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July 19, 2017 | Author: rgk2060 | Category: Plastic Surgery, Surgery, Breast Cancer, Informed Consent, Patient
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Debate on Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery...




The distinction between cosmetic surgery and other types of surgery such as reconstructive surgery is that cosmetic surgery involves techniques intended for the 'enhancement' of appearance. Cosmetic surgery involves both surgical and medical techniques and it is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal. Cosmetic procedures have grown in popularity dramatically, in 2006, nearly 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone. The number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States has increased over 50 percent since the start of the century. Nearly 12 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2007. In Europe, the second largest market for cosmetic procedures, cosmetic surgery is a $2.2 billion business. Cosmetic surgery is now very common in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. In Asia, cosmetic surgery has become an accepted practice; currently most widely prevalent and normal in China where it is currently Asia's biggest cosmetic surgery market1. Proponents argue that the risks inherent in surgery that is not medically necessary are too great and that women are merely succumbing to the pressures of men. Opponents, in contrast, argue women have a right to choose both how they look and what methods they choose to get to how they look. Teen may wish to correct include a misshapen nose, protruding ears, overly large breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or severe acne and scarring. Teens frequently gain self-esteem and confidence when their physical problems are corrected. In fact, successful plastic surgery may reverse the social withdrawal that so often accompanies teens who feel different. This debate will examine whether cosmetic surgery should be banned. “””” Cosmetic Surgery is a method by which a specifically targeted feature can be altered or modified to improve perceived physical beauty, or reconstruct the appearance of a damaged body part. These techniques can range from reducing the signs of ageing, to completely rebuilding facial features in the event it has been damaged beyond repair. What this debate is focused around though, is whether this form of surgery should be reserved to medical reconstruction and repair only, rather than the alteration of perfectly healthy tissue for the benefits of beauty or general appearance. On the one hand, it could be argued that in a world that revolves around celebrity rolemodels; our human obsession to change ourselves to match those of socially acceptable figures is damaging to our society, forcing us to undergo radical surgery to erase or modify traits that we are not pleased with. However, on the other hand, if someone wishes to alter their physical appearance, should it be restricted by the government? Should limits be imposed to prevent abuse or pressure to undergo such procedures? When people undergo plastic surgery, its because of low self esteem, which is a much deeper problem than just not liking how you look. It's not someone's features that are the problem; If someone gets surgery to fix what they feel is "wrong" with them and boost self esteem, even though after the surgery they may look different, they are still the same person they were before they had the surgery. This means, the person should be getting psychiatric help from a professional, not turning to a surgeon who only cares if your insecurities fill his bank account. Someone who has low self confidence and self esteem will always find something wrong with themselves, surgery or not. Cosmetic surgery is just a way to cover up and mask real problems, and not go deep to the root of someone's reasons for insecurity. Get real help. Death and Infection and Harms! Oh no!

Only when needed we must use it like in case of fatal accidents or such cases like that what if people really need it?? And it is banned??What if people really have unpresentable scars which they really really need to hide?? So that is why don't use it to look beautiful /handsome use only when really need it Its their right.Cosmetic surgery should not be

banned, it helps a lot of people. Yes there are risks, but everything in life has risks. Maybe it should be a little more regulated to weed out the humans who would feel bad afterwards. You know the risks going in, no one is forcing people to get it... But to feel a home in their skin, some people need cosmetic surgery. Undergoing plastic surgery for some people is acceptable,we have to rights to comment on it.Maybe some people would say that our appearance is given



Cosmetic surgery should be banned because it is an unsafe way that people use to increase their selfesteem. There are many natural and safe ways that people can go to to boost their confidence and not feel the need for cosmetic surgery. Surgery doesn't give you the self-esteem or help you mentally, but self-esteem practices can, and they are safer.

by our parents and we should respect that.However,in 20th century,people have the rights to choose whatever they consider as necessary.We simply have no rights to judge other 's values as every individual in this world is not the same.Therefore,we can not force the other people to accept your values .

Plastic surgery hurts peoples feelings and it makes people forget who they really are and can kill people because if the stuff leaks in your body it can kill you. Also people need to ban it because it will make most people ugly instead of making them attractive! Help us ban it now Plastic Surgery does more harm than good. I personally know someone who underwent a plastic surgery, when she really didn't need it. She now regrets the day she walked in into that hospital. She's obsessed with the way she looks and sometimes she wakes up, totally hating what she sees in the mirror. It should be banned am speaking from personal experience and how it has ruined my life. I had no issues breathing and was not bad to look at. And even though i wanted to have a small change the surgeon decided on what was best for me and ended up ruining my face, my smile and my confidence. He didnt need to do the surgery on me, he even said himself that i was an attractive woman. I have been left with so many deformities now that im embarassed to even see my friends and go out in public. I live a life of isolation now. Unless you have had a terrible accident and need a reconstruction it is not worth putting yourself through plastic surgery. Everyone is beautiful as they are and surgery can lead to serious complications. There is not one day that does by that i dont wish i could go back to the day in the hospital and just walk out. Cosmic surgeries lead to disorders like BDD or body dysmorphic disorder. This is a chronic mental illness where an induvidual is over concerned about thier images and constantly obsesed about thier image.This could lead to excess dieting and surgeries.And some times these surgeries could turn fatal like the lady in japan who injected her face with oil over her obsession over cosmic surgeries!

