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Cross Stitch Magazine from 2015...


in £1 be priz,29 6 *U w e K o s ON t LY n! o

The world’s most beautiful cross stitch designs in one unique collection ISSUE 124 £4.99 £4 99

Christmas stocking



Sweet festive feline

Stylish folk art cushion JOAN ELLIOTT’S

Winter Elegant holiday hoops


DON’T MISS: Xmas cards, new products and more... Poinsettia bell pull


The run-up to Christmas should be full of joy, but the reality can be a little more stressful! That’s why I’ve picked one project from this issue to stitch in the evenings and help me unwind. It’s Lucie Heaton’s super stocking (p12) – a gift for my daughter on Christmas Eve. Which projects will get you in the festive mood, I wonder? Joan Elliott’s snow fairy (p4) is a masterpiece with metallic threads and beads, or perhaps our Victorian sleigh scene (p28) will tug at your heartstrings with its old-fashioned charm. I also love Debra Page’s Christmas window (p52) – a scene that any cat lover will identify with! If you’re looking for cards and decorations, then check out our elegant poinsettia bell pull (p20), sparkly hoop hangings (p36) and bauble greeting cards (p60). Or, for a decoration that can be enjoyed all year round, don’t miss our fab folk art cushion (p44). The joy is in the stitching, not the finishing, so take your time and choose a project you really love. Happy Christmas!


Through the window

Projects 4 Snow fairy Celebrate the first frost of winter with this elegant beauty by Joan Elliott

Sarah Trevor, Editor

Sarah’s choice

12 Santa stocking Believers of all ages will adore our festive stocking – essential for Christmas Eve!

20 Poinsettia bell pull Let these bold red blooms bring a floral flourish to your home this season

28 Victorian scene You’ll love the detail in this charming design of a winter sleigh ride in the snow

36 Hoop decorations Create a dazzling display for your home

44 Folk art cushion A bright and cheery Christmas project, guaranteed to bring comfort and joy!

52 Festive feline Join this kitty as she surveys the winter view from a warm, cosy windowsill


Santa, stop here!

2 Cross Stitch Gold

60 Bauble cards Four festive characters to make you smile


A classic Christmas




Holiday hoops


Cold as ice

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Cross Stitch Gold 3

Snow fairy This portrait is encrusted with sparkling seed beads for a lavish finish

4 Cross Stitch Gold

Snow fairy

stitch tip It’s a difficult design, so it’s a good idea to keep track of where you are by marking off your chart with a highlighter as you go




Cold as ice

Stitch h your mostt radiant design yet using beads and metallic thread – our fantasy icee fairy will captivate all who set eyes on her Stitcher’s guide The snow fairy is worked on 28-count white evenweave over two threads of the fabric, using 24 different shades of stranded cotton and two metallics. The design uses whole cross stitches and fractionals in two strands of cotton, plus cross stitches in one strand of metallic thread. Backstitch in one strand of cotton or metallic thread – with five different shades overall – is used for definition. Seed beads add the final flourish. This dreamy design is suitable for experienced stitchers.

Meet the designer Joan Elliott Joan is a much-loved American designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York Fairies make popular subjects for cross stitch at the best of times, but never more so than in winter and I’ve made the most of the natural beauty of this time of year with my glorious design. It’s a luxurious piece, worked in a range of stitches, using a cool colour palette of threads, with seed beads in ice and silver to add further to the frosty theme. Can you think of a young girl who’d love nothing more than to receive this stitched gift from you? If not, I’m sure you’ll find a place for it in your own home this winter.

You will need FABRIC Zweigart 28 8-count white evenweave measuring 50x40cm (20x16in) THREADS Stranded cotton and metallic threads as listed in the keyy BEADS Mill Hill seed beads as listed in the keyy NEEDLE Size 26 tapestry needle, beading g needle EXTRAS Frame of your choice with a minimum aperture of 39x29cm (15¼x11½in) FOR STOCKISTS’ DETAILS turn to page 59

How to stitch the snow fairy




4 5

Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half both horizontally and vertically. Follow the arrows on the chart to find its centre and start stitching from here, working your way outwards. Work the cross stitch over two threads of the fabric, using two strands of cotton or one strand of metallic thread. For every tiny symbol you see on the chart, work a fractional stitch.

