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July 8, 2017 | Author: Fazalur Rehman Babar | Category: Power Station, Gas Turbine, Safety, Occupational Safety And Health, Steam
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The HR Manager,

Subject:- Application for Engineer Power Plant . I offer my services for the subject post. I have worked at KAPCO (Base Load Capacity 1600 MW), PAKISTAN and MARAFIQ (512.5 MW), SAUDI ARABIA. I have working experience of 8 years as Shift Charge Engineer, 2 year as full time Outage Safety Controller, 2 years as Training Engineer, 5 years as Planning Engineer, 3 years for Power Plant Project during installation, erection, testing and commissioning. Also, I have 4 years of Experience in Electrical Maintenance at Power Plants including Combined Cycle Power Plants (Gas Turbine, HRSG & Steam Turbine). After graduation in Electrical Engineering, I worked at three thermal power plants, to cover the power plant knowledge I have enhanced my knowledge and studied many books related to Electrical and Mechanical Engineering topics Thermodynamics, Turbines, Compressors, Eccentricity & Vibration, Combined Cycle Thermal Efficiency. During KAPCO privatization, I participated in IDC (Initial Dependable Capacity) tests of the Combined Cycle, after that I also participated in ADC tests. Prior to ADC tests, normally we find out the causes of combined cycle performance degradation and try to fix these problems as we can before performing the test. It shows the KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which are looked at and maintained throughout the plant operation. At MARAFIQ, I worked as Shift Supervisor at GTG Power Operation and HRSG Supplying Steam to Desalination Plants. I used SAP to raise and monitor notifications for plant defects. I want to use my experience, knowledge, computer skills and trainings which are related to power plant projects, commissioning and operation. Also I want to provide expert knowledge base for the implementation of best practice assets management techniques. I want to use my computer skills and trainings like Reliability Centered Maintenance, Predictive Based Maintenance and others for Planning the activities at Power Plant. Yours sincerely, FAZAL-UR-REHMAN BABAR

Curriculum Vitae Name : FAZAL-UR-REHMAN BABAR Perm Address: 1053, Omar Block, Bahria Town, Lahore, PAKISTAN. Cell Phone : +92 301 7872882; +92 42 35341019 Email : [email protected]; [email protected] Date of Birth : 10/11/1959 CNIC # : 32303-0785729-1 Passport # : AF 8807292 Languages : Can Read, write and speak fluently English, Urdu, Punjabi. Arabic Beginner Availability : Less than One Month Driving License : Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Salary at KAPCO : Rs. 150,000 and other benefits with family status Salary at MARAFIQ : SAR. 12,697 and other benefits with family status Required Salary & Conditions: As per company policy & family status

QUALIFICATIONS B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore in 1985, in first division. •

• Certificate in Management (on-line) from The University of York, UK during 19982000. •

Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore o

Executive Development Program (Courses: Individual and Group Behavior, Effective Managerial

Skills, Communication Skills, Strategic Planning)

A-Z Project Management (Project Management, Management Accounting and Control, Basic Cost Management Concepts, Budgeting, Risk Management, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, TQM). o

Soft Skills Courses

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Reliability Centered Maintenance Predictive Based Maintenance Communication & Presentation Skills Workshop on Goal Setting Goal setting & action planning Innovation and Creativity Strategic Time Management Workshop The seven habits of highly effective people Primavera P6


7. 8. 9.

2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days 3 days 2 days 3 days 8 weeks

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES 1- Basic Operation and Electrical Maintenance of Steam Power Plants from WAPDA Training Center, NGPS, Piran Ghaib, Multan. 2- Power Plant Simulator Operation Course form WAPDA Engineering Academy, Faisalabad and Basic Management Course from WAPDA Academy, Tarbela. 3- National Power SAFETY RULES from KAPCO, Kot Addu. High Voltage 132KV & 220KV, Switching Authorization. 4- Combined Cycle Power Plant Course and GT Simulator Training by M/s SIEMENS.

5- Worked at SAP R/3 Version 6.0

COMPUTER SKILLS Operating Systems Microsoft Office

Windows XP Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Project, Primavera P6

Maintenance Management Systems

Engica Q4W CAMM, SAP R/3 Version 6.0

Programming Languages

Visual Basic, Java

DUTIES PERFORMED Position at MARAFIQ Power Generation (512.5 MW, 9 GTGs & 5 HRSGs). Shift Supervisor I worked at GE Gas Turbines, responsible for: •

Starting, synchronizing, load variation, fuel change-over for all the gas turbines from LCR (local control room), by operating the Mark-V control system through monitor screen and with the coordination of CRO.

GT-9 was having the problem in auto synchronization, therefore shift supervisor has to synchronize manually matching the voltage, frequency and phase angle. Breaker was closed at the 0 point when synchroscope was rotating in clockwise direction.

Gas turbine was started after repair, maintenance and then its associated HRSG was started to supply steam to the common steam header for Desalination Plants.

Maintaining steam supply at optimum pressure and flow to the desalination.

