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 Mapua Institute of Technol Technology ogy School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Chemical Process Industries Laboratory



Detergents covers both soap and synthetic detergents but is widely used to indicate synthetic cleani cleaning ng compound compounds, s, as distingu distinguish ished ed from soap. soap. They They come in variou variouss forms: forms: granul granules, es,  powder, bar or liquid. Detergent granules are produced using spray tower while mixing in ribbon  blender using dry raw materials produces produce s detergent powder. The main components of detergent are surfactant, builders and additives. Surfactants (surface active ingredientsare substances that affects surface tension when dissolved in water or water solutions they perform primary cleansing and sudsing. !oconut fatty alcohol sulfate (!"# (!"#S and linear linear al$yl%be al$yl%ben&y n&yll sulfon sulfonic ic acid acid ('#S ('#S are commonl commonly y used used surfac surfactan tantt that that are  biodegradable. '#S must be neutrali&ed with a base. uil uilde ders rs boost boost dete deterg rgen entt powe powerr. Sodiu Sodium m carb carbon onat ate, e, tetr tetras asod odium ium pyro pyroph phos ospha phate te and and sodi sodium um tripolyphosphate are commonly used. #dditi #dditives ves improv improves es the performan performance ce of the deterg detergent ent.. This This includ includes es the anti%r anti%redep edeposi ositio tion n agent, agent, corrosion inhibitors, fabric brighteners, anti%microbial agent, fabric conditioners, bleaches, en&ymes and the li$es.


). *. +. .

To be able able to to prepa prepare re deter detergen gent. t. To understand understand the the process process of of ma$ing ma$ing powdered powdered deter detergent gent To identi identify fy the various various roles of the the raw materials materials in ma$ing ma$ing powdered powdered detergent detergent To desig design n a proced procedure ure in evalua evaluati ting ng the perfor performan mance ce of the powdere powdered d deterg detergent ent produce produce versus leading brand in the mar$et


*- m' capacity bea$er  /lectronic balance spatula - pieces ) m' bea$ers


 Mapua Institute of Technol Technology ogy School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Chemical Process Industries Laboratory

CHEMICALS • • • • • •

coconut fatty alcohol sulfate (!"#S (!"#S linear al$yl%ben&yl sulfonic acid ('#S sodium sulfate sodium carbonate, light grade sodium tripolyphosphate (ST00 essential oil



Detergent 0owder "ormulations

!"#S '#S ST00 Sodium Sulfate Sodium !arbonate /ssential 5il

0D ) )1. 2 2 2 ).4- 2 ).4- 2 .+ 2

0D* )).* 2 .3 2 2 ).4- 2 ).4- 2 .+ 2

0D+ )).* 2 .3 2 -2 +4.+- 2 +4.+- 2 .+ 2

"or each formulation, perform the following steps: ).

6eigh igh the the requ requir ired ed amou amount nt of !"# !"#S, '#S '#S,, sodi sodium um sulfa sulfate te,, ST00 ST00,, sodi sodium um carb carbon onat atee and essential oil in each )%m' bea$er. bea$er. 7ote the volume of the sodium sulfate sulfate and sodium carbonate.

*. 8n a *-m' *-m' bea$er bea$er , place place the the sodium sodium carbo carbonat nate. e. +. #dd '#S gradually gradually with with vigorous stirr stirring. ing. Ta$e Ta$e note note of the change in temperatu temperature re during mixing touching the surface of the bea$er 


 Mapua Institute of Technol Technology ogy School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Chemical Process Industries Laboratory

. #dd !"#S, !"#S, ST00 ST00 and sodi sodium um sulf sulfat atee and contin continue ue stir stirri ring ng until until the the mixt mixtur uree becom becomes es homogenous. -. #dd essent essential ial oil and stir stir..

. /valuation of the products "or each powdered detergent produced, conduct the following tests: 8. "oam Test ). 0lace 0lace one%gram one%gram of powdered powdered deterg detergent ent in a )%m' )%m' gradua graduated ted cylind cylinder er and add * m' of water. *. Sha$e Sha$e the graduat graduated ed cylinde cylinderr *- times times and measur measuree the volume volume of foam produced produced including the volume of the solution.

88. Stain 9emoval Test ). #t the center center of each each white white fabric, fabric, spread spread a teaspoon teaspoon of catsup. catsup. 'et it stand stand for at least least + minutes. *. Design Design a procedure procedure on how you will will test the the stain removal removal capabili capability ty of the powdered powdered detergents. +. 0erform 0erform the procedu procedure re using using Tide, Tide, Surf Surf and the the detergents detergents prepar prepared. ed. . !omp !ompar aree the the resu result lts. s.


I. Foam test Formulations PD1

Volume of Foam



 Mapua Institute of Technol Technology ogy School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Chemical Process Industries Laboratory

II. Stain removal test and other product attributes Rank the folloin! products based on the criteria belo. "ark one #1$ the best and five #%$ the orst after stain removal. Formulations

De!ree of of St Stain removed

&hiteness of the Fabric

PD1 PD2 PD3 )ide Surf 


(;se separate sheet.


(;se separate sheet.


'ther test results( (specify)

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