Add the backstitch detail using one strand of cotton or metallic thread. Five different shades are used, so check the key carefully to see which to thread your needle with. Attach the seed beads using a full cross stitch and thread in a similar shade to the bead. Check over your finished stitching and prepare for framing.

How to attach the seed beads Joan has included seed beads in her design, which are used in large numbers to embellish the snow fairie’s hair, clothes and accessories. You will need to use a beading needle to attach these, as a tapestry needle has a larger eye that will not fit through the centre of the beads. After you’ve completed all the cross stitch and backstitch, use two strands of cotton thread to attach each bead with the bottom arm of a cross stitch. Bring your needle up at the bottom left corner of the square, thread a bead onto your needle, and take it down at the top right. To make sure each bead is fixed on firmly, complete the top half of the cross stitch as well, making sure one thread lies on each side of the bead. Cross Stitch Gold 5

Snow fairy

Top left

6 Cross Stitch Gold

Snow fairy Snow fairy key Cross stitch in two strands DMC

Anchor Madeira

4 j

159 160

343 939

1711 906

flax blue lavender blue

E 8 s h ;

161 162 341 642 644

122 9159 117 903 830

2702 1101 902 1905 1814

dk lavender blue light blue purple stone grey beige

J F S 6

646 793 813 827

8581 176 140 160

1812 1004 910 1013

ash grey cornflower blue dark blue blue

< n M x

926 927 928 932

850 848 274 1033

1707 1708 1709 1710

dark petrol blue petrol blue light petrol blue dark delft blue

c b

945 951

881 1010

2309 2308

dark peach peach

2 X v m

3747 3752 3753 3770

120 1032 128 1009

901 909 907 2314

light purple delft blue light delft blue light peach

k 3799 236 1713 grey Q 3834 101 2609 violet Cross stitch in one strand Kreinik #4 braid f 094 star blue i 102 vatican Backstitch in one strand –––––– 898 360 2006 brown –––––– 3799 236 1713 grey –––––– 3834 101 2609 violet Backstitch in one strand Kreinik #4 braid –––––– 094 star blue –––––– 102 Mill Hill seed beads



ice silver

02010 02022

STITCH COUNT 211 high x 160 wide DESIGN AREA 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 38.5x29cm (15x11½in) SKEINS NEEDED 2x341 (purple), 2x813 ((dark blue), 2x827 (blue), 2x926 ((dark petrol blue), 2x3747 (light purple), 2x3752 (delft blue) This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton, Kreinik #4 braid and Mill Hill seed beads on 28-count evenweave over two threads of the fabric

“With her beautiful wings, the ethereal ice princess will be loved by all ages” Sarah Heys, Charting Editor Top right

Cross Stitch Gold 7

Snow fairy

Bottom left

How to wash your finished work

A sore head

Joan Elliott’s

Designer Secrets Silver screen I may be a grown-up but I’m a sucker for films about icy kingdoms, especially a recent one starring an ice princess and her sister – if you’ve seen it then you’ll know the one I mean!

8 Cross Stitch Gold

With so much going on in this detailed design, I found myself prone to headaches while I was creating it. When I started to feel one coming on, I immediately took a break from my work, even if I felt compelled not to! If you suffer from headaches while stitching, you will probably benefit from taking regular breaks, too, before the symptoms have a chance to set in.

There are large areas of unstitched fabric in this design, which might become grubby over the course of the project. It’s a good idea to wash your stitching before framing, but make sure you do so before all the beads have been attached. Secure all your thread ends so they don’t come loose, then fill a bowl with warm water and mild detergent, and place the stitching in to soak. After a few minutes, rinse the stitching in cold water until all the soap has been removed. Lay your work on a clean towel and leave it to dry naturally, then finish by carefully ironing it face-down on a clean, fluffy towel to remove any creases.