No,it shouldnt be banned .Many people out there might be lacking self esteem and confidence in front of their peers and it's only right for us to allow them to do as they wish with their lives .If u dont want to do it DONT DO IT but let others feel better with themselves

Very misleading and wouldn't really do anything

I think if a ban was put on cosmetic surgery many surgeons would be left without a job. It is people's

Some people can be very self conscious and when they compare themselves to other people it makes them feel even worse and they feel they need to meet society's expectations. Many people are bullied and criticized because of their flaws .So what if they want to change the way they look to make themselves more appealing or the way they want. It doesn't effect you if they get plastic surgery and it's a free country so let them do what they want. It can help people who are scrutinized by things they otherwise could not change, for example if they get Breast cancer and lose a Breast, they'd have to deal with that for the rest of their lives Judging, something everyone has done. People are just fed up of being judged, of how they look and other things like that, but these days it's mostly physical judging. I have been judge by the way I look, been laughed at, and I'm just 16 years old, imagine the rest of the world being judged. No one wants that, yes there are risks, but people are aware, lets just stop the judging part and maybe everyone will be happy. People are always lacking self esteem! People aren't stupid. They know what's right and wrong for them. They understand the risks and if they chose to still do it, nobody has the right to stop them. Also this will raise self esteem and help them in life with jobs and social events. I don't think plastic surely should be banned.



choice if they want to change how they look, yes it is If you do get plastic surgery the "flaw" would still be more extreme, but it is not different from tattoos and in your genetics and if you get kids would you think dying your hair to adjust the way people see you. of them as being ugly because they don't look the way you want them to. I think it should only be aloud if it was for reconstructive surgery. No, it helps people. No, cosmetic surgery should not be banned, because in some cases it helps a lot of people. People who are injured in car crashes, or who Cosmetic surgery for unnecessary and trivial are born with birth defects, can have a new chance at purposes is unfair, unnatural, misleading, and life because of the modern miracles of plastic promotes a culture full of superficial cares and selfsurgery. That some people abuse it is not reason to consciousness. Yes, it may make you feel better about yourself, but if no one received plastic surgery hurt the people who need it. in the first place, we would not have the huge problem of people wanting to fix themselves to look better, because we wouldn't all be striving for the same look. You wouldn't feel ugly because you are the only one with a big nose, you would feel normal because women everywhere have noses of different sizes and no one gets plastic surgery to fix it. Surgery like this is unnatural and is almost like turning ourselves into machines, changing our appearances drastically at the flip of a coin. Whatever happened to genes and traits passed down through generations that help to define who we are? Whatever happened to the natural order of things? Procedures like this are feeding our feelings of insecurity and the obsession with exterior looks.

Best to be safe. Although the drawbacks of cosmetic

surgery can be severe the benefits defiantly out way them. Firstly because without the safe option for cosmetic surgery many people would search for an alternative - on that may be unsafe and possibly life threatening the people who provide this would be taking advantage of desperate people who are seeking a quick fix. Not only can this but it be extremely beneficial for people who have suffered severe disfigurement causing then not only physical damage but lifelong emotional damage too, cosmetic surgery could be the answer to this. Furthermore cosmetic surgery contributes to the economy immensely, specifically 1.2 billion pounds a year plus all the jobs that it creates – banning cosmetic surgery would put many people out of a job. It industry is A Bad Life Lesson.Turning to plastic surgery when thriving and in high demand, as long as procedures they are unhappy about their looks would only teach are safe and patents are satisfied there is no them the short way that they can just cover it up. But problem. what would this teach you about life? For example However, the vast majority of people who have when you are ashamed about your poor family are cosmetic surgery have one procedure and never you going to just cover it up? Just like covering up look back. They're made happier and more withplastic surgery secure in themselves because of it. In fact, the

same study by social worker Roberta Honigman and psychiatrists Katherine Phillips, MD, and People should learn to love themselves and not turn David Castle, MD, also suggested positive to surgery as the answer, that's just covering up a outcomes in some patients, including deeper problem that, that person has :) Also what is improvements in body image and possibly a perfection? Was is the goal that everyone is trying to boost in their quality of life as well1. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that cosmetic surgery can achieve? Really, perfection is just an illusion and i be psychologically damaging as a rule. Many don't think anybody truly knows what it is! studies have shown that patients have higher self-esteem after surgery. For example, in a recent study by Sarwer found that a year after The compulsion to change one's body is often a receiving cosmetic surgery, 87 per cent of symptom of a deeper mental instability. It should patients reported satisfaction following their be treated as a problem, not encouraged with surgery, including improvements in their overall surgery. Research indicating that breast body image and the body feature altered. They augmentation patients are four times more likely also experienced less negative body image to commit suicide compared to other plastic emotions in social situations.

BAN IT surgery patients raises questions about the mental health of women who choose implants1. It's only a plaster patched over a much deeper problem. There are also studies that show negative psychological effects on patients after their surgery has been completed. For example, a recent analysis 37 studies on patients' psychological and psychosocial functioning before and after cosmetic surgery by social worker Roberta Honigman and psychiatrists Katherine Phillips, MD, and David Castle, MD, found several predictors of poor outcomes, especially for those who hold unrealistic expectations or have a history of depression and anxiety. The researchers found that patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures or experience depression and adjustment problems, social isolation, family problems, self-destructive behaviours and anger towards the surgeon and his or her staff.


