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March 19, 2018 | Author: BrassyApple | Category: Textiles, Sewing, Consumer Goods, Softlines (Retail), Fashion & Beauty
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These itty bitty aprons will be a hit with the younger crowd! Sew up some chic aprons for their dolls using small scraps...


You know I love aprons...and these itty bitty versions are just DARLING, sew up super quick, and hardly take any fabric!! Great use for the scrap pile you have been accumulating. Sometimes little hands have a hard time with doll clothes. I designed this doll apron to make it not only easy to construct but hopefully easy for little hands to dress up their dolls on their own!

If you stitch up some of these little cuties please share your photos in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!

Materials: fabric thread pins scissors tulle (optional) elastic rope (or an elastic hair tie) fabric adhesive

STEP 1: Cut out the 2 pattern pieces below.

STEP 3: Cut 1 piece of elastic rope 4" long. Cut another piece 3" long. You can also substitute an elastic hair rubber band and use that. Just cut off the metal part.

STEP 4: POCKETS - Use a small square of a fabric adhesive like Heat n' bond on the fabric for the pockets, trace the pockets and then cut them out.

STEP 2: Place the BODY of Apron piece on your fabric. Pin in place and cut 2. Or Fold your fabric in half and cut 2 at the same time. STEP 5: Take one of the BODY of Apron pieces cut from the fabric and place the pockets about 3" down from the top. This will be the front. Iron the pockets on according to the package directions.

STEP 6: Attaching the neck strap - Place the 4" piece of elastic onto the top of the apron as pictured below. Using a sewing machine, secure the ends of the elastic in place with short forward and backward stitches.

STEP 8: Place the second BODY of Apron piece on top of the other with right sides together. Pin together on 3 sides (see photo below).

STEP 7 - attaching the waistband loop - Place the 3" piece of elastic on the top side of the front of the apron and just below one of the waist corners (see the picture below). Secure just 1 END in place using the same method as instructed above.

Sew the apron together on the 3 pinned sides and stop as directed below.

STEP 9: Lift the top Apron piece and find the "loose" end of the waistband elastic.

Place the top Apron piece back over the elastic and secure the once "loose" end of the elastic in place but stitching over it many times with a forward and backward motion.

Pull the end over to the corner just slightly past the edge of the fabric. Continue sewing down the length of the apron leaving the bottom hemline open. STEP 10: Turn the apron right side out and press. Fold the bottom hemline under about 1/4" - 1/2" and press.

STEP 12: Pleat, tuck and fold the tulle to fit into the width of the bottom of the apron. Pin into place and stitch along the bottom hemline.

STEP 11: You can simply stitch the bottom hemline closed OR you can add a fun ruffle! Fold the tulle so it has many layers and cut a strip about 2" wide (fold it many times or just a few. The fullness depends on the look you want! ) Don't worry about being exact with the width, we will do a trim later.

Trim the bottom edge of the tulle ruffle for a clean, straight look.....

and lastly, top stitch the top part of the apron further securing the neck strap into place! Our strip ended up being just over 6" long.

The apron easily slips over over the hips and then over the head. And just look at how chic this little homemaker is now!

Remember....if you craft some up, I'd love to see them!~ share your photos in the Brassy Apple Flickr Group!  

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