Snow fairy

“If you enjoy beadwork, then this is the project for you! Joan has added elegant embellishment to this piece, rather than it being overly sparkly and girly. I just love the stunning bead detail in her hair and wings” Sarah Trevor, Editor

Bottom right

Coming soon in Gold From one cool character to another – next month you’ll have the chance to stitch this striking Flapper girl by Lesley Teare, worked in a palette of fresh turquoise greens and soft pinks. It’s the perfect gift for any stylish girl you know! You’ll find Lesley’s Art Deco stitch in issue 125 of Cross Stitch Gold, which is on sale 24th November 2015

Cross Stitch Gold 9

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A work of art

Marilyn was brought to life with some deceptively tricky backstitch

Norma Jean Here’s the portrait of Marilyn Monroe I recently did for my friend. She had her living room renovated and I decided to make her this gift, as she loves Marilyn. Although it looks really easy, the backstitches were tricky, but all in all Marilyn looks great. My friend was so delighted that now she wants another picture from this collection. Marta Wichlacz, Poland Sarah: This design is so striking, and captures Marilyn at her best – I love it!

People often mistake Catrin’s beautiful stitching for a real painting!

I have been working on this picture for seven years, but have done dozens of other smaller projects during that time! Although Girl With a Pearl Earring is big, it was easy to stitch because it only uses full cross stitches. I found myself returning to it when working on other fiddly projects, and it was a relief to work on this one for a while. In real life it looks just like a painting, and people are amazed when they realise it’s cross stitch! I love Cross Stitch Gold d and have been a subscriber from day one. Catrin Lloyd Rowlands, Cardiff Sarah: I hope your lovely work will inspire others to give large designs a try. It really does look like a painting. Well done!

The star letter writer in the next issue of Cross Stitch Gold will receive this wonderful Christmas Church kit by John Clayton for Heritage Crafts, worth £32.99. Visit for more information. All other letter writers will receive a mystery prize.

Labour of love This project has over 75,000 stitches in it and is the largest I have ever attempted – I finished it in less than seven months. It was a labour of love, as my father died in February this year and he loved to paint Chinese birds and flowers. The piece is called Inseparable Birds, and is a perfect memorial and reminder of my wonderful father. There were times when it seemed almost impossible to finish with all the subtle graduations of colour, from black




This design of Chinese birds reminded Joy of her beloved dad

to blue to light blue. But there was such a sense of achievement when I finally put the last stitch in, and I think dad would have been proud of it – I know I am. Rev Joy Gartside Sarah: I’m sure stitching this was great therapy for you, Joy. What an impressive result.

Friends forever I met my best friend through the www.cross-stitching. com forum many years ago, and here are a few of the friendship designs I havee recently stitched for herr. It’s always a pleasure to stittch Moira loves to celebrate friendship in stitches

29 years ago, and I have stitched Standing on the Promises of God three times now. This latest one will go to our minister – I hope pe you like it. My husband’s mother passed away this year, so I will cherish this book always. Jane Salles, by email Sarah: I can see wh why you’d want to stitch ch it more than once – it’s a beautiful piece.

for those who appreciate the time that goes into it. These projects are by Lavender Wings and Just Nan – all were enjoyable to stitch and it was fun to use more than eight speciality stitches in one piece! Moira McLean, Berwick-upon-Tweed Sarah: What a sweet collection of designs. I love stitching for or my crafty friends too,, Moira! M

Best loved hymn T design is from a book by This Leisure Arts called America’s Best Loved Hymns in Cross Stitch. It was a gift from my mother-in-law

Jane is grateful to her late motherin-law for the gift of this design Cross Stitch Gold 11

Christmas stocking

Santa, stop here! Celebrate the magic of Christmas with our fun Santa stocking. It’s something both children and adults will love! Stitcher’s guide This Christmas stocking is worked on 14-count white aida, using 34 different shades of stranded cotton. The design uses whole cross stitches in two strands of thread, with backstitch in one strand, for definition. This project is recommended for any stitcher who is competent working large designs.

Meet the designer Lucie Heaton Lucie is a freelance cross stitch designer with a passion for needlework and crafts When you’re a child, Christmas is all about Santa and his presents – that’s where the excitement of the day lies. Though Christmases may come and go, it’s easy to cast your mind back to those days, and revel in the magic and excitement of it all. That’s why my stocking, featuring its traditional scene of Santa in his sleigh, will appeal to both children of old as well as today! It’s a densely stitched design with plenty of detail but, owing to the shape, it won’t take as long to complete as you might expect. Once you’ve worked the last stitch, follow our instructions to turn it into a lovely stocking in time for Christmas Eve.

