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DEVIL COMICS ENTERTAINMENT The annual San Diego Comic Con was held this month. Several announcements were made including Batman Vs. Superman in 2015, The Flash in 2016, and Justice League in 2017. Warner Bros. wants to be on the same playground as Marvel Studios prepares for their sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. DC COMICS Three different franchises have their own event as well as the main DC Universe. Forever Evil has three limited series tying into their main event. Green Lantern faces off against Relic in Lights Out. Superman titles face the Krypton Returns storyline in November. Batman continues its Zero Year with a tie-in in November while Andy Kubert tackles Damian: Son of Batman. MARVEL COMICS Following X-Men: Battle of the Atom, a new title by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness takes off in November called Amazing X-Men. Marvel is also providing the Wolverine: Origins II by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert where Mr. Sinister plans a major role. After the Hunger series, the Ultimate Universe will face Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand by Bendis and Bagley. Bendis is also preparing for Ultimate Spider-Man #200 with Miles Morales. Other publishers including Dark Horse is going to bring the Engineers from Prometheus into their next Aliens comic to breath in new life and a new Terminator series. Valiant Entertainment is bringing Sect Civil War in Archer & Armstrong as well as preparing for Unity in November. FLASHBACK CRITIQUES This month we will go over several Captain America and Wolverine books to celebrate the 4th of July and the upcoming The Wolverine movie.

DEVIL COMICS EDITORIAL FILMS AND COMIC COMPETITION The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, and Wolverine hit the theaters in July however the announcements at the San Diego Comic Con may have overshadowed their performance or lack of performance. Comic publishers are competing for comic shelf space with events, new series, tie-ins, and crossovers which will eventually push readers to more independent titles. Image Comics is the publisher which stands out with The Walking Dead, Saga, and Joe’s Comics. Shamim Zia Editor

DC COMICS TOP OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS DC Comics continues Forever Evil by launching three new titles associated to the event: A.R.G.U.S., Arkham War, and Rogues Rebellion. The titles deal with the aftermath of the death of the Justice Leagues which continue in their respective series: Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark. DC has been building this event which will spell over to 2014. The event seems to expand in the other titles however they will eventually lead back to the main Forever Evil series.

DC Comics is also launching a new Superman series starring his girlfriend Wonder Woman. The title seems to give Wonder Woman a “second series” by hooking up with a popular character. Andy Kubert who brought Joker #1 in September is currently writing and drawing Damian: Son of Batman which takes place in the pre-Flashpoint universe. Following both Rise of the Third Army and Wrath of the Third Lantern, the Green Lantern franchise has a one month crossover called Lights Out.

DC Comics launches 6 annuals this month which expand on their main series. Aquaman brings back a character from his Others story arc. The Nightwing annual explores the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. The Swamp Thing annual ties into its current storyline. Teen Titans Annual #2 plays off of April’s WTF Superboy issue bringing back the Superboy of the future Jon Lane Kent which will lead to next month’s Teen Titans #25. Action Comics Annual #2 begins Krypton Returns which plays off the ending of H’El on Earth. Green Lantern Annual #2 is the conclusion to the Lights Out story arc involving the new villain Relic.

DC COMICS TOP OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS Highlights from other DC Comics solicitations include: - The Flash finally faces and stops the Reverse-Flash in Flash #24 - Pandora embarks on killing the Seven Deadly Sins in Pandora #4 - Green Arrow teams up with Shado as Count Vertigo pursues them in Green Arrow #24 - Superman discovers Krypton still lives in Superman #24 - Batman/Superman #4 concludes their first story arc - Batman #24 is a double-sized issue since Greg Capullo did not draw in September - Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire team up again for Justice League 3000 #1

DC has been trying to crawl its way up after the New 52 was launched by becoming a leader in sales in the industry which is currently led by Marvel. Like a spoiled politician trying to get votes by creating more seats for their party to vote for. Next month when the November solicitations arrive, DC Comics will bring the 25th issues of the New 52 to the forefront. The Superman titles will begin the Krypton Returns arc while the Batman related-titles bring Zero Year stories.

The best strategies to come out from this month are the $1 issues introducing new readers to past classics. This is a great marketing technique to attract new readers and to get current readers to pass copies to their friends to draw them into the DC Universe. This month’s DCE Essentials include the first issues of Batman, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and V for Vendetta.

