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SIEP 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I thank the Almighty for getting me this far. I would also like to thank all the people who have lent me their continuous support, encouragement and guidance throughout the period of doing this Student In Enterprise Programme (SIEP). First, I am grateful to my department head, Mr. Pathivan for his support, supervision and valuable guidance in my SIEP project during my training at Econsave Cash & Carry Daiman Jaya. Secondly, I am grateful to my family for their continuous support, encouragement and committing their resources towards my education this far. Their sacrifices and opportunities accorded to me have enabled me come this far. Finally, I salute the entire University Malaysia Kelantan fraternity for giving me conducive environment to thrive academically and for providing me with the resources I needed to see me through my SIEP training. I also want to thanks to lecturers involved in SIEP project, Mrs. Nurhazwani binti Abdullah and my SIEP 2 panel, Dr. Hasif Rafidee Bin Hasbollah. I will always treasure the help of the lecturers, members of staff, and my fellow classmates for enabling me to learn more in the future.


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SIEP 2 1.0

COMPANY BACKGROUND The history of Econsave began with a wooden sundry shop in Port Klang more than 50 years ago. Through years of hard work and perseverance, while constantly adapting to the changes in the retail scene, Econsave has emerged as one of the largest grocery retailers in Malaysia. In the home state of Selangor, Econsave has the largest and most extensive network of branches in all the main towns in Selangor, unmatched by any other supermarket or hypermarket operators. Going hand in hand with Econsave means that the products will potentially reach the four million consumers in Selangor, one of the most affluent segments of the Malaysian population. In addition, Econsave has a strong presence nationwide and is constantly looking for new opportunities throughout Malaysia. For SIEP 2, I chose Econsave Cash & Carry Daiman Jaya which is located at my hometown, Kota Tinggi, Johor. Econsave currently operates a chain of hypermarkets in Malaysia. They are one of the top three retailers in Malaysia. With the slogan ''Bandingkan Harga Kami'' [Compare Our Prices], they strive to offer the cheapest prices in town at all times. This is achieved through a no-frill operation, bulkbuying in cash and direct imports, spearheaded by Econsave’s directors, to ensure that the lowest prices are offered. The practice of ''Every Day Low Price (EDLP)'' has also attracted increasingly more loyal customers to Econsave. They achieve their vision and mission by dedicated professionals, with a strong integrity and a high level of professionalism, emphasises excellence and a dynamic decision making process. This enables Econsave to continue growing, in leaps and bounds, despite numerous economic recessions and the entry of foreign hypermarkets into the retail market scene in Malaysia. All Econsave’s directors are actively involved in the daily operations of the company, to ensure that our goals are on track and are always in focus.


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PRODUCTS AND SERVICE OFFERED Econsave Cash & Carry Daiman Jaya is a supermarket that selling groceries and daily necessities. Econsave have a few departments such as fresh department that provided fresh and frozen products, canned food department such as cooking oil, sundry department such as detergents and nonfood department such as electric equipments. These four departments consist of a department head, supervisor and staff. Fresh department is the biggest department and consist of the largest number of staffs because there are many types of products in this department. Fresh products such as fish and meats checked first by supervisor before received by the store clerk. After finished the receiving process, the products will immediately brought to the department to keep them fresh. For frozen food such as ice cream, yogurts and nuggets, the store clerk need to check the expired date. Same goes to the canned food department, the store clerk needs to check expired date that should be at least three months before the due. If less than three months expired date, the company will reject the goods ordered. Canned food included junkfoods, snacks, instant food, beverages and rice. There are many companies that supplied canned food due to the compeitition between brands either imported or local brand. Econsave also produced their own brand for several types of canned food such as dairy milk. All of Econsave brand products are made at very affordable prices. Econsave products are manufactured with careful precision to cater to the various market segments. Econsave products are made with the consumer interest in mind. With careful study of the needs of consumers, Econsave able to produce a brand and product that will serve the purpose of the every shopper that spends in the store. Switching to Econsave products can help customers save due to the low cost products. Apart from that, Econsave also offered sundry product sold by Malaysia’s brand. Econsave had created their own product including dish soap and liquid, baby diapers and clothes softener. Sundry product including econsave brand, econsave choice brand and econsave value brand. Other sundry products such facial foam, perfume and cosmetics. Nonfood product also offered by Econsave such as electric product, clothes and groceries. All the product offered almost similar with other hypermarket in Mlaysia such as Tesco and Mydin. Hopefully, Econsave also can be successful like the other big companies in Malaysia soon.


