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September 12, 2017 | Author: Pratyush Vanshraj | Category: Retail, Distribution (Business), Economic Institutions, Microeconomics, Economics
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COMPANY DETAILS : COMPANY DETAILS Reckitt benckiser india ltd (RBIL) is a fully owned subsidiary of reckitt benckiser plc., World’s no.1 company in household cleaning. Reckitt benckiser india ltd (RBIL) manufactures and markets a wide range of products in personal care, pest control, shoe care, antiseptics, surface care, fabric care and other categories. Amongst its many well‐known brands are dettol, mortein, harpic, cherry blossom, lizol, disprin, robin powder, colin, etc. Most of these brands are either number 1 or number 2 in their respective categories in india.

PRODUCT : PRODUCT Dettol antiseptic liquid is a product, which has many uses for protecting against germs. Used with mopping water to disinfect floors completely . Used in washing laundry to disinfect clothes. For first aid and personal care uses. Available in a wide range of sizes from 50ml to 5 litre.

ANTISEPTIC MARKET & COMPETITORS : ANTISEPTIC MARKET & COMPETITORS The Antiseptic liquid market in India is estimated at Rs. 120 Crores in 2008. The market is dominated by Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, which has close to 85% share. Johnson & Johnson’s Savlon is the other significant player with a market share of 13%. A few years back, this market saw introduction of Suthol brand antiseptic liquid from G.D. Pharma (makers of Boroline). Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is under pricing control of a Govt. authorized body.

DISTRIBUTION PROCESS : DISTRIBUTION PROCESS RBIL distributes all its products through its common distribution channel, which has a wide and deep reach in the markets and is a key strength of the company. The channel is managed by a well structured sales force, responsible for achieving sales for the entire product portfolio of more than 150 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Antiseptic Liquid is a well‐penetrated market and is sold in over 16 lakh outlets in the country. Over the years, the product has been extended for other disinfection uses and at present secondary usage contributes more volumes of Dettol Antiseptic liquid than the primary first aid usage.



MANUFACTURER Manufacturing plant is located at Mumbai in Marwa road. Manufacturer produces on a average 6000 – 8000 kilolitres annually for sales. After manufacturing company sends its products to S.K.U and C&F agents all over India to distribute it to the distributor.

S.K.U OR C&F AGENTS : S.K.U OR C&F AGENTS It act as moderator between distributor and manufacturer. Company itself has established their warehouse where they keep their products and then S.K.U. distribute it to the market. It provide all local help to the company. It observe the market and give response about the demand of the distributor.

DISTRIBUTOR : DISTRIBUTOR It is the most essential link between retailer and manufacturer. They enjoy a higher level of expertise, respond more quickly and have more local knowledge than manufacturer. They also act as an advisor for the future growth of companies. They save the cost of logistics. They have experienced handling manpower. Expertise in local knowledge.

DETTOL DISTRIBUTOR : DETTOL DISTRIBUTOR Name: PK AGENCIES Profit margin is 3 -5 % Distributor work according to ACP(area chart plan) decided by company and distributor sales personnel. It is located in SADA SHIV PETH.

RETAILER : RETAILER It is an important link as its effectiveness will only benefit the other links above it to survive in the competitive market. It is the final link where companies effective marketing strategy will decide the demand and will make the public aware of its existing product as retailers are medium for product display. They have a profit margin of 7-8% over dettol.

WHY DETTOL HAS A HIGH DEMAND? : WHY DETTOL HAS A HIGH DEMAND? It a amour gold color which attracts the customer. It has a remember able smell. It gives a white foaming effect when put in water. So the demand is more with a larger market share.



PERSONAL SELLING : PERSONAL SELLING Distributor sends the auto to the retailers according to the ACP. In the evening the sales person goes to the retailer to take the money and also promote the product.

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