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November 7, 2017 | Author: 'Babyruth Canlas Cordova | Category: Anointing, Truth, Faith, Monotheistic Religions, Religious Faiths
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How to Create Conducive Atmosphere for the Holy Spirit in the House

I. Conducive Atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to Move. • Atmosphere of yieldedness, responding, surrender… -He is our Friend, He is our Comforter. • Atmosphere of Faith:Do not doubt, just believe. Do not come with fear. (Hebrews 11:6) • Atmosphere of Worship: Allow the Holy Spirit to communicate to our Spirit. •Atmosphere of Holiness with in the House: It will attract the Spirit of God. -We must not allow negative things in our heart. -All excuses is license to sin. We must live a Holy Life.

II. Create Atmosphere for Worship. • Create a Spirit of Worship with in the Church. • The Atmosphere of Worship is created by Words of Worship. • The Atmosphere is created by expression of Worship. • The Atmosphere is created by Spirit led. (Ephesians 3:18) • Those who know God accurately can bring God down. • It is the Corporate Anointing. • Atmosphere enhance by new song of the Spirit. • Atmosphere of Worship creates deeper hunger and steering in the Spirit.

III. Create Atmosphere for Meaningful Relationship. • We need an Atmosphere that allows us to relate to Holistic manner with no undo expectation, no agenda, closeness, wholesomeness; • Create an Atmosphere of Acceptance: -Accept people of their shortcoming; •Create an Atmosphere of Trust: -Because people don’t accept people easily. -Let them learn to trust in the things of God. • Create an Atmosphere of Peace: -We need to provide peace in the House. -We need to allow the Prince of Peace and the God of Peace to saturate the House. • Create an Atmosphere of Love and Care.

IV. Conducive Atmosphere for Miraculous. • Created by strong preaching anointing. (Romans 10:8) -Preaching anointing energize the Faith. -Word content: vocabulary. -Buoyancy in the Spirit= we need to arise every circumstances.

-Captured the wind of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2; Isaiah 40) We need to catch the wind of the Spirit. -A mind that believes the invisible, that is limited, that is not doubtful. -Do not allow anybody to upset your spirit. -Got to learn to feel the flow and abb your spirit. (You got to know if you are High or Low)

V. Created by the proceeding Word (Isaiah 55:11) •Words have no reverse gear. (Isaiah 55:11) •The Word is a Powerful of Word. •It’s from the throne. (Matthew 3) •We should be unpredictable. •The Word of God must become powerful in our lives. •You must bring the Healing anointing into the meeting. a. You must hate the devil to what he is doing in your life.

VI. Conducive Atmosphere for Truth to Prevail. •Atmosphere that makes us His people that develop sincere love for truth. •Atmosphere that makes us the Senior Pastor to teach, preach, train according to the Holy Spirit convictions, leading of His hand. •Speak the truth in season or out of Season. •The Church must become the Pillar of Truth. -The people must become the practitioner of Truth. -They preach truth, apply truth, model truth, and practice truth. •We create Atmosphere of Truth so that false doctrine, false ministry, false scripture •We can live a life of the Spirit and put an end to the life of the Flesh. (Ephesians 4:15-20) •We must be able to speak the truth in their heart. •Speak the truth and all the aspect of life will be changed.

VII. Accurate Connection and Commitment in the House. •Atmosphere of Awesome Presence of God. -Keeps People in the Church. -His people attract His presence. •Awesome presence of God will inspire people. -It challenges people. (Acts 4:23,31)

VIII. Conducive Atmosphere of Hope and Great Future. •Do not preach Depressive Message.

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