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MARKETING STRATEGY As a retail company in Malaysia, Econsave had implemented several marketing planning to boost for sales and obtaining bigger market share. Therefore, Students In Enterprise Programme (SIEP) will examine the marketing mix approached by Econsave to successfully market the products and formulate marketing strategy. Therefore, Econsave can moves towards becoming a market leader. As usual, this 4Ps marketing strategy is the successful key to Econsave.


PRODUCT Econsave has a wide range of product line such as food line, soft line, hardline and household items. Due to the wide range of product, Econsave will benefits from larger customer base. This will give positive advantage to Econsave as its customer can obtain all products needed here at lower and cheaper price. As a local player, Econsave provide items that are complement with its customers need. Majority of Malaysian are Muslims. Therefore, Econsave provide local prayer mats, prayer garment for women and traditional product which are rarely found elsewhere. However, Econsave should consider its non-Muslim customers due to the image of the place where only Muslim shops. Variations in the business scenario can create needs for new products and services at the cost of established provision. Following changing in demands of Econsave clients, it is possible to launch new types of products. Although most of the products available in Malaysia come from local suppliers, products such as diapers and wet wipes are imported from Germany and Korea and are all of international quality and standards, yet set at extremely affordable price points and are easily accessible for Malysian consumers.


PLACE Econsave has a multi-channel approach so that people can shop how they want to. Econsave has different shops format to suit customers needs. Some like to drive to a bigger store, others like to shop for their fresh food on their local high street and some find it easier to shop online and order their shopping straight to their door. Econsave preserve their customer by built their supermarket at the residential area at every district. Econsave has more than 60 outlets in Malaysia including Sabah and


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SIEP 2 Sarawak. This means that the store locations were consider important to management team. 3.3

PRICE Econsave should provide the fair trade products at lower rate in comparison to its competitors. It is essential to provide the products at value added price, so as to lure the attention of the customers. Price always been an important element of the marketing mix but in retailing the importance is even more significant considering that on average the margin are around the 1% of the net sales. In the light of this, price is fundamentally linked to the concept of promotion and competitiors are frequently surrounded by an environment of price wars as it is exemplified. Although aggressive promotions can be the consequence of price conscious customers as a result of a financial crisis it is also a dangerous startegy if Econsave want to preserve the core purpose of the company. It is difficult to earn lifetime loyalty breaking promises as Econsave did when failed to beat others competitors and had to refund money to customers.


PROMOTION Econsave promotion strategy is consistent with its overall business startegy of cost advantage. Econsave’s marketing objectives are profit maximization in shortterm and long-term perspectives and increasing the value of the brand image. This objective is achieved through media advertisements, sponsorship of events and charitable causes, point of sales marketing strategies, regular announcement of promotional offer and discounts. The term promotion encompasses all the various ways Econsave can communicate with customers and includes advertising, public relations and publicity (PR), sales promotion, direct mail, the internet and direct communication as well as sponsorship. Together all of these communication tools are referred to as the promotional mix. The top manager of Econsave Cash & Carry Daiman Jaya, Mr. Mas always make promotion by sponsoring the poor some daily necessities. Econsave will join with any media that make documentary of poor citizens then sponsored them. Moreover, there are always had promotion almost every weeks by spreading the flyers to customers. This ways is the effective ways to attract customers.