12 Cross Stitch Gold

How to stitch the Christmas stocking


Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half both horizontally and vertically. Follow the arrows on the chart to find its centre and start stitching from here, working your way outwards. Work the cross stitch using two strands of cotton. Add the backstitch using one strand of dark grey thread. Look for an offcut of Check over fabric at your local your finished haberdashery store to stitching and follow make the stocking – the making up instructions found on you won’t need a lot page 15.

2 3 4

You will need FABRIC Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 50x35cm (20x14in) THREADS Stranded cotton as listed in the key NEEDLE Size 24 tapestry needle EXTRAS Backing fabric and ribbon of your choice FOR STOCKISTS’ DETAILS turn to page 59

stitch tip

Christmas stocking

This stocking will bring out your festive spirit with each and every stitch

Cross Stitch Gold 13

Christmas stocking

Top left

14 Cross Stitch Gold

Christmas stocking

stitch ip Don’t pull your stitches too tight. It’s easy to distort the fabric on a densely stitched design!

How to make up the Christmas stocking


Draw around the stitched stocking, leaving a 1cm (¼in) border of aida as a seam allowance along the sides and bottom, and an 8cm (3in) border at the top. Cut out along this line. Use your stitched piece as a template to cut out a piece of backing fabric, and two pieces of lining fabric, to exactly the same size. With right sides together, pin one of the lining pieces to the stitched piece, along the top edge only. Sew in place with a 1cm (¼in) seam allowance. Press the seam open, then lay the panel out flat on the table, right sides facing up. This is now called panel A. Pin and sew the other lining piece to the backing fabric in the same way, with right sides together. Lay this panel out flat on the table as before. This is now panel B. Lay panel A on top of panel B so that the right sides are facing. Pin all the way around the edge using a 1cm (¼in) seam allowance, and leaving a small gap on the straight edge for turning through. Trim and clip notches into the curves to allow the stocking to lie flat. Turn the stocking through and slip-stitch the gap closed. Tuck the lining down into the stocking, carefully smoothing out the corners and curves. Iron the stocking flat, then fold the top part 7cm (2¾in) down over the outside, to show off the lining and create a cuff. To finish the stocking, neatly sew a loop of ribbon or cord to the inside of the cuff for hanging.

2 3

4 5 6 7


Chr stmas stocking key stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira Z B5200 1 2401 S 349 1098 212 t 351 10 214 V 434 310 2009 P 436 1045 2011 H 437 362 2012 G 552 99 713 g 553 98 712 2 554 90 711 k 645 273 1811 7 646 8581 1812 c 676 891 2208 5 677 886 2207 j 712 926 2101 i 739 366 2014 8 741 304 202 h 742 303 114 [ 745 300 111 3 754 1012 305 F 797 139 913 E 798 131 912 e 799 145 910 L 800 144 908 N 809 130 909 T 817 13 210 W 844 1041 1911 ` 911 205 1214 b 912 209 1213 I 913 204 1212 m 948 892 306 ; 3753 128 2504 U 3799 236 1713 Y 3820 306 2509 X 3822 295 2511 Backstitch in one strand –––––– 3799 236 1713

white red light red dark tan tan light tan dark purple purple light purple dark ash grey ash grey sand light sand light cream cream dark tangerine tangerine light yellow peach very dark blue dark blue blue very light blue light blue ruby warm grey dark green green light green light peach petrol blue very dark grey gold light gold dark grey

STITCH COUNT 174 high x 126 wide DESIGN AREA 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 31.5x23cm (12½x9in) This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton

“My little girl will love this magical stocking, and waking up to find all her presents from Father Christmas inside!” Sarah Trevor, Editor

Top right

Cross Stitch Gold 15

Christmas stocking

Bottom left

Lucie Heaton’s

Designer Secrets A different count I’ve chosen 14-count aida for this project, as there aren’t any fractionals. However, if you prefer stitching on 28-count evenweave, it’s a straight substitution – just stitch over two threads of the fabric instead.

Strange shape It can be difficult to design for projects like stockings, working out what goes where, and trying not to cut anything important off! To begin with, I sketched out my idea as though this project was a portrait rectangle. Then I overlaid the stocking shape, before tweaking the layout slightly to fit.