The risks of cosmetic surgery are negligible.In actual fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates that there is 1 death in 57,000 procedures, while a study in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery put the mortality rate slightly higher, at about one in 51,459 operations.[1] To put this in perspective, your chances of being injured in a motor vehicle accident are about 1 in 1,000 in any given year and there is about 1 maternal death for every 7692 live births.[2]Therefore cosmetic surgery is a lot safer than people perceive. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is becoming safer and safer. It is increasingly strictly policed and sky-high legal pay-outs by bad surgeons have ensured that practitioners take more and more care. [3]Technology in surgery and in implants and so forth is forever improving. For example, new noninvasive procedures are being developed such as Liposonix and UltraShape Contour. These procedures use focused ultrasound devices which aim to achieve targeted reduction of fat tissue by The dangers involved in elective surgery focusing ultrasound energy that causes are not worth the risk. Sometimes we must permanent disruption of fat cells without damage accept those dangers, as they come in the to the epidermis, dermis or underlying tissues course of necessary medical procedures. But with and organs.[4]Procedures such as this would elective surgery– procedures people don’t need, decrease the risk of infection. but rather merely want – the risks can’t be justified. These risks apply both to the surgery You can spend your money how you like. Why itself, and to the long term. For example, leaking shouldn't people be allowed to make the silicone breast implants have been a widespread personal choice to change their appearance with problem and can lead to death. Silicone gel can their own cash? Furthermore, the appearance leak from the implant into healthy breast tissue division the proposition seeks to suggest and go other parts of your body, such as the between rich and poor is much more dependent lungs and lymph nodes, where it could be on quality of diet. Diet is a universal factor that impossible to remove. Studies published in 2001 affects complexion, height, etc.1, while cosmetic by scientists at the National Cancer Institute surgery is a relatively insignificant factor in raised questions about the long-term safety of statistical terms and one that only affects the breast implants. One study found that women particular thing on which surgery is conducted. who had breast implants for at least eight years were twice as likely to die from brain cancer, The desire for cosmetic surgery is driven not by three times as likely to die from lung cancer or external pressure to seek the acceptance of men, other respiratory diseases, and four times as but the internal desire to look and feel better likely to commit suicide, compared to other about oneself. There are many who find that their plastic surgery patients A second study found appearance truly troubles them and that that women with breast implants for at least improving it would greatly enhance their quality eight years were 21% more likely to be of life. Operation Smile, which fixes oral and diagnosed with cancer compared to other women facial deformities found in poor children across the world, is doing "cosmetic surgery."[1] You can their age.[1] There is also the risk that the survive with a hare lip or a cleft palate. But your person having the surgery will be dissatisfied quality of life – your self-esteem, employability, with the results. acceptance in a traditional society, etc – is much better without one. Following this principle, Cosmetic surgery is unfair, for only breast reduction or augmentation or the removal of acne scars can be just as important. For those who can afford it have access example, Carole Wrigglesworth's breasts shrank to it. Only those that can pay for it get it. The after breastfeeding baby girls and as her breasts most popular surgeries include breast shrank so did her self-confidence. As a result she

BAN IT augmentation, liposuction, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty.[1] There surgeries cost between £3,000 and £5000, between £2,500 and £6,000, between £3,500 and £4,000 and between £2,000 to £6,000 respectively. [2] So if it has the advantages the opposition claims, the rich will look good, and the poor will not.

DON'T BAN IT opted to have a breast enlargement surgery and reflecting on the experience, Carole has absolutely no regrets — “I feel sexier, more confident and extremely proud of my body.[2] That’s nice. But given that the reality is that we’re judged on our appearance all the time, it’s perfectly rational to want to look good. Nobody’s forcing anyone to have cosmetic surgery – the market is driven by demand.

We should not restrict freedom of choice. Certainly there’s an element of danger involved. But we let people An outright ban would be easier box. We let people bungee jump. They undertake these than the partial bans that have dangers for fun or for money. Why shouldn’t we let people undertake dangers in the pursuit of beauty, and been enacted in some places. The higher self esteem?\ state of Queensland in Australia has a ban on Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is becoming safer and teenagers having plastic surgery. This prevents anyone under 18 having cosmetic surgery unless safer. It is increasingly strictly policed and sky-high legal it is to correct deformities or disfiguring injuries, pay-outs by bad surgeons have ensured that practitioners take more and more care. Technology in as well as allowing for procedures to improve surgery and in implants and so forth is forever medical, psychological or social well-being. This improving. The scare stories the proposition talk about potentially leaves difficulty drawing the line for are the worst examples of thirty years ago – they’re what is allowed1. A much more comprehensive ban would avoid this. Cosmetic surgery is already nothing to do with cosmetic surgery today. to some extent regulated. In the UK it is This freedom issue is particularly important to women, regulated by the GMC and practising surgeons who have historically been subjugated by men, their have to be enrolled on its specialist register. At the same time all invasive cosmetic surgery and bodies regarded as owned and for the use of men. Cosmetic surgery – the ultimate control over one’s body, laser treatments are regulated. A healthcare perhaps – is the latest stage in the emancipation of commission inspects all registered women and their ability to decide what happens to their establishments and can revoke licences. As such bodies. Cosmetic surgery is empowering. it would not be difficult to expand these regulating bodies to be making sure that If women or anyone else are secure enough not to cosmetic surgery is only performed when as in bother with cosmetic surgery, then fine. But there are Queensland it is to correct deformities and many who find that their appearance truly troubles them disfiguring injuries. and that improving it would greatly enhance their quality of life. If they can afford it, let them.

The availability of cosmetic surgery People pay handsomely for cosmetic surgery. It costs increases pressures on women that the state nothing, except in situations in which the operation is necessary medically. Cosmetic surgery can they must look beautiful. There is considerable evidence that women's attractiveness is judged more harshly than men's. For example, in a study by Adams and Huston, 1975, participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of photographs of people of varying ages. They found that although attractiveness ratings of both men and women declined with age, the rate of decline for women was greater.[1] Researchers report that women’s magazines have ten and one-half times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do, and over three-quarters of the covers of women’s magazines include at least one message about how to change a woman’s bodily appearance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery.[2] These views about appearance are damaging because it leads to seriously unhealthy

turn a profit for hospitals that is put towards more general medical areas. And doctors receive training and practice in difficult techniques which can then be used to help patients in genuine need. Cosmetic surgery happens because people want it – often, desperately. If banned, cosmetic surgery will flourish on a black market. It will still happen, but it will be very expensive (and therefore only available to the very rich) and it will be much more dangerous as it will be done by unscrupulous doctors and outside all the safety precautions the legal environment provides. This is patronising, insulting and wrong. The vast majority of people who have cosmetic surgery have one procedure and never look back. They’re made happier and more secure in themselves because of it. It’s fine to oppose cosmetic surgery, but don’t falsely portray those

BAN IT lifestyles that women think they need to look beautiful. For example, in 2003, Teen magazine reported that 35 per cent of girls 6 to 12 years old have been on at least one diet, and that 50 to 70 per cent of normal weight girls believe they are overweight.[3] Cosmetic surgery sends the message that the prejudices some have about appearance are valid.