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STRENGTHS The main strength of Econsave is its strong brand name and its valued customer service. The company is far less integrated than the other big company that which makes them more flexible compared to others. Econsave also had competitive prices strategy that focused price cuts made it possible for it to draw in far more consumers via competitiors along with catch the volume that backed the bottom prices. As we know, Econsave has large business structure by operating not only in main city but at almost every district and having more than 60 outlet in Malaysia.


WEAKNESSES Eventhough Econsave has many outlets in Malaysia, the transportation cost increasing by years because the distance between outlets are far. Econsave has their our lorries called HQ lorries that sent Econsave products. The lorries need to travel to each outlets everyday to sent their products so if there is any new outlets opened, the transportation cost will increase too. Increasing geographical spread maks focus on specific markets difficult to adapt. Econsave company also lack in online business. They can compete more if they make online business in the future.


OPPORTUNITIES Econsave can carry out a high customers due to the large parking provided. The parking area had almost the same size with the Econsave building. Opportunities in Malaysia provide excellent possibilities for growth. Econsave can plan for strategic alliance with other famous companies. Furthermore, many chances of opening new outlet at Sabah and Sarawak because the region only have one outlet for each. I also believe that Econsave has high potential to enter Asian market and make it international company that can be known in Asia.


THREATS There are also many threats come upon by tough competition from bigger companies such as Giant, Tesco and Mydin. Due to the economics decline, fluctuation in taxes may impact the Econsave financials and give bad effects to this


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SIEP 2 company. Econsave needs more attention in innovation and technology because many of other big companies more advanced than Econsave. Econsave also may face the rising in material cost due to the economics downturn happened in Malaysia. 5.0

EXPOSURE DURING TRAINING I assigned as store clerk when I joined this company. At first I noticed that as a store clerk, I need to work faster because there were many things to do. This work scope including store clerk, products’ sender and EDP department. These three parties need to cooperate diligently to make sure that the process is going smoothly. As a store clerk, I needed to deal with the supplier’s driver that sent their product. As I was newbie, my senior workers taught me all about receiving the items. I did mistake and my department head corrected me. As a store clerk, the first thing I did after received tax invoices from the driver was searching the purchase order in the files arranged by departments then separate the documents into two places. There are driver’s document that neede to give back to the suppliers as proved that Econsave had received items sent. The other part was the company’s that needed to be checked and evaluated by the store clerk. My department head taught me to scan the purchase order’s barcode then went to the products that loaded at loading bay by supplier’s. Store clerk must scan the barcode of items included in the tax invoices that the purchase order scanned just now. The wrong items cannot be scanned. After scanned the barcode, I need to count the quantity they sent. If products sent lesser than tax invoices, we will assign it as shortage and will give them a credit note for refund. If the quantity more than it should be, we will immediately asked them to take back the products. This way will avoid miscalculation product’s quantity during stock record for every three months. For fresh product such as fish, vegetables and meat, supervisor from fresh department will come and checked the quality of the products to make sure the quality of each product is the best. After done checking and record the receiving report, I need to print it and sent to EDP department to be matched with company’s data system. They need to match the quantity ordered, the price put by the suppliers and the total price of overall tax invoices. I learnt about EDP staffs’ work during covering them on the leave. I learnt on how to match them and what action took if the quantity and price were not matched. It was very different from what store clerk works eventhough store clerk and EDP are in same department. There are many things I learnt during the training and the


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SIEP 2 knowledge is precious to me. I will not forget what they taught me because I will use it in the future.


