Diet Guidelines for Coconut Oil

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Diet Guidelines for Coconut Oil...


Coconut Oil: Dietary Guidelines & Suggestions By Mary T. Newport, MD See for more information How Can Coconut Oil Be Used in the Diet? Coconut oil can be substituted for any solid or liquid oil, lard, butter, or margarine in baking or cooking on te sto!e, and can be mi"ed directly into foods already prepared. Some people take it straigt wit a spoon, but for most people it may be ard to swallow tis way and more pleasant to take wit food. #en cooking on te sto!e, coconut oil smokes if eated to greater greater tan $%& degrees degrees or medium eat. eat. 'ou can a!oid tis  problem by adding a little oli!e or peanut oil. Coconut oil can  be used at any temperature in te o!en wen mi"ed in foods.

What Is the Nutrient Content of Coconut Oil? Does It Contain Omega-3 Fatt !cids? Coconut Coconut oil as about (()*(+& (()*(+& calories calories per tablespoon, tablespoon, about te same as oter oils. t contains %)*-& %)*-& medium cain triglyceride triglyceridess /MCT0, /MCT0, wic are absorbed absorbed directly directly witout te need for digesti!e en1ymes. 2art of it is metaboli1ed by te li!er  to ketones wic can be used by most cells in te body for  energy. Tis portion of te coconut oil is not stored stored as fat.

f you like te odor of coconut, look for products called 5!irgin,6 5!irgin,6 5organic,6 5organic,6 or 5unrefine 5unrefined,6 d,6 wic are generally generally more e"pensi!e e"pensi!e tan 5refined,6 5refined,6 or 5all natural,6 or 5:BD6 /refined, /refined,  bleaced and deodori1ed0 coconut oil, wic do not a!e an odor. Te oil itself is tasteless. 4ny of tese a!e essentially te same nutr nutrie ient nt wit wit abo about %)*%)*-& & MCT oil /med /mediu ium m cain ain triglycerides0. Te least e"pensi!e tat  a!e been able to find so far is te 8ouana brand at #almart, priced locally at ;%.s 4sian section. section. Some brands are less e"pensi!e e"pensi!e but 4bo 4bout - of te te oil oil is mo mono noun unsa satu turrated ted and + are diluted diluted wit water. Coconut cream   is mostly coconut milk   polyunsaturated. Coconut oil also contains a small amount of  and sometimes as added sugar.  pytosterols, wic are one of te components of te 5statins6 used for lowering colesterol. Flaked or grated coconut  can be purcase unsweetened or  sweetened and is a !ery good source of coconut oil and fiber and Coconut oil contains omega*- fatty acids but no omega-3 as about about (% grams oil and $ grams grams fiber in ? cup. @ro1en @ro1en or  addition to coconut oil. 'ou canned fatty acid, so tis must be taken in addition canned coconut meat  usually as a lot of added sugar and not can obtain all of te essential fatty acids required by using 7ust muc oil per per ser!ing. ser!ing. 4 fresh coconut  can be cut up into pieces coconut oil and omega*$ fatty acids. f you were to use coconut and eaten eaten raw. 4 +6 " +6 piece as about (-& calorie caloriess wit (% oil as your primary oil, te only oter oil you would need is an grams of oil and < grams of fiber. omega*$ fatty acid, wic you can get by eating salmon twice a week, or taking fis fis oil or fla" fla" oil capsules, +*$ per day. day. Some /medium cain trigly triglycer ceride ides0 s0 are are part part of te MCT MCT Oil Oil /medium oter good sources of omega*$ fatty acids are ground fla" meal, coconut oil and can also be purcased in some ealt food stores cia /a fine grain0, walnut oil and walnuts. or on*line. Tis may be useful for people people wo are on te go and do not a!e muc time to cook. cook. 4lso, MCT oil is used as energy energy 8auric acid is a medium cain triglyceride tat makes up and not stored as fat, so it may be useful for someone wo wants almost alf of te coconut oil. Scientific studies sow tat lauric to lose weigt, if substituted for some of te oter fats in te diet. acid acid as antimic antimicrob robial ial proper properties ties and may inibi inibitt growt growt of  certain bacteria, fungus9yeast, fungus9yeast, !iruses and proto1oa. t is one of  Coconut water  does not usually contain coconut oil, but as te components of uman breast milk tat pre!ents infection in a oter ealt ealt benefits. benefits. Te electrolyte electrolyte composition composition is similar to newborn. uman plasma and is useful to pre!ent or treat deydration.