DON'T BAN IT that have it as being mentally unstable.

The development of cosmetic surgery over the years has been intertwined with that of reconstructive and more general medical surgery. Cosmetic surgery has greatly aided reconstructive surgery. For example, maxillofacial surgery, or surgery of the jaw, has developed with insights from both plastic surgeons and oral surgeons. It’s impossible to say in some areas who contributed the greatest advances, the cosmetic or the mainstream. To shut down cosmetic surgery would be to cut off a valuable outlet for research and discovery. The With a provocative debate of this nature, market can sometimes create great benefits: people there will always be another side to the work hard in pursuit of profits and often their work can issue. I think that being able to outline help us all. Plenty of people make a good living from some basic arguments would be critical. The issue cannot be resolved in the space normal medicine and they are not criticised, the same here. The best outcome would be to offer should be true for privately provided medicine: there’s some basic arguments behind the banning nothing wrong with turning a profit. of cosmetic surgery. Finally, it should be How do you define cosmetic surgery? Much of the noted that the cosmetic surgery being “cosmetic” work done greatly improves not just spoken of here is one driven out of the appearance, but quality of life. Operation Smile, which patient's desire for physical beauty. It is fixes oral and facial deformities found in poor children this drive for a particular aesthetic which across the world, is doing “cosmetic surgery.” Sure you motivates cosmetic surgery that is being can survive with a hare lip or a cleft palate. But your spoken of in this analysis. Cosmetic quality of life – your self esteem, employability, surgery or reconstructive surgery for acceptance in a traditional society, etc – is much better medical necessity, such as in cases where without one. Following this principle, breast reduction or the patient has been burned or disfigured, augmentation or the removal of acne scars can be just is not the primary basis of analysis as important. featured. You can spend your money how you like. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to make the personal choice to One of the most basic arguments is predicated change their appearance with their own cash? Better upon the health of the patient. Cosmetic surgeries that than ask others to contribute through the state. are becoming so widespread around the world that Furthermore, the appearance division the proposition it is seen as a lucrative business opportunity. As seeks to suggest between rich and poor is much more often is the case, with the propensity for large profit dependent on quality of diet. Diet is a universal factor comes a victimization of the consumer or patient. A that affects complexion, height, etc, while cosmetic surgery is a relatively insignificant factor in statistical good example of this Poly Implants Protheses terms and one that only affects the particular thing on scandal in which faulty breast implants impacted which surgery is conducted. women around the world: "The scandal is also That might be true. Let people choose what happens to global in scope. Sold in 65 countries, the implants were re-branded by a Dutch company registered in their bodies for themselves. For every horror story, there are hundreds of people who are happier with their Cyprus, offered on credit in Venezuela and appearance after surgery – whether you prefer their new smuggled into Bolivia, where they were bought by appearance or not. PLASTIC SURGERY SHOULD NOT BE BANNED medical tourists." The fact that over 300,000 [1]Plastic surgery is a medical specialty women around the world were endangered concerned with the correction or restoration of form because of cosmetic surgery would be one reason and function of a body part. There are a lot of why it should be banned. Some of the side effects arguments concerning plastic surgery. Some people of this were "burning pain, loss of sensation, even argued that it should be banned. However, the hardening of breast tissue and serious infection." In fact that plastic surgery is still legally practiced globally its elemental definition, cosmetic surgery is not points out that the advantages significantly outweigh conceived to save the life of a patient. In cases such the disadvantages. Plastic surgery should not be banned due to the following reasons. Firstly, plastic as the Poly Implants Protheses scandal, cosmetic surgery should be banned because of its propensity surgery is needed for medical purposes. Secondly,



to do more harm to the patient than good.

every human has the rights to choose what they want to do, as long as it is not against the law. Thirdly, Another reason why cosmetic surgery should be plastic surgery often leads to success. banned is because of its impact on young people. There is often a misconception that plastic Cosmetic surgery amongst young people is on the surgeries are only used for vanity reasons. However, that is not the case; plastic surgeries are also often rise. It is evident that young people are turning towards cosmetic surgery for the same reasons that performed for medical purposes. [2]Reconstructive plastic surgery refers to plastic surgery undertaken to older people embrace it. The desire to artificially reconstruct a defective/deformed body part by the enhance or create external standards of beauty as transfer of tissues to restore it into its original function well as conform to a social expectation of what or appearance. This type of plastic surgery has been defines beauty are motivations behind cosmetic proven to be very beneficial to victims following serious surgery: accidents or burns. For example, a serious car accident may leave its victims with disfigured faces "The percentage of teens and broken noses. These unfortunate tragedies will undeniably affect their lifestyle permanently, such as having surgery is low; however, not being able to breathe properly through their I fear television showing nostrils. However, reconstructive plastic surgery may [young female celebrities] and help ‘fix’ these defects and restore their lifestyles back to normal. If plastic surgeries were banned, what their antics as well as others would happen to these victims, leave them and tell will have a tendency to them to accept their fate? Certainly not. increase the numbers," Atlanta I believe every human has the rights to plastic surgeon Dr. Brian choose how they will look like. Actually, we are already Maloney said. "As we have