MARVEL COMICS TOP OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS The Infinity event can be followed through the already released solicitations. The Marvel event kicks off on two fronts as the Avengers head towards space and Thanos attacks Earth. The Avengers join the Council of Worlds and encounter the Builders. The Skrull Empire is reborn as the Illuminati deal with Thanos. Attilan falls and the Mighty Avengers is formed under Luke Cage. The war for Earth begins in Infinity #5. However when Infinity concludes in November another storyline kicks off by writer Matt Fraction called Inhumanity as the Terrigen Mists are released throughout the world. Without having the first issue of Infinity released, Marvel has already given us a preview of the next event. The entire purpose of the event is to create more minorities with both the Mutants and the Inhumans. Overall Marvel should be applauded for creating an event that mirrors the real world. But the execution of revealing the ending before the series has begun lifts the mystery of picking it up until after the event in trade form.

The Spider-Man franchise is being overblown much like the XMen titles. Mike Costa brings The Arms of the Octopus a $15 story spanning three specials and 120 pages. A Batman ’66 has over 80 pages and costs 99 cents for one story. Superior Spider-Man teases on constant status quos as Necessary Evil concludes and the Superior Six begins. Matt Kindt of Mind MGMT brings Marvel Knights: Spider-Man has he battles 99 villains.

The Battle of the Atom reaches its conclusion by Jason Aaron the person responsible for Schism and bringing Wolverine and the X-Men. Mark Millar continues with Kick-Ass 3 #5 which may end his relationship with Marvel before bringing his works to Image Comics.

In September the Ultimates #30 concludes with Ultimates Disassembled. The October solicitations revealed the conclusion of the story arcs within both Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. Following the Age of Ultron, Galactus is currently wreaking havoc in the Ultimate Universe and concludes with Hunger #4 before kicking off Cataclysm the next Ultimate Universe story. Whether the Ultimate Universe will be rebooted in November remains to be seen as the groundwork is set for 2014 in Cataclysm #0.1.

IMAGE COMICS TOP OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS Image Comics brings more creator-owned titles to the forefront. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting were responsible for the Death of Captain America and the introduction of the Winter Soldier, which is the foundation of the second Captain America film for 2014. Now the duo brings another spy into the world with Velvet. Former Batwoman artist Amy Reeder brings Rocket Girl while former Uncanny X-Men writer brings Three.

Highlights from other Image Comics solicitations include: - Ron Marz returns to Witchblade #170 following Artifacts - Chew #38 continues towards its finale in Chew #60 - Jupiter’s Legacy #4 continues its bi-monthly series by Mark Millar - Kurtis Wiebe brings Peter PanzerFaust #15 and Rat Queens #2

Robert Kirkman is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Walking Dead with 12-issue bi-weekly storyline called All-Out War. The anniversary also includes a 10th Anniversary Edition issue as well as a Tyreese Special just in time for Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

DARK HORSE COMICS OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS The Star Wars universe continues to remain strong as Dark Horse releases the first issue by Brian Wood for $1. The Star Wars #2 continues the original version by creator George Lucas. Darth Vader deals with a few last Jedi in Star Wars: Dark Times – A Spark Remains. Ania Solo tells the tale of Star Wars in the far future with Legacy.

Dark Horse adds diversity into their publishing schedule as they compete with the Big Two. They have announced a new Lone Wolf and Cub series in 2014 by the original writer. Fred Van Lente (Archer & Armstrong) continues Brain Boy #2 with artist R.B Silva. Elfquest epic begins its ending with Elfquest: The Final Quest by the original writer and artist. Matt Kindt continues with his series with a selfcontained story in Mind MGMT #16. Geof Darrow returns to his Shaolin Cowboy series.


Besides the multiple franchises of titles, IDW Publishing is ending their current story with Locke & Key: Alpha #2. Following Star Trek Into Darkness, the Eugenics Wars is explored with Star Trek: Khan while the events following the film is followed in Star Trek #26 as the war between the Klingons and the Romulans erupts. All 11 incarnations of the Doctor are present in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #10. After Doomsday 0.1, John Byrne is building his own creator-owned series again with Triple Helix.