“I love the background of this stunning design. The blue shades combine beautifully to create a very atmospheric scene” Sarah Heys, Charting Editor Bottom right

16 Cross Stitch Gold

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New products

Shopper’s guide Sarah shops for the best new stitching goodies

Christmas is coming, and we’ve got a collection of kits, charts and accessories to fulfil all your festive wishes… GOLD


Bygone days Inspired by Victorian postcards, these new kits from DMC are just the thing to get you in the festive mood. The nostalgic scenes were designed by Gold d regular, Maria Diaz, who perfectly captures the feel of a simpler time, when Christmas was all about family, and having fun in the snow. Each design measures 20x30cm (8x12in) on 14-count antique white aida, with much of the background left unstitched, so there’s still time before Christmas to stitch one to send with love to your family to enjoy this festive season. There are four kits in the range including Santa is Coming (left) and The Christmas Tree (right), which cost £28.99 each. Visit or call 0116 2754000 for local stockists


Nostalgic Christmas scenes

Love your cat

Scandi style y

he latest Rico design booklet has our fingers twitching with its amazing motifs and ideas! From gift tags to cushions, it's packed with projects to make your Christmas feel homemade and heartfelt, all with a beautiful festive palette that's typical of Scandinavian design. Whether you're stitching gifts for loved ones or items for your own home, Coming Home for Christmas (£11.95) is a must-buy. Visit or call 0800 0130150 to buy

Designs to download

Inspiring ideas for home 18 Cross Stitch Gold

Sew and So has added some fab books to its range of downloads, including Sue Cook’s Christmas Cross Stitch Collection (£12.99). Within the six chapters, you’ll find a host of festive designs, both large and small, plus tips on using metallic threads, charms and beads to make your stitching extra special. The pages are provided as a download, so there’s no physical book to flick through, but this just means there’s more room on your shelves for stash! Visit to buy or call 0800 0130150

The look of joy on these two little faces says it all! When Christmas is getting too much and you need a reality check, just look at this piece and remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life. All You Need is Love... and a Cat is the new design from Peter Underhill, and measures 19x14.5cm (7½x5¾in) when stitched on 27-count evenweave or 14-count aida – you can choose either in your kit for £21.75. The design is best suited to experienced stitchers as it contains fractionals and blended threads. Visit or call 01889 575256

Room at the inn Lili of the Valley has created four charming designs that take inspiration from school nativity plays, and Mary and Joseph (£20) is our favourite of these sweet scenes. Bring to life these adorable characters – including a beary cute baby Jesus – on 14-count white aida, using pre-sorted DMC threads, a gold-plated needle and a black and white chart. The finished design measures 15x19cm (6x7½in), and is sure to bring back your own memories of acting out the Christmas story as a child. To buy, visit or call 0113 2578778

Stocking fillers This cute needle minder is just the right size for someone’s stocking, and might even fit inside a homemade Christmas cracker! With its sweet dedication to our favourite craft, no cross stitcher should be without this little wooden accessory, which can be attached to the edge of your fabric with the use of strong magnets. The magnets will also keep your needles safe while you’re stitching, as well as when you put your work away at the end of the day. It costs £4.67. Visit aneedlerunsthroughit to buy

Merry and bright

Shades of autumn There are nine fat quarters of fabric in this Tilda Autumn Tree Bundle (£38), which is perfect for creating patchwork cushions – or why not substitute alternate squares for some pretty cross stitch designs instead? Florals and botanical designs would complement the gorgeous patterns, while these coordinating Autumn Tree Buttons (£5.25) will make a beautiful finishing touch. Go to or call 0844 8485692 to buy

For the prettiest cushion s!

This is a Christmas cracker of a kit, especially if you love bright colours and simple stitches! Merry Christmas from Riverdrift House is part of the Patchwork Collection and is sure to make a warm and welcoming stitch for any home. Featuring a bold greeting and lots of little festive motifs such as Santas, wreaths and reindeer, it’s ripe for adapting into smaller designs for cards, too. The finished design measures 28.5x44.5cm (11¼x17½xin) on 14-count white aida, and the kit costs £14.95. Visit or call 07890 607611 for stockists

Poinsettia bell pull

A classic Christmas




Bring a touch of class to your home this Christmas with this stunning i bell pull, featuring everyone’s festive floral favourite, the poinsettia Stitcher’s guide This beautiful hanging is worked on 28-count white evenweave over two threads of the fabric, using 14 different shades of stranded cotton. The design uses whole cross stitches and fractionals in two strands of thread, with backstitch in one strand and two different shades, for definition. Gold seed bead are used to embellish the flower centres. This delightful project is recommended for intermediate stitchers.

