - Men don’t learn from other people’s mistakes very well. - Always take everything in and then decide what you need to do to die complete. Ask 1. Why do you want to talk to her? a. A positive thing would be you have a gift to give her that’ll benefit the world. The negative thing would be for superficial reasons. - Most of the fear is what’s going to happen you - In stage 3 you’ll give your gift and possibly get nothing in return. - Go to a club and give your gift you everyone, some will accept, some will reject - What ever she’s doing, take it in. - Take it all in, and still give your gift. (it’s a test or telling you something) - Women are geniuses at finding out what weakens you - Note: If she keeps going on and on then she’s a nagging bitch. - As teenagers we should learn to play Football Example - Say you’re playing football and you don’t know the rules. You get the ball, and everyone starts trying to tackle you and you say “Why are you trying to tackle me!?” WELL THAT’S THE GAME! - You can connect to God without women (meditation/yoga), or through women. - If she attacks your core and you tell her, “I love you”, it’ll unravel her. - Women forget the moment - If you can take fear away from sexual life you have more sex. - Deida went from white clothed meditating pure type to Jack Daniels, steak eating, 5 women fucking for ten hours. - Fucking around and not living about your fantasies relives the 60’s and results in what he have now, and that is not a good thing - You don’t win life, you out grow life - Yogic – dick is the root to your heart - Every woman wants your soul, that communion. - Look into her eyes, see her heart, breathe with her . . . and there is a point when breaths are in sync. Then invite her to touch you by feeling her touch you. - 90% of game is synchronizing breath. - Don’t go soft, RELAX into pure awareness

- Say “Hi!” from pure awareness. 4 Steps to Opening a Girl 1. Feel deepest purpose 2. Rest in deepest purpose 3. Find gift to give her and open her heart with your gift 4. Then say, “Hi!” in pure form. - All women feel the negative and positive, they just don’t say it. - Depth means relaxed, humourous, open, and free. To Be More Masculine - Know your purpose - Breath deeply - Root yourself - Stop fidgeting - It’s tough at first, and it takes effort, but after it’s easy cause you live it. - During sex, that every moment you are disconnected from the moment you’ll get a negative response all the time - “Uh”, looking down, fumbling is not masculine. - Quality women are rejected from the beginning - The heart adds something to the vocal tone. i. Tone, no clamping down 1. fix the vocal tone by laughing (taking yourself too seriously) - connect the hearts for adding something to the voice - They can feel when you’re lying. They can feel more about you, then you can feel about you. Enlightened Sex Manual - He practices many hours a day by himself - You’re responsible for how you affect others - When you get really good you will find things about her that she doesn’t even know, and you have to step up to continue with the girl, so people don’t get hurt - When you get good you don’t need to find someone, you have to eliminate them - What do you have to give to a woman before you die? i. Your gift - If you went to a club and breath in three ways, fill the space with your consciousness, conscious of your entire body, and any body that comes near you, and giving your heart to everyone. - You attract any woman that your attention is on (i.e. if you spend most of the time thinking about pleasure, you’ll attract pleasure. If you focus on your deepest gift you’ll attract women who want your deepest gift) - What counts to women is not what you say, it’s how you say - If your heart is disconnected from your purpose, your heart will be rated low on a scale of 0 to 10. - Look at someone while saying it, and think of how you would say something to that person if you were with them. - Women are about love and giving love. - Women want to feel your whole body is into your purpose - Slow down tempo so it’s like a dance to get them involved, NOT pushing it on them - You claim the woman you want to claim and you make that claim known to them in delicious ways Exercise - Stay present by counting your breaths 10 minutes a day, and if you are not conscious then slap yourself. - More presence = more attractiveness - Chatting brings you about in your head - Find your deepest purpose and express it - Attractiveness i. So present you can fall asleep 1. show humour though also show that you could kill them if they get crazy

