Detailed Lesson Plan in Science and Technology II

November 29, 2018 | Author: Hervin Calabia | Category: Biodiversity, Plants, Ecosystem, Habitat, Lesson Plan
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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science and Technology Technology II I. Objectives At the end of a 60-minute period, the second year high school students are expected to do the following with 75% proficiency: 1 !escri"e the #alue of organisms$  !etermine the threats to "iodi#ersity, and$ & Appreciate the #alue of "iodi#ersity

II. Subject Matter 'opic: (esson ): *mportance of +iodi#ersity eferences: Adea,  +, et al, 00& 00& .cience and 'echnology ** /g &6-&&& onato,  et al, 00& .cience and 'echnology * pg &62-&)0 3aterials: *llustration4pictures, computer, computer, (!, white "oard marer and white "oard .trategies: !educti#e, inducti#e, group wor, reportorial  recitation *ntegration: '(: 8se of plants and animals Araling /anlipunan: n#ironmental issues 9alues *nfusion: Appreciation of the #alues of "iodi#ersity +uild the spirit of group cooperation

III. Procedure Learning Activities A. Dail aily Routi outine ne Teacher’s Activity

Students’ Activity

Prayer ood morning class

ood morning .ir

/ls stand up and let us pray

;'he students will stand and the prayer leader of the day will lead a prayer<

;After the prayer< /ls arrange your chairs and sit properly

;'he students will arrange their chair and sit properly
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