Meet the designer Lesley Teare Lesley designs for many of the best cross stitch magazines, as well as for cross stitch books The poinsettia is a flower that evokes all sorts of festive memories, and my bell pull is designed to give you that feeling of nostalgia, while at the same time brightening up your home in the cold winter months. It’s worked on evenweave for an exquisite finish, and is decorated with seed beads for an added touch of luxury. You can buy bell pull hangers from craft shops, as we have done, or make your own from wooden dowelling or children’s clothes hangers. Elongated designs like this also lend themselves well to tablecloths, and you could use one of the flower groups to decorate a napkin. That would make a stunning table set for a family Christmas dinner.

20 Cross Stitch Gold

How to stitch the hanging


Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half both horizontally and vertically. Find the centre of the chart and start stitching here, working your way outwards. Work the cross stitch on the design over two threads of the fabric, using two strands of cotton. For every tiny symbol you see on the chart, work a fractional stitch. Add the backstitch in one strand of raspberry or petrol blue thread. ttach the seed beads using thread in a similar shade to the bead. Check over your finished stitching and prepare for making up.

2 3 4 5

Poinsettia bell pull key Cross stitch in two strands DMC Anchor Madeira Z B5200 1 2401 T 321 9046 510 [ 368 214 1310 n 471 266 1501 i 606 334 209 q 666 46 210 S 777 43 509 M 832 907 2509 t 892 35 412 j 927 848 1708 3 928 274 1709 P 986 246 1404 9 987 244 1403 X 988 243 1402 Backstitch in one strand –––––– 777 43 509 –––––– 927 848 1708 Mill Hill seed beads O 00557

white dark red almond green moss green orange flame red raspberry olive green pink petrol blue light petrol blue dark green green light green raspberry petrol blue gold

STITCH COUNT 274 high x 81 wide DESIGN AREA 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 50x15cm (19½x5¾in) SKEINS NEEDED 2xB5200 (white) This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton and Mill Hill seed beads on 28-count evenweave over two threads of the fabric

You will need FABRIC Zweigart 28 8-count white evenweave measuring g 70x30cm (27½x12in) THREADS Stranded cotton as listed in keyy BEADS Mill Hill seed beads as listed in keyy NEEDLE Size 26 tapestry needle; beading needle EXTRAS Plain brass bell pull measuring 16cm (6¼in), available from Sew and So. Backing g fabric and cord of choice FOR STOCKISTS’ DETAILS see page 59

“Bell pulls are traditional and decorative – qualities that everyone is looking for at Christmas time” Sarah Heys, Charting Editor

Poinsettia bell pull

Bring cheer and colour to your home this Christmas – our bell pull makes the perfect project

stitch tip You’ll find some superb advice for stitching and finishing bell pulls at www.

Cross Stitch Gold 21

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How to turn your stitching into a hanging


Lesley Teare’s

Designer Secrets Flower fan I’ve always loved the splash of colour poinsettias bring when they come to life in winter. My poinsettia surprised me by flowering right through the year – and it’s still going strong! I used it for reference on this project.

Repeating itself With long designs, it’s good to have some repetition along the length so the piece looks consistent. You’ll see similarities between the flower groups on my design, however they aren’t identical as I wanted it to be interesting to look at, and to stitch.

24 Cross Stitch Gold

Cut around your finished stitching, leaving a 2cm (¾in) border along the two long edges, a 3cm (1in) border along the top and a 7cm (2¾in) border along the bottom. Find the centre of your fabric and trim the bottom corners into a central point. Cut a piece of strong white backing fabric exactly the same size as your stitched piece, and pin them together with right sides facing.

2 3

4 5

Insert a tassel at the bottom of the central point, cord facing up, and pin in place. Machine-stitch all around the outside edge of your stitched piece using a 1cm (½in) seam allowance. Leave a small gap at the top for turning through to the right side, and press. Turn through, then slip-stitch the gap closed and insert the top into your bell pull hanger. Attach a loop of cord to the top of your bell pull to finish.