free in choosing how we want to look like. In the world we live today, we are constantly judged by our physical seen a boom of cosmetic appearance. These circumstances have led to people procedures as a result of dyeing their hair, getting tattoos, wearing colored reality TV shows. It is contact lenses and finally undergoing plastic surgery to unfortunate that a parent change their physical appearances and boost their would consider letting a 16self-confidence. Now here comes the question: where year-old daughter have a is the line drawn between the methods above to breast augmentation." change our physical appearances? Why is it ‘okay’ for us to get change our physical appearances by getting Dr. Maloney's argument suggests that the embrace tattoos and dyeing our hair but it is ‘against the law of of external notions of beauty that drive older people nature’ to undergo plastic surgery? Just because to obtain cosmetic surgery is replicated in the dyeing your hair costs less and plastic surgery involves younger people's desire when they seek to do the a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is same. Parents allowing a child to have a breast unethical and inhumane. Therefore, there is nothing augmentation is duplicating the same behavior in older patients. This would serve as a reason to ban wrong with people who choose to undergo plastic cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is reinforcing surgery to change their physical appearances. Plastic surgery often leads to one’s success. skewed values in a generation of patients: "If they [3]A good example would be the South Korean aren't old enough to sign their own surgical consent booming k-pop celebrities who are known for their for a medically necessary procedure, then they flawless faces and bodies. The recent success they shouldn't be able to induce their parents to do it for achieved was due to plastic surgeries they undertook cosmetic surgery — which is a personal, subjective, to change into a completely different person with value-based decision, not a decision of medical increased self-confidence and self-esteem in necessity." In the end, this becomes one of the performing. In the world we live today, success is often determined by our looks. If that is the case and plastic critical reasons to ban cosmetic surgery. It is a surgery is a shortcut to success, who wouldn’t take the procedure embraced for the wrong reasons, as



opposed to "medical necessity." The protection of young people has always been a reason why external agencies have intervened. This could be a reason why cosmetic surgery should be banned.

opportunity? [4]The highly publicized death due to complications in plastic surgery of mother of hip hop star Kanye West, Donda West, have made people to think twice before undergoing any plastic surgery. This was a shock therapy to the world, underlining that As previously mentioned, cosmetic surgery has become a lucrative field. This might be a compelling plastic surgeries may cause deaths. Some people say that having a plastic surgery is not worth the risk and reason to ban the practice. Professionals are will certainly not do you any good. However, if you becoming concerned that it is so easily accessible think about it, no surgeries are risk-free, without and a field where patients enter with so little exception. Even the safest dental surgery poses risk reflection and information that more harm than that may lead to infection, complications in anesthesia good is becoming evident. Professionals around the and bleeding. Furthermore,[5] the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has published a study medical field are calling for a greater regulation or showing that serious complications in plastic surgeries outright banning of the practice: "Over the last decade the BAAPS has worked tirelessly to educate only occurs 1 in 298 cases or 0.34% and death only occurring 1 in 51,459 cases or 0.0019%. Therefore, the public on the many aggressive marketing plastic surgeries are safer than people perceive. At the gimmicks that not only trivialise surgery but same time, plastic surgery is becoming safer and endanger the patient." This reality where patients safer, with the forever advancement in technology are endangered, as well as lured with targeted used for surgery and implants; causing the risks within marketing campaigns that cloud the health risks to plastic surgery to keep decreasing. cosmetic surgery demonstrate how the field is a Nobody is forcing anybody to undergo plastic dangerous one. The need to prevent cosmetic surgery; it is their choice alone to take. Therefore, we surgery patients from experiencing greater pain and must respect each and every person’s own opinion harm can be seen as another reason to ban and choices because what we experience might be cosmetic surgery. very different from what they experience throughout We live in a world that is image obsessed, and this kind their lives. They may feel neglected and left out due to their awkward physical appearance and decided to of procedure panders to that. We should promote the idea that appearance is not as important as character. undergo plastic surgery. Who are we to decide what People should be content with themselves and not be others must do? so hung up on their looks. In conclusion, I strongly believe that plastic There are dangers involved in any kind of surgery. Sometimes we must accept those dangers, as they come in the course of necessary medical procedures. But with elective surgery – procedures people don’t need, but rather merely want – the risks can’t be justified. These risks apply both to the surgery itself, and to the long term. For example, leaking silicone breast implants have been a widespread problem and can lead to death. Once, paraffin was often injected into the face to smooth wrinkles, with disastrous effects. Silicon often finds its way into other parts of the body, such as the lymph glands, and can prevent the early detection of breast cancer as doctors often think real lumps are silicon leakage. Who today knows the full future implications of injecting the highly dangerous poison Botox into one’s face?

surgery should not be banned. Not only plastic surgery are needed for medical purposes to treat the victims with serious scars and cuts throughout their bodies, it is also rational for people to choose how they look like, given the circumstances that society judges first by the outer appearance. Thirdly, success is often determined by looks in this modern era, and therefore plastic surgery is the only alternative. cosmetic surgery should NOT be banned, because the whole plot of it is to make something out of yourself. Hey if you want to go drink go drink if you want to smoke go smoke, there's different things that people do to change there appearance whether its different hair

style, clothes, hair color, and face development. Society To attempt to dress cosmetic surgery in the flag of feminism is absurd. If anything, cosmetic surgery is the believes that the goal to getting anywhere will be with latest phenomenon in the long history of the objectification of women in society. Women are driven to looks and hey so what maybe they are right, but maybe

