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July 19, 2017 | Author: Pedro De La Peña Navarro | Category: Reincarnation, Prayer, God, Dream, Intuition
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Date With Destiny: How to discover your life purpose.

By Bill White

Table of Contents How to quickly determine if you are on your destined path. 3 How to easily END FEAR.


The REAL truth about your intuition and how to use it to get what you want. 7 An easy to follow step-by-step plan to get into communication with God (even if you don’t believe in him!) 8 Some cold, hard facts about making decisions more effectively.


The most efficient methods to powerful personal growth so you guess less and grow more. 12 What LANGUAGE great people know that if you knew...would transform your life forever! 13

How to quickly determine if you are on your destined path. You’ve always thought you were meant for something greater than you are currently living but you just don’t know how to go about finding out what that something is right? You’ve maybe tried prayer, talking to psychics....other seemingly way out or not so way out methods but to no avail? I have to tell you my experiences stand on their own. I pass this information on to you as best I can. There are a few things I need to touch on briefly that I feel will do nothing for you.... First, forget about past life regression as a means to understand where you are right now. I cannot say with certainty whether I believe in reincarnation or not but I can tell you something that is absolutely does not matter where you have been or who you have been in the past. All too often Past Life Regression junkies come up and tell me who they were in a past life. My first thought is ok, but what are you doing now. If you believe you were the King of England in a previous life and today you are 34 and still living with Mom and Dad...I am going to have a hard time taking you seriously. I was adopted. I don’t know much about either of my birth parents. I was fortunate to have been given a loving home at 3 months old. I have no interest in finding my birth parents. Again...doesn’t matter where you came’s where you are going. So, unless you are indulging for pure entertainment..stay focused on Today and Tomorrow. Know that the only thing important about

your past is that it brought you to NOW. Second, I’m going to refer to God throughout this course. I believe personally in the Christian God, Jehovah made manifest in the flesh as Yeshuah Ben Joseph. Some people will tell me they do just fine without God...and that’s ok from a certain perspective. I have friends who are Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Agnostic...but the way I see it is this, you can call the engine in your car a doonwodle and it will still work. You can call your spouse hunny bunny and maybe stay married... I think you’ll live out your destiny if you intend to do so....believing in God...well that counts much more so once you transition past this life. I had experiences during a 15 year period where I pretty much walked on every path but the Christian path. The argument could be made that even though I stumbled for a decade and a half, I was saved so I never truly lost my salvation. I was frankly pretty reprobate through much of it. In the course of my experience I studied native american shaminism, the occult (most specifically the teaching of the O.T.O and Crowley later), runic and Norse mysticism, taoism, buddhism and wicca. I also read a great deal of hindu literature. Now that we’ve laid the ground work of my frame of reference in so much as it matters to you, I’ll get right to the point about destiny. There is destiny and their is free will. They coexist. Destiny is a straight line. Free will is like an oscillating wave above and below that line. You are not forced to live your destiny but

you are tethered to it. You can imagine that time has you hooked on a fishing can swim left or right, ahead or back a ways..but you ultimately are getting reeled in. With that in mind, focus on the fact that ultimately you will live out at least some of your destiny. Now think about destiny as a process not a destination. Your destiny is an unfolding story that shapes who you become. To tune into what your destiny is, you’ll need to focus on what the underlying beliefs you have are. Strip your beliefs from where they came from...get beyond your religion for a moment. What are the central values that you will not compromise. For me it is trust and truth. For example, I will trust a person even when I shouldn’t because the truth will come to the surface and I did right even if the other person wrongs me. What are the things you will absolutely not make a compromise on? This will give you a huge clue about what your destiny is about. Next, what type of people are you drawn to? What charities pull on your heart the most? Who do you find yourself wanting to serve more often than not? We are all here to interact with one another, to serve each other in love. Begin to focus more attention on your convictions and the people you wish to serve and the rubber will meet the road. Allow yourself 30 minutes per day to ponder with a quiet mind what God’s will is for you. When you are ready to listen, God will speak to you.