6 7

“If you decide you want to turn this design into tableware, I’d recommend replacing the beads with cross stitches or French knots in metallic gold thread” Fiona Baker, Technical Editor



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Baubles and blooms eck the halls with this or eous alternative to tra itiona gar an , in vi rant C ristmas co our Stitcher’s guide

li r m Expir date

Thi iv wr h w rk n 28 n whi v nw v v r w threads o the abric using 28 d erent h r n n n n shade o me a lic thread The des gn wh h n r n in w r n f n B k h n n r n n r n h adds de nit on wh le seed beads are the per ect in shing touch This piece is recommended for ex er enced st tchers


ind the centre o your abric by fold n it in half both hor zontall nd vert cal Fol ow the arrows on h h r in n n r titchin here workin outwards ork the cross stitch over two hreads o the abr c using two r n n r m li hr or every tiny symbol you see on the hart work a ractional st tch dd the backstitch usin one r n f n r m l i hr ttach the seed beads us ng two trands o thread in a match ng hade and using a who e cross st tch r h Check over your n shed stitching

Lesley des gns for many of the best stitching magazines, as well as for cross stitch books

ssue no


If your Christmas wreath has seen better days and s looking a b t t red th s year why not replace it w th my stitched design? It’s bright and beautiful and it ll last for many years f you look after it! I’ve decorated the ga land w th bold red poinsettias roses shiny baubles and berries then f nished it off with a big bow at the top I think you’ l enjoy th s project as there are so many wonderful colours in it as well as metall c thread and gold beads The festive greet ng makes this piece perfect for hanging in a hallway to welcome guests at Chr stmas t me Or you can display it on the door just like a normal wreath but perhaps an internal door would be best!

S gnature:

3 4

You will need FABR THREAD r n t rea as ste n

n n m


e e

BEAD M Hi see the ke

ea s as iste in

NEEDLE Size 26 tapest nee e

nee e

ea in

EXTRA 30cm 12 n emb o der hoop from Craft Department old pa nt and red mini s rom local cra t sho F R T page 5


stitch tip Tr m your fabr c at the back, following the c rcular shape of the hoop. Then use running stitch around the edge to draw the fabric in neatly

How to stitch the wreath

Meet the designer Lesley Teare

Ori inator’s identification number

Signature s

Decorate your hoop ith om om tr m or a un estive



Cross Stitc Go


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8 large cross stitch projects P


Pure grace

This des gn is a perfect con between the soft white bear and the icy blue lands




Lar er than all bears, the polar bear is a si ht to e o , an is reat ta ing picture is sure to ma e a o statement in your ome Stitcher’s guide


ill in the address orm above, order over the phone or visit www.bu

T s o ar ear icture is wor e n 28 count ale b ue evenweave using 16 d erent shades o stranded cotton T e esi n uses w o e c oss st tches and hal cross st tches n two r n f n B k h n n strand and two di erent shades is used or de nit on This endearing ro ect is ecommended for all st tc ers

Meet the designer Maria Diaz Maria stud ed fine art before becom ng a designer for DMC, and later a freelancer designer for various st tching magazines including Cross St tch Gold Polar bears a e such amazing creatures Imposing and strong on land and g aceful sw mmers in the water they make a fine subject for cross st tch I was in my element des gning th s p ece for you as I’m a huge fan of wildlife pictures As much as I would have enjoyed a esearch trip to the Arctic it just wasn t poss ble! So I created this des gn by referring to photographs of polar bears in books and online The design s pretty stra ghtforward t’s worked mostly in whole cross stitch while the background is quick to recreate n ha f cross st tch The backstitch is also relat vely l ght for a des gn of this size

How to stitch the polar bear portrait Fin centre o your abric by olding it in half both horizonta ly and vertica ly Fo ow t e arrows on t e c art to nd ts centre and start stitch ng rom here workin our wa w

2 3 4

Wor e cross st tc us ng two r n f n Work the ha c oss stitch using w r n f n e ac stitc etai using n r n f n Tw erent shades are used so check e ey to see w ic to t rea your wi h heck over our f n shed st tching and prepare or fram ng


You will need FABRI ue evenweave measur n 35x40cm 14x16in

stitch tip Refer to the chart often with des gns l ke this that use many similar shades, t can be easy to miscount your stitches

HREADS Stranded cotton as listed in he ke EEDLE S ze 26 ta


EXTRAS F ame of our choice wi h a n mum a erture of 27x31cm (11x12in F R T a e5



1 Cross S it h Go d

The world’s best designers Ex ert advic

x ert advice

A fresh start

t finish t tched p eces in our next nstea You step b step

he new ear is the perfect time to reflect on he ast and make lans for the future B inspire y Diane Ho an s’ 10 ways to m e 015 our best ear of stitchin et!


