Deliverables List FEED vs Detail Engineering

September 14, 2017 | Author: Anonymous QSfDsVxjZ | Category: Specification (Technical Standard), Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Cable
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Difference between FEED and Detail Engineering...


Discipline General Safety


Deliverable/activity Basic Engineering Design Data HAZOP HAZID QRA Hazardous area classification drawings Fire water demand calculation Fire & Gas detection layout Fire water network layout drawing Safety philosophy Environment impact Assessment Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) Heat & Material Balances (HMB) Equipment list P&IDs P&IDs - packaged units Process description Operating manual Commissioning Manual Alarm and Trip List Equipment Process Data Sheets Instrument Process Data Sheets Packaged units duty specifications Emergency shutdown philosophy Causes & Effects diagrams Heat exchangers thermal design & data sheets Utility balance


Plant Layout

Piping Installation


Line List Flare study Equipment specifications Equipment mechanical design Equipment Mechanical Data Sheet Requisition for inquiry Requisition for purchase Technical Bid Tabulation Vendor follow-up General Plot Plan Unit Plot Plan 3D model review Piping routing drawings Piping studies and Layout drawings Piping General Arrangement drawings Isometric drawings General specification for piping materials Piping classes summary Material selection and corrosion control report


Special piping items specification Piping Material Classes Specifications Standard drawings Piping MTO Piping/Stress

Discipline Instrumentation & Control



Design specification (piping stress design basis) Piping stress calculations

Piping support drawings and list Deliverable/activity Control system specification Instrument data sheets Instrumentation & Automation design specification System architectural drawing Systems I/O sizing Instrument list Material Requisitions Material Take-Off Cable schedule Loop diagrams Hook-up drawings Control and technical roms/buildings Equipment Arrangement drawings Cable routing drawings Soil investigation specification Underground networks drawings Design specifications Civil works specifications Guide / outline drawings Design drawings Calculation & calculation notes Drainage network calculation Concrete/steel standard drawings Buildings architectural drawings Material take-off One Line Diagram Electrical consumers list Equipment general specification Electrical design specification Equipment data sheet Material Requisitions Standard drawings Specification for bulk MTO Cable schedule Substation Equipment arrangement drawings Cable routing drawings Calculations

Painting, Coating, Insulation

Specifications Standard drawings

FEED x x x If required by Authorities IFD Preliminary IFD x x x x x IFD Preliminary (main principles-Only boxes for package) x

x Control & ON/OFF valves, analysers, flowmeters, PSVs x x x x preliminary (Estimated/Assumptions for Vendor packages)

Preliminary relief load summary x x x For main equipment For LLI For main equipment x IFD Equipment + main process lines only x

x x x

x design from P&ID (item count) and Plot Plan/Piping routing drawings (lengths) x Simplified calculation of critical lines with impact on Plant Layout FEED x ON/OFF valves, control valves, PSVs, flowmeters, analysers x x x x

standard Preliminary (size of building only) Main routings only x General (1:200 scale) x Main If needed to perform MTO

x design x preliminary General preliminary x x HV, MV design preliminary (for bulk: cables only) preliminary preliminary (size of sub-station only) Main routings only Some


DETAIL x x x x IFC final x IFC x x x x x IFC x (Details of inside package) x x x x x x All x x x x final (Includes actual vendor package consumptions)

All Lines complete report x x x For all For all For all x x IFC x (All equipment, electrical and instrument cables)

x x x x x x

x x installation from Piping layout studies/3D model x x

x DETAIL x all x x x x x x x x assigned x all routings for additional soil investigations Area (1:50 scale) x all x x x construction x x Switchgear's final x x LV x installation x all final x all routings All

x x

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