- When talking mix in humour, killing ability, and that you are better than others, that you could get any woman you’d want. - Presence changes all the time Best presence - Feet parallel - Relaxed jaw - Breathing in belly - Thinking you could have any woman - That you are humourous though you could kill them - Shoulders back - Relaxed body/movement - Relaxed face - Gaze at the horizon - When talking, talk direct, at a relaxed pace and the tone that you are better than them Ways To Improve - NO “I think . . .” - NO “Uh” - NO hesitation - NO low, insecure - NO in your head - Think before you speak - Relax - Breath, focus on your breath as breath is life, and your life is most important - No fighting - Presence = attractiveness (be more present) - When you’re tired is when you need to practice, that’s when you push yourself - When tired do 10-15 minutes of breathing exercises - Weight training and yoga are great mixes - Stage 1 women go for guys who are rich cause they assume wealthy guys can get through life’s objectives. - Stage 3 women, if she had a choice between a nonwealthy man in the present and a wealthy man in the present, she might choose wealthy, though you never know. Review - You walk into a room and see an incredibly attractive woman, why are you attracted? i. Light ii. Radiance iii. Life - Women are valued based on Light, Radiance, & Life - What makes you attractive is consciousness, presence and attention. - She is NOT attracted to light, radiance, and life - If you want a woman with light, radiance, life then you have to give consciousness, presence, and attention - Money is sexy cause it’s an example of consciousness, presence, and attention - Henry Kisinger was voted sexiest man of the year 5 times, and he’s ugly. It’s cause he has consciousness, presence, and attention - Stage 1 women want $ and status - Stage 2 women want humour, intellect - Stage 3 women want consciousness, presence, attention in the purest form (fearless sensitivity that you are willing to take anything without flinching) - Stage 1 i. Needy men try to make lots of money cause then they think people would like them (i.e. I need $, attentive women . . .) - Stage 2 i. Dependence (I don’t need . . . )

- Stage 3 i. What can I give before I die? - Good women want stage III, though they would go after a guy with all stages - Maturity in a woman determines her stage # - Nothing wrong with money, master it and move beyond money. Though you can be a monk, and not have a need for $. Artists - Stage 1 i. Art for attention ii. Art for money - Very few artists in stage 3 - The stages are a development - Women mirror you, if you are a stage 1, she’ll lie to you, steal your money - Light attracts consciousness - If you’re in 3rd stage, you’ll induce 3rd stage in people - It’s all our responsibility to be 3rd stage, every moment we’re not makes the world a dumber and darker place. - It takes a woman one second to pick the most conscious/present/attentive man - How you walk, talk, standing, breathing, looking at horizon - Man can pick out most radiant girl within three seconds - Life = Responsiveness - If body doesn’t show depth of man, the tone of voice can - Gum chewing turns stage III women off - Genuine smile from heart gives you a 10 - Way predominately men and predominantly women people learn are completely different - To Deida, everything is an exercise. - Look into the persons left eye. - Women doesn’t want you to practice on her, even if it is practice - Feminine is the water, and masculine is the container. You’re the container, she’s the water. You direct the flow of the river, but she has the power. It’s your job to be the stage 3 container - If she’s bitching i. Stage 1 guy will just leave and come back later (i.e. have a beer and get back to her later) ii. Stage 2 guy will listen but have attention on other things iii. Stage 3 guy will do the following. She goes “Blah, Blah, Blah” and in your heart you find out how to open her to God, the mystery of life. (i.e. you might nod and then dance her around, and if she gets pissed say, “God, I love it when you’re angry” - Don’t encourage a woman to be more feminine - Relax her into amore feminine place than she’s at - It’s NOT always true that a woman has to be more feminine to be more happy, they can add a little more masculine to their life Energy - Everyone has masculine/feminine in their body - It’s up to you to take over the masculine. - Anytime a woman is acting helpless she’s playing with you. - You should play both masculine and feminine sides, if not you’re half a person - A FREE MAN is someone who can have a bunch of sub personalities and not worry about them. i. Stage 1 Man goes to many sub personalities ii. Stage 3 Man doesn’t give in. - You can’t serve someone else and find there self if you cant find your own. - Instead of saying “Where do I go”, you say “hmmm, I have all these personalities, what gift do I have to give?” Stage 3 - Giving gift regarding your depth through sub personalities. Gift

through meditation. Gift through fucking. - “Just roll with it” - Give gift through sub personalities - As any artist knows, it’s the flaw that makes the art - Michael Jordan was not a balanced human being, he gave it through his kink - Dance in the wound - You give your pain through a gift to others - Build and lose, build and lose, build and lose - “Yea, I won’t even work with a business partner unless he’s been bankrupt twice.” - Maturity is when you can be rejected and move on. - You have to fail repeatedly to get the big success - This bodily reaction of failure came from school and getting good grades - FAIL IN LIFE - The bigger game you play, the bigger your losses. - All this is grounded in enlightenment - Enlightenment is in this present moment, in light, consciousness, and fucking - This moment - Enlightenment is NOT knowing it intellectually it’s breathing it, living it. This moment. Yogic sex is one person giving life and one giving consciousness. - You need friends so you don’t delude yourself - When you’re ready a teacher will come - Playing around with sex and drugs is like masturbation, and you need someone to get you out of it - Sensitize yourself to internal, flow of light for masturbation - We’re on a spiritual quest, through women, just take it further, and grow women to stage III by giving your gift.

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