How to easily END FEAR. Most people never get to really live because they are too wrapped up in fear. If you’ve ever found yourself standing on the sidelines of life watching other people you know fear. If you’ve ever bought something because you wanted to “fit in” you know fear. There isn’t a single person out in the world who doesn’t deal with some degree of fear but some have mastered it more than others. So how do we end fear? First, you must become aware of the fact that most fear is unsubstantiated. In other words you are afraid of a boogie man. You simply ask yourself, is this thing I am afraid of real or imagined? What is the worst thing that could happen to me if I went ahead anyway? I’m covering fear because when you start becoming aware of your destiny you will find your path expecting you to take action without preparation. This is ok. Act before you are ready. This is all about faith. Faith is believing in something you cannot see. Faith is expecting things to go alright despite logic. I believe that even though we go through life amongst many people, we are actually alone. I say this because there are only two people who know the real and God. That is why you live in the U-N-I Verse. You are going through this world hand in hand with’s just U-N-I he says. When you have faith that you are safe in the hands of God, miracles will begin. For me, it was waking up on Monday morning December 16th, 1999 to hear God say to me out loud, “Pack your bags, you’re moving to Dallas.” Those words changed the entire course of my life. I felt compelled to act despite having only $175 in the bank and a 1977 Pontiac Ventura I wasn’t sure would make it across town let alone across country. I made it and my life improved dramatically. If you start to imagine every day, everywhere you go, that God is right there with you, then tell me....what is there to fear? Loss you say? Everything here is temporary anyway.. so it’s change you fear? Death you say? Death comes to us all...and it will never be the right time but eternity awaits beyond a small moment of time. When you fear, remember you are never alone...and you are in the company of the greatest power their is...and guess what, he likes you! Act in spite of fear and you will certainly conquer it.

The REAL truth about your intuition and how to use it to get what you want. Have you ever had a hunch that turned out to be true? A dream that later happened for real? Ever felt a sense of deja vu? My belief about intuition is that in order for God to be omnipotent, he must be present in all things. Because of this...there is a spark of divinity in each of us. That spark is your breath. Your intuition lives outside of the time continuum and therefore can tell you about events before they happen. What I have found is that the more you listen to the small voice of your intuition ( I always feel it in my solar plexus), the more it will communicate with you. Your intuition is your direct link with divinity from second to second. Think of it as an internal GPS system. It helps you navigate. It steers you clear of danger. I helps you win. As such it should be treated with great respect. You must honor your intuition by listening when it speaks to you. Spend the next month listening to your intuition. If you put a listening ear out there for it, it will take the podium. As you listen more and more to it, you’ll develop a relationship. As time progresses it will answer questions you ask of it.

An easy to follow step-by-step plan to get into communication with God (even if you don’t believe in him!) I have heard alot of people tell me they want to believe in God but just haven’t had any experiences of him. Other people I’ve known have asked me things like how can a loving God condemn people. It is true that there are many things we have difficulty understanding about him. The good news is I know how to start changing that for you! Now I know I have a lot to deliver. Not only because I just told you I can basically get you backstage passes to God himself, but also because I promised you an easy step by step plan to communicate with God even if you don’t believe in him! First of all, pray fervently. Just what does that mean? I’ve heard some biblical interpretations of this but let me convey it as I have experienced it. I’m driving to work daily and while I am in traffic people are likely to think I am talking to myself. In fact, people probably think I am nuts! Truth is, I talk to God. I talk to God almost non-stop throughout the day. I talk to him whenever anyone else isn’t around! OK, fair remark is ok, that is you...but I can’t do that. Well, yes you can. If you are trying to attract that special guy or girl in your life...aren’t you talking to them a lot? Aren’t you hoping by doing so you’ll get to go out with them? Same thing with God. You build your relationship with him by giving

him attention. OK, now for my atheist friends out say you’re not going to talk to someone you are sure doesn’t exist right? My response is, “Why, are you afraid he might prove you wrong?” If what amounts to in your mind talking yourself scares you that better start looking at the reasons why. Give it a fair chance. See what happens. Next, take time to listen. Spend some time in just quiet. I like to be outdoors at night when I do this. Just go out and sit still. You may get a feeling. You may get words in your head. You may even here an audible voice like I did! Finally, be prepared to receive messages in whatever format God sends them. If you have a pressing question and a car comes a long with a vanity tag that has your answer on it...don’t knock it. I can give everyone some words of encouragement. I spent nearly a decade in a blur. I drank daily. I partied almost constantly. I am what you would call a really severe back slider. Despite having gone off course perhaps more than most....God actually spoke to me audibly out loud. I had that experience one time in my life. From the moment it happened my life got dramatically better. I can only believe he meant for me to share my experience to those who need to hear it.