BAN IT meet male standards of beauty, exaggerating their shape and seeking to remain youthful lest their partner leave them for (often literally) a younger model. Today many operations are arranged by male partners rather than by the women themselves. Cosmetically-enhanced celebrities are redefining definitions of attractiveness for new generations, leading young girls who would have been considered naturally beautiful in past decades to see themselves as plain and to seek their own surgical remedies. The pressures of appearance apply particularly to women. Pregnancy and ageing have predictable effects: they should be accepted with grace, not fought against. The messages sent when some women have procedures are firstly that the prejudices some have about appearance are valid, and secondly that those women secure enough not to contemplate going under the knife are “letting themselves go.” Doctors should heal, not waste their talent on appearance. Precious talent and resources are spent on this frivolous activity. Surgeons should do medical operations that are needed, not cosmetic procedures that are desired. The black market argument applies to everything illegal. Of course that risk exists, but the number of those undertaking the activity will be smaller, as you concede. Lack of legal safeguards and medical accountability, and the probability that only badly qualified doctors will offer illegal operations will deter almost everyone from risking black market surgery. Fewer operations must be desirable if it is agreed that the activity concerned should be banned. Black market activity will be vigorously policed – and after all, its usually pretty obvious if someone has had surgery. Cosmetic surgery is addictive: look at Michael Jackson, or Lolo Ferrarri, who got breast implant after breast implant despite the harm it did her body. The compulsion to change one’s body is often a symptom of a deeper mental instability. It should be treated as a problem, not indulged and encouraged with surgery. It’s only a plaster patched over a much deeper problem. Pointing to accidental side-benefits of cosmetic surgery will not cover up the fact that its intention is to make money, not make people better. If a fraction of the efforts pumped into it went into proper medicine, the medical world would be much more advanced than it is today. And the fact that the benefits arise from chance merely serves to highlight the greed that constitutes the essential nature of cosmetic surgery: those benefits

DON'T BAN IT they aren't. The thing is EVERYONE is entitled to their own self adavntages and self harms. You, yourself know the consequences are dangerous but like everyone is stating technology has been highly advanced lately with my/our generation. People who say that cosmetic surgeries are really dangerous and risky and may lead to death and everything let them be known that cosmetic surgeries of today have got a lot advanced.. There are very less chances of death caused by cosmetic surgeries than accidents and maternal deliveries!! You can't blame the surgery for someone's death! Only this is not the kind of medical treatments that causes death, what do you have to say about people who die because of heart surgeries and others, huh??! And as far as cosmetic surgery "not afforded by everyone" is concerned then every surgery is expensive, people cannot afford to live, then why are people only criticizing cosmetic surgeries?!?! No. It may in some cases be silly and a reflection of superficial values, but the bottom line is your body, your business, do what you want with it. It isn't my place, or anyone else's to tell you what you can and can not do. It gets a little tricky when expecting insurance to pay for it is the question, but no one should be told that they can not have it done if s/he can figure out a way to pay for it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PLASTIC SURGERY WHETHER ITS COSMETIC OR RECONSTRUCTIVE! Most people don't approve of plastic surgery because 'God' made us one way and we should learn to love ourselves the way we are. Excuse me if I'm wrong but isn't it the same thing when someone dyes their hair, or wears coloured contact lenses? They are doing it to change their appearance?! And yet because it would only cost about 80euro to dye your hair people don't look down upon it. If everyone was really concerned about the fact that people shouldn't change the way they look, then everyone needs to stop dying their hair, getting spray tanned, wearing coloured contact lenses etc. It's the individual's choice about what they do and it shouldn't be anyone elses problem. And others are saying well oh, we can use the money spent on plastic surgery to help find a cure for some disease. Well then DON'T GO OUT AND SPEND ABOUT 150EURO GETTING HIGH LIGHTS AND LOW LIGHTS AND WHAT HAVE YOU. If you weren't blessed from 'God' to have platinum blonde hair then that's too bad cause apparently we now live in a world where murderers and rapists roam the street free but when someone decide's to improve the way they look by a small procedure which they do WITH THEIR OWN MONEY( it's not as if they are going to rob 5 grand to pay for their surgery) people are outraged! And now my rant is over, how refreshing! I am against it if the proper regulations ( Federal law for all state medical boards) are not put into place that will ensure proper patient welfare and safety. During subsequent pre-op visits to the plastic surgeons office

BAN IT ought to be all of medicine’s aim, not an accident resulting from it. Certainly people make money and careers in normal medicine, but they are giving treatments that aim to make people well, not look different. There’s a fair debate to be had here about what we all know we mean when we talk about cosmetic surgery. Balloon-breasted Barbie-doll models and self-indulgent collagen boosters are the issue, and trying to squirm out of defending them by pointing to sad children is pretty weak. Because the answer is obvious - hare lip correction is legitimate surgery. Collagen injection to hide aging is not. If the opposition is right and plastic surgery is desirable, then such surgery is unfair. Only those that can pay for it get it. So if it has the advantages the opposition claims, the rich will look good, and the poor will not. In fact, often, people look appalling after plastic surgery. Celebrities with “trout pout” overblown lips, or absurd, balloon-like breasts, are only the most well known examples. There is a good case for banning it on non-medical, essential grounds. There is something to be said for putting up with the way we are and this makes accepting people for what they are much better. Too many people are taking the chance of plastic surgery to what they see as enhancing their looks and figures when there was nothing wrong in the first place. Cosmetic surgery has been known to disfigure people and to cause a lot of harm and distress. Many young men and women who undergo surgery may regret this is later life. Cosmetic surgery can become a real psychological problem to people who don't know when to stop. It's costly and the money could be spent on less selfish and better causes. This type of surgery for medical reasons is totally different and should be allowed to those who truly need it.

I think cosmetic surgery should be banned. First of all, people have different definitions of beauty. We have to accept the fact that everyone is unique. True beauty lies in your personality. If a boy or a girl is considered ugly but has a good personality, people will find him or her attractive on the inside. That beauty is everlasting. Good looks fade with age.

