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Correctional Administrat Administration ion Institutional Corrections Definition Of Terms Alcatraz - a US federal penitentiary, Alcatraz penitentiary, Often referred to as "The Rock", the small island of alcatraz was developed with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison !#$, and a federal prison from !%&& until !%#&' Alexander Maconochie Maconochie  - was a Scottish naval officer, geographer, and penal reformer' (e is known as the )ather of *arole' (is + asic *rinciple of *enology !' s cruelt cruelty y de.ases .oth the victim and society, punishment should not .e vindictive .ut should aim at the reform of  the convict to o.serve social constraints, and +'  convict/s imprisonment should consist of task, not time sentences, with release depending on the performance of a measura.le measura.l e amount of la.our' Auburn Prison Prison - 0onstructed in !!# ,opened !!%$ it was t he second state prison in 1ew 2ork, 2ork, the site of the first e3ecution .y electric chair in !%4' 5t uses the silent or congregate system' Banishment - a punishment originating in ancient times, that re6uired offenders to leave the community and live elsewhere, commonly in the wilderness' BJMP - ureau of 7ail 8anagement and *enology$ government agency BJMP mandated .y law R #%9:$ to take operational and administrative control over all city cit y, district and municipal ;ails' 5t takes custody of detainees accused .efore a court who are temporarily confined in such ;ails while undergoing investigation, waiting final  ;udgement and those those who are serving sentence sentence promulgated promulgated .y the court & years and .elow' - created 7an' +, !%%!' - 0harles S' 8onde;ar - !st 78* chief' - 78* chief tour of duty, must not e3ceed < years, may.e e3tended .y *resident' =rounds> !' 5n times of war  +' other national emergencies' - Senior superintenden superintendentt - the rank from which the 78* chief  is appointed' This is the rank of the 78* ?irectors of  the ?irectorates in the 1ational (ead6uarters' This is also the rank of the Regional ?irector for 7ail 8anagement and *enology' - 0hief of the 78* - (ighest ranking 78* officer' ppointed .y the *reside *resident nt upon recommendat recommendation ion of [email protected]= Secretar Secretary' y' Rank is ?irector' - 78* ?eputy 0hief for dministration - the +nd highest ranking 78* officer' ppointed .y the *resident upon recommendation of the [email protected]= Secretary Secretary'' Rank is 0hief Superintendent' - 78* ?eputy 0hief for Operations - the &rd highest ranking 78* officer' ppointed .y the *resident upon recommendation of the [email protected]= Secretary Secretary'' Rank is 0hief Superintendent' 1

- 78* 0hief of the ?irectorial Staff - the a' for younger, less hardened offenders' .' .ased on a military model of regimentation' c' with indeterminate terms' d' with parole or early release for favora.le progress in reformation' 'ehabilitation - to restore a criminal to a useful life, to a life in which they contri.ute to themselves and to society' 'etribution - punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act' Security 3e6el -  designation applied to a facility to descri.e the measures taken, .oth inside and outside, to preserve security and custody' The simplest security level categorization is> a' ma3imum .' medium c' minimum 8a3imum - security facilities are characterized .y very tight internal and e3ternal security'


0ommon security measures include> 8a3imum$ -  high wall or razor-wire fencing - rmed-guard towers - Blectronic detectors - B3ternal armed patrol -  wide, open .uffer zone .etween the outer wall or fence and the community' - Restrictions on inmate movement - The capa.ility of closing off areas to contain riots or  disruptions' (ouses the following inmates> - Those sentenced to death - Those sentenced with min' +4 years - Those remanded inmatesFdetainees with min' +4 years sentence - Those whose sentences is under review .y S0 min'+4 years$ - Those whose sentences is under appeal min'+4 years$ - Those with pending cases - Those who are recidivist 9

