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September 17, 2017 | Author: Ecko Valencia Jaramillo | Category: Text, Linguistics, Writing, Semiotics
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Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo COPYREADING Copyreading is much like the work of a communication arts teacher correcting compositions, except that he uses different symbols. A copy may be a news item, an editorial, a feature story or any literary article. Duties of a copyreader: 1. 1. Straighten out ungrammatical construction. 2. Shorten sentences and tighten paragraphs. 3. See that the paper’s style requirements are strictly followed. Check names, addresses, title, designations, identifications, figures, etc. 4. Rewrite the story completely if it is poorly written. 5. Rewrite the lead or the first few paragraphs whenever necessary, but must never tamper with the facts unless he is sure of his corrections. 6. Delete all opinion, speculations and statements on news which are without attribution or sources. 7. Watch out for slanting or any attempt to present the story in a subtly biased way. 8. Watch for libelous statements. 9. Recheck figures and totals. 10. Cross-out adjectives in news which tend to make a story sound over-written. 11. Cut a story to size or to the required length if necessary. 12. Check attributions and see to it that they are properly identified. 13. Challenge facts, claims, or reports when they sound anomalous, illogical and incredible. 14. Check sluglines and paging sequences 15. Write headlines What to copyread? 1. 1. Errors in fact 2. Errors in grammar

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo 3. Errors in structure 4. Errors in style 5. Libelous and derogatory statements 6. Seditious and rebellious matter 7. Expressions contrary to law and good taste 8. Opinion and editorializing statements 9. Verbal deadwood, redundancy 10. Technical terms, slang, jargons Copyreading Symbols 1. Punctuation Marks Symbols Meaning Outcome The Bionic Woman Emphasize quotes “The Bionic Woman” Dr Arthur Cruz Jr Emphasize periods Dr. Arthur Cruz Jr. said “I must go.” Emphasize comma said, “I must go.” 2. Numbers and Abbreviations in Nov. Spell out in November Doctor Arthur Cruz Abbreviate Dr. Arthur Cruz twenty boys Use numeral 20 boys 2 girls were… Spell out Two girls were… 3. Special form of type Manila, philippines Capitalize MANILA, Philippines 4. Letter and word changes

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo meet on Saturday Bridge over meet Saturday those b oys Close up space those boys Fe Cruz Principal Transpose Principal Fe Cruz recieve Transpose receive pamplet Insert letter pamphlet went market Insert word went to market Manila pAper Lower case Manila paper received free gifts Delete word received gifts judgement Delete letter within judgment develope iskill Delete before/after word develop skill the most talented and Kill the principal enthusiastic principal Allright we have time Insert space All right we have time We were indeed very Run in copy We were indeed very happy because happy because… 5. Others Paco, Manila… Indent for paragraph Paco, Manila… Today he will… Today he will… Welfrido Cruz Spell as written Welfrido Kruz One boy came Restore text; disregard On boy came correction

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo Elected prexy Center subhead Elected prexy the un Syllabicate the unfinished task finished task The gong Set in boldface the gong She read Les Miserables Set in italics She read Les Miserables 30 or # Story is finished more or ) Story is unfinished (…2) Next page # - folio copy See copy as written Note: To arrange paragraphs just place the number (e.g. #1, #3) of the corresponding paragraphs in the left portion of the copy.

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo

SAMPLE COPYREADING MATERIAL Headline: _____________________________________ No. of units: ____________ The PNU elementary school launch the anual cleanliness & beatification contest September 16 at the school social hole. In a mating with Presidents and vice-presidents of each class from Grade III to Gr. Six, Mrs. Alegria Flora Principal explain the procedures to folow. According to the principal, its class class will be given an areas to cleaned. Ones a week, school officials will vissit the area and chose the cleanest amongst them. Prices will be awarded to the class who’s area will be pick the cleanest for 3 times. Th This will give insentives to the students explained Mrs. Flores. The handsome and intelligent Mr. Garcia Ramon, vocation al teacher who facilitated the meeting told the studes that thru the contest cooperation will be developed while order and cleanliness be maintained. Congrattulations Mrs. Garcia. COPYREADING EXERCISE Check the corresponding number of the correctly spelled word: 1. 1. ocasion 2. all-right 3. embarassment 4. inspite of 5. harrassment 6. privileges

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo 7. commitee 8. diphtheria 9. dessimenate 10. tommorow COPYREADING EXERCISE Verbal deadwood Column A Column B _______ 1. for the reason that a. died _______ 2. a larger proportion b. believes _______ 3. at the present time c. although _______ 4. succumbed to injuries d. now _______ 5. at an early date e. remind _______ 6. is of the opinion f. many _______ 7. in the neighborhood g. near _______ 8. in the event of h. soon _______ 9. in spite of the fact i. because _______ 10. draw the attention of j. if COPYREADING EXERCISE Redundancy 1. The final conclusion revealed that the dead corpse was a victim of a fatal murder. 2. The other alternative is to get some new recruits. 3. It was definitely decided to give free gifts to the underprivileged poor on Christmas. COPYREADING EXERCISE Brevity

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo 1. The play will be shown in the month of December. 2. The meeting lasted for a period of two hours. 3. These children are the ones who are influenced by indecent films. 4. The building closed its door at five o’clock p.m. in the afternoon. COPYREADING EXERCISE Opinion and editorializing news articles 1. Mr. Amador Cabansag, a very energetic teacher of electricity in the famous Osmena High School, held a very successful demonstration lesson. 2. The most efficient and knowledgeable principal represented the school in the well-known national press conference. COPYREADING EXERCISE Correct Usage, Grammar, etc 1. 1. The sick man was (taken, brought) to the hospital. 2. Where is the other (pair, mate) of this shoe? 3. It is (unhealthy, unhealthful) to stay (in, under) the hot sun. 4. The article (shaded, shed) light on the whole subject. 5. The cadets are marching (on, in, at) the campus. 6. Come to work (in, on) time or you will be (fired, fired out). 7. Put all your (bedding, beddings) away and (take, bring) your (baggage, baggages) (in, on) the corner of the room. 8. Our main concern (is, are) reference books which (is, are) very dear nowadays. 9. Five and six (is, are) eleven. 10. My friend and teacher (wants, want) me to visit her. 11. I (was, have been, had been) absent yesterday. 12. The criminal was (hang, hung, hanged) by the mob. 13. The owl unlike most birds is awake at night.

Jaramillo, Jerico V. Jim Christzer Pablo 14. Claro m. Recto wrote “Abajo los cocoteros” and “Shadow and Solitude.” 15. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor (Dec. 1941; December, 1941; December 1941) 16. The birthday (celebrant, celebrator) received many gifts. 17. Mother is often tired from the (everyday, every day) chores. 18. Peter tried to (reason, reason out) to his father about his low grades. 19. The jeep (collided, crashed) against the wall of the school. The old (is, are) richer in expertise than the young.

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