Court Observation - A Reaction Paper

August 1, 2018 | Author: Krish Licup | Category: Prosecutor, Lawyer, Plea, Plea Bargain, Witness
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LICUP, Kristine Felva P. e!tem"er #5, 20#5

Criminal Procedure (JD 205) Court $"servation% & 'eaction Pa!er  

*!erience is t+e "est teac+er. - <+ou+ clic+/, t+is is one o t+e most amous ma*ims a"out learnin t+at, 1it+out a dou"t, rins true. Its  !ro"a"l3 "ecause e*!eriencin a t+in ives lie to t+e 1ords 1e read and concreti4es t+e t+eories 1e learn in t+e classroom it !aints t+e !icture o  1+at is set out "3 our "oo6s. For t+e !ast t1o 1ee6s, 1e 1ere tas6ed to o on an adventure - to e*!erience 1+at it is li6e to "e in a courtroom 1+ile dierent criminal  !roceedins 1ere +eld. &s an as!irin la13er, I "elieve it 1as normal to "e all idd3 a"out t+e activit3. Des!ite "ein nocturnal, m3 e*citement ueled me to et u! earl3 and o to t+e 7all o Justice. In t+e litiations Ive +ad t+e c+ance to o"serve, some cases 1ere more interestin t+an t+e ot+ers, some 8udes are sterner t+an t+e ot+ers, and some some la13 la13er erss come come more more !re! !re!are ared d t+an t+an t+ei t+eirr o!!o o!!osi sin n coun counse sels ls.. &s a student o la1, it 1as a t+rill to see +o1 la13ers carried t+emselves in t+e courtroom and to imaine m3sel a e1 3ears rom no1, 9od:1illin, to "e doin t+e same. $ t+e #; criminal !roceedins, I +ave considered some to  "e standouts - some "3 reason o "ein m3 irst, ot+ers "ecause I ound it +avin more action t+an t+e rest.  People v. Elma, et al.  1as t+e irst arrainment t+at I ever attended. I notice noticed d +o1, +o1, ater ater readin readin  t+e com!lain com!laintt in nlis nlis+, +, t+e t+e cler6 cler6 o court court rela3ed t+e same to t+e accused "3 translatin it in
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