Dharma of the Right Mind

June 25, 2018 | Author: dsgfdsfgdsfgds | Category: Dharma, Soul, Color, Gautama Buddha, Hell
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Dharma of the Right Mind by Ryuho Okawa....


The Dharma of the Right Mind

Ryuho Okawa

Words of Truth

The Dharma of the Right Mind

In the great universe is light And light is the life of Buddha By that life, humans live By that life, history is made Life is eternal and universal The universal light shines forth Illuminating the earth It is the light of heaven A rainbow of seven colors Bridging earth and sky Spreading the mercy of Buddha Yellow, the color of law, is the teachings White, the color of love, is salvation Red, the color of justice, defeats evil Purple, the color of order, is reverence Blue, the color of reason, is thought

Green, the color of nature, is harmony And silver, the color of science, is progress O, the seven colors merge Brightening the Land of Buddha The land of Buddha is governed By the Bosatsu of seven-colored light This is the land of love and mercy This is the land of wisdom and law It is the land of the soul Souls are children of Buddha Children of Buddha are human beings And human beings are spiritual beings The soul is immortal intelligence The soul is imperishable energy The soul is all and everything The physical body is the shadow of the soul A boat floating on the river of life Because it is just a boat Without a boatman it will run aground The mind is the boatman So, if the mind errs The boat will hit against rock

And break into pieces However, there is an oar, Dharma Which steers the boat in the right direction Amidst the rapids of human life The Dharma is Buddha’s teachings Buddha attained enlightenment And preached the law Which became a sea of treasure This treasure is what the Dharma truly is The Dharma of Truth The crystal of Buddha’s compassion

That makes human life shine brighter From now on, no one Will be lost on their way in life The guiding hand has now been raised Go forward following this white hand Life is not confined to this lifetime alone Three phases exist in life The time of the past The present and the future Although the past is already gone The mistakes you made

In your mind still remain Therefore, try to understand others And reflect upon your thoughts and deeds You are not separate from others, but are one All are brothers and sisters The children of Buddha So, love each other, nurture each other And forgive each other This is the eternal law The light that shines in the darkness Through the present and the future The darkness of this world is hell The darkness of the other world is also hell Since we came to this earth The sun of Truth has been rising The sun that has just risen Is the light to illuminate the future The guide to the land of Buddha From this point on There will be no discord on earth No distrust on earth No evil deeds on earth

No evil spirits on earth No devils in the next world It will be an ideal world When utopia is realized Everyone will love each other Cherish each other And trust each other We are all Bosatsu of Light Who convey this message Light is the only true existence Love is the only true existence Truth is the only true existence We, Bosatsu of Light Uniting and combining our strength Now pledge to live With the Right Mind as the principle And with the Dharma as law

Prayer to the Lord

Our Lord El Cantare You are the source of all light All power All wisdom And all love May you give us light Give us power Give us wisdom And give us love O Lord Our father Please protect This planet of love, Earth Protect us from all evil And open a future for us O Lord Thank you for giving us light We give thanks From the bottom of our hearts (Put your hands together in prayer)

Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits

My guardian and guiding spirits Deep inside of me You are the fountain of life The light of hope The source of wisdom And a shield of courage Every day may you help me Develop my soul And refine my mind Every day May you give me inspiration And show me the right path to follow Please protect me From all evil And guide me in living a better life For this I give my thanks (Put your hands together in prayer)

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