The G.I. Joe titles continue with the main series, Cobra Files, and A Real American Hero. The Transformers titles also continue with More than Meets the Eye, Robots in Disguise, and Regeneration One. Both G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Transformers: Regeneration One will both hit their 200 issues on the same month.

VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT TOP OCTOBER 2013 SOLICITATIONS As Valiant prepares for Unity this winter, Archer & Armstrong prepares for the Sect Civil War while Shadowman has a special Halloween issue. The Eternal Warrior has an immortal daughter as the H.A.R.D. Corps rescue Bloodshot on a mission. A prison from the Harbinger Wars is freed in Harbinger as X-O Manowar races to Unity.

Currently the seven issues of the Valiant Universe brings a tighter universe however it has been teased that both Ninjak and Rai will be receiving their own series. Whether or not this will improve the Valiant titles or add diversity remains to be seen. The favorite titles so far are Archer & Armstrong, Shadowman, and X-O Manowar. Both Harbinger and Bloodshot seem very draggy while the Eternal Warrior and Quantum and Woody titles are too early to judge.

IMAGE COMICS JULY CRITIQUES CHEW VOLUME 7: BAD APPLES TRADE PAPERBACK John Layman mentioned both Chew #14 and Chew #19 play a major role as the second half of the series races towards Chew #60. Chew #14 focuses on Tony’s last girlfriend Mindy who severs her own big toe and Tony saves it in the fridge as well as the cornering of Savoy. Savoy reveals to Colby that the government is lying and he wants to find the truth and asks to join him. Chew #19 begins with the President of the United States, the Queen of England, and the Pope assassinated however it was stopped by the combined effort of Tony and his sister. There are hints there is a connection between the avian flu and the sky writing. Following the death of his sister Toni, Tony is reinstated into the FDA and deals with a case of people who are immolated. The incident is led to an energy drink that activates when people have chicken in their systems. The High Priestess of the Church of the Divinity of the Immaculate Ova has declared war on the chicken eaters. Colby discovers Caesar been working with Savoy the whole time. Meanwhile Tony tracks down the collector who killed his sister. The collector reveals his origin to Tony over dinner however it is a hologram. Colby brings Savoy in and Tony discovers his sister left him a toe. This paperback collects Chew #31-35 RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

IMAGE COMICS JULY CRITIQUES MORNING GLORIES VOLUME 5: TESTS TPB The first season of Morning Glories ended on a confusing wimper with too many characters and storylines converging into a real mess. Now Nick Spencer throws a surprise at the beginning of Season 2 showing a Casey Blevins who has travelled to the past and become her own teacher Ms. Clarkson. She encourages her younger self to join Morning Glory Academy. These issues also gave us a discussion to what is happening. The children are traveling through time while the MGA stays in place. Theories are running that Ike is the headmaster however we finally find out who is the ghostly David character. He is the son of Casey in another timeline. However the problem with the series is that you get clues after someone explains what is happening. This is the last time I would be reviewing the series. This trade paperback collects Morning Glories #26-29 RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

39 MINUTES HARDCOVER A group of ex-marines are running around robbing banks and killing innocent civilians. Special Agent Poole recruits John Clayton who used to run and lead the ex-marines who are currently committing the crimes. It is revealed the ex-marines killed a special “Blackwater” group of soldiers and their lives were taken from them. Now they are out for committing crimes because everything was taken from them. 39 Minutes has a well crafted story however lacks the art and the execution. Writer William Harms is someone to look out for as long as the artist is right. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT – 3 OUT OF 5

IDW PUBLISHING JULY CRITIQUES THE TRANSFORMERS: MONSTROSITY TPB The Dynobots are trying to get off-world and stealing credits by stealing Energon. Meanwhile Scorponok who is now the leader of the Decepticons throws a wounded Megatron onto the Death-World of Junkion. Megatron rebuilds himself on the planet and finds a Quintessenton to guide him as his slave. Back on Cybertron Scorponok plans on stealing Energon from the same place as the Dynobots. Grimlock triggers the alarm which summons the Autobot Sky Lynx.

TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE #19 The series is slowly building up to Dark Cybertron bimonthly. Issue #17 showed the origin of Shockwave and his greatest experiment is resurrection as well as seeding 13 worlds including Earth to create new energon.This issue follows Waspinator who once controlled a Transformer Titan and Jhiaxus and Bludgeon wants to know whether he would be able to do it again. Waspinator is being hunted by a Monstructor and Orion Pax summons a Titan on Gorlam Prime. However it was all a trick so both Jhiaxus and Bludgeon can you Waspinator to pilot the Titan on Gorlam Prime back to Cybertron to join Shockwave’s forces. The plot for Dark Cybertron is slowly coming together as the events of issue 17 are coming together. Now the story will continue in issue 21 as Shockwave plan is revealed. RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

Optimus Prime is trying to unite the Cybertronians and deals with both Scorponok and the Decepticons as well as the Dynobots. Scorponok deactivates the regulator to the refinery where he was about to steal the Energon. Following the destruction a mass exodus of Cybertron begins to find more Energon. Meanwhile Megatron deals with the Sharkitcons and attempts to get off Junkion. Jetfire and the Autobots explore the remnants of the refinery to find survivors. The team finds raw liquid Energon. They discover the raw liquid Energon overwhelms their inhibitors reducing them into a primal state. This trade paperback collects Transformers: Monstrosity #1-12 RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

FLASHBACK CRITIQUES IDENTITY CRISIS TRADE PAPERBACK Novelist Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales brought the first part of a three part Crisis Trilogy. The series began in August 2004 setting up some of the stories to follow later. The dark tone set paved the way for Infinite Crisis which is a sequel to 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths by Geoff Johns and Final Crisis by Grant Morrison where evil takes over the world. The dark tone set a realistic view on heroes who are willing to do anything to save others. Infinite Crisis brought back Kal-L and Superboy Prime who saw an Earth which was worse off than they left it so they returned to set it right however Superboy Prime and Alexander Luthor became villains due to their actions. Meltzer brings a dark mystery where secrets eventually come to light and have lasting consequences. He takes an unknown character of Ralph Dibny and makes him human by mirroring the loving husband we are or we want to be. The tragedy is explored and ends with a horrific ending where more lives are destroyed than healed. Sue Dibny is murdered and the worst of all she was pregnant with Ralph’s child. A memorial is held with a closed casket since she was badly burned by her attacker. Ralph believes it was Dr. Light who raped her years before and now its time for his revenge on her. The Justice League erased Dr. Light’s mind of the event and made him slow. Now Dr. Light has hired the services of Deathstroke who almost takes down the Justice League of the past. Dr. Light slowly remembers his mind was erased by the Justice League. Doctor Mid-Nite discovers Sue Dibny was not killed by Dr. Light and now the same killer targets Jean Loring. The big Justice League guns arrive with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Batman asks the question “Who benefits?” Oliver Queen confronts Hal Jordan who is currently the Spectre to find out who killed Sue. There is a beautiful scene where Oliver Queen asks Hal “When’re you really coming back?” Hal replies “I’m working on it.” This is just prior to Geoff Johns bringing Hal back in Green Lantern: Rebirth. Now the killer target Lois Lane and Jack Drake. Batman and Robin rush to the scene of Jack Drake however it’s too late and Robin is an orphan. Wally West discovers the Justice League took Batman’s memories as well and he doesn’t know it yet. Now the truth is discover Sue was killed before she was burned so the killer was hiding something. After find out little footprints in Sue’s brain, the Justice League race to find Ray Palmer. The ending is heartbreaking as it explodes towards the events of Infinite Crisis. However before Infinite Crisis begins, Identity Crisis leads into JLA: Crisis of Conscience where Batman finds out his memories were tampered with. RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

FLASHBACK CRITIQUES CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN TRADE PAPERBACK Following Civil War, Captain America surrenders to Iron Man and is assassinated by Sharon Carter who was under the influence of the Red Skull. Bucky Barnes who returned as the Winter Soldier becomes the new Captain America. It is revealed in Captain America #600 that the gun that Sharon Carter shot him with saved him. The Red Skull wanted to inhibit the body of Captain America. The six-issue limited series retold the origin of Captain America however failed to enhance the story. The series is overly decompressed and could have been told within one issue. This trade paperback collects Captain America: Reborn #1-6 (2009)

WOLVERINE: ORIGIN TRADE PAPERBACK In 2001, the origin of Wolverine is revealed as well as his real name James Howlett. The limited series was the result of a successful X-Men film by Bryan Singer. Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada wanted to reveal the origin before Hollywood did. New characters were born in the form of Dog who is playing apart within Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron. In November 2013, the sequel to Origin continues where the first one left off with Mr. Sinister as the main villain. Overall the first series could have been better. The first two issues were exciting as many fans believed Dog would become Wolverine instead of the sick James Howlett. The second issue revealed who was Wolverine as James killed Dog’s father with his claws. The rest of the issues were fillers instead of a real test of character.