Ultra-8a3imumFSuper-8a3imum Security *rison - house notorious offenders and pro.lem inmates from other institutions' These institutions utilize> Total isolation of inmates, 0onstant lockdowns 8edium-security institutions - place fewer restrictions on inmate movement inside the facility' 0haracteristics often include>8edium$ - ?ormitory or .arracks-type living 6uarters - 1o e3ternal security wall - ar.ed wire rather than razor wire - )ences and towers that look less for.idding (ouses the following inmates> - Those sentenced to less than +4 years 8inimum-security prisons - are smaller and more open' They often house inmates who> - (ave esta.lished records of good .ehavior  - re nearing release 0haracteristics often include>8inimum$ - ?ormitory or .arracks living 6uarters - 1o fences - Some inmates may .e permitted to leave during the day to work or study' - Some inmates may .e granted furloughs Sin Sin Prison - was the third prison .uilt .y 1ew 2ork State' 5t is a ma3imum security prison' Sir *6elyn 'ules Brise - was a ritish prison administrator and reformer, and founder of the orstal s ystem' Sir "alter Crofton - the director of 5rish prisons' 5n his program, known as the 5rish system, prisoners progressed through three stages of  confinement .efore they were returned to civilian life' The first portion of the sentence was served in isolation' fter that, prisoners were assigned to group work pro;ects' Stoc#s - instrument of punishment consisting of a heavy frame with holes in which the feet and sometimes the hands of an offender can .e locked' Three ma)or o6ernment functionaries in6ol6ed in the Phili%%ine correctional [email protected] !' ?O7 +' [email protected]= &' ?SG? ?O7 - supervises the national penitentiaries through the ureau of 0orrections, administers the parole and pro.ation system through the *arole and *ro.ation dministration, and assists the *resident in the grant of e3ecutive clemency through the oard of *ardons and *arole' 10

[email protected]= - supervises the provincial, district, city and municipal ;ails through the provincial governments and the ureau of  7ail 8anagement and *enology, respectively' ?SG? - supervises the regional reha.ilitation centres for  youth offenders through the ureau of 0hild and 2outh Gelfare' Trans%ortation - a punishment in which offenders were transported from their home nation to one of that nation/s colony to work' T!el6e Tables - The @aw of the Twelve Ta.les @atin> @eges ?uodecim Ta.ularum or ?uodecim Ta.ulae$ was the ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law' Bsta.lished .asic procedural rights for all Roman citizens as against one another  nderround Cistern - a reservoir for storing li6uids, underground tank for storing water' This was also used prison in ancient times' tilitarianism - a tradition stemming from the late !th- and !%th-century Bnglish philosophers and economists 7eremy entham and 7ohn Stuart 8ill that an action is right if it tends to promote happiness and wrong if  it tends to produce the reverse of happinessNnot ;ust the happiness of  the performer of the action .ut also that of everyone affected .y it' .oltaire - .elieves that fear of shame is a deterrent to crime' "alnut Street Jail - opened in !9%4 in *hiladelphia' 0onsidered the !st state prison' 5nmates la.ored in solitary cells and received large doses of religious training' "or#houses - Buropean forerunners of the modern U'S' prison, where offenders were sent to learn discipline and regular work ha.its' ebulon 'eed Broc#!ay - was a penologist and is sometimes regarded as the )ather of prison reform and )ather of merican *arole in the United States'


4on5Institutional Corrections Board of Pardons and Parole - was created pursuant to ct 1o' !' person is over 94 years old +'  ;ustices fail to reach a decision affirming the death penalty .solute *ardon - n act of grace, proceeding from the power  entrusted with the e3ecution of the laws, B3empts the individual from the penalty of the crime he has committed' 0onditional *ardon - 5f delivered and accepted, it is a contract .etween the e3ecutive and the convict that the former will release the latter upon compliance with the condition' B3ample of a condition> 1ot to violate any of the penal laws of the country again' Reprieve - refers to the deferment of the implementation of  the sentence for an interval of timeJ it does not annul the sentence .ut merely postpones or suspends its e3ecution asis for =rant of B3ecutive 0lemency The ** recommends to the *resident the grant of e3ecutive clemency when any of the following circumstances are present> !' The trial or appellate court recommended in its decision the grant of e3ecutive clemency for the prisoner  +' Under the peculiar circumstances of the case, the penalty imposed is too harsh compared to the crime committed &' Offender 6ualifies as a youth offender at the time of the 12

commission of the offence  minor who escaped from confinement in the reformatory is entitled to the .enefits of the [email protected] .ecause his confinement is not considered imprisonment' Parole I The suspension of the sentence of the convict after serving the minimum term of the intermediate penalty, without .eing granted a pardon, the terms upon which the sentence shall .e suspended' - 8ay .e given after the prisoner has served the minimum penaltyJ is granted .y the oard of *ardons and *arole under the provisions of the 5ndeterminate Sentence @aw' ?is6ualification for *arole - The following prisoners shall not .e granted parole> !' Those convicted of an offense punished with ?eath penalty, Reclusion *erpetua or @ife imprisonmentJ +' Those convicted of treason, conspiracy or proposal to commit treason or espionageJ &' Those convicted of misprision of treason, re.ellion, sedition or coup d/etatJ
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