What "ind of Coconut Oil #hould I Use?

How #hould I #tore Coconut (roducts?

8ook for coconut oils tat are non*ydrogenated wit no trans fat fat 4!oid coconut coconut oils tat are ydrogen ydrogenated ated or super* super* eated because it canges te cemical structure of t e fats.

Coconut oil is e"tremely stable wit a self life of at least two years years wen stored at room temperatur temperature. e. t does not need to  be refrigerated and becomes e"tremely ard wen cold.

Coconut Coconut Oil: Oil: Dietary Dietary Guideline Guidelines s & Suggestion Suggestions s

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f you wis to keep it in te refrigerator, you can measure out ( or + tablespoons into eac section of a plastic ice cube tray. Te coconut oil easily pops out of te plastic tray. Coconut milk is mostly coconut oil and can be substituted for te oil in many ways. Coconut milk must be refrigerated after opening and sould be used witin a few days or tossed out. Arated or flaked coconut can be stored at room temperature for a few weeks, but may last longer if stored in a refrigerator. 4 fresly cut up coconut can be stored in te refrigerator for a few days or free1er for a couple of weeks.

Who #hould )r )his?

Do I Need to Be Worried !+out ,aining Weight from the .tra Fat in the Diet? Yes!! Te best way to a!oid gaining weigt is to substitute coconut oil for most oter fats and oils in te diet, and if tat isn>t enoug, cut back on portion si1es of carboydrates, suc as  breads, rice, potatoes, cereals, and oter grains.

n general it is a good idea to use wole milk products but, if  weigt gain is a problem, you can also compensate for some of  te new fat in te diet by canging from full fat to lower fat dairy  products, suc as milk, ceese, cottage ceese and yogurts, as well as low*fat or fat*free salad dressings, to wic you can add coconut oil.

2eople wo a!e a neurodegenerati!e disease tat in!ol!es decreased glucose uptake in neurons could benefit from taking 4lso, use a measuring spoon and remo!e te e"cess by iger amounts of coconut and9or MCT oil to produce ketones le!eling it wit a knife to a!oid o!erestimating, wic can make a wic may be used by brain cells as energy. Tese diseases  big difference in te number of calories consumed. include 4l1eimer>s and oter dementias, 2arkinson>s, 48S Tiny glass measuring cups are a!ailable at grocery stores /8ou Aerig>s0, multiple sclerosis /MS0, Ducenne muscular  wit markings for teaspoons and tablespoons. Tese are dystropy, autism, Down>s syndrome, and untington>s corea. especially useful for combining salad dressing wit coconut oil. etones can also ser!e as an alternati!e fuel for oter cells in te body tat are insulin resistant or cannot transport glucose, Does Coconut Oil Increase Cholesterol? and could potentially lessen te effects of diabetes  or  on te ydrogenated coconut oil can increase colesterol.  brain and oter organs. Terefore look for non*ydrogenated coconut oil wit no trans fat f you are at risk due to family istory, you consider  making tis dietary cange as well. f your lo!ed one is in assisted li!ing, te doctor may be willing to prescribe coconut oil to be gi!en at eac meal, increasing gradually.

Tere is no colesterol in coconut oil itself, and wit non* ydrogenated coconut oil, most people will see little difference or  will see an impro!ement in teir D8 /5good60 and a decrease in 8D8 /5bad60 colesterol.

How *uch #hould I )a%e?

