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Detergent Powder Formula How to make Detergent Powder?Detergent powder making m aking Formula / Recipes Sunday, 16 December 2012

How To Make Dish washing Liquid

How To Make Dish washing Liquid

About Dish washing liquid Dish washing liquid has been in the market or quite sometime now! These ha"e been used b# man# mothers at home! $"en restaurants use the dish washing liquids! These ha"e been a great help or all in making the plates% glasses% and cutler# and cooking utensils clean! This works well with #our dish washer! &ince #ou ha"e been using dish washing liquid% #ou ma# ha"e noticed that these cost higher than our  detergent soap! 'ell here is a tip on how to make #our own dish washing liquid  so #ou can sa"e rom spending too much (ust to be able to clean #our plates% glasses% and cutler# and cooking utensils!

What you need? )ou can make a litter o dish washing liquid at a "er# aordable cost! The main ingredients or making a litter o dish washing liquid are the ollowing* •

+,- grams o .enami

01 grams o "isco plus

233 milliliter o water 


+!- milliliter o scent

How to do it? The procedure is "er# simple! Here it is* •

Di"ide the 233 milliliter o water into hal! &et aside the other hal! 5n the other hal o the water% add the .enami into it! Make sure that the .enami is mied and ull# dissol"ed e"enl# into the water! 'hen the miture is done% add the color that #ou preer or your dish washing liquid ! Mi the color well! )ou can add more color the wa# #ou want it to appear 

 6dd the +!- milliliter scent! 4onstant miing can help spread the scent all o"er the solution!

 6dd the other hal o the water! Mi the solution well in constant speed!

 6ppl# the "isco plus! 4onstant stirring is needed ater the "isco plus has been added!

 6dd another +33 milliliter o water in the solution!

Mi well in constant speed! )ou would know when #our dish washing liquid is read# because it would appear smooth and cream#!

Are you done? 'ith this process% #ou can surel# make a litter o dish washing liquid that #ou can use or #our home at a cheaper price! 7 #ou like the basic dish washing liquid% #ou (ust ha"e to remo"e the color and the scent! 'ith or without the color and scent% #ou can ha"e #our dish washing liquid with this process! These color  and scent are usuall# used b# manuacturers t attract the bu#ers! There are man# other wa#s in producing dish washing liquids! &ome uses bora% grated bar soap and washing soda! The process in using these ingredients is dierent rom the abo"e process! 'ith these ingredients% #ou need to use heat as i #ou are cooking the soap! The bora and washing soda will be added right ater the soap is dissol"ed! 4onstant stirring is again needed in here! These are the important things that #ou need to ha"e or maing dish washing liquids * water and a mier or constant stirring! These are "er# important that one should prepare!

How to !ae "aundry Detergent #"iquid$ Let8s come to know how to make detergent powder! 9# this blog #ou can start #our own business o detergent powder!

7 ha"e lots and lots o reasons or wanting to make m# own laundr# detergent or our amil#! 7t8s more gentle on their skin! The recipe uses earth :riendlier; ingredients! 7t8s a blast to make! 7t makes the house smell good when 7 am melting the soap! 9ut
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