WASTED TALENTS – 2 OUT OF 5 This paperback collects Wolverine: Origin #1-6 CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD? The single one-shot follows Captain America: Reborn where Steve Rogers allows Bucky Barnes to remain as Captain America. Having seen a dark future where he dies, Rogers believes by allowing Bucky to remain as Captain America, he has prevented his death. The story ends with Steve Rogers getting a Presidential Pardon before the events of Siege where Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot destroys Asgard and the Sentry dies. RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5


DVD REVIEW In 2011 DC Comics released a series called Flashpoint which concluded by bringing 3 universes including the Vertigo, Wildstorm, and DC Universe together to form the New 52. Now 2013 brings the Flashpoint Paradox where Professor Zoom wreaks havoc on the Flash’s life. Using the Rogues as bombs, Zoom plans on destroying the city until the Justice League arrives to disarm them. Later Barry wakes up in a world where his mother is alive and a new DC Universe is born. A world where Bruce Wayne dies and Thomas Wayne becomes the Batman while Martha becomes the Joker. Atlantis and the Amazons are at war with the world. Superman lands in Metropolis instead of Smallville. Batman, Flash, and Cyborg find Superman however find a weakened Kal-El. Like the original series the story gets convoluted with too many changes and not enough development. The final battle is ultimately between Zoom and the Flash. The overall story is extremely violent for DC Animation. However we get the full explanation of what happened in Flashpoint Paradox. The Flash saved his mother which erupted a time boom causing the world to change. Zoom reveals Flash is the villain as the paradox comes to a close by the death of Zoom by Batman. Thomas Wayne asks Flash to save time so his son may live. Barry stops himself from saving his mom and the world returns to normal. DC Universe welcomes the New 52. The surprise ending brings Justice League: War which unites the heroes against Darkseid in 2014. RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

FILM REVIEW Aliens arising through a portal in the Pacific Ocean called Kaijus rises to wreak havoc on humanity. To fight back these monsters, humanoid machines called Jaegers were created to stop them piloted by two people. The Kaijus are adapting to the Jaegers so a coastline wall is created to stop them instead. A scientist discovers the Kaijus are an invading force to colonize the planet. The Jaegers are tasked to destroying the portal however they need a Kaijus to enter the portal first. The movie has an obscene amount of creativity from elbow rockets, ships used as bats, and an alien invasion force attacking Earth from within. Idris Elba brought authority and realism to the role which makes Pacific Rim one of the best summer movies following ahead of Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, and Lone Ranger. RECOMMENDED – 4 OUT OF 5

The directing of the Lone Ranger was beautifully executed however the storyline was god awful and dragging. The origin of both the Lone Ranger and Tonto were told where both their destinies intersected in the present. The brother of the Lone Ranger was killed because he would not start a war that will rid the Indians out from land rich in silver. The land was discovered years ago when Tonto revealed it to two explorers. The sense of humor was extremely dry for today’s audiences and they used the original Lone Ranger music for some of the action sequences instead of creating something new. Disney is desperate to reuse ideas of the past to make profits in the present instead of creating original ideas. Purchasing establish franchises like Star Wars and Marvel Entertainment places the emphasis on staying safe rather than taking risks on new creations. WASTED TALENTS – 2 OUT OF 5

The movie takes place after X-Men: The Last Stand and Logan is dealing with the guilt of killing Jean Grey who became the Dark Phoenix. A Japanese soldier from the end of World War II offers Wolverine morality however he must protect his granddaughter. The movie spirals into a dialogue filled drama leading him to fight the Japanese soldier in a Silver Samurai armor. Wolverine wins in the end at the cost of losing his adamantium and gaining his bone claws. The after credits show both Magneto and Professor Xavier asking for his help to deal with Trask Industries and their Sentinel program. The movie leads into next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT – 3 OUT OF 5



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