DON'T BAN IT and before an actual surgery date is agreed upon by the prospective patient and the plastic surgeon, the following information must be imparted by the plastic surgeon to the prospective patient: 1 A verifiable verbal informed consent process by which the attending cosmetic plastic surgeon explains in detail his/her technique, where the incisions will be made, research articles submited to the prospective patient explaining the optimal and sub-optimal outcomes of the procedure to be performed and alternative surgical techniques where-by the outcome may be more optimal whether or not the attending plastic surgeon performs such techniques within his/her own practice. The entire doctor patient pre-op appointment would be verified via a real time video taping of the doctor/ patient verbal informed consent process. In addition, the attending plastic surgeon must ask the patient what his/her aesthetic outcome expectations will be following the surgical intervention. The surgeon must then explain what he/she can reasonably accomplish in satisfying the patients desired aesthetic outcome. This conversation between the plastic surgeon and the prospective patient must also be verified via a real time video taping of the exchange. 2 After the entire verbal informed consent process, imparted by the plastic surgeon to the prospective patient has been accomplished, the verification video must be sent to the state medical board for an official revue. 3 Following the state medical boards review of the verbal informed consent verification video for the proper doctor patient disclosure of information regarding expectation's resulting from the cosmetic surgery intervention, the medical board will either approve or deny the exchange as being sufficiant to proceed with the surgical procedure. The doctor/patient verifiable verbal informed consent process explained above should be implemented ASAP. Cosmetic plastic surgery is an elective procedure and not a neccessary medical intervention. By taking the neccessary precautions, at the end of the day, there use will help to ensure the highest degree of patient care and satisfaction. Relying solely on the current legal informed consent forms that are signed by the prospective cosmetic surgery patient after the final preop appointment, does not address the intimate details and complexities involved in a cosmetic surgery process. Most patient complaints regarding cosmetic plastic surgery involve poor communication with their plastic surgeon and subsequently the sub-optimal aesthetic outcomes that result from the procedure. Under the current legal informed consent process there is no proof regarding the verbal exchange that takes place at the pre-op appointment(s) between the plastic surgeon and the prospective patient. Because of this fact, poorly informed patients who would have either opted for another surgical technique or decided against a cosmetic surgical operation altogether, have no leg to stand on when filing a complaint with their state medical



board. A federal law that requires the implimentation of a verifiable verbal informed consent CD video with state medical board oversite within the cosmetic plastic surgery industry would help to ensure patient safety and The cosmetic surgery trend misleads people into welfare which in the end would lead to a higher thinking that looks are most important. They might percentage of satisfied patients and plastic surgeons as copy their idols' looks so they can feel good about well. Thousands of cosmetic plastic surgery patients are themselves and be accepted by the public. This would harmed every year in America through no fault of there own. If there was more oversite within a very underbe bad for society. regulated cosmetic plastic surgery industry, fewer Changing our looks is a type of cheating. Our looks are patients would have to suffer the way they have. ASPS a present from our parents and we should respect that. read this!! ..

Character is far more important.

More importantly, cosmetic surgery involves risks. Some doctors might not even have a licence. If the effect is not what you expected, you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Once your face is changed, it's changed. There's also the problem of hygiene. If cosmetic equipment is not sterilised properly, it could spread disease. I think cosmetic surgery should be banned as soon as possible, before anyone gets hurt. Matthew Murchie, 15, St Joseph's College Cosmetic surgery has gained a bad name in recent years, not only as something against nature but also as a dangerous type of operation that can leave patients with awful, plastic-looking faces. Many patients undergo plastic surgery only because they need it. For example, people who have facial injuries or were born deformed may require surgery to fit in with society. Some may say we should allow only those who really need it to have cosmetic surgery and ban it for those who wish to use it to look good. But where do we draw the line? Is it acceptable for someone to, say, correct a harelip? Would we then allow someone to straighten a crooked nose? More importantly, we are already free to change our appearance in whatever ways we like. We dye our hair, grow beards, pierce our bodies and get tattoos. Just because cosmetic surgery requires a surgeon and pain-killing drugs doesn't mean there is anything wrong about it. Banning cosmetic surgery would have serious

The specialty I’m wanting to go into is plastic surgery. Many have a good debate as to the negative and I have been open minded enough to look at both sides of the argument. I still stand proudly I might add pro plastic surgery. In a perfect world it would be great if we all accepted ourselves and one another. This is not a perfect world. I understand some may think all plastic surgery clients are trying to achieve the superficial fake look. That’s not in every case there are those who have been severely burnt, assaulted, or “deformed” etc. Some say these “victims” are more deserving of plastic surgery. In my perspective this is highly hypocritical. If were wanting us all to be equal why do we treat those who have been burnt, assaulted, deformed etc as if they need fixing. What makes them any less beautiful? And those who apply God into the matter is this not part of the life plan for them are they not trying to play God by fixing something that has come upon them? I’m not putting the people who have gone through these incidents down. I’m simply trying to make you wrap your mind around the entire matter at hand. If we all didn’t change anything about ourselves we wouldn’t use razors, makeup, clothing, body sprays and such to improve ourselves. Now I do acknowledge shaving your beard is at the lesser end opposed to a face lift on a level of extremity. All in all though we do find ways to improve ourselves and the real beauty is our choice of what we want if we go around banning all opportunities were missing out on educating ourselves whether the result is bad or good I think a lesson is to always been learned. Fact of the matter is that it’s already been introduced to the world and if we whisk it away people will still find ways, people even do that now by going to black market surgeons. I respect the certified surgeons who dedicate a good deal of their life to this and are willing to trust themselves with someone’s life in their hands. I’m not promising all surgeries come out perfect or that it will improve your life I’m also not promising you every board certified surgeon has your best interest because we cant judge people in groups we have to judge them individually but that’s when were given a chance to educate yourself and that’s why you out weigh the pros and cons of your choices and some people make rash choices and some make smart choices. And some surgeons take physiology classes or have a councilor on staff or may even look at the patients medical history to help them determine their

BAN IT consequences. Cosmetic surgery is performed by qualified surgeons. Once it is banned, illegal providers would arise for those who want it, and the operations would be far more risky.