SKILL NEEDED IN MANAGING COMPANY There are basic rules for business success that haven not gone away with the digital age and they have only become more important. The skills listed below could have appeared from any businessmen’s mind. The main skill needed is Communication skills. Management is still tight with budgets, and needs to be sold on new project ideas. The ability to construct an argument and make the problem forcefully and clearly to my department head, suppliers or items’ sender will move ideas to fruition. Computer systems can provide all the information needed, but machines do not know how to package it up to get decision-makers excited about lending support to a project or idea. Other than that, time management and organization also an important skill to have. The ability to stay organized and prioritize tasks will go a long way to moving the team forward. An application may accomplish a task within a millisecond, but it does not know its context or how it fits into the scheme of things. Just as important, to be able to make a decision and act on an opportunity now without getting wrapped up by paralysis by analysis will deliver results. As a manager or department head, the goal must be set first. No business operation will get anywhere without a vision of the end result. It is this vision that focuses and solidifies all activities teams are undertaking after the goal planned, the company must delegate the tasks to the staffs. No matter how talented and educated, one individual cannot do everything that needs to be done to keep an organization on track toward its goals. The ability to surround staffs with talented people who can augment the skills will get things done every time without fail. Relationship building is important to avoid misunderstanding between staffs and top management. Nothing helps lay the groundwork for advancement more than cultivating and maintaining good relationships. Social media and email may help make it easier to keep in touch, but the key is to keep those contacts going. As a store clerk, passion and determination needed to face the unpredictable suppliers’ manner. Motivation has to come from within the drive to excellence is entirely an internal affair. Totally out of reach of any IT system. Due to the programme I took at university, entrepreneurial and innovation skills also important during


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SIEP 2 managing business. Even in the techiest of places, it takes a sense of imagination to conceive new ways to create value. New ideas are not generated by machines, they come from the minds of the people using those machines. As I was training, I must have high desire to learn. Nothing beats the value of education, whether it's formal college degrees or completion of training skills in my profession. Even seeking out coworkers on the job for opinions and experiences means the growth of knowledge. Because this was only training for students like me, I need flexibility and adaptability to be more efficient. Be open to new ideas, environments, and responsibilities. Technology will constantly changing, professionals need to change as well.


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FIRST WEEK FIRST DAY For my first day, they show me the equipments that we use while recording the received goods. Econsave using HHT scanner to scan products’ barcode then it will save the record and we can directly print the receiving report form the HHT scanner. Before starting scanning the barcode, store clerk need to scan the barcode of the purchase order made by the EDP department. If the purchase order scanned then we can detected the product order was the right product or not. If the product is not ordered, the HHT scanner cannot verified the barcode so store clerk need to return the goods. After knowing the equipment used, I learnt to separate tax invoices, purchases order and delivery order gave by the suppliers. I also went to EDP department to learn how to print stock card by suppliers’ vendor number in data provided in the Econsave system. Merchandiser from any vendor can made order from stock card printed. SECOND DAY For the second day, I still practicing separate the tax invoices, delivery order from suppliers and the purchase order made by the merchandiser. These documents separated by the company’s copies and the suppliers’ copies held by the lorries’ drivers. Every invoices has different purchase order. After done seperating these documents, I can strat recording the goods received by HHT scanner following the tax invoices. The products recorded by the HHt scanner must be same as the tax invoices given. If suppliers gave us wrong items then company will return it and declare a credit note to the suppliers. The credit note must be signed by the driver’s to verified that they sent the wrong items or the items was not delivered so Econsave can claim the payment back for undeliver items. THIRD DAY


