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September 18, 2017 | Author: customwriter | Category: Professional Development, Electronics, Mosfet, Embedded System, Transistor
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Short Description| [email protected]| +91-9989699562 Engineers Australia Name 1/15/2010 ...

Description| [email protected]| +91-9989699562 Engineers Australia

Name 1/15/2010

Continuing Professional Development – CPD

I have successfully accomplished my four year Bachelors Degree in Electronics & Communication from xxxxxxxxx (Ranked as one of the top 10 universities in India) in 2002-2007. As my interest lies in learning new technologies I have chosen engineering stream. Here I got a great opportunity to learn about circuit designs, embedded software, control systems, power electronics, networking etc. As part of my education I was also involved in paper presentations, symposiums and in creating white papers for college magazines. Due to my interest in IC design I have executed a project on 4 Bit Ripple Carry Adder as a part of my academics. My project was successful and I have learnt the basic MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semi Conductor Field Effect Transistors), Cadence tool, MOS transistors behavior low power design techniques. To increase my opportunities I have done a formal training on Embedded C Programming and other related software programs and tools. After my degree I was campus recruited for xxxxxxxxxxxx which mainly caters telecommunication and computer networking industry. Here I have overall two years (20 months) of work experience (i.e. May 2007-Feb 2009). During my job was involved in developing two products for xxxx 1.Indian Railways 2. xxxx (Indian Telecom) 1. Developing IVRS for BSNL 2. Railway traction(Remote terminal unit) 3. Skills learnt during the tenure •

As part of my job I have gone through an induction program on IVRS technologies.

I have participated in a two day workshop on Technical documentation and information development by TechTotal

The experience gained from my education and work made me technically strong and ability to solve problems.

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After gaining technical skills from my job and college I planned to do higher education in the stream of management and in order to make myself expertise in business and managerial skills I have chosen Masters in Business Administration from Edith Cowan University, Australia as part of post graduation program in the year March 2009 – Dec 2010. This course develops essential managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable graduates to be effective and productive in the workplace. The fundamental theme of the course is managerial decision-making within the context of the manager's interpersonal and informational roles. The subjects I learnt here are managing globally and Locally, Leadership and Change Management, Managing People for Performance, Business Strategy etc.

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