Testing & commissioning after repair of Gas Turbines and their associated HRSGs.

Compliance and audit in all areas of Health, Safety and Environment and application of British Safety Rules as applicable to the Power Station for all the fault and preventive maintenance jobs and activities. Safety audit and reporting the near miss.

To provide safety isolation of the plant. Isolation was made and permit was prepared during the night shift and to be issued in the next morning for the day ahead planned jobs. I was providing leadership, representation and supervision of all the operators, taking care of the safe operation of the Gas Turbine Power Generation and Steam Generation. During the morning shift, I was representing the other shifts in the morning PDR meeting for discussing the plant problems and their solutions.

I used SAP R/3 to raise and monitor notifications for plant defects. I have worked with multicultural and multi-disciplinary staff from various nationalities like Saudis, Egyptians, Pakistani, Indian, Pilipino, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis and others. I learnt new Technical Skills, Marafiq’s Company Procedures, Environmental Procedures, British Safety Rules, Key Performance Indicators, Emergency Procedures, Black-Out Restoration Procedures etc.

Positions at KAPCO (1600 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant). I have worked at the following positions in chronological order. i.

Senior Shift Engineer (Shift Charge Engineer)

I worked as Shift Charge Engineer at 1600 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant which consists of three major blocks having 4 Siemens Gas Turbines V 94.2, 4 GE Gas Turbines Frame 9, and 5 Steam Turbines ABB Condensing type. I was responsible controlling, directing and training shift operators and Shift Engineers. I was responsible for: • • • •

• •

• • • • •

Starting, synchronizing, load variation, fuel change-over for all the GTs. These units were started, according to the load demand, during the evening peak hours in combined cycle mode and stopped late night after peak hours, some units remained in operation. Normally, the starting of gas turbines was carried out from LCR (local control room). Their control is speedtronic Mark-IV. Testing & commissioning after repair of a Gas Turbine, HRSG and STG. To make sure compliance in all areas of Health, Safety and Environment and application of British Safety Rules as applicable to the Power Station for all the fault and preventive maintenance jobs and activities. Training of the operation staff (operators and trainee engineers) with the help of technical training material. Understanding the operation procedures and instructions issued by the Operation Manager for operations team. Attending the daily production meeting with operation and maintenance managers and engineers and discussing the problems and its solution. Leading the planning meeting in the evening and deciding for day ahead jobs. Then permits were prepared during the night shift and issued in the next morning. Attending the budget meeting, performance review meeting, health & safety meeting, objective & target meeting. On daily basis we were doing calculation of plant performance and heat rate by computing the parameters as part of shift report. During the shift hours, if any emergency arises, I act as incident controller. I also acted a very important role during black-out restoration. I participated in preparation of a guide line and identification of the breakers and selection of responsible persons to act under the supervision of incident controller for the quick restoration. I was responsible to make sure that the plant meets the maximum availability, reliability, efficiency, generation and cost targets, safely and within IMS environmental limits. I make sure the safe, reliable and economical operation of all the units as per NPCC load demand. I have got authorization as Safety Controller after class room and practical training and successful completion of tests and interviews. I am authorized for applying safety precautions for Mechanical Plant (Main Plant and BOP) and Electrical Apparatus for LV, MV and HV. I prepared routine shutdown & trips data by calculating equivalent operating hours of the Gas Turbine Factored fired hours and this data was used for outage planning for Combustion Inspection (CI), Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI) and Major Overhauling (MO) for Gas Turbines, HRSG and Steam Turbines.

After investigation, I have identified many points due to which plant load was being affected and thus overall combined cycle efficiency was improved. ii.

Safety Controller & HSE Engineer

I was responsible to make sure compliance in all areas of Health, Safety and Environment and application of British Safety Rules as applicable to the Power Station for all the fault and preventive maintenance jobs and activities. I was responsible for overall Health and Safety issues, ensuring safety standards, safety checks and audits. Key Performance Indicators about health & safety are measured. Ensure that safety standards are maintained and continually seek ways to improve safety standards. To Plan and implement safety and health programs and promotional activities (e.g. inspections, campaigns and competitions) that improve safety and health awareness. Establish and maintain a system incident reporting, investigation and analysis as stipulated in the HSE manual. Conduct Safety Department Review at least once every quarter to review the achievements of the Safety and Health Objectives and improvements to the HSE manual. Investigate and report all reportable accidents: internally to relevant persons, and externally to the relevant authorities. Brief and instruct sub-contractors on the safety and health procedures and instructions that they and their employees are required to comply with. iii.

Training Engineer

As Training Engineer, I have been working as part of the Human Resource (HR) department for the Training & Development of all employee of my Company. Training Need Analysis (TNA) was carried out with the help of respective sectional heads for their staff, training requirements wee identified, annual training plan was prepared and then Internal and External trainings were arranged. I worked as a Technical Trainer as well. Having a vast experience in Operations Department, I have prepared technical training material, operating procedures and instructions for operations team. I have written and prepared many books (with the help of O&M Manuals), picture taken during overhauling were also included in these books. These are very relevant books for the Operation Staff and Engineers which describe the theory, operation techniques, parameters and limits about the Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines in Combined Cycle mode. I have applied the following strategy, at KAPCO, for getting quick and better understanding of Operators while they remain on-duty, and I found it very useful for trainees and acceptable by Managers. 1.

