Director of Lands vs Bisnar

January 5, 2019 | Author: Sachuzen | Category: Courts, Crime & Justice, Justice, Politics, Government
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G.R. No. 83609, October  26, 1989 DIRECTOR OF LANDS, PETITIONER, VS. CORT OF  APPEALS,  APPEALS, I!ARRA, !ISNAR AND  A"ELIA !ISNAR, Re#$o%&e%t. Re#$o%&e%t. F'ct#( In th thei eirr join jointt appl applic icat atio ion n for for regi regist stra rati tion on of  title to two (2) parcels of land led on July 20, 197, the applicants I!arra and "#elia $isnar clai#ed to !e the owners in fee si#ple of %ots & and &70 of the 'ilar adastra, containing an area of 2& hectares (2&,2 s*+#+) and  hectares (-,&- s*+#+) situated in !arrio .en+ /ion, unicipality of  'res 'resid iden entt o3a o3as, s, 'ro4 'ro4in ince ce of api api  (p+ (p+ 1, 1, ollo)+ 5he applicants alleged that they inherited those parcels of land (p+ 1, ollo) and they had !een paying the ta3es thereon (p+ 0, ollo)+ 5he 6irector of %ands and the 6irector of the

$ureau of orest 6e4elop#ent, opposed the application+ 8n e!ruary 2, 1977, the applicants led an a#ended application, which was appro4ed on arch 1, 1977, and included the following allegation "Should the Land Registration Act invoked be not applicable to the case, they hereby apply   for the benets of Chapter 8, Commonealth  Act !!, as amended, as they and their  predecessors#in#interest have been in possession of the land as oners for more than fty $%&' years(" $p( !), Rollo('  "fter hearing, the trial court ordered the registration of the title of the lots in the na#es of the applicants, herein pri4ate respondents+ 8n appeal, the "ppellate ourt a:ir#ed the trial court;s decision+

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