consumer preference regarding Apple and Samsung smartphones

September 19, 2017 | Author: Cris Ezechial | Category: Smartphone, Brand, Data, Survey Methodology, Questionnaire
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consumer preference regarding Apple and Samsung smartphones...


1. INTRODUCTION Smartphones can be termed as the basic pre-requisite of every young adult as it describes the kind of personality the person carries and is one’s standard of sophistication. Smartphones have replaced people to an extent. This research is intended to analyze consumer’s preference between Apple and Samsung brands of Smartphone. The principal objective of this research is to compare between the preference of Apple and Samsung Smartphone on the basis of their brand preference, usage time, preferred features and brand loyalty through qualitative method. A good knowledge of consumers brand preference in Smartphone would help in understanding how brand shapes consumers buying decision and preferences. The conclusions will apportion with consumer preference between Apple and Samsung Smartphone. Brand preference reflects a desire to use a particular company's products or services, even when there are equally priced and equally-available alternatives. In fact, more often than not, brand preference indicates a desire to seek out a specific product or service, even when it requires paying more or expending more effort to obtain it. Brand preference is important to companies because it provides an indicator of their customers' loyalty, the success of their marketing tactics, and the strength of their respective brands.

1.2 Scope of the study: The scope is to study preference of buying perception of smart phones. The primary method of collecting data is done in this study. The study is conducted among the Young Adults at Trichy. This study will avail the theoretical framework of this research.

1.3 Objective of the Study: 1.3.1 Broad objective: The main objective of the project is to serve the academic purpose as a part of BBA course. The prime objective of this research is to compare between Apple and Samsung Smartphone on the basis of their brand components and how different components of brand equity and identity influence consumer in choosing a particular brand of Smartphone. 1.3.2 Specific objective:  To know the consumer preference regarding Apple and Samsung smartphones.  To analyze how brand awareness shapes consumer’s buying decisions and perceptions.  To study the influence of various factors on the purchase of smartphones.  To know about the after-sale services offered by the brands.

1.4 Methodology of the study: Both primary and secondary data were chosen to collect the data that were used in analyzing the research study. Given the nature of the research topic, it is most suitable to employ both primary and secondary data collection method. Primary data were obtained through questionnaires given to respondents while the secondary data were gathered through databases from the internet. 1.4.1 Primary Data: For the intension to complete the research project, an attempt was made to collect primary data using a structured questionnaire. This primary data is used in the study for the purpose of the further data analysis and interpretations. Primary data will include the filled-in questionnaire of the ones who use Apple and Samsung Products. 1.4.2 Secondary Data: The survey will be the back bone of the entire research work. The secondary data under consideration will be collected from different secondary sources namely newspapers, earticles, internet, etc.

1.5 Data Collection Methods 1.5.1 Data Preparation Primary data collection is done to serve the purpose of collecting questionnaire. Questionnaires were distributed with the sole purpose of obtaining data about consumer brand equity, brand identity. Data retrieve were sort and subsequently match in order to create platform for data analysis. Answers in the qualitative section help in providing information about brand preference through equity, and identity. 1.5.2 Data analysis This research study is based on comparison between two big brands in Smart phones which are Samsung and Apple from consumer preference and perspective. The answers obtained from the survey answers the preference that consumers have for Apple or Samsung Smartphone over the other, the relationship between brand equity, and brand identity to consumer brand preference in Smartphone. The data obtained is analyzed by comparing Samsung and Apple Smartphone on all the brand equity dimension and brand identity.

1.6 Limitation of the Study: 1.7 Research Design: The population study (sample frame) consists of Young Adults representing the age group from 20 to 39 years old, and the sample size is 50. The following steps were taken to conduct this research study. First was to decide on the topic and the area of interest and since apple and Samsung are very successful brands and there is always a greater need for their products, specifically smart phones, the study is a comparative one. Second was establishing the information research string. The research string was formulated to be “Building brand equity, personality, identity in Smartphone”, which was used in searching and obtaining secondary data from different databases from internet. The concepts and Conceptual Framework is done, the concepts that are brand equity and identity. Later the data collected through the questionnaire are gathered and analyzed. Finally, the findings, suggestion and conclusion is drawn.

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