Started with back to basics: A week program for refreshing the basic knowledge regarding valves, pumps, turbines, generators, transformers, motors, switchgears, C&I. Identify subject matter expert within team and make them present the topic to the team. This is really useful, while people start understanding advanced plants, they forget core basics.


Break team in to four groups. Break plant systems in to four groups. Make each group responsible for study of the assigned groups. This should basically involve, description, basic specifications, P&IDs, Operation philosophy, Trouble shooting. Ask each group to present topics to other groups. This really initiates self learning approach.


Field rounds: Group responsible for particular plant area should conduct detailed field round along with P&IDs. Each one must have their own copy of P&IDs. Each and every piping, instruments and locations must be reviewed during field rounds.


Assessment: It is important to assess the level of learning, Conduct a test for competency assessment. Do gap analysis and implement corrective actions.


SOP: Making team write SOP is best exercise. Writing SOP is really a task of putting all knowledge together. If SOPs are already written, ask teams to review those.

6. Operating Limits: Learning and reviewing plant operating limits was made a standard practice. It also created understanding of the reasons why this is the upper or lower limit. Last but not least, demonstration of deep interest by Department Manager in this activity is key to success. Close follow up, regular involvement and surprise dip checks affects quality of Training process. Encouragement by IMS audits: Training plans was asked from all the departments during IMS audits. This encouraged the training needs. All the departments in Operation and Maintenance asked me to help them. iv.

Planning Engineer

As a Planning Engineer, following were my principal duties. Using Power Plant Experience in Operation & Maintenance •

• •

Plan and prepare work specifications and instructions that provide direction to the Maintenance Department for corrective maintenance repairs, performance of preventive maintenance and surveillance, and the implementation of modifications Coordinate the planning of Routine Maintenance and act as a medium of change from reactive to proactive maintenance Review, develop and implement proven maintenance programs in preventive & predictive maintenance programs using Q4w CAMM & SAP R/3

Using MS Project and Primavera P6 • • • • • • • • •

Develop the Work Breakdown Structure, based on the scope of work Schedule all work packages, milestones and coded activities to roll up into the Project Level Schedule Identify & monitor performance of the activities on the Critical & Near-Critical paths Monitor cost expended to date for each reporting period Make sure and Monitor availability of spares to help maintain the work schedules Follow-up, plan and coordinate recommendations from OEM technical information letters Guide the maintenance team in developing maintenance activities on a range of major engineering components and systems in accordance with OEM Manuals Support to develop and implement new maintenance strategies like FMEA and RCM Proficiency in using Primavera P6, SAP, Q4w CAMM, MS Project etc. v.

Project Site Engineer (October, 1989 to January, 1993)

I have worked for more than 3 years as Project Site Engineer for all the activities related to Electrical, I&C, Mechanical and Civil Engineering during installation, erection, testing, commissioning and then operation of the power plant. Block-2 Combined Cycle Steam Turbine (STG-11,12) and Block-3 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine (GT 13,14 & ST15) during installation, erection, commissioning, testing and then operation of these units. Worked as Project Site Engineer for construction & installation of Power Plants & had the following responsibilities. Project Planning, Cost Estimation, Project implementation. Directly responsible on all engineering, planning, layouts, materials & all other technical services essential to support the construction and installation activities at work site. To ensure that details, included in the

installation procedures are fully understood & properly applied by the construction personnel & that all project preparation is in order. Review project planning with a view to improve on the completion date, if possible during implementation. Worked as Project Site Engineer as site area incharge -

Check plans and ensure that the specifications are in accordance with the contract.

- Ensure adherence of third parties and contractors to execute work-upon standards, specifications etc. -

Technical supervision of the execution of work and follow up with site engineers.

- Supervise the selection and requisition of materials and equipments for use in construction and prepare look ahead schedules. - Provide the project manager with progress and status reports for all outsourced functions. -

Report to the project manager with any difficulty occurring in the project.


Responsible for regular follow up on quality and safety measurements at project site. vi.

Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance

I worked for about 4 years in power plant maintenance as detailed below. Senior Engineer Electrical at Frame 9001E Gas Turbines & Combined Cycle Steam Turbines for their Electrical Maintenance of Generators, Transformers, Circuit Breakers (SF6), Auxiliary Equipment and Motors. Assistant Engineer Electrical at Frame 9001E Gas Turbines & Combined Cycle Steam Turbines for their Electrical Maintenance of Generators, Transformers, Circuit Breakers (SF6), Auxiliary Equipment and Motors. Assistant Engineer Mechanical at WAPDA Conventional Steam Turbines major equipments Turbine, Boiler, Cooling Tower etc & its auxiliaries for the repair & maintenance of pumps, compressors etc.

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