Some cold, hard facts about making decisions more effectively. By now I hope you’ve utilized the techniques I’ve given you and have at least a clearer idea what your destiny may be. Inevitably, there will come a time when you’ll need an answer to a question and come up with nothing. You’ll ask advice, pray, meditate...and you still won’t have a clear idea what to do. The good news is you don’t have to beat your head against the wall! When you need to make effective decisions about things you aren’t sure of, the first thing you need to do is write down what the problem is. Next, write down the ideal solution. Third, write down a list of things you believe will help you achieve the ideal solution. Finally, think in terms of your core beliefs and your destiny and consider whether the items on your list agree or disagree with them. Strike the things off of your list that are not in your belief system. Many people will have you believe that we in the 21st century should have collapsible morals if we are to thrive. I say the very idea is absolute bull. A person that stands for nothing has little hope in the long term. You are your beliefs in action. It is your conviction that will be most remembered. Once you’ve done this if you still don’t have an answer, affirm that you are turning the problem over to your subconscious mind to solve for you.

Do this in the evening before sleeping. Once you have affirmed it, let the worry over your problem go. Your solution will come to you at just the right time.

The most efficient methods to powerful personal growth so you guess less and grow more. For a lot of people religion is the primary vehicle for personal growth. For others it is a philosophy or system. On either side of the theosophical fence a person is usually at some point in there life given a system of beliefs and or actions to affirm those beliefs. If you are a Christian, you likely take communion. You likely attend Church on Sunday. You may pray before bed and at meals. Other religions have their rituals as well. The small things like this, the little rituals over time make a tremendous impact on who you become. They shape you in their own subtle way. Repetition is a certain route to change. If you want powerful personal growth, my suggestion is that you take one small aspect of your character, one small addition to your routine and perform it daily for a minimum of 21 days. By doing that, you’ll make it become a habit. It is your habits that will make or break you. You do not have to run out and build Rome in a day. Slow down, focus on little things first and watch as they leverage you to ever greater levels of accomplishment.

What LANGUAGE great people know that if you knew... would transform your life forever! Many people in history have discussed having a sense of destiny. Some of the most remarkable men and women felt their lives were guided. How was it that they knew? I believe that there is an unspoken language that God uses to speak to people. I believe God speaks far more often than people think. I’ve mentioned already that God may answer you by putting a car with a vanity plate right in front of you when you need an answer. During the course of my studies, I learned about power animals from the native american perspective. My mother was adept at interpreting dreams, so from her I gained an ability to figure out some of the dreams I’ve had. I also studied the Kabbala and found that the Hebrew letters are both letters and numbers and that the values of the letters indicated some connection between words that were equal. In fact the kabbala connects the dots between many things. As eclectic as all of that may sound I found that I can recognize through signs some intelligent guidance. I’ll give you some examples. The weekend before I came to Texas, I was awakened by loud birds outside my house. I got up to see what was happening. 3 crows were chasing a hawk over my house. The crows flew off but the hawk stayed. From earlier in life I knew that the crow was my power animal. What I was witnessing was a changing of the guard. My new power animal became the hawk. On my drive across country, I saw the same type of Red Tail Hawk 6 times in a tree on the side of the road. Each time, I looked to the

hawk as he turned to look at me...each time the Hawk sat on a branch of the tree. It was like watching the same movie clip over and over. I knew I was going to make the entire journey! You may see things like 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 on the clock every time you look at it. You may have recurring dreams. You absolutely must start paying attention to these things. These are the signs...the signs that say, yes, you are following the correct path. Everyone looks up when they think of God. They think of this old man in the sky. I say no...look around. God is everywhere. God is right there with you as you read this. Reach out and feel him. You are meant to live out your destiny. Take these ideas I’ve shared and utilize them well! I’ve had a great time sharing these things with you. I hope you will use them wisely. If you have any questions, or you have a particular interest in something I haven’t covered in the course, please drop me a line and let me know. I wish you all the best in your journey. Sincerely, Bill White

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