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SIEP 2 As usual, I worked by using the HHT scanner machine but that day I misused it by recording the wrong items. Suppliers only sent the items in the tax invoices based on company’s order from the purchase order form. But there is possibilities that suppliers do not sent all the items ordered from the purchase order form due to out of stock. I scanned items for wrong tax invoices and saved it in the company’s data record. So my head deartment need to called Econsave’s manager to delete the wrong data. I should be careful in the future. FOURTH DAY After given warning by manager and department head, my department head decided to monitor my first, he watched me worked because when he was not the one who taught me, the senior worker did it. Finally, he personally taught me all the receiving thing from the start until finished in the right way. He told me that sometimes workers took short-cut ways to finish faster. I learnt the most important value today and very happy to have a responsible department head. There were diferences between the ways of teaching from both senior workers and the dpeartment head. I hope I can do better in the future. FIFTH DAY I was starting the new day with parcticing the things that learnt a day before. Even I was slow but I was sure that the I done the right thing. I was hoping for no flaw that day. I learnt new things after the receiving process. I need to print out the receiving process and sent the documents to EDP department to further process. EDP department is one department but the way of working different from the store clerk. EDP department will match the tax invoices sent and the receiving report printed. From this process, the staffs will know either the documents were matched or not. 7.2 SECOND WEEK FIRST DAY I practiced as usual by receiving and recording the sent items by suppliers. But today I learnt to continue the process after sent the documents to EDP department. EDP staffs will match the documents sent and they will give back to store clerk to be signed from the sender of the following items. If the document are not match with Econsave’s data system either low cost or over cost, EDP staffs will print out credit


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SIEP 2 note to be signed by the item’s sender. This signature is very important to be evidence that approving the items are having problems. This is the ending process of receiving items from the suppliers. These documents will be sent to the financial officer to be checked for the second time. If there were any mistakes the store clerk who responsible to the invoices will be called and need to explain the problems. So all the store clerk need to put their name in every document checked by themselves. SECOND DAY I came to work as usual and due to the lack of staffs the department head asked me to learn how EDP staffs work. As usual, he personally taught me. EDP department is about company’s data recorded from the ordering and receiving products. After store clerk done receiving the items, EDP staffs need to match the quantity and price offered to the company. If the supplier price higher than the price offered to the customer, Econsave will recorded it as overcost. Same goes if the items sent is wrong then Econsave will print out credit note to the supplier and asking for refund. The day was very hard for for covering two task in a day. I hope I will be more professional in the future. THIRD DAY I keep learning in EDP department due to the lack of staffs. I had to cover both departments. I started my day with received items from suppliers as usual. Then after lunch I will cover for EDP department. This is because during morning there were less store clerk. At 1.30 pm, the noon shift workers will come and I had covered for the EDP department. This company usually had job rotation every month. Store clerk will rotate will EDP staffs so they can work for both department. This ways can improve the quality of workers. Working in EDP department was really different. As a store clerk, staffs were facing sender of the items ordered and the items’ quantity and quality. But in EDP department, staffs we facing with data and systm. If the data was not match there were action took. FOURTH DAY I was working as store clerk because all of the EDP’s staffs were backed to work and I was relieved. But today I needed to learn how to receive G-value items


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SIEP 2 and Headquater’s items sent. G-value items are under nonfood department. Supplier usually sent them in large quantity and the purchase order made after the items sent. This process tool a long time due to the large quantity and the purchase order that not settled yet. During the purchase order is in the making, store clerk can record the receiving by wrote down the barcode and the quantity for each items. Then, key in the record by using the HHT scanner after the purchase order was done. This process went same with items sent by the Headquaters but the different was the type of products sent. The HQ usually sent fresh products such as fruits and vegetables. So HQ items must be checked on the time it arrived because to maintain the quality, the products must be kept at freezer. The knowledge I learnt was very valuable and I will practice them in the future. FIFTH DAY It was my last day of learning so I worked as usual but it was the day my department head will evaluate me about my working quality and gave feedback by using the form given by my university. I quite nervous but I needed to prove that I am the best student that the company ever hired. Before I left, they made a small farewell party to me between our department’s member. I am very happy having my training in this company.


