DFE DF433 MFT Brochure

November 9, 2017 | Author: fengyundiyidao | Category: Ac Power, Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electronics
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Dongfang Electronics DF433 Multi Function Transducer (MFT) Brochure...


DF433 MFT BROCHURE 1. OVERVIEW The DF433 MFT was designed with the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technology. Electric power parameters, energy and demand metering, remote control, overrange alarming, statistics and records are available in one pocket-sized unit. There are also basic alarms on over/under current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, demands and pulse output based on energy or reactive energy in DF433. Status monitoring is possible using the four digital inputs. The meter combines high accuracy measurement with intelligent multifunction and a simple user interface. The DF433 MFT can replace traditional electric meters. It also can also be used as Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for monitoring and controlling in a SCADA system. All the measured data is available via digital RS485 communication ports running the Modbus protocol. The DF433 can measure four quadrants of kWh and kvarh in both directions. It provided high standard energy data and energy demand data. This data is important for line feeder statistics. The main functions of DF433 are listed below. • Phase voltage: V1, V2, V3, Vavg (L-N) • Line voltage: V12, V23, V31, Vavg (L-L) • Current: I1, I2, I3, Iavg, In • Power: each phase and total • Reactive power: each phase and total • Apparent power: each phase and total • Power factor: each phase and average • Frequency • kWh of 4 quadrants: import, export, total, net • kvarh of 4 quadrants: import, export, total, net • RS485 communications port • Modbus RTU protocol

2 .APPLICATIONS The DF433 MFT can be used for the following applications: • Power distribution automation

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• Intelligent electric switchgear • Industry automation • Building automation • Energy management systems • Large UPS systems

3 Specifications POWER SUPPLY







Inputs: 85 to 264 V AC 24/48/110/220V DC Power consumption:
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