DON'T BAN IT choice as to whether or not based of their morals as a surgeon they want to perform on the patient.

It doesn't matter whether those who choose cosmetic surgery are making a good or bad choice. All that matters is that it can help people improve how they see themselves. After all, it is our own choice if we want to change our appearance.

Cosmetic surgery (not reconstructive) is a waste of medical resources and deprofessonalizes medicine by diverting medical assets — doctors, nurses, medical facilities etc. — out of the healing arts and into lifestyle-enhancing procedures. It can also be unsafe. People have died having breast implants and face lifts. (Can you imagine losing one’s life or health over wrinkles or to have a more pronounceddecolletage?) Indeed, France is now embroiled in a major scandal involving defective implants.

“Everyone is amazing “. However, this may not be what people think of themselves. In our highly advanced and competitive society today, it is understandable to want to be better at things, but beauty can sometimes be the exception. Many people are turning to cosmetic surgery, a highly risky surgical procedure that enables one to look flawless, beautiful and of course, highly regarded in society. Statistics in South Korea have shown that 1 out of 5 people are going for cosmetic surgery to change the way they look. However, have these people wondered what is the exact reason that is making them turning to cosmetic surgery? Have they considered the consequences behind cosmetic surgery? Well, certainly they have not. The pressure to meet society’s expectations, the flawless appearances of the celebrities and the implications involved in cosmetic surgery are reasons why we should ban it. Hence, I feel that cosmetic surgery should be banned. Today, we live in a society that is obsessed with looks. Many women in society are becoming more concerned with their appearances and are willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to change the way they look so that they can be prettier. However, going for cosmetic surgery only masks the inner problem and it only gives temporary relief to the patients of cosmetic surgery. Many people feel that they have to look good to ascend the social ladder or be accepted into society. Furthermore, everyone has their own flaws. One should not change their appearance just for the sake of meeting the expectations of society. “The only ugly thing about us are our insecurities,” is a very valid quote. Patients of cosmetic surgery should learn to appreciate their looks and not to undergo cosmetic surgery to escape from harsh judgement. In

South Korea, a 13 year old teenager went for cosmetic surgery just because she admired the flawless faces of the celebrities in the K-pop groups and yearned to be as beautiful as them. This instance shows that cosmetic surgery does not affect only adults , but it also affects teenagers as young as the age of 13. People are undergoing cosmetic surgery to be like their celebrity idols, but they do not consider the real reason why they are going for cosmetic surgery. Many people are impulsive in deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery so that they can be accepted into the society. By transforming into an ideal beauty, they earn the approval of others and receive positive attention. Hence, the society is a trap that encourages people to undergo cosmetic surgery even though their appearances are perfectly fine. Hence, cosmetic surgery should be banned and it is worthless to undergo cosmetic surgery simply to meet society’s expectations of “beauty”. Next, cosmetic surgery is a real surgery with many potential risks and implications connected to it. The risks are not justified and in most cases, the nerves may be damaged or severed during the surgical procedure. If the facial nerves are damaged, the patients will lose the ability to make facial expressions. In worst cases, the drooping of the eyes and mouth will occur. Cosmetic surgery also results in hematoma, a disease that causes our skin to swell and be bruised. As a result, cosmetic surgery may cause one’s appearance to be worse that before, and people who are obsessed with looks will repeatedly go for cosmetic surgery until they get the results that satisfy them. Then, why should one go for cosmetic surgery when they are bringing greater harm to themselves? According to a 2001 medical science research, statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 cosmetic surgeries are failures, making the patient’s appearance to be much worse than before. Hence, this shows that cosmetic surgery should be banned as it brings greater harm to the patients instead and put their lives at risk and danger. Another reason why people are interested in cosmetic surgery is because certain features are trendy and they wish to feel like they are keeping up with the trend. However, trends are always changing in society. What is trendy now may not be so in the future. Some people in society feel that they have to obtain a high nose bridge in order to fit into the society. However, we have to know that trends never stay long and are always changing. Does this mean that these people have to go for repeated surgeries to keep up with the changing trends? In Australia, a 14 year old teenage boy is inspired to get pointed ears to resemble the elf from his favourite film, The Lord Of The Rings. In South Korea, teenage girls are also undergoing cosmetic surgery to get sharper chins so that they can look prettier in photos. Hence, this shows that trends are changing so quickly and people who are obsessed with their looks will keep on undergoing cosmetic surgery to change their appearances according to the trend. Hence, cosmetic surgery should be banned as it is a harmful influence on people as they follow trends whenever it changes. People ask cosmetic surgeons to make them look like the latest famous star and doing so ignores the nature of beauty and diversity of their culture. Naysayers would argue that going for cosmetic surgery is one’s freedom of choice and patients have the rights to decide for themselves. However, when one thinks carefully, it is laughable to consider having long pointy nose as a freedom of expression. When someone feels that undergoing cosmetic surgery is a freedom of expression, they are insecure about their own appearances and are afraid to be criticized by a society that puts a premium on looking good. Many people can also become addicted to cosmetic surgery because they think that they have to look a certain way to be accepted into the society. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is a trap that causes people to feel insecure regarding their looks and appearances, resulting them to go for continual surgeries till the patients get the results that they desire. Instead of focusing on their appearances, patients should focus on their jobs instead. In conclusion, cosmetic surgery should be banned because patients should appreciate their looks, be happy with who they are regardless of their appearances and be people who are concerned in other aspects of life such as family and work.

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