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CONTRIBUTION TO COMPANY By using the HHT scanner machine, I scanned the purchase order first then went to the followed items sent to scan their barcode. As I scanned the barcode, I needed to calculate the quantity they sent. After done scanning products, I saved the record and print it out then attached it with the company’s tax invoices and purchase order. After that, the documents needed to send to EDP department to match the record and if there were any problem exist, the store clerk on duty will be responsible for the mistake. Then, the documents will be given back to driver to be signed as proved. Finally, I gave their documents back. In a nutshell, I had contributed my time as I needed to cover staffs that went recess at lunch and dinner. Due to the lack of staffs, I did part time almost everyday. There were three shifts for staffs which were morning shift, noon shift and full shift. Usually, morning shift staffs will cover the noon shift staffs during dinner break. The loading bay cannot be empty to avoid theft. Covering hours were about one or hours. When the company hired me to be a store clerk, I contributed my energy and efficient skill to accelerate the receiving process. I helped this company recording and handling the receiving process better than before because Econsave has lack of staffs. The staffs usually not permenantly worked there. They only part timer that spending their free time by working there. So I helped Econsave by covering the vacancy. I also be more patience during training process after being scolded due to the misused of HHT scanner. The suppliers also complained that the way of we were working were too slow. Actually,store clerk just record, save and print the data. Then the data sent to EDP department to be matched. The process quite slow due to the hundreds of tax invoices needed to be matched by them in the same time. I hope my contribution beneficial to the company and they happy with my contribution.


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DISSCUSION ABOUT THE COMPANY The history of Econsave began with a wooden sundry shop in Port Klang more than 50 years ago. Econsave was founded in 1955, from the board in the grocery store, originally transformed itself into one of the nation’s largest grocery retailer, stick to the principle of decades, the meager profit but high turnover, cheap and fine. Through years of hard work and perseverance, while constantly adapting to the changes in the retail scene, Econsave has emerged as one of the largest grocery retailers in Malaysia. Going hand in hand with Econsave means that the products will potentially reach the four million consumers in Selangor, one of the most affluent segments of the Malaysian population. Hopefully Econsave will stimulate the market absolutely, giving another wonderful place for shopping in the city. Econsave has implemented huge expansion and organic growth of its company. They try to gain their market share by becoming more competitive toward its rival. In becoming so, a transformation throughout the organization is done. Based on the marketing planning carried out, Econsave is currently on the right direction towards its corporate objectives. We can notice how Econsave develop strategic marketing mix to successfully market their product. However, there is some areas that should be improved and focus on. In terms of product, Econsave can try to attract non-Muslim customers by having a promotion or creating an image of Econsave as a place for anyone. Besides that Econsave has wide channel of distribution. However, Econsave should also consider dealing with diseconomies of scales. One of the choices is by introducing measures to remove productive inefficiencies. Econsave might count the effectiveness of each of the business format. The marketing strategies indicate that Econsave can gain higher market share from its competitive advantage in promotion and price. They manage to give clear perception of the business to public. Hence, they can gain more customers in the future. In operation management and human resources, Econsave try to centralize their management to hinder business runs at loss and to generate efficiencies. Overall, based on the analysis of marketing planning, operation management and human resource Econsave


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SIEP 2 expansion and growth strategies is viable for the business to be a market leader in retail industry.


RECOMMENDATIONS There are some recommendations that I want to Econsave improve in the future. The recommendations are: 

Improves the communication skills between staffs and customers. Even between staffs also have miscommunicate during sending information






misunderstanding between store clerk and items’ sender because lack 

of communication skills. Even Econsave is well known in Malaysia but the cost reduction strategy must be proved to be a valid approach to productivity improvement especially raw materials cost. Econsave used low price to attract customer so it will be better if the cut the cost to get more

profit. I hope the management can set the work scheduling better because during my training, they department head will approve any staff that apply for leave. He just approved whom asked for leave without checking who will cover the task for them. I need to cover for EDP department even I am store clerk because lack of staffs. This situation may lead to low productivity.


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PEOPLE Mr. Pathivan, Department Head of Store Clerk, Econsave Cash & Carry (DJ) Sdn Bhd, Lot 37087, Taman Daiman Jaya, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor. 07-8828050




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