1 1M rr n n vi ● otta e arden ● Wi ● n ● Cu cake cards ● ummer sam ler


rice .

1 n ● apanese pa o a ● Autumn cotta e ● Do ortra ● Popp es ● e in car


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Ev vn in ● r r ● C ristmas cotta

The e are plent o stitch n tools on the market to make e easier such as magnetic boa ds and ulers bead nabbe s for pickin up beads and ma netic need e cases A decent cra t lamp is one th n a st tcher shouldn’t be without espec al uring t e w nter mont s w en natura ig t is scarce We ove a li ht s MAGn ficent LED F oor and Table Ma nif in Lamp which s perfect for close up stitch n It s pr ced at £89 99 ou can find your oca stoc st at www ay ig tcompany com or y ca ng 020 8964 1200 We have three of these lamps up for rabs on pa e 67

Su scri er price .

mount n our kbox footstool or r f k

Invest in new tools

6 1


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lete shed ts

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f you d l ke to meet new people who love cross st tching just as much as you do a stitching club m ght be the answer You’ l f nd ideas support and fr endsh p and you ll also be able to get involved in round rob n projects chart swapp ng and mo e To locate your nearest c aft ng c ub v sit www cross stitching com click on the ‘Community’ tab and go to Clubs’


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ave een ui t ishing them I you



Cross eaut r ends or others be or you o O serve ve ou an idea ck a pro ect h assion For exa to be apprec ate lovers will adore the sub ect res ou want to use tr se lin our c ponsore to o ou st tch the m

ar t at ou comp ete ursel a target such month unt l I’ve eel an amaz n sense our wa th ou h

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Victorian scene

Winter sleigh ride Take your needle on a stitching adventure and enjoy a sleigh ride through this charming Victorian village Stitcher’s guide This Victorian scene is worked on 14-count white aida using 37 different shades of stranded cotton and one shade of metallic thread. The design uses whole cross stitches and fractionals in both one and two strands of cotton. Backstitch in one or two strands of cotton, or one strand of metallic thread, is used to outline the design. French knots in one strand are used for the buttons on the man’s jacket. This sentimental project is recommended for experienced stitchers.

Meet the designer Richard de Wolfe Richard lives on a horse farm in Canada, where he paints scenes of farm and rural life, as well as the wildlife all around him What better way to take in the sights and sounds of winter than in a horse-drawn sleigh, gliding over the fresh snow? Such romantic stories sprung to mind as I painted this scene: a Christmas morning ride, the family tradition, all wrapped up in blankets with bells jingling, and a roaring fire to huddle around afterwards. The Victorians certainly knew how to travel in the snow, and as the scene took shape, I felt a growing urge to jump into the picture and back in time! Nostalgic pieces like this are always popular at Christmas, and for good reason – they bring about the sentimental feelings that make us feel comforted and warm inside.

28 Cross Stitch Gold

How to stitch the Victorian scene


Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half both horizontally and vertically. Follow the arrows on the chart to find its centre and start stitching from here, working your way outwards. Work the cross stitch using one or two strands of cotton – check the key to see how many to thread your needle with. For every tiny symbol you see, work a fractional stitch. Add the backstitch detail in one or two strands of cotton or metallic thread. Refer to the chart to see which thread and how many strands to use. Work the French knots in one strand of pearl grey thread. Check over your finished stitching and prepare for framing.

2 3 4 5

You will need FABRIC Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 30x40cm (12x16in) THREADS Stranded cotton and metallic thread as listed in the key NEEDLE Size 24 tapestry needle EXTRAS Frame of your choice with a minimum aperture of 20.5x30.5cm (8x12in) FOR STOCKISTS’ DETAILS turn to page 59

stitch tip Looking for more in the way of festive Victorian designs? Then check out our best buys on page 18

Victorian scene

This sparkling scene uses cross stitch in both one and two strands, for depth and detail

Cross Stitch Gold 29

Victorian scene 80


















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