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Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship DLP (1st Quarter)

+DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN COMMUNITY ACTION I. OBJECTIVES: Curriculum Standards A. Content Standard: The learner demonstrates understanding of the integration of social science perspective and community action initiatives B. Performance Standard: The learners shall be able to synthesize the integrative experience of implementing community-action initiatives applying social sciences’ ideas and methods. C. Learning Competency: Recognize the value of undertaking community action modalities (HUMMS_CSC12-IIId-g-7) Learning Objectives  Describe the duties and obligation of citizenship, including cases of dual citizenship  Analyze the role that civil society plays in their life II. CONTENT: A. LESSON: CITIZENSHIP CIVIL SOCIETY AND CITIZENSHIP B. LEARNING RESOURCES 1. Textbook: ------2. Online Resources: ------3. Video Resource: 4. Materials: ----- Copies of the Student Handout 8.1 to 8.3, Worksheet, Performance Task Rubric, and Group and Self Evaluation Rubric  Paper and Pen 5. Equipment  Projector and Laptop III.PROCEDURE: Before the Lesson 1. Teacher will make his round to ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the students and classroom 2. The teacher will clap twice to signal the beginning of class session 3. Student prayer that will be led by the student in-charge

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Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship DLP (1st Quarter)

4. Checking and reporting of attendance by the student in-charge of attendance Lesson Proper 1. Instruction / Delivery (2 minutes)  Warm up: First, ask students what they already know about the idea of being a citizen. What are the duties associated with citizenship? What are the benefits?  Second, the teacher will establish the purpose of the lesson by presenting the SWABT using Power Point.  Then watch the lesson short video entitled, “Conti Made Easy – Citizenship”  After watching the video, the teacher will ask the following discussing question: o What is citizenship? o Are you a Filipino citizen? Why? 2. Guided and Individual Practice (25 minutes)  After establishing the purpose of the lesson the teacher will proceed on the group activity. a.    

Activity 1 Civil Society and Citizenship Break the class into 4 – 5 groups Have each group come up with their own list of rights and responsibilities for citizens. Then, discuss among the class Now let’s focus more on civil society. Have your student break into smaller groups this time, round 2/3 people per group Have students generate a list of civil society activities that they have been involved in or would like to participate in. Once their list is generated (each group should have at least contribution per student), have students choose which civil society they believe would be the most beneficial to their community. Once their group choice is made, have student research how they might participate in said activity in their own community. For instance, if students decide their community would benefit from a soup kitchen, have them research volunteer opportunities in your town/city. Have student share with the class their choice of activity and what kind of opportunities exist in the community to meet the need. As an extension, have student vote for their class choice and go do the activity as a class on an afternoon field trip

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Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship DLP (1st Quarter)

Conclude the lesson by asking learners good questions that will help them crystallize their learning so they can declare knowledge and demonstrate skills. o What citizenship? o What are the rights and responsibility that come with citizenship?


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) 1.


Daily Reflection of Learning: each student should write an essay on what are their duties and obligation as citizen of the Philippines and why this duties and obligations are important.

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