District Regional Operations Manager in Denver CO Resume Rick Hartman

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Rick Hartman is a District Team Leader, who has been responsible for 3 districts in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South We...


RICK HARTMAN Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 C: 303-888-6015│[email protected] Multi-Unit, Operations and Human Resource Executive Corporate Strategy Operational Excellence Talent Development & Planning Merchandise Planning & Execution

P&L Responsibility - Business & Financial Results Building High-Performance Teams Customer Engagement Multi-Unit Management

Target Corporation, (NYSE: TGT – www.target.com), Minneapolis, MN – 1986-2013 A general merchandise and food discount retailer operating 1,719 stores and 34 distribution centers in the U.S. District Team Leader, 2001-2013 Responsible for 3 districts in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Western South Dakota and Western Nebraska at different times. Oversaw 12 stores with $500M in sales volume. Led 12 direct reports with 86 salaried managers, and 1,600 hourly team members. Responsible for all financial, operational, guest service and HR functions. Selected 8 times as MVP by my peer group. Corporate Strategy Selected to take part in numerous cross pyramid corporate strategy groups including low volume logistics productivity improvement, perishable shortage improvement, food safety improvement, Target Red card penetration test group, digital communication test, inventory lead time reduction test, mountain/cold weather micro marketing and a hard-to-staff strategy group, to name a few. Financial  Expanded the Colorado market by opening 17 new stores and closing/relocating 3 underperforming stores.  Increased sales 5.5% YTY for 11 years, while improving year-over-year productivity by 3+% annually.  Delivered on annual payroll plan every year, saving 20,000 hours in 2012.  Improved district overtime performance from a 1.18 in 2007 to consistently below .15% since 2009. Ended 2012 at a .09% overtime rate. Operational  District consistently ranked in the top 10% of the company operationally, finishing 2012 at a 98.3/100, #6 in the company and #1 in our group.  Improved district stock shortage from a 1.27% shortage to a .84% in 2012.  Led turnaround efforts in a broken market (2007). Received recognition from group, regional and executive team leadership for our success in fixing the mountain stores.  Selected in 2003 to open the first-of-its-kind expanded grocery prototype store in Greeley CO. Recognized by CEO, President and EVP for the outstanding store opening and feedback that the team provided.  District recognized 6 times for top safety performance in the company. Training, Developing, Mentoring. Building High-Performing Teams  Improved salaried turnover from 30% (2007) to consistently under 10% since 2009, ending 2012 at 8.5%. During the same time, improved hourly turnover from 115% to under 40% ending 2012 at 38%.  Selected 9 times as top talent developer by regional leadership team.  Developed and promoted 8 district team leaders and 62 store team leaders.

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Selected as a peer trainer in 2004. Mentored 26 peers and 50 store team leaders, maintaining ongoing, long-term relationships. Consistently rated highly-effective by my team on our Best Team Survey, ranking 95% positive or better every year over the past 11 years. Established strong recruiting/ intern relationships with college campuses in Western Colorado in order to staff our hard-to-staff stores. Team has been consistently staffed at the salaried level since 2009. Recognized by CMU and WSC for our partnership and involvement on campus.

Guest Service  District consistently ranked in the top 10% of the company for guest service finishing 2012 at a 3.61/4.0, #19 in the company and #1 in our group. Store Team Leader, 2000-2001 Assigned to turn around a $50M broken team and operational store the end of November, before holiday rush. Focused on building a high performing team and giving them the tools and training needed to be successful. Turned the team and store around in 10 months, and transitioned into a district team lead role. Recognized by regional VP and SVP for the outstanding turnaround. Group Operations Leader, 2000 Responsible for 14 bottom-performing stores that struggled with meeting company productivity goals.   

Delivered a 12% productivity increase with all 14 stores achieving payroll and operational goals. Focused on problem solving operational inefficiencies and ongoing continuous improvement to teach the stores to operate at higher productivity levels. Successfully moved all 14 stores off of the bottom-performing list in 2000, and set them up for future success.

Store Team Leader, 1999 Selected to run a $35M metro Denver store that was attached to the Denver group and district offices. High visibility assignment opened doors for me to be promoted into the group operations role after only 6 months. Store Team Leader, Spokane, Washington, 1997-1998 Promoted into a $20M low-volume store. Took over for a long term store team leader that was terminated for work performance. Built a high-performing team that delivered outstanding results in the areas of service, operations and financials. Executive Team Leader Human Resources, August 1996 – August 1997 Executive Team Leader Operations, July 1995 – August 1996 Executive Team Leader Merchandising, January 1994 – July 1995 Executive Team Leader Overnight Logistics, August 1993 – January 1994 Hourly Team Leader, June 1987 – August 1993 Hourly Team Member, April1986 – June 1987 Education BS, Biology, Colorado State University – 1993 Board Service Board Member, Tennyson Center for Children, 2006 – 2013 Board Member, Colorado Retail Council, 2006 – 2013

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