Some see an increase in total colesterol, usually as a result of an increase in D8 /5good60 colesterol.

f you take too muc oil too fast, you may e"perience indigestion, cramping or diarrea. To a!oid tese symptoms, take wit food and start wit ( teaspoon coconut oil or MCT oil  per meal, increasing slowly as tolerated o!er a week or longer. f  diarrea de!elops, drop back to te pre!ious le!el. @or most people, te goal would be to increase gradually to s or oter types of inflammatory bowel Mi"ing MCT oil and coconut oil could pro!ide iger  le!els and a steady le!el of ketones. ne formula is to mi" (- disease or malabsorption syndromes and people wo a!e diarrea from MCT or coconut oil. ounces MCT oil plus (+ ounces coconut oil in a quart 7ar and increase slowly as tolerated, starting wit ( teaspoon. Tis 4ll of your cell membranes and about -&*)& of te brain and mi"ture will stay liquid at room temperature. are made up of fats. Colesterol is a !ery important component of 

What !+out Children? Cildren wit Down>s syndrome and some cildren wit autism sow decreased glucose uptake in parts of te brain. 4 reasonable amount to gi!e a cild would be about ? teaspoon of  coconut oil for e!ery (& pounds tat te cild weigs, + or $ times a day. 4lso, some cildren like te taste of coconut milk * ( E to + teaspoons per (& pounds weigt can be added to te diet + or $ times a day. f you use coconut milk for a cild, be sure to refrigerate it and discard after two days. Do not add oney to coconut milk for cildren under ( year old, due to risk of  infection.

Coconut Oil: Dietary Guidelines & Suggestions

te support structure of te brain. Many cell functions take place witin te cell membrane. Since about te (F%&>s many people in tis country a!e been using (&& !egetable oil, wic is usually ydrogenated polyunsaturated fat and contains trans fat, wic can carry free radicals into your cell membranes. f you begin to substitute coconut and oter natural oils, suc as oli!e oil and e!en butter, along wit omega*$ oils you may be able to undo some of te damage. Most of te cells of te body turn o!er witin $ to - monts and you may notice a nicer te"ture to your skin, and a decrease in certain problems suc as yeast and fungal infections.

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Food Ideas 

/eci0es -

=se coconut oil instead of butter on toast, Gnglis muffins,  bagels, grits, corn on te cob, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, !egetables, noodles, pasta.

Mi" coconut oil into oatmeal or oter ot cereal.

4dd coconut oil or milk to smooties, yogurt or kefir.

Mi" coconut oil alf and alf wit salad dressings.

Mi" coconut oil into your fa!orite soup, cili or sauce.

=se a measured amount of coconut oil to stir fry or sautH /add peanut oil o!er medium eat0 2urcase or make coconut macaroons made from all natural  products. Gat a +6 " +6 square of raw coconut for a snack to pro!ide (% grams of oil. 4dd flaked or grated coconut to ot or cold cereal, yogurt, fruit or !egetable salads. 5Te Coconut 8o!er>s Cookbook,6 Bruce @ife I many more great ideas

Coconut macaroons

+ egg wites

Das of salt

(9+ tsp !anilla

+9$ cup sugar or (9< cup sugar and ( to + dases of Ste!ia e"tract ( cup sredded coconut Beat egg wites wit salt and !anilla until soft peaks form. Aradually add sugar /and Ste!ia0, beating until stiff. @old in coconut. Coat cooking seet wit generous amount of butter. Drop by te rounded teaspoon onto cookie seet. Bake at $+% degress for +& minutes. Makes about (3 cookies. Gac cookie at tis si1e would a!e about < grams of coconut oil. Coconut Milk

Mi" in a container and sake well before useJ ( can of coconut milk

E can of water

Das of salt

(*+ tablespoons of oney or oter sweetener to taste * Store in refrigerator and discard unused portion after < days. MCT OilCoconut oil Mi"ture

Store at room temperature, in a quart si1e 7arJ (- ounces MCT oil K (+ ounces coconut oil #Fudge$

Melt and mi" togeter % cup each  of coconut oil and cocolate cips and di!ide equally into a plastic ice cube tray and  place in free1er. n a (- cube tray, eac cube will equal ( tablespoon coconut oil. 4dd grated coconut and9or nuts for !ariety.

Coconut Oil